Колин Хэнкс


Американский актёр и продюсер. Обладатель премии «Молодой Голливуд» в 2002 году, номинант на премии «Эмми» и «Золотой глобус».
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The El Bear kerchief is our first original, hand drawn design, screen printed and made in California. Inspired by the great California Republic, it's a little bit of the Golden State that you can put in pocket and take anywhere in the world. Only 100 of these. Grab them on the website. ***UPDATE*** Both El Bear kerchiefs sold out in 24 Hours! THANK YOU! So glad so many of you have joined the club. We will be restocking our original patterns on 12/17 in time for Christmas. And we will look into possibly printing more El Bear Kerchiefs in the future. Be Ready. Go! #beready #notabandana #hankskerchiefs #hanks

six: eleven AM

A lot of people have been asking when @lifeinpiecescbs is coming back to their TV sets and the truth is we don't know yet, but hopefully in the not too distant future. In the meantime, take a look at this sneak peek of our hilarious fourth season. #spoiler

Two things I am absolutely sure of: @michelinepitt is already a badass and that you should take her advice at all times. Like picking up some @hankskerchiefs! She runs her own clothing line, has her own shop, she's about to start a very cool film and book project that she has co-written and will direct. Like I said: badass. TOTAL BADASS. #Repost ・・・ Nothing like vintage leather and a cute necktie to make you feel like a badass. ————————————————————————Wearing @colinhanks new line of @hankskerchiefs that are beautifully made by hand here in America. ———————————————————————— If you like supporting American made small businesses run by incredibly kind hearted humans than I suggest snagging one of these for yourself. ———————————————————————— Paired perfectly with my @vixen_by_micheline_pitt White Powderpuff Top. ———————————————————————Wearing @meltcosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Breathless paired with @maccosmetics Lip Liner in Cherry. Brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills Dark Brown Brow Duo and their clear brow gel. ❤️❤️❤️ #hankskerchiefs #notabandana #vixenstyle #retrostyle #vintagestyle #vintageinspired #handmade #madeinamerica #meltcosmetics #meltbreathless #meltsmokesessions #abhbrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #michelinepitt #vintage

#Repost @cdarienzo ・・・ What comes between me and my @hankskerchiefs? (Whispers) ...Nothing.

This is the only #maga I'm interested in #makeamericagothagain

A great man @bulleitman. A great cause @movember. And a damn fine Kerchief if you ask me. ・・・ The Mustache Diaries, Day 24 - A Mustache and a Gentleman: There are only 3 things that can tame a wild and unruly mustache... One of them is an ascot. When my wife said we were taking our daughter to the zoo today, I got a little nervous how the animals would react to the untamed beast above my upper lip. My mustache gets territorial and the last thing I need on my hands is a zoo full of timid lions and a disappointed little girl. Thankfully I had a clean and pressed kerchief that matched my outfit. I folded it into an ascot and went about my day... And you know what? Not a peep from my mustache at the zoo, except a few sighs and glares. But most importantly my daughter had the time of her life. Take heed gentlemen. Thank you #Hankskerchiefs and thank you #lazoo for making this such a special day! Please help me raise more donations for #Movember! So far I’ve only raised $250 of my goal of $2,000. Donate via myMo Space, here: https://mobro.co/calebschultz – for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in your life. Stop men dying too young! Thank you!! #earl #hankskerchiefs #movember #mustachediaries #menshealth #freethemo https://hankskerchiefs.com

My eyes are up here...but the Kerchiefs are at the website. Link in bio

I have a lot to be thankful for. Family, Friends, and much more. I'm thankful for the overwhelming support @hankskerchiefs received in our first 7 days!! We are Thankful for every single one of you❤️🍂 Our “Tim” kerchief, pictured here, is named after someone very dear to me and I am extremely thankful that he has made it out the ICU last night. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Gobble til you wobble #beready #readymade #thankful #hankskerchiefs #happythanksgivng


Vinny's Barbershop

Gotta get cleaned up every now and then. I've been lucky because as long as I've been on the Life In Pieces show I've been still been able to go to my barber to get cleaned up. Most the time that's not the case. It's those little things, I tell ya, that brings me some comfort.

#Repost @hankskerchiefs ・・・ RUSS: Be ready, stay ready.. Ready made in California🇺🇸 Our “Russ” kerchief pictured here. #beready #readymade #1977 #hankskerchiefs #hanks #notabandana

Wanted to make sure I got the full experience. Every day we plan on making Hanks Kerchiefs just a little bit better, a little easier, and a lot more fun. Our first shipments should be landing in the next day or so. Be sure to take some pics, tag us and we will post them to the @hankskerchiefs Page. I'm also not so secretly hoping for some of those "unboxing" videos I've seen on the YouTubes. #readymade #kerchiefs #notabandana #hankskerchiefs #beready

Launching our Fall 2018 @hankskerchiefs collection with the best quality fabrics made right here in the USA🇺🇸 Pictured here is the EARL kerchief. Link in Bio #readymade #kerchiefs #notabandana #hankskerchiefs #beready

Each Kerchief is named after someone I care about. We can ship one to you, or someone YOU care about, anywhere in the world. Give @hankskerchiefs a follow and buy some now! Link in bio. #kerchiefs #readymade #notabandana #beready #hankskerchiefs

After several months of work and planning, I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Fall 2018 collection of Hanks Kerchiefs! I've enlisted the help of the @anderson.brothers, as well as countless others, to help turn a passion of mine into a reality. Something you can hold in your hand, put in your pockets, or wear on your neck. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Also, I'm a sucker for wordplay. Made in California and ready to use right out of the gate, head over to hankskerchiefs.com. Portions of each sale of our first line of Kerchiefs will be donated to help with the recovery efforts of the recent fires that have devested parts of both Northern and Southern California. Be sure to check out our Twitter and Instagram pages and sign up for our newsletter as well! Hope you dig. #readymade #kerchiefs #hankskerchiefs #beready #1977 #notabandana

Just perfect. #Repost @therealthomasseltzer ・・・ #nightmare #MAGA

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