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Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли доктора Джоша Мэддена в сериале «Все мои дети», Огги Киркпатрика в сериале «Мелроуз-Плейс» и Декса в фильме «Жених напрокат».
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On this #tbt wanted to give a shout out to my amazing and beautiful “All My Children” momma, @therealsusanlucci!! It’s not very often you get to play the producer of a talk show, a doctor, a pilot, the marketing director of a cosmetics company and the manager of a casino all the while kidnapping the woman you’re in love with, crash landing your dad’s private jet on a deserted island, getting rescued by the woman’s husband, finding out you’re a transplanted unaborted fetus and stealing $20million dollars from your brother in law, getting killed off and coming back as a ghost. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support, love and genuineness of Susan Lucci. Miss you thanks for you being you!!! Xox

You may have seen better dancing before but you haven’t heard a more “dastardly” podcast than my cousin Karl’s, “The Dastardly Deeds of Professor Nasty”!! If you’re stuck on the 405 or waiting for your flight to Beijing, you can have a good laugh. Happy listening and congrats Karl!! http://www.professornasty.com

Chicago, Illinois

Your dream home awaits....

Chicago, Illinois

I’ve learned that rarely does anything happen unless YOU make it happen. People may think you’re being “unrealistic” or that you’re a “dreamer” but nothing new or profound ever happened from doing the same thing over and over. It takes a ton of courage and discipline to start something and follow it through but if you break it down and work on a little bit each day, before you know it, your masterpiece will have come to life. We all want things NOW and we’re being led to believe that getting things instantly is better than making the effort to learn how to become the person you need to be in order for the thing you want to be realized. Don’t wish for smaller challenges or problems, work on becoming a better you so that you can overcome these challenges and road blocks. Take some time each day to remind yourself: 1️⃣ Who you are 2️⃣ Where you’re at 3️⃣ Where you want to go I never thought I’d be able to write a book, but here I am on Chapter 2 of “The Agile Artist” and this is what I’ll be touching more on. Do something today you’ve been waiting to start on. Today is the day. The time is here. What are you going to start?? I want to know!! ✨🙏👍💫😊

James wanted to say hi 👋

Chicago, Illinois

Put me in today Nagy!! Big game today for my boy @princeamukamara and the @chicagobears against last year’s Super Bowl champs the @philadelphiaeagles!! This is me back in high school when I dreamed of playing wide receiver for the Bears. Guess I was too slow but this year’s Bears are anything but. Let’s pick up this W on our way to SB LIII!!

Tell someone this today! Sometimes people need a little reminder of what makes them special to you and why they are in your life. Practicing more gratitude in my life for the people who support me and make my life more fulfilling is one of my priorities for 2019. Who are you going to reach out to today for and why??? I wanna know!!

Los Angeles, California

“He’s Ryan.” “He’s Colin.” #tbt to when I paid @ryanseacrest a visit to his radio show to discuss #somethingborrowed and what it was like to kiss @katehudson. I don’t kiss and tell I told him. 🤐 What a great time talking with and getting to know someone who truly has gone after what he set out to do in life. And I thought I do a lot. This guy does it all! Whenever people tell me I’m trying to do too much, people like Ryan come to mind that inspire me to live up to what I have created as the life I want to live. Major props to this dude for taking life by the horns and carving out his empire. Who’s gonna be on Ryan’s show next and for doing what?? I want to know!! (And so does Ryan)

“Hump day baby!” It’s mid week already in the new year and time to hone in on what you want to be, have and accomplish for 2019! Even if you don’t want to be a Calvin Klein underwear model like I was 200 years ago, you still have to have an idea of what you want and what your motivation is. For me, it’s always been wanting to see how far I could go and how hi I could climb up whatever ladder or mountain that stood before me. I don’t always make it to the top but along the way, you discover new things about yourself that give you a new sense of identity and accomplishment which leads to more confidence and a new mindset to be able to make things happen. And if this motivates any of you to get to the gym today too, even better! Tell me what motivates you!! 💫✨💪😀

Chicago, Illinois

Happy New Year!! Much ❤️ to you all tonight and for 2019!!!

West Loop

Looking to make some changes in 2019 and finally going after what you’ve been wanting? Make it happen in the new year!

Chicago, Illinois

When I first started taking acting classes in New York, before I ever knew that a career in television and film was even possible, my amazing acting teacher, Jackie Segal, gave me a great piece of advice that helped me break out of my fear of looking stupid and allowed me to start embracing who I was instead of trying to fit in and please other people all the time. She said: 1️⃣ 30% of the people you meet, know and interact with are going to like you, support you and champion what you are up to in life. 2️⃣ 30% are NOT going to like you, tell you every reason why something won’t work or why you shouldn’t do something. 3️⃣ The other 40% AREN’T GOING TO CARE!! So why not go after what truly makes you happy and fulfilled instead of letting what people in your close circle or society dictate what you should do? What I’ve recognized is that this can take quite a bit of courage, self discipline and focus which WE ALL HAVE in varying degrees. What I’ve also recognized is that a lot of the time, we need the support, encouragement and guidance of someone who has done or has been where we want to go. That’s why most actors and athletes and most successful people I have ever met have coaches, teachers or mentors to push them to practice harder, to get better, to dig deeper and to overcome their limiting beliefs. I have several and they are immensely invaluable for what I am up to in life. So for 2019, I challenge you to seek out a mentor, coach or accountability partner to push through the obstacles that stand between you and what you really want in life!!! Tell me who yours is going to be and what you are up to for 2019!!

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These are my dudes who made it happen last night! Thnx @kennethmonro and @getsocialjack for the love last night! And to my bro @seaneggz and his amazing wife @tammy8282 for coming to support! If you want to check out the best and greatest of what Chicago has to offer, check out @chicagoscenemag!!!


Chicago, Illinois

Merry Christmas everyone from Megan and Colton!! 🎄💫✨⭐️

Chicago, Illinois

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi ✨✨✨ Fact: 1️⃣ We are all artists. 2️⃣ A lot of us have buried our creativity for fear of being judged or labeled. 3️⃣ We let other things get in the way and make excuses for not making time to tap into our creative spirit. 4️⃣ When we make space to be creative, the universe meets you in that space to be inspired. 5️⃣ Inspiration is infectious and all powerful! 6️⃣ This is the place where miracles happen!! 💫🙏 I’m making a pledge to commit at least 30 min. a day in 2019 to do something creative. Whether it’s working on my book, “The Agile Artist,” drawing or painting (which I used to do but have let other things get in the way) of our picking up my guitar and start playing again (which I haven’t done in about 4 years). Just saying this already excites me! Tell me what your’re committed to for 2019! When you announce it to the universe, and take action to commit, the universe has a surprising knack for answering you back ten fold. Let’s create some miracles this up coming year! Who’s coming with me??????? Tell me what your’re committed to!

West Loop

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Dear Santa.... 😍🙏😍

New York, New York

I told ‘Maverick’ he was one of my inspirations to start acting and pursue it full time. I wish he would have told me to use less hair product. My last day on “All My Children” was bitter sweet because I was leaving a great group of people after 3 years but with every ending comes a new beginning and the fact that @tomcruise was doing an interview at @theviewabc across the hall on that same day was a sign from the acting gods I guess because he encouraged me to head back out to Hollywood and wished me luck. As apprehensive and naive as I was, I always knew that the first step to making anything happen is to simply show up which is one of the chapters in the book I’m writing. So SHOW UP in life! You might be surprised with what you find and who you meet! 🙏💫✨🎥 #tbt

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