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Американский актер и фотомодель.
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Portland, Maine

Pre donut feast 😛 Happy Wednesday everybody!

Naples, Florida

New work out from @johncraigclothier with @greghinsdale and @jonathonlevipowell ! Was a really fun shoot in FL with lots of laughs! Xx

Lower Manhattan

I make a dance video every day for fun and laughs on my insta story ! Here's one of my recent favorites with my hubby😍😂

New York, New York

My amazing sis @amybaja33 and her man @ferestmag are engaged!!! Yayyyy! Couldn't be happier. ❤️ love you guys

New York, New York

Last night was a blast. Thanks for having me @divorceonhbo !

London, United Kingdom

Maybe he's born with it... maybe it's a brilliant photographer and some lighting 😂😜

Captured again by the fantastic @erik_carter !

Political statement or just model face? 😡😐🇺🇸

Charging into the week like ...👊🏻⚡️!

Had such a great time working with this amazing man! @scottmcmahangrooming #firstofmany

Body Art

BTS preview of today's shoot. Working with a great team and lots of good stuff coming your way! 📸: @scottmcmahangrooming

Another busy day of castings! Hope you are all smiling. I cannot wait for the long weekend! 📸: @erik_carter

That look of satisfaction after successful callbacks, castings, and meetings👊🏻⚡️ #hustle #nyc

Feels like summer today! Start your week with love, laughter, and movement!

SIDE EYE 📸: @erik_carter

📸: @folkerteggen

TGIF! Thankful to runaway for the weekend with my hubby😊 📸: @erik_carter

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