Коди Симпсон


Австралийский поп-певец из Голд-Коста, с 2010 года сотрудничающий с американским лейблом Atlantic Records.
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#gone II

Been listening to this track a lot today, it makes me nostalgic and homesick for my good Australia. was stoked to come home and write something with a similar message but realized this one kinda said it all. Jack is unreal for seeing through. Hanging out in Hollywood can either take you on a blind ride or open up your eyes, pretty wild, #Gone by @jackjohnson thanks mate

Breezy night in forgetting lyrics to blue moon

Scanning negatives

Notes CS

Then emerge, eyes stinging, half-dazed. But you have seen it. CS (@codysimpsonpoetry)

When you try to get the trees to reflect within your shades and ya end up looking like a tool

Repost @unep, everyday I'm out in the ocean I'm heartbroken to find numerous amounts of plastic and dangerous river run-off. Only so many of us can pick up what we find on the beach and in the water, and eventually all roads lead to the ocean. We must urge corporations to move towards abolishing single-use plastics, and make the effort in our daily lives to avoid use. Everything plastic can be made from HEMP. And I won't begin on fossil fuels or animal agriculture. I feel that too many of us have become disconnected amid the rat race atop all of this concrete! #longlivecleanwater

Make a stand with me for our oceans and continue the fight to remove trash and single-use plastics from our most precious source of life. check out morethansport.org/KaiLenny to get your shirt and hat. @morethansport cheers mate @kai_lenny #saveouroceans #microplastics


All economics and political structure are matters of the ego construct and somewhat of a grand illusion / untrue to life. I would be stoked if we could teach others to stick to nature and not get too lost in the sauce of propaganda. #adollarnoteisapieceofpaper #longlivecleanwater

Getting da groove goin!

Distant ramblings, deliver me from perceptual cages CS

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