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The ol' manager took real good care of us fellas on his roster. Got us into the @tiff_net #mudbound gala last night, lots of introductions- this man does not slow down. Thanks Robert!! @greghovanessian and @therealgcash and I also probably crushed about a billion amazing orange spiced Old Fashionedzzz.

A lil' #TIFF Chappaquiddick Afterparty with @greghovanessian - I think I drank every kind of drink possible and probably shouldn't have been allowed in in the first place.

Look at these two monsters.

I'm trying out my own character with my newly discovered hairstyle as a way to procrastinate from the audition to play another character that would never have this hairstyle/inflection in a million years.

Bon Echo Provincial Park

Oh and one more. The trees were incredibly tall and felt mythical. Jimmy and I agreed we thought we were in Rivendell and some elves were about to drop down and sort us out.

One of the only photos I took for our camping trip (I consciously tried to stay off my phone). It was soggy at times, but @urshy.kisses and Jimmy make great camp pals and we had a real hoot. I highly recommend Bon Echo!

Found this rad little garage door on this rad little back alley/street. This city still surprises me.

Eyes on the wind captured by a windbag. #dieselthedog

Herpy Cernerder Derrrr.

Karaoke. Live specimens.

Despite his size, Diesel finds ways to spill himself into tight spaces. #ttcnapseries

Here's a real #tbt : Looking for some other document, I came across this old newspaper clipping from Calgary. I was interviewed for my 'breakout' role at Vertigo Theatre when I was 25, and it's strange seeing my own wisdom (that I've lost sight of just a bit!) in that last quote of mine. Time to re-apply that knowledge to the bigger picture. #gottahavefaith


Owen Pallett just kicking it at Bambi's.


Bob Lee got us these incredible seats to the jays game, so BIG THANKS AND MUCH LOVE. So far I have almost been creamed by 2 foul balls. Will keep y'all updated on game/injury status.

Just taking a break from working on an audition to shed some light on what Diesel reminds me of. #poundpuppies

Beautiful crisp day with Mr.Deezy and the cherry blossoms of High Park.

The guy singing has got to be +70 and there's a girl -25 just taking pics and watching. So funny how far we've come. He's also singing "You were Always on my Mind".

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