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Американский актёр и модель.
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Link in bio. I've been writin demos for a long time. Here's one I hope y'all like. "Man it sucks". It's on my YouTube channel & will be avail everywhere soon. ❤

Have a Coke and a Smile @cocacola & @calvinklein

Happy Birthday to my best friend & Big Brother aka Bubba @haynesclinton . What a year it's been but you've always had my back from the day I was born. Waiting outside the door of my classes so ppl wouldn't beat me up, putting up with me making you learn dance routines after school, being my travel buddy, & most of all...just being the best brother a person could wish for. Love you to the moon & back. Happy Bday Bubba!!! Ps...ur old. 😘😘😘❤❤❤😘😘😘


Insert nonexistent flamingo emoji here...

🌴 Don't worry...be happy 🌴 📷x @carterbedloesmith

Today I picked up my mom's ashes from the crematory. I sat in the parking lot & cried for 3 hours. I felt so paralyzed that I checked into a Motel 6 down the street & fell asleep holding her box on the bathroom floor. When I woke up I went outside to get some fresh air before I drove home & this little baby rabbit walked 2 feet in front of me & we didn't break eye contact for 20 mins. I sat on that bench with my mom's ashes & cried so hard I threw up. I truly feel like this rabbit was my incredible mom consoling me & telling me that it's all gonna be ok. Im sharing this with y'all because it was the most surreal/incredible thing that's ever happened to me. Sending love to all of you. ❤

Coachella @gucci gang day 3. Had to add some glitter cause why not?

📷 @Gucci Gang 📷

Recreating every single person at #Coachella trying to get the money shot. @bilodope @emmett_hughes

The Jar. Yes we have a high school clique group but we are family. Love these ppl too much

Is @ameliagray not the most stunning person you've ever seen? My lil sis is an inspiration to so many & I'm so lucky I get to call her my friend ❤

The Jar has arrived. I love these ppl too much. #coachella2018

Poncho vibes #Coachella2018

After drivin in 5 hours of traffic...here's a preview of what this wknd will look like @stephenamell . I'm making u wear a matching poncho & u can't say no. Sorry not sorry.

Revamping ColtonHaynes.com soon. New items on sale now!!! #WIG . Get them before they sell out 🤗


The #Arrow news is finally out! Now I have to start working out again😩. BUT IM STILL SO EXCITED😊 #RoysBack 😊 Thanks to all of you who've continued to support me! Love y'all!

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