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Just a teenage dirtbag baby. Not been cleaned up since 2007.

Big night out.

Couple quick monitor pics of our first 2 days of shooting on DEAD WEIGHT. I keep saying how as a director you have a vision of what the film looks like, and it not only gets executed exactly as conceptually planned, yet comes out even better than expected. I am so very grateful for everyone’s help making this come to life and I’m thrilled for everyone to see it!

Chiclayo Lindo - PERÚ

Back of truck views.


Casino de pimentel

A Peruvian Wedding in full swing.

Pimentel, Lambayeque, Peru

Our ride to the venue in Pimentel for Cam and Lidia’s Wedding to the soundtrack of The Beegees.

Chiclayo, Peru

Mucho Peru 🇵🇪

Chiclayo, Peru

Fitting that in Peru we find ourselves playing a pick up soccer game with the soon to be brother-in-law of the grooms and his pals. You’re looking at Peru’s 3rd team.

Inception photo grab of the groom to be posing. Barranco is a pretty rad part of Lima.

Tech scouting for DEAD WEIGHT- kinda wanna make a horror film here now.

HBD @thomasrobertlee !! Became best friends over his first film ‘Empyrean’ (I had a tiny, tiny, tiny role in it he wrote for me), and I’m super proud of his work ethic which is leading to the next feature. This dude inspires me every day, and the world is a better place for it! (We are also completely blocking the poster at the premiere of the film captured in this moment)

Decisions, decisions. @reeses @tide.detergent help a guy out here.

Stay tuned folks!


That ol’ winter ice rain storm got my house like...

As an actor, I take my job incredibly seriously.

All these self tapes are clearly crushing my spirit. Thank you @kabriellilly for the help on this Juan.

Jet lag x1000 #beds

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