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Found this rad little garage door on this rad little back alley/street. This city still surprises me.

Eyes on the wind captured by a windbag. #dieselthedog

Herpy Cernerder Derrrr.

Karaoke. Live specimens.

Despite his size, Diesel finds ways to spill himself into tight spaces. #ttcnapseries

Here's a real #tbt : Looking for some other document, I came across this old newspaper clipping from Calgary. I was interviewed for my 'breakout' role at Vertigo Theatre when I was 25, and it's strange seeing my own wisdom (that I've lost sight of just a bit!) in that last quote of mine. Time to re-apply that knowledge to the bigger picture. #gottahavefaith


Owen Pallett just kicking it at Bambi's.


Bob Lee got us these incredible seats to the jays game, so BIG THANKS AND MUCH LOVE. So far I have almost been creamed by 2 foul balls. Will keep y'all updated on game/injury status.

Just taking a break from working on an audition to shed some light on what Diesel reminds me of. #poundpuppies

Beautiful crisp day with Mr.Deezy and the cherry blossoms of High Park.

The guy singing has got to be +70 and there's a girl -25 just taking pics and watching. So funny how far we've come. He's also singing "You were Always on my Mind".

Riverdale, Toronto

Diesel and I doing a duet to "How Can We Be Lovers If We Can't Be Friends" by the illustrious Michael Bolton.

On my last evening in LA I took a walk by myself- I taken to these walks a lot lately, gives me time to reflect and let my mind wander. Yesterday's walk was especially bittersweet, because I fully understood what I was about to leave behind: an incredibly generous group of people who inspire me and help me to see myself in this city. I'm a better man from being here, despite the rough patches in the journey, and I look forward the next leg where I hope to return sooner than later.

"The gang goes to the zoo"

Went cliff jumping in Malibu. I really stuck the landing, you can hear it in the 'clap' and crowd reactions.

West Hollywood, California

Don't worry gang, DEAD WEIGHT will be in good hands as soon as I finish learning about 90's animation software (it's a tad dated) and other more relevant shit about directing. June is when we go to camera, now til then will be BOUNTIFUL PREP.

"Awkward bag adjustment shot" by @torrensylvain , awkwardness provided by @codyraythompson

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