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Always a fight to keep clothes on #friday #wilhelmina


SWEAT 💦 #wilhelminamodels #wilhelmina

Coming for you Wednesday #mycalvins #wilhelminamodels

Rainy day feelings #wilhelminamodels

What are you all up to today? Xx

Starting the week off casual and easy. Los of love to you all. #wilhelminamodels

Nope, I'm gonna stay right here all day 😊

#Repost @joeytarantula with @repostapp ・・・ STOP IGNORING WHAT IS HAPPENING AT STANDING ROCK!! We have to WAKE THE FUCK UP! The media is fully lying about what is happening or barely covering the story at all. It is freezing there and people are being hosed down resulting in many being hospitalized for hypothermia. No one deserves to have their home ripped out from underneath them. Please don't just look away because it doesn't affect you directly. #standingrock

Sweating out the holiday #wilhelminamodels

Wednesday date day with @jodimcfadden! In our luxurious movie pod at the gorgeous @ipictheaters

Working hard today so I can FEAST tomorrow! #happyholidays #wilhelminamodels

Paparazzi catching @jeffberg1 and I out celebrating @tony_marion. #wilhelminamodels

Smiling is good for the heart, laughing is good for the soul, and loving will keep you living, laughing, and smiling.

#Repost @cynthiaerivo with @repostapp ・・・ In three days, this nation will "celebrate" Thanksgiving. At the same time, Native People, water protectors, will still be getting hosed with water cannons in below-freezing temperatures, pelted with rubber bullets and concussion grenades. Because they are both protecting sacred ground at Standing Rock, and fighting an environmentally immoral pipeline. The police are taking counter action to peaceful protests in the name of fossil fuel profits. Make no mistake about what this is. Native Americans are literally trying to save the planet and police and oil companies are trying to stop it, for money. Action you can take is to CALL the following agencies: North Dakota Governor Office: 701-328-2200 Morton County Sheriff Department: 701-328-8118 North Dakota National Guard: 701-333-2000 And DEMAND that law enforcement stand down on Highway 1806. Never forget that tax dollars pay these salaries. These people WORK FOR YOU. You are the boss, but you HAVE to tell them what to do. #nodapl✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Still in a food coma from last night

Happy FriendsGiving from the BajaPopp family and loved ones! ❤️

Working hard

Saturday's should always feel like this

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