Колин Хэнкс


Американский актёр и продюсер. Обладатель премии «Молодой Голливуд» в 2002 году, номинант на премии «Эмми» и «Золотой глобус».
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Got to celebrate this St. Patrick's day by celebrating Russ Solomon. "Sure. Why not?"

Almost three years ago to the day, All Things Must Pass, @towerrecordsdoc, had its world premiere at #sxsw. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of seeing your first film screened in front of a room full of strangers. We had been working so hard for seven years just to get to that point, and that screening is something that I will never forget. Same can be said for the entire experience of making that film. From Kickstarter to filming in Japan, screenings in Austin, London and seemingly everywhere in between, meeting tons of Tower employees all over the world. It's also something that has been on my mind quite a bit since Russ Solomon passed away. When I first met Russ and told him I wanted to make a documentary about Tower, about his life, in classic Russ fashion, he said: "You're Crazy...but let's do it!" Vintage Russ Solomon. And just like that, my life changed. Years later over a couple of whiskeys in a hotel lobby in Tokyo, after visiting the Tower Records in Shibuya for our last shoot, he said: "Colin, my boy, you did it." The truth is, it was only because he took a chance on me, trusted me and gave me the opportunity. Words cannot convey how much that means to me. Thank you, Russ. Thank you for everything. #tbt #CheersRuss #NoMusicNoLife

The world lost an absolute legend last night. Russ Solomon changed my life; he changed the way I look at the world and how to navigate it. His wit and curiosity was unparalleled. He was, quite simply, one of coolest people I've ever met. It was an honor to help tell his story and a privilege to call him a friend. Sending my love to Patti, Michael, and all of the Tower Records family.

The late 90's were a confusing time

As I took this picture, the jogger man next to my left decided to take in the scene while stretching his hamstrings and loudly breathing. I know it was loud cause I could hear him over the score to Phantom Thread playing in my headphones.

You know what else is tight? Tonight's episode of @drunkhistory about underdogs. So rise to the occasion at 10 pm on @comedycentral. You will love it. Everyone loves Drunk History.

Fonda Theatre

.@brmcofficial never disappoints. This evening was no exception

Bet when you take off this kids bucket his sick flow matches this sick move #Repost @ifyouhigh ・・・ Lacrosse twirling by Noah 🏒 by @daddy_duffy follow @ifyouhigh

The Forum

Now THAT was a damn fine shindig.

Meeting new people can be difficult.

I'm not trying to say my Valentine is better than yours... I AM saying my Valentine is better than yours. Love you Red. Damn, I'm a lucky man

Saturday Night Scotch Whisky Tasting. Protip: find a father-in-law who loves scotchy Scotch Scotch and then listen to everything he has to say. Then try to convince him to possibly go into the Scotch whisky Tasting business with you.

"I'm just around the corner. Be there in two minutes"

Happy to announce that I’ve become an investor in...a new Indiana Jones movie? Seems legit

I've gone to more concerts with this man than any other person on Earth. His passion for music and the almighty hang is unparalleled. Happy Birthday @dailysmiles. Love ya Brother

Mother Nature. Untouched my human kind

Canter's Deli

Original songs about the moon and the stars for 15 an hour? Great. Put me down for three hours (add by @truewagner)

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