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Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли доктора Джоша Мэддена в сериале «Все мои дети», Огги Киркпатрика в сериале «Мелроуз-Плейс» и Декса в фильме «Жених напрокат».
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Chicago, Illinois

Alright ladies and gents, the cover is finalized for my book, ‘Agile Artist’! I’m close to being finished and if you’d like to get a sneak peak at what’s going to be in the book including some valuable insight from my experiences in Hollywood and elsewhere including how not to try to get into the Playboy mansion, how not to embarrass yourself in front of Cate Blanchett and also some insight into pursuing your life’s passion and how to overcome some of the challenges and obstacles that get in the way of us creating the life we truly want to live then go to my website, www.colinegglesfield.com and sign up for my newsletter to get updates and info on my upcoming book signings and more. And I want to hear what it is that you’re creating! In the next 30 days, I will have my book finished thanks to the support and encouragement of so many people who have helped me make this happen and have held me accountable to finish the things that I say I want to do in life! What are you going to do in the next 30 days? If I can write a book, trust me anyone can do anything! First step is to write it down in your calendar. A goal or dream is not real until you write it down and put a date to it. Then email it to someone who you know will hold you accountable for making it happen. Before you know it you’ll have created what it is you always wanted to. I want to hear what that is! Sign up for my newsletter and let me help you make it happen! Let’s do this! #agileartist

Chicago, Illinois

Happy 17th birthday Keira Beira from me and the weird dude with the mustache photobombing us :) Wish you lots of ❤️and hope you have an amazing day!! Proud of you!! Love Funcle Colin 🎂🎂🎂📷💣#niece #17 #birthdaygirl

Frankfort, Illinois

Read to kids! They love it and you get to pretend to be Dr. Seuss, Rumpelstiltskin and different colored crayons all in one morning! Read to my niece Meg’s 3rd grade class this week and I think Funcle Colin passed the test. Doesn’t take much to make a big difference and you never know, you may actually have fun too! Just ask yourself, “what can I do to make a difference this week?” You’ll be surprised with what your brain comes up with!! Try it! #agileartist #funcle #read #kids #3rdgrade #thursday

The Publishing House Bed and Breakfast

Great breakfast at @publishinghousebnb this morning! Shawn and Kimberly are the amazing proprietors of this gem of a bed and breakfast right in the heart of the West Loop of Chicago. They have curated some of the finest collection of vintage furniture and finishings I have ever seen and the breakfast is worth the stay itself. Your next stay in Chicago has to be here! Came to discuss a place to do my book signing for Agile Artist. #newfavplace #chicago #westloop #bnb #thebest

Chicago, Illinois

Almost done editing my book, “Agile Artist” and it is chock full of insight from my experiences in “Hollywood and Beyond” including wisdom from a lot of other authors, scientists, philosophers and actors. Go to my website, ColinEgglesfield.com to sign up for notifications and updates about my book and upcoming newsletters! I look forward to sharing it and much more with you all soon!! ✨💫🙏⭐️ #agileartist

Chicago, Illinois

To the beautiful and bold ladies in my family who have supported and challenged me to be a better man, I honor you for all you do to make the world a better and more meaningful place. ❤️ you all!! #internationalwomensday

Made a lovely new friend, @toriii.michelle at The Bear Necessities Gala Ball this past Saturday night. Keep being beautiful and brave!!! ❤️U!!!

Polar Plunge Chicago!

Yes it was as cold as it looks but well worth it!! ❄️❄️❄️ #polarplunge @specialolympicsillinois

All right ladies and all you country fans, my buddy @hogcity who was the hunky male masseuse on ‘The Client List’ with me has a single coming out this upcoming week! You can preorder it today and if you do, Rob will personally come to your house and give you a massage. He’ll even take his shirt off for you if you ask him cuz he’s that nice of a guy. He also has some serious singing chops which makes me very jealous but also very proud of him for working so hard to get this single produced. His dedication to what he does is inspiring and it shows when you hear him sing. Check him out!! Congrats bro!!!!

Chicago, Illinois

This is Greg. Greg is a real estate guru. Greg loves tacos. Greg‘s face is always pink. Greg is one of my new real estate business partners at @cobblestonerealtychi. Greg is also a real good dude. We’re working on some real cool stuff together including #GutRehab. Thanks Greg!! 👊💪🙏

South Side

I declare that a youth art center is going to be built in the south side of Chicago to give kids an opportunity to get off the street and do something creative with their talents! We need to support and nurture in order to make a real difference! With the efforts and will power of a few inspired people I’m teaming up with, we are going to make this happen! Everything starts with a declaration much like John F. Kennedy did when he stated on May 25th, 1961 that in 10 years time, we would be putting a man on the moon. It happened 8 years later on July 20th 1969! A declaration is an incredibly powerful signal to the universe that you are going to make something happen. People may not believe you and they may think you’re crazy but as soon as you walk on the moon, they think you’re a genius. Declare something even if it seems wildly impossible, enroll people to help support you making it happen, come up with a plan and work the hell out of it until your declaration is a reality. I declare that this youth center will happen and I’m committing 10% of my book sales as a start to make it so! What are you declaring???

Dolby Theatre

Congrats @ramimalek for being recognized for such an exceptional performance and an incredibly inspiring acceptance speech! You set the bar for all of us to strive to be more courageous, more appreciative and more accepting of all of our differences. Thank you my friend!!!!

Chicago, Illinois

Working with the Majerczyk family to sell the house they did a beautiful job renovating! Met with the staging company today to discuss furniture and options. Staged homes sell faster and for more $$! Listing soon so stay tuned!

Chicago, Illinois

It took me a while to learn to trust my own voice. Growing up I didn’t always have the confidence to be able to stand up for what I believed in or what I felt was the best thing for me. When I look back though, it’s the times when I didn’t listen to that voice deep inside that I made most of my mistakes and have most of my regrets. As difficult as it has been to say ‘no’ now to people’s requests or opportunities that don’t feel right, in the end, people will respect you for honoring yourself and in turn they will start honoring you. And if they don’t, then they don’t deserve to be in your life. The next time you find yourself in a dilemma or faced with a difficult decision, honor yourself by giving yourself the space to be able to get in touch with your inner voice and honor that because that is who you truly are!! Editing my book “The Agile Artist” right now and these are the bits of wisdom I’ve gained in my experiences in Hollywood and beyond that I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!!!

Chicago, Illinois

“He’s a dog he doesn’t know any better. He’s a dog he doesn’t know any better. He’s a dog he doesn’t.....” He’s lucky he’s so cute. Good thing I just got a new pair of @march_nyc boots from @toddacourtney for my bday. Yes, I still ❤️ you James.

Chicago, Illinois

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Happy Valentines Day!!


Yes you.... Don’t let anyone tell you, CAN’T!!!! Can’t and no just mean you haven’t earned or worked hard enough to bring into your life whatever it is you want to have in it!! With the advent of Uber, Doordash, smartphones and Netflix, we have grown accustomed to getting things we want right away but it’s the things we have to put work, real work into, most of the time having to do with our inner selves, which take time and effort and energy that are usually the most rewarding!! Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Netflix but there’s nothing like busting your ass to actually BE on Netflix!! You CAN do it!!! What is it you want to do that you don’t think you CAN??

Chicago, Illinois

This one’s called, “Two dudes in a car with the sunroof open in the middle of winter reminiscing about birthday festivities from last night.” Thanks for all the b-day wishes everyone!!! And thanks @j.a.tick for being one of the best friends anyone could have. You are a rock star! #makingmovies #makingtv #businesspartner #gutrehab #agileartist #birthday #birthdayboy #dayafterbirthday #sundayfunday

Chicago, Illinois

Holy crap! Another year and another b day! Want to say THANK YOU to all the amazing people in my life who I get to share it with and for all your continued love and support! 2019 is already starting out to be a great year and it’s all because of the people I get to create with everyday! Stay tuned, more to come!!!!

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