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Американский актер и фотомодель.
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New York, New York

Rough morning... send love and drinks

New York, New York

My weekend plans

New York, New York

Theme of the day : “FUCK IT”. Why care so much about what other people think? I’m gonna keep doing me and spreading my joy ... you can choose to receive it or deny it. Xoxo

New York, New York

I hope each and every one of you is smiling today. I hope you know how deserving of love you are and how insanely unique you are in this world. Xoxoxo

West Side, New York


Fort De Soto, Florida

Mornings are my favorite time of day... yes I’m THAT guy 🤷🏼‍♂️

Spotted in a store near you 💥

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Hotel Life

New York, New York

Shedding bad habits, toxic energy, and a little clothing ..😜

New York, New York

Only interested in exploring my love and freedom. Free to challenge your expectations, free to surpass my own, and free to live exactly the kind of life I want.

New York, New York

@christiandante you are a STAR! Have an amazing first show tonight in @myfairladybway ! So proud of you and love you beyond measure!

New York, New York

Looking back at the actions of my weekend like 😜...

New York, New York

Waiting for Sunday...

New York, New York

January is lovely as it brings fresh starts and new opportunities! However, it’s also cold and dreary and I am ready for more sweaters and cuddles. Who’s in?!

“I’m better today at __________ than I was a year ago” . What’s your answer? . Mine: boundaries

New York, New York

We are starting to look alike 😬😂 . #Balu

Manhattan, New York

January 1st... we will see where this ends up. 👉🏻🍺👈🏻

Upper West Side

Last Family Portrait 2018

My #2018bestnine vs my IG #2018bestnine. . I post sensual pictures for modeling and work but I value everything else in my world so much more. My personal favorites detail the moments of joy I found through the hardest year I’ve ever had. After deep heartbreak, loss of loved ones, and my world turning upside down, I was able to enjoy 2018 through the positivity and support of my given family and chosen family. I was surrounded by their magical love, had travels to Miami/Michigan/and Baltimore, laughed lots, met two of my all time icons (Janet Jackson & Hillary Clinton), and celebrated being on Broadway in @hellodollybway with the BEST company ever! I went to concerts, created a new home, and pursued being of service through my dream job; life coaching. All of this was mixed with intense struggles, weakness, vulnerability, and pain... but everything has a silver lining and happens as it’s meant to. I feel so so so so so lucky to have stayed open to the love that surrounded me and to be on the receiving end of so many good people. I love you all and I know we are gonna make 2019 a year full of abundance! . And most of all... I have to give thanks to my pup. Balu has been the ultimate healer and the best friend a guy could ever ask for. If you’ve never had a dog.. get one now! . And for those of you who enjoy the nudity more... thank you! I’m happy to share, grateful for all of you, and will still flaunt it while I got it cause it won’t last forever! Haha

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