Коди Симпсон


Австралийский поп-певец из Голд-Коста, с 2010 года сотрудничающий с американским лейблом Atlantic Records.
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A guitar for a gun. We could bring peace to a globe laden with fear. #endgunviolence #endgunsaltogether

New Crowned King. the final #wavetwo b-side added to your collection tomorrow night.

#DAYBREAK, live at the Magnificent Mile lights festival last night. @codyandthetide

Chicago, Illinois

Lately I got this mystic feeling. Til’ next time my tide team. @codyandthetide

Love you back Chicago. @codyandthetide


backstage in chicago, see you soon for tropical rock & poetry. @codyandthetide 🌊

‘New Crowned King’ is coming. thanks for having me on to debut it @windycitylive. 🔱🌊

#WaveTwo out now worldwide. @codyandthetide

New York, New York

New York, New York


New York, New York

riffing! way way & the full #wavetwo EP out now. link in bio 🌊 @codyandthetide

these new york pools aren’t long enough

last night w/ @moncler

when the senses are rationally disordered, the poem rises from the depths of the subconscious like a shimmering pearl. ~ @princeneptunepoet

Times Square, New York City

New York, New York

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