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The only decent photo taken of me last night at the ACTRA awards.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Back in Vancity shooting more Man In The High Castle. Haven’t done the proverbial bed-jump in quite some time so you’re welcome everybody!

Anyone else think Lamar Jackson looks like the Dad from Friday? #LACvsBAL

Calgary, Alberta

Seeester and I paintin’ some trees. At the very least our paintings are better than the one woman constantly bitching right behind us about her brushes.


Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

took this one to see #HarryPotterInConcert and she’s meeeeeeeltiiiing with joy!

Sunset Marina Ltd

Day 1/1 for me on this episode. Incredible views out here.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Shooting out in Abbotsford tonight. Despite the ubiquitous pungent smell of cow dung, I would 100% retire here as a blueberry farmer. #MITHC

This is as much of my call sheet I’m allowed to show you for day 2 for me on #MITHC

Opened an incredible early birthday present from my family far away in Alberta- literally brought me to tears. No one told me that when I moved that greatest thing I’d take for granted is my family, and mine have been working especially hard to really stay connected and open despite some past troubles. We just gotta remember how lucky we are when people care about us, as silly as that sounds. So #happybirthdaytoyoufirst

We’ve all completely lost it

The Farmhouse Creative Labs

Doing some ADR for #dEADwEIGHT with @crobizon maning the boards and @nabeelelkhafif , Scott Edgecombe, and Lori Ravensborg maning the mic. So. Close. To. The. End. #alwayshireapostsupervisor

New Era Field

You may not know that I’m obsessed with the @chargers , but if you watch to the end of this video you’ll find out how scarily invested I am. I was also suprised at the vitality of my reaction as I had/have the flu. #LACvsBUF #extrasportsfan

I’ve been doing some soul searching lately, and I think if you want to move forward in your life a good place to look for guidance is your past. This is my high school football shirt- it’s becoming my favourite to wear at the gym as it reminds me when I weighed 160lbs and ran barely faster than the linemen. I’m faster now and the strongest I’ve ever been, and the gym reminds me that through discipline and focus big changes happen slowly. So my advice: stay sweaty, because eventually it’ll pay off. #sweatingtotheoldies

#tbt to my solo camp trip this year where I almost went solo-psycho from spending too much time with myself. All jokes aside, it was an incredibly introspective trip for me and I think everyone could benefit from something like this. #rivendell #hobbits #nature #camptrippin

Just a teenage dirtbag baby. Not been cleaned up since 2007.

Big night out.

Couple quick monitor pics of our first 2 days of shooting on DEAD WEIGHT. I keep saying how as a director you have a vision of what the film looks like, and it not only gets executed exactly as conceptually planned, yet comes out even better than expected. I am so very grateful for everyone’s help making this come to life and I’m thrilled for everyone to see it!

Chiclayo Lindo - PERÚ

Back of truck views.

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