Коди Симпсон


Австралийский поп-певец из Голд-Коста, с 2010 года сотрудничающий с американским лейблом Atlantic Records.
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🇦🇺🎸🌴 Transcendental meditation New wave education Earth conservation 2017 @coasthousecollective

"This jungle is a rotten place, I want peace on earth" TRACKS ON TRACKS Shit is RAAAWW

SAVAGE ISLAND Cody & Coast House laying some tracks, humble servant of craft, very happy to share our project

BURNT crafts. Sun/son

canon ae1 at Malibu. 'chase the fleeting mirage salt in the underground, testing new material and song this is a broke down melody a way of communicating not an act but a matter of freedom say a wild thing to test the reaction of others' #35mm

Ha!!!! Had to do it too @mileycyrus , happy Sunday "hey ladies" #thebeginning

Venice Beach, California

Salt in the underground, testing out tunes in da speakeasy with the trio! @coasthousecollective

Hair chop! The jungle pow wow! Studio sessions 🎸🌴⚡️✌🏼🌊💀

Taking over @nylonmag IG story all night here in Venice Beach! Check us out as we test out some new material and jam the blues rock reggae, & if you're in the area come on in we play at 830


Townhouse Venice

Tomorrow night and the following 2 Monday's. Venice Beach residency. Blues rock reggae jams and new music. w/ @shareefaddo and @adriancota as trio. shirts off, get rhythm or stoned tryin, rally for peace be there or be triangle! tickets in my bio

Shedding runs with @shareefaddo, @coasthousecollective jams

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