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HBD @thomasrobertlee !! Became best friends over his first film ‘Empyrean’ (I had a tiny, tiny, tiny role in it he wrote for me), and I’m super proud of his work ethic which is leading to the next feature. This dude inspires me every day, and the world is a better place for it! (We are also completely blocking the poster at the premiere of the film captured in this moment)

Decisions, decisions. @reeses @tide.detergent help a guy out here.

Stay tuned folks!


That ol’ winter ice rain storm got my house like...

As an actor, I take my job incredibly seriously.

All these self tapes are clearly crushing my spirit. Thank you @kabriellilly for the help on this Juan.

Jet lag x1000 #beds

Last tango in LA. I have been incredibly busy his time around, but going to enjoy the hell out of my last night here.

A little homage for the big win for @shapeofwatermovie tonight. Feeling very lucky to have been on board, and SO PUMPED for Guillermo!!! Congrats to all!!

Sibling non sibling photo.

Gnilwob evol I (courtesy of @kelencoleman )

Well this is a new one.

Reposting this after all my pals have because I’m a slow sheep. @kelencoleman @lucymaricee @elenaspavli and Mr. Tom make for fun semi-bus mates.

Had a blast hanging with the fam jam yesterday. In a rare move I opted to post the non-goofy picture of the sister and I.

My Dad and I are getting back into drawing. His first crack at it again dedicated to me.

At Michaels with the parents. I’ve found the isle that speaks to me. #blingbaby


Who mined Robocop best Oscar Awrd goes to...

The zoo is still open late night. #photo

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