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"The gang goes to the zoo"

Went cliff jumping in Malibu. I really stuck the landing, you can hear it in the 'clap' and crowd reactions.

West Hollywood, California

Don't worry gang, DEAD WEIGHT will be in good hands as soon as I finish learning about 90's animation software (it's a tad dated) and other more relevant shit about directing. June is when we go to camera, now til then will be BOUNTIFUL PREP.

"Awkward bag adjustment shot" by @torrensylvain , awkwardness provided by @codyraythompson

Autuer filmmakers in a cab.

This place really feels like living in a dream 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

Muscle Beach

Skate bowl in Venice is pretty rad, bro.

West Hollywood, California

2:45am- Elma and I are currently editing self tapes we just shot for ourselves, that we both have to have to our Toronto agents in less than 6 hours. Delirium is in full swing. Wish us luck.

You were too good to a couple of foreigners @saltandstraw

#New and #custom room in #WestHollywood is all ready! #blessed to finally have my own #space! #1000USDpermonth #brandnewbed #doubleblessed

Pink Taco in LA is pretty cool and has INCREDIBLE tacos/guacamole. Too bad I can't take a level picture to save my life.

Checked out this Warhol exhibit soirée last night in Santa Monica. This is all the evidence I have.

La La.

Surrogate home made party flavours. We made 'Murcia proud here in LA today.

Visit with Grandma! 88 years old young! Talked about her parents, who were German but lived in Russia, how they were forced out of Russia when WW1 kicked off, then once the Germans found they were Russian sympathizers they were forced to emigrate to Canada, being sponsored by a Dutch beer farmer. She was born in Monarch, Alberta, and the rest, as they say, is history.

@kwok_rock and I had a decent view of land today.

Just got back to Calgary and didn't miss a beat: watched some NFL playoffs with Pa Thompson in his "House of Whoop-ass".

Cody overcompensating. #lizandcodyniagratakeover2017

Liz and some water. #lizandcodyniagratakeover2017

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