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Американский исполнитель рэпа, продюсер и актёр.
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Tonight!! Murderation!! @mrjonesmiami Pull Up!! #THECONGLOMERATE #MEMORIALDAYWKND!!

The Dragon and the Biggest Boss. Love for life, Family forever @richforever Salute!

I’m the happiest mu’fucka in the world right now seeing my brother for the 1st time since his heart procedure earlier today which was life threatening according the Dr.’s because condition that his heart was functioning at!!! My bro made it through successfully and again the Lion Heart and Gladiator spirit that my brother has is too powerful so jut know when my bro finish healing you mu’fucka’s will have the BIGGEST PROBLEMS Tk deal with when we touch that fuckin’ stage!!!! Stay tuned!!! Again thanks for all the prayers and all the love. @spliffstar_mrlewis I LOVE YOU BUG HOMIE!!!! SALUTE KING!!! #FAMILY1ST

Nobody could ever fuck with me and my bro @spliffstar_mrlewis #tbt #Famly1st

tbt.. God’s of the stage!!! @spliffstar_mrlewis I love you bro and I don’t ever want to do this shit without you King!!! #FAMILY1st!!

Words cannot express how I love this krazzzy mu’fucka right here. As my big brother you have been a tremendous inspiration and example of what fighting and survival is all about even when all the odds are stacked against you. You taught me soooooo much and I continue to learn from you even though at times you can be a pain in the ass but I guess that’s what big brother’s are allowed to do 🤬. You are truly an extremely strong Tonka truck in the flesh if I ever saw one big homie. God has his way of reminding you how much the people you love really means to you and I thank God very much for that because sometimes we need to be reminded which is why I’m gonna say it again to you my brother, @spliffstar_mrlewis I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! We got ALOT of life left to live Big bro.. Congrats on you’re successful procedure this morning King and thank you to everyone for the prayers who’s great energy contributed to the great results for my brother. We must and will fulfill what we were put here to do together my brother. Forward motion always King. I Salute you!!! #FAMILY1st


HBD KING... Rest easy Brother Malcolm. Peace to the God.

This is how you look at stupid fucks when they attempt to act like they don’t respect the God and the King that The Most High has created you to be... Born Day 5/20. 5+2+0=7 and 7 is THE GOD NUMBER. Don’t you ever get it fucked up STUPID!! Put RESPECT on my name whenever you speak about me. They know exactly who I’m talking to. Now, everybody be blessed and RESPECT MY CONGLOMERATE!! TAURUS SEASON!!


Pre work out BARZ... @djscratch you sick for this one too.. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

Happy Bday to the Royal Empress @janetjackson my fellow Taurian and the BEST to ever do it. Continuous blessings and many many more.

This Sunday @livmiami the BIGGEST BDAY CELEBRATION for BUSTA RHYMES hosted by @special_ent_ & @stephensonlance of the @pacers in the 🌏 Planet !!!! Pull up and Celebrate life with The Dragon this Sunday 5.20.18!!! #BULLYSEASON #TAURUSSEASON #THECONGLOMERATE Salute @headlinerworld

As we own another Summer!!’ Salute and Congrats to @otgenasis as he goes on tour to fuck the whole country up with @wizkhalifa @raesremmurd and @lilskies and Flatline EVERYTHING!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥 #THECONGLOMERATE #FASTLYFE

Nuff said. rp @blackwatch07

Happy Mother’s day to the one person that I owe my entire existence to. I can never repay you for all of the incredibly unmatched love, care, nurturing, protection, providing, teaching, guidance, discipline, patience, willingness to listen, struggle, pain, resilience, strength, endurance that you have shown me of what it takes to properly raise me and our beautiful family. Thank you for everything mommy. I looooooooove you soooooooo much.

Once again I gotta salute my big bro @djscratchator again a Happy Bday and wishing my bro many many more years of Greatness. Maximum love family.

Godly.... Mr.Robert Nesta Marley. My Greatest inspiration!!! @romarley #LIONORDER

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