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Thanksgiving surprise from my beautiful husband @jeffleatham . I thought I was spending today alone cause he had to work but it was all a trick :) I'm so thankful for his patience & love, my incredible family, & my amazing friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you all :) 😘😘😘

Thankful for my parents for bringing me into this world :) Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃

Happy moment from our wedding when @jeffleatham got his own orchid named after him. So proud of u 😍 Glowing in our custom @eliesaabworld jackets...the first time he's ever made menswear...Im still just blown away by everything. What a magical day

Reality Vs expectation

The only way to truly express my emotion when @serenawilliams & @alexisohanian got married. I cried so hard @beyonce , @kellyrowland , & @kimkardashian had to check on me lol. I'm so happy for you both ❤❤❤

I'm just happy my husband @jeffleatham gets me & understands lol

I can't even begin. I have no words. Dave is triggered, Mila is shook & I am both lol

@ahsfx finale tonight !!! I am in love with every single person in this cast & crew. Thk you @mrrpmurphy for letting me have the time of my life :) Can't wait for more amazing times ;)

Happy Veterans Day to my rock, my best friend...my sister Willow. I honestly can't thank her enough not only for her service in the military since 1998 but also for taking care of me my entire life. I moved in with her when I was in high school when she was only 22 yrs old. She was working 2 jobs, had a full college schedule, & now had to take care of a 14 yr old brat named Colton lol. She gave up so much of her life to take care of the people she loves and to take care of our country. I could write a novel about how much love I have for Willow & I probably will one day haha. Then to top it all off...she stayed with me the night before my wedding since Jeff & I slept in different rooms (tradition I guess lol) & she took care of me like you wouldn't believe. I owe you the world Willow & I'm gonna stop typing cause I'm now crying lol but I love you. Happy Veterans Day to everyone who serves our country. ❤

When ur husband just casually models for @gqbrasil ...NBD 😍

Jack Lalanne & Arnold Schwarzenegger just casually posing at work. @calumvonmoger #Bigger

OUT100 so honored @outmagazine "I hope my story has made ppl realize that you can be gay & still be a superhero" 📷x @rogererickson

So honored to be a part of the OUT100 for the 1st time. What a beautiful journey life has been since speaking my truth. Thk u @outmagazine 📷 x @rogererickson

I put up a really emotional but beautiful video up on my YouTube channel of @jeffleatham @ I walking down the aisle...if you have a tissue...it's a must watch :) https://m.youtube.com/user/coltonhaynes ❤❤❤

So excited to finish my dream project with @thetylershields 🤗 Exciting stuff coming soon! 10 yrs in the making

This is me in shock waiting for @jeffleatham to walk down the aisle after my mom knocked over 2 candles & almost set the whole wedding on fire. The hanging candles, the roses, I still can't understand what I did to become so lucky in this life. ❤️❤️❤️& my custom @louisvuitton suit by @mrkimjones was Epic

U guys...my moms inspiration for my wedding was Patrick Swayze from To Wong Foo. I love her even more now lol. She's also wearing almost a million dollars of jewelry thx to @carynalpert & @xivkarats & I snatched that off of her the second we got down the aisle. What an epic wknd. I already miss my hubby @jeffleatham

I'm gonna be posting photos from my wedding all wk & ur all just gonna have to deal with it. I got married in my dream @louisvuitton @mrkimjones custom suit & then changed into my couture @eliesaabworld jacket...it's the 1st time in history elie's made menswear & I basically cried the entire fitting in Paris lol. I'm so full of love @jeffleatham 😍😍😍 Having my mom walk me down the aisle was honestly the most emotionally beautiful thing I've ever experienced & the speeches from my brother @haynesclinton & @allymaki made me cry yet again lol...what a magical wknd I won't stop talking about until the end of time. ❤️ Never stop dreaming kids...my fairytale came true & yours can too...no matter your orientation...everyone deserves to be happy & to be loved. More photos to come :)

I married my best friend @jeffleatham on a bed of 100k roses...I'm still in shock & in heaven 😍. Thx @people .& thx @krisjenner for marrying us & for your incredibly inspiring words. We love you ❤

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