Баста Раймс


Американский исполнитель рэпа, продюсер и актёр.
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Nuff said.

Thank you @tmzlive Bring all of these children back to there families now!!!

Thank you Minister @louisfarrakhan and thank you #ATCQ


Don't be mad... Obama Care stays.... The vindictive nature is very real. #FUCKTRUMP and thank u Republicans

@kendricklamar thank you!!! #REALRAP

My bro @raekwon #THEWILD just dropped today. We bangin' this all day today!! Everybody cop this NOW #REALRAP is back!!

Part 2 of the jewel.

Jewel... Bring those young girls back home to there families. This is also what the GET OUT movie deals with the science of along with many other sciences.

Me and the Queen @therealmaryjblige #TBT

I still cannot fathom that there no news coverage on this. Please bring these babies back home to their families. Unbelievable!!

Bruddah's... Tbt.

This banger by my brother @therealnoreaga is so appropriate for a lot of reasons. A lot u certain individuals need to shut the fuck up and be careful of crossing that line in the sand and stop frontin' like you here doin' somethin' but be really out here doin' a bunch a nothin'. Do yourself a favor and #RELAX!! if u don't learn you will feel. Thank u for this NORE!! #WEAREANTIFUCKBOYOVERHERE!!!

We watchin'... Growin the locks back...


This was another special moment after we finished performing Scenerio rmx as the last song of the night and I fell to my knees to give thanks to Allah for blessing me/us for such and unbelievable night at my concert. Phife was our big bro 4real... I love u and miss u sooooo much King!!! @dincod Salute beloved.

On this night of Dec. 5th 2015 for my Busta Rhymes and friends concert, one of the most historical nights of my life happened. It was the celebration of my 25yrs in this Hip hop culture professionally recording and with 22 guest appearances, a 4 hr. set, and we performed 86 songs flawlessly in one show with no set change with seemless transitions that created an experience that was never done and has still never been done in the way that it happened on that magical night and that was a night that I was also able to celebrate by performing for the 1st time ever back to back Scenerio and Scenerio rmx with my big bro's #ATCQ and LONS. Such a magical night but it was also unfortunately the last night that not only I was able to share the stage with my brother @iamthephifer aka PHIFE DAWG but it was the last time that the world got to see him on stage with all of us together. Then we started the new Tribe album and I watched him record and write and laugh and be a coach/commentary for every NBA game on tv while finishing the Tribe album at @qtiptheabstract crib until March 12th when we recorded our last song together with Phife Solid wall of Sound ft. @eltonjohn which was also the last time we saw Phife. Our brother went home 10 days later to God on Mar.22nd 2016 and on this day a year later we celebrate the life of my big brother PHIFE DIGGY. I miss u sooooo much it hurts KING!! I love u and I know through the many confirmations of feeling in my soul and spirit that we are making you proud my brother. Until we meet again Rest in Paradise Peacfully King. You will NEVER be forgotten bro!!!

@michaelbonner_ We Salute you King. We love what you are doing for the kids with and thru Hip Hop music and Culture. We see you!!


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