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Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли доктора Джоша Мэддена в сериале «Все мои дети», Огги Киркпатрика в сериале «Мелроуз-Плейс» и Декса в фильме «Жених напрокат».
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There’s few people in life that have such a profound effect on people and for me one of those people is @mariepanderson who was hugely instrumental in starting my career in entertainment. She has created several businesses, written 3 books and started the agency, Aria, in Chicago where I got my start in the biz. She’s been a big inspiration to me and thousands of others and has always done it with nothing but integrity and class. Can’t thank you enough, Marie, for all you’ve done and continue to do! If you’re interested in finding out more about how to break into the modeling industry, she offers private coaching which you can find more about on her website www.mariepanderson.com. ❤️U Marie!

This is my dear friend Judy-Lee and I'm posting to support her efforts to help raise funds to cover some of her various medical expenses while she bravely has fought breast cancer. What makes Judy-Lee special is that she is not simply asking for a handout, she is also putting together a fundraiser called "In the Raw: Beyond The Scars" which is a series of beautiful portraits to help raise awareness for women who are dealing with and who have dealt with the issues that come with having surgeries that can permanently change one's body. Judy-Lee is one of the most positive and amazing people I know and if you find it in your heart to want to support her and her efforts please click the link in my bio and donate to her Facebook fundraiser. Thank you and thank you Judy-Lee for being the beautiful person you are inside and out! A few people have already donated and with your help, we can let Judy-Lee and so many other women know that they are not alone in this fight! #nevergiveup #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #mondaymotivation

Malibu, California

Great ride today with my crew. Day 1 training for the @stjude Miami South Beach triathlon coming up April 15th. Gonna need your help supporting the incredible work they do so stay tuned to hear how you can get involved! #Malibu #pch #cycling #nopainnogain #saturday

Proud to have supported everyone at @arcticgearhats and ARC of Seneca. They provide opportunities and employment for people with disabilities and you can support them too by buying #arcticgearhats. Check out more by copying this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tiekBNoh14v4bIrKM0pfbAdl8LerHuJl/view?usp=sharing

#valentinesday #jamestherescuedog

What?!! Another birthday? #istilllikelegos #grateful #birthdayboy #friday

Atlanta, Georgia

Had a great time spending the weekend with two of my favorite ladies, @emilygiffinauthor and her daughter, Harriet who also happens to make the best sugar cookies ever. Was fun to see you both and catch up! Emily just finished her next book so stay tuned for it! #somethingborrowedreunion #atlanta

Savannah, Georgia

You know it’s gonna be good when you’re working with a real navy SEAL. Thanks @officialgeoffreeves for showing me the ropes. #backtrace #makingmovies @randallemmettfilms #friday

Savannah, Georgia

Publicity today for “Backtrace” @officialslystallone @shootahhh @msjennawillis @randallemmettfilms @alexeckrt


Never a dull moment with @urisinger and @schneitzel. Uri and I did a film together called “Open Road” and it’s exciting to see he’s continued to create some great movies including “Margorie Prime” with one of my favs @jon_hamm which has gotten stellar reviews recently. Be sure to check it out! Looking forward to working on some more projects together. Stay tuned! #makingmovies

Chicago, Illinois

What better way to start the week! My friend @mrsjcmauro and her law firm in Chicago @mcdermott444riverpoint run a reading program every week with the 3rd grade students at Brown Elementary and they recently incorporated @shoutouttshirts to help spark the kids creativity and make some fun messages to wear! The program is called “Working With the Schools.” Big #shoutout to you and @witschicago for making a difference! #makeadifference #motivationmonday #bethesolution #creativity #customshirts #customclothes #read #velcro #saywhatyouwant

Treacherous and dark the path may be/The order and edict unfair/But never cease to relentlessly persist and champion the dream you declare #martinlutherkingjr #ihaveadream #persistence

LA Art Show: Modern + Contemporary

Great way to be welcomed back to LA at the #laartshow last night and supporting @stjude. #2018 #losangeles #art #dannythomas

Auburn Gresham, Chicago

Doing things the old fashioned way #flippinghouses #southside #chitown #sayyestocrack @stage2prop @schneitzel

South Chicago, Chicago

Dan and Alex make the dream work @stage2prop #rehabbinghouses #realestate #flippinghouses #rehabaddict

Niketown Chicago

@michaeljordan23 #niketown

The Home Depot

Thx Regina for helping us out today at @homedepot! Gonna make a great house because of you!! #realestate #flippinghouses #rehabbinghouses #rehabaddict @stage2prop

Auburn Gresham, Chicago

Plumbing 101 @stage2prop #rehabbinghouses #webuyhouses #saynotoplumberscrack #rehabaddict #plumbersaresexy #plumbing #plumblife

You had me at ruff ruff #jamestherescuedog #sundayfunday #sunday

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