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Американская фотомодель и актриса, жена рэппера Ice-T
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Bed Bath & Beyond

Here's another pic thats funny.. While shopping Chanel finds seat and plops down..I look over and see her smiling at me cuz she knows she's silly Follow this crazy girl if u like laughs @babychanelnicole

Just going through Chanel pics and this cracked me up ..this was taken in October and she wanted to try the monkey bars for the 1st time and I of course was not sure about it but she actually has great strength & she wasn't even 2 yet.. Lol to the concern on my face

Salsa Con Fuego

I've had so much fun in the past celebrating my birthday at @salsaconfuego ..Had to do it again this year..Come see me this Thursday! FYI my actual birthday was this past Saturday, March 17th but was out of town so I'm making up for it on March 22nd

Beverly Center

Paparazzi shots from our day out with family at mall...

Rodeo Drive

I had a great time with family doing some birthday shopping!...Even though they are the greatest gift Matching shirts- @sugararmyshop

Just came across this pic..its one of Ice's favorites..I loved this photo shoot taken on Malibu Beach..I think I was like 30 here ..I'm turning 39 tomorrow ..I like looking back at my modeling career.. I've got thousands of pics from mags

People always ask me where is Ice in my pics.. Believe me, he usually is not far from me ...We're a tight family (Thanks @iamsethrose for this pic)

Wiped out after having so much fun on vacation! All Chanel wants is the boob then she's out!

Exuma, The Bahamas

Channeling my Bahamian spirit... (Swipe for more pics) #junkanoo

SLS Baha Mar

Had the most awesome time in Bahamas! Everbody treated us so well! No matching suits on our last day, Chanel insisted on her flamingo suit..lol Back to reality! But my reality is nice no complaints just we'll miss the water We will also miss not seeing our friends @iamsethrose and @shanrox1207 everyday! Had fun with ya all!

SLS Baha Mar

Really into one piece swimsuits lately ..I like how this looks like a Versace pattern but it came from @_reveboutique Man, I'm gonna miss this beach!🌴

Exuma, The Bahamas

The same day we swam with the sharks we also swam with the pigs! 🐷I was more nervous with the pigs than the sharks cuz I've never seen something like this before and they were more hungry.lol If you go to Bahamas you gotta do this Excursion. The most amazing experience ever!🐖 We swam with the pigs, sharks and fed iguanas all in one day! (Swipe for more pics and video) I want a pig now as a pet they are really cool animals! Check out my recent posts with swimming with the Sharks!

SLS Baha Mar

Taking in as much beach time as I can down here in Bahamas!! And of course with my mini me.. Chanel didn't like the sand at first and was cautious of the water but now I can't get her out! (Swipe for more pics) Matching suits by - @sugardollz

SLS Baha Mar

The story of my life....running around with little thing.. But I love every bit of it! #bahamalove Matching shirts- @houzeofglam

Atlantis Bahamas

Always have the best time visiting @AtlantisBahamas. Such an amazing place for families,the marine life there is magical. We got to explore and see everything from Manta Rays and Sharks to the rescued Katrina Dolphins. We learned that a portion of every experience we did goes back to the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation for marine research, education and outreach. Another fun day in Paradise. #AtlantisBahamas (Swipe for more pics)

Atlantis Bahamas

Bahama Mama... Spent the day at the Atlantis (Swimsuit by @chasingsummeruk ) Swipe for more pics

Bond Nightclub

Thank you @bondnightclub for rolling out the red carpet for me and my friends. Very pretty club and great music! I love the last pic cuz its hard to wrangle up all the husbands to take a group shot.. and look we got it and it turned out cute!! (Swipe for more pics)

Exuma, The Bahamas

This seriously was crazy having all these sharks in the water at once..but I have to say, half the battle was holding Chanel while swimming...lol

Exuma, The Bahamas

One of the highlights while in Bahamas has been swimming with the sharks! 🦈🦈..I know what your thinking..I watched that tv show, "when wild animals go wild" too but these guys acted like dogs..they are so friendly plus the rush of doing something crazy is half the fun..I even got Chanel to come in with me! As you can see we Ice didn't make it in the water..Haha

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