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Howdy partner

Late night fittings for Paris with @allymaki

Just casually hangin with my current sexual lover @kathygriffin who just made me & my mom ugly cry laugh at her show. I'm so inspired by you & ur a genius so thanks for the love! 😘

Drop #5 on ColtonHaynes.com @coltonhaynescom is TOMORROW Jan. 11 @ 10am PST 😸 Yes I'm basically running a CVS. Phone cases, Colton's Candles, Hats, Shirts, Pens, notebooks, pillows, probably Cats at some point. I'm just tryin to "Pull an Alba"...my favorite saying of the year haha. Check out @coltonhaynescom for more sneak peaks & I'll be up live streaming on Instagram during the drop :) Thk y'all so much for being so nice to me & allowing all this to happen! ❤️

Yes I'm going to water board y'all with old photos of myself cause I'm reminiscing on the past lol so sue me! This is me when I looked like a woman lol

#fbf flashin it back to my moody teenage yrs lol

The look on my face when I look at my schedule & realize I'm bout to be really busy...I'm so excited but I'm not too good with jetlag😢

NA P A L I . C O A S T .

We're only 2 days in & 2017 has already the best year yet. I'm so freakin happy!!! 🌴🐸🌴 #HawaiiLivin

We legit just found a random cave, & even tho it looked to have some sort of chemical in it, I had to go swimming. "Nature Boy" comin to a tv near you lol. Local grinds brah 📸 x @travisatreo

Open door helicopters are my new favorite obsession. This was the most incredible way to start off 2017!


Pure love. Happy New Year! 2017 here we come

Happy New Year from Jesse, @allymaki , @travisatreo & I! 2017 is our yr! Hugs to all!

Enjoying my last few days of 2016 in Paradise. Yes yes I know, I'm back in Hawaii & I should just move here already. 📸 by the bday girl @allymaki

Happy Birthday to the love of my life @allymaki . My best friend. My sister. My biggest supporter. The strongest person I know. 10 yrs ago I walked up to her at an audition & even tho she got the part and I didn't lol...we finally met on set again & now I have her for the rest of my life even if she tries to leave & get married...I will be there in a matching outfit. You never give up, you are so beautifully outspoken & stand for what you believe in, & you make me laugh more than anyone in the entire world. I watched a beautiful, slightly shy girl who could push her way thru a crowd of drunks to serve drinks, turn in to a passionate woman who not only now has her own TV show & success, but also has the biggest heart in the world. I owe you so much in therapy fees but I can't wait to pay you back in hugs & more incredible memories. Know that I will forever be here for you & that you are my rock. I love you soooo much! Happy Bday my little squishy 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Slow mo Baywatch Christmas run with my brother @haynesclinton & Mom

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