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Bowling for tortilla soup ft. Yes that's a crown #6lbsball #cantbowl #neededbumpers #mymomtookthispicture

It's Saturday I'm happy

This is the only reason my downstairs neighbor came up to complain about "loud footsteps" #guilty @erinsossy @shaunacase

Part 2 cause I didn't realize your video could only be one minute. #2016needstoendalready

It's been below average 2016 but it's okay cause I know 2017 will be even better! Jk it was a great year! Here's some highlights! I hole everyone has an incredible new year! See ya in 2017! #newyears #2017 #finallygotaddedtothegroupchat @bex_tk @childrenofthecorna @erinsossy @brienoellebernstein @mlbernstein19

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a beautiful day with your loved ones and enjoy the season of giving! #santacame 🎁🌲🎅🏾

At this point I'm just considering turning my Instagram account into a joint account with @erinsossy #canyoueverhavetoomanypicswithyourbestfriend? 🌲P.S. Happy holidays everyone 😘

I went blonde because my best friend is blonde #thatsalie #newhandshakealert

When your the only one in the friend group who can't drink yet so you just eat all the cheese #toastsfordayz #finallygotaddedtothegroupchat #blessed

Descanso Gardens

Just girly things 😘 ft. The only winter jacket I own #ihatecoldweather

Big Bear Lake Village

Tis the season to drink coffee fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la || Big Bear || 2016

TOMORROW IS THE SEASON FINALE OF SECRETS AND LIES SEASON 2!!!! Who's excited?!? There is a twist that no one will ever see coming! Remember to watch at 9/8c on ABC! @secretsandliesabc @abcnetwork #secretsandlies #abc #craftservicesonpoint

Big Bear Mountain Cabin

There's no place I'd rather be #bigbear2016 @erinsossy

Descanso Gardens

Tonight on myth busters: Do blondes really have more fun? || Descanso Gardens || 2016

Malibu Beach

Natures best 👌👌👌

Happy thanksgiving from my family to yours! Now let's feast!

Grow together. Learn together. Love together. We live in such a beautiful world filled with beautiful people. And together we can create a healthier and a more positive environment. #unity #spreadlove #wheresthehumanity

Always hungry 🍕🍞🍕

Got that Andy Warhol vibe #expressyourself #psarts @ps_arts

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