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Just got back to Calgary and didn't miss a beat: watched some NFL playoffs with Pa Thompson in his "House of Whoop-ass".

Cody overcompensating. #lizandcodyniagratakeover2017

Liz and some water. #lizandcodyniagratakeover2017


Pierced ears with hot pepper wood swords. Play safe everyone! @urshy.kisses @radnarthepartysalmon

And Pinball!

So not psyched about this.

Another long night of Cabin Fever at Munro Manor. #dogs #deezyandmeezy

The world's quietest cry for help. With Diesel #dogs #deezyandmeezy

This makes zero sense to me as a human being born on earth at least I'd like to hope so.

Diesel and his hamburger pillow party for one. 🎉🎉🎉#dogs

This is a rare photo of my crushing sadness mixed with Bradley's not-so-secret satisfaction from a classic San Diego Chargers collapse at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. I would say 3 hours in direct sunlight makes us look strange, but unfortunately it's just the way we are naturally. I've only now had the courage to show this photo days after it was captured.

Well I heard TV was bad for you but...

Bob's Big Boy

"Yeah, baby!"

Buncha goons in Lalaland. W/ @kwok_rock and @cttncndyprncss (photo cred to the latter)

WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH TIM HORTONS I KEEP YOU AFLOAT!!!!!!!! Let's keep a list going- I've got Cory, Corey, Coey (wtf?), Tony, and Collin now all at this one location.

WE WON! Our film 'Lariat' took Best Film this year at the 48 Hour Film Challenge, and now it moves on to compete in Seattle at Filmapalooza! So proud of this whole team!!

M83! Toronto! Woaaaahhhhhh!!!

Only photo I took back home was a sketch I did of my nephew Carter so that he could copy it. Needless to say it was an incredible visit with family, and I'm grateful for them and my good pals in Calgary.

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