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It's hereeeee! Check out my cover of Stay With Me by #samsmith ❤️lemme know what you think! https://youtu.be/wMCo_U5wdSk

Never been more ready for a new year. I vow to work my ass off, to focus on my happiness, and to be the best version of me. 2017 has had it's ups and it's downs but I made it through. I've come out a better, stronger person. So 2017, goodbye but thanks for the lessons. Hello 2018; my best year yet!!! #newyearnewme #happynewyear #alsogoodbyeblonde

If you were naughty this year, you're probably going to end up with cole #dablife

Just a bunch of chads at a holiday party 🌲

Pins Mechanical Co.

Happy to be home ❤️ #bernsteinxmas

Brick & Mortar

Happy birthday @vee_11109 ❤️❤️ you are my favorite and I don't even think you know it 🙏🙌😎

I, (am not) Tonya

Happy birthday to my true hero 🙏🍿🍿 hope you have a poppin' day (see what I did there?) I love you dad @briesdad

As @adamhicksofficial would say... "kiss my grits" #shiftinggearsmovie coming to theaters 2018

Big Bear Lake, California

Welcome to bearadise 🐻 #bigbear2017

Big Bear Lake, California

Big bear gals ❤️🐻❤️ #whatwouldjessidoforafrosty #bigbear2017

Big Bear Lake, California

Out of the gutters, into the bur #bigbear2017 📸: @zachsilverman2

Big Bear Lake Village

One week out ❤️😊🙌🍷 big bear were coming for you #bigbear2017 #calfonsobday @erinsossy


We came for the free churros and the pure magic of Disney 🙏 #erinwhatarewedoing #erinwhatisthispose #erincanicomeoverthisweekend

Ya know, I just feel like I peaked when I was six. I was taking names, flashing the world, learning the splits... basically just crushin it. #mycurrentlifegoals #tbt

I want to do another horror film 😭 #excision

People of the world spice up your life! #halloweekend #night2

You'll float too 🐢🎈🤡#night1 #halloweekend @erinsossy

Brown hair vs. Blonde hair New phone case vs. old phone case #mystyleisallovertheplace

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