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Американский исполнитель рэпа, продюсер и актёр.
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I know what you want... 15yrs ago today.

20 yrs ago today.

Puerto Rico!!! We reppin’ for y’all Strong tomorrow!!

I’m in love with the Coco.

My bro’s @royceda59 & @djpremier aka #PRHYME2 is dropping that Holy Grail TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!! Everybody go out and support one of the Greatest albums to drop so far for the 2018 TONIGHT!!!! #LETSGOOOOOOOO!!!

I ain’t ever stopping...

#GETIT by me ft. @missymisdemeanorelliott & @kellyrowland AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW #THECONGLOMERATE @epicrecords #LETSGOOOOOO

@breanam._ out here gettin’ Ultra LITT with the #GETITDANCECHALLENGE thank you love. #GETIT by me @missymisdemeanorelliott & @kellyrowland AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!!! #THECONGLOMERATE @epicrecords

@wjpandcompany ouchea GETTIN’ IT KRAAAZZZY doin’ the #GETITDANCECHALLENGE Salute to yall!! #GETIT by me ft. @missymisdemeanorelliott & @kellyrowland AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!!! #THECONGLOMERATE @epicrecords

@taraj.jackson and the rest of the Queens is gettin’ SUPER LITTY doin’ the #GETITDANCECHALLENGE thank you ladies for puttin’ in that work and GETTIN’ IT... #GETIT by me ft. @missymisdemeanorelliott & @kellyrowland AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!! #THECONGLOMERATE @epicrecords

@ericj616 and his homie we see y’all gettin’ Litt doing the #GETITDANCECHALLENGE Salute!! #GETIT by me ft. @missymisdemeanorelliott & @kellyrowland AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!!! #THECONGLOMERATE @epicrecords

@klassikkanec and the homies is gettin’ right bangin’ our to the #GETITDANCECHALLENGE #GETIT by me @missymisdemeanorelliott & @kellyrowland AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!!! #THECONGLOMERATE @epicrecords

@therealeasymobee you brought a lot of us together with Mack through your production King. Mack thank you for sharing multiple, historical musical moments and HIP HOP timeless moments with me big bro. Thank you for your Greatness and timeless contribution King!! Transition peacefully King. #BOYZIIMEN #VIBINRMX

It took me all day to figure out what I could say that would be worthy enough to express how I Brilliant this man was/is and I still don’t think that I ever will find the right words. Mack was was the VIBRANIUM of BADBOY. He always ONLY dealt with vibes, feeling and energy to make the decisions dealing with everything in his life. Funny, exuberant, Powerful, flamboyant as hell!! Me and Craig use to speak a lot about industry perks and industry fuckery and all the good, the bad and the indifferent that came with it and despite all of that how do we still push through?? On the day that we did Flava in your ear rmx and on the day we shot that video we were literally in HIP HOP HEAVEN and to this day there’s not to many days that we’re able to match or even recapture the magic of those moments. As I have missed my brother Mack for many years as he turned to a life of religion as some may have seen, even in his place of worship the music never left his heart as he continued to rhyme there. You have been missed in our community of Hip hop my brother and you will be forever missed even more now. I still can’t believe that I am typing this to you and about you big bro. I love you and may you transition peacully. Rest easy King..

My favorite MC @rocmarci #RR2 available Exclusively on RocMarci.com INCREDIBLE!!!

Pay attention to what’s going on.. When shit hits the fan, there will be no reason why your family should not know how to defend themselves. That will be on you. The Knowledge Born Degree in the Supreme Alphabet is Self or Savior. That is the 1st instinct of every living organism.... Stay tuned.

Just got off the line with my brother Godfather Rozay aka @richforever and what an inspiring, Powerful & and incredible conversation. My brother is back better and stronger than ever!! Stay tuned... #FLORIDABOY #PORTOFMIAMI2 #MMG #SALUTE!!! Proud of you King.

My Big bro @spliffstar_mrlewis ft. me #BIGRINGS the original!!! #FOOD Spliffstar’s New Album Comin’Soon!!!!! #PAPERROCK #THECONGLOMERATE

Everybody gl out and support my bro @thebodymachine aka #ShawnPen’s novel #THEBLACKCHURCH Available Everywhere right now!!

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