Коди Симпсон


Австралийский поп-певец из Голд-Коста, с 2010 года сотрудничающий с американским лейблом Atlantic Records.
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White Christmas. @CodyAndTheTide are getting into the holiday spirit. Coming Friday..

Prince Nep’s Tune.. #newriffs

‘Man has been making a fool of himself, proving what is obvious, puffing with pride as he repeats his proofs... and living on that alone? This is a subtle, stupid torment - and this is the source of my spiritual ramblings. Nature may well be bored with it all!’ - Arthur Rimbaud


CS & THE TIDE, thank you @trl @mtv

The trio jamming on "Ramona" today, @codyandthetide

New York, New York

"I adore you whether or not you decide you adore me", Late hotel nights reading and jamming.. 🌊

Tide. Debut video and song. Link in bio.

Earlier this year writing and racing through stormy San Francisco petroleum civilization in all its tragic glory

jazzmastery of Baudelaire

I designed this rose and guitar embroidered Simpson Bomber and a variety of other garments with my mates at @instedwesmile.

New merch colours! Dig it!

Like some tragic hero of Greek or Roman origin I will sink into the depths of my disordered sensorium Just as the shaman In a sea of wine and women Desires the only thing Unavailable to him Because The purity is in the pursuit Dig it

Baja California, Mexico

Off the road, some man's temple

Son of Neptune

Our first video is out. Link in bio. Tag your mates. @codyandthetide

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