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Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли доктора Джоша Мэддена в сериале «Все мои дети», Огги Киркпатрика в сериале «Мелроуз-Плейс» и Декса в фильме «Жених напрокат».
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Shout Out! what you want with @shoutouttshirts! Thx girls for sending this pic and I’m sure you sold a few million cookies and glasses of lemonade. Congrats! You have to send me some! #customshirts #saywhatyouwant #cookies #lemonade #entreprenuers #siouxfalls #shoutout #shoutouttshirts

Pelago Ristorante

It’s bring friends to work day. Thx @frankmontro Allison @jeremyatick Liz, @staffordaddy Lisa and Matt. You guys were all amazing dinner guests! #Pelago #makingmovies #sundayfunday

Woodridge, Illinois

Fashion victims #vogue #posers #saturday #graduation

Chicago, Illinois

Having the immense pleasure of working with the “Sesame St. Players” on my latest film. #makingmovies #chicago #thursday

Chicago, Illinois

Summer. Chicago. Nothing better.

Chicago, Illinois

Our next rehab project @stage2prop #chicago #realestate @kellerwilliamsrealty @frankmontro

Chicago, Illinois

The beautiful ladies who make me look like a functioning human for this film except when they make me look like a ghost. @nesrine_2013 @mel_melvin_ #makingmovies #chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Not afraid of heights. At all. For real. Sort of.

Chicago, Illinois

Practicing my intense look for the film we’re working on. This might scare a baby kitten. I need more practice. #makingmovies #chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Interview time at @wgnradio Market Overdrive #realestate #realestateinvesting

Chicago, Illinois

About to start filming with the spectacular @hlujmeier here in Chicago on an indie film 64flrs in the sky. First time actually shooting in my hometown! #makingmovies #chicago

Naperville, Illinois

Was so great to see you tonight @emilygiffinauthor and loved talking about your new book! Loved seeing you too Harriet and thanks for bringing your mom all the way to Chi town to visit. Love you both! #allweeverwanted #newyorktimesbestseller

Chicago, Illinois

Come hang with me and @emilygiffinauthor tomorrow night to talk about her latest masterpiece, “All We Ever Wanted.” She and I will be in Naperville, IL at Anderson’s Bookshop at 7pm. 1635 Emerson Ln. Go to emilygiffin.com/appearances for tix. See you tomorrow night!

Sgt. Wheeles, you are my hero...

If you ever make it to Frankfort, IL, you gotta stop by @nutritionhubfrankfort and my buddy @cfritness121 will make you the best salted caramel protein shake you’ll ever have for FREE! No limit. You can order like 100 and he’ll give them to you. Just tell him I sent you. Bring the whole family and the whole neighborhood. Even your grandma. #freeshakes #healthyfood

Happy Father’s Day pops. Miss you! #fathersday

Wrigley Field

Go Cubs go with @schneitzel and Jessie Singh

Santa Monica, California

This is what happens when your dog is distracted by a guy eating a hamburger while you’re trying to take a family photo at the beach. #beachday #sunday #santamonica

The Beverly Hilton

Had the honor of presenting Dr. Wayne of @childrensla with an award recognizing his contributions to ending childhood cancers and helping so many kids and families overcome each of their challenges. It’s people like Dr. Wayne and his wife Helen who make a big difference in so many peoples lives and it was great to be a part of such an inspiring night! @towercancerresearch #nomorecancer

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