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Disney California Adventure Park

Literally the happiest place on earth @clairetierney_

When am I not in my kitchen? That’s the real question.

Writing kind of day ❤️ full songs coming soon...

Year of the pig, and year of continuing to wear black

After this picture was taken, I ignored responsibility and went to bed with all of my makeup still on. Lesson learned: I will never buy white pillow cases ever again 🤔

This year I’m making it a goal to be more transparent, to show myself for face value. We all have struggles and insecurities but they are nothing to hide from. I’ve been facing my insecurities about appearance and how I’m perceived as a person for this past while now and because I chose to conquer my demons, I’m so much happier and I feel free. Also, be sure to listen to @iamdylandunlap ‘s new song “Face Value” and ask yourself, what does it mean to me to be taken for face value? #myfacevalue #facevalue

Masada (מצדה)

Wish I was back in Israel #seewhatididthere #scrunchiesareback #seewhatididagain? 😂


I may have left Israel, but don’t worry...the pictures won’t stop coming 👌#Adidasrep? #birthright

Masada (מצדה)

From Masada to the Western Wall 💙


Humps and toes #birthright

Dead Sea

No Tubi(60) is required to float in the Dead Sea


3 things... falafel, friends, falling down the stairs and twisting my ankle

How well did you age challenge? From cutie to hot mess 👌 📸: @childrenofthecorna


The view made me less hangry

Tel Aviv, Israel

And together they ruled the world 💜 #birthright

Does everyone consent to me posting this picture? #birthright

מול החוף וילג' - כפר הקניות והבילויים

💙Shabbat Shalom💙#birthright

BanYASSSSSSSS Waterfalls #birthright

And so it begins ❤️✈️❤️ #birthright

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