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Канадская актриса и модель. Получила известность благодаря ролям Робин Щербатски в комедийном телесериале «Как я встретил вашу маму» и Марии Хилл в кинематографической вселенной Marvel.
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This is one example of @erinwalshnyc being able to put me into any outfit she wants. She is a brilliant stylist and has now started SBJCT @sbjctjournal . Check it out to read many amazing stories. I feel maybe in this shot I'm yelling at @rheannewhite to not eat the last doughnut cause I'm almost done with this bathing suit..

Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall

We got lost in the world of Star Wars last night and it was amazing. My hats off to @riancjohnson and this incredible cast and crew. You have outdone yourselves! Thanks to my purdy making folks.. @erinwalshnyc @maryreinehrgigler @ireneneuwirth @emiliawickstead

So excited to be an Ambassador for Masterpass in Canada. They made my Canadian dreams come true by building me my own She Shed...check out the video below and make your life easier and more secure by using Masterpass..@MastercardCA #Masterpass #Spon mastercard.ca/masterpass

My heart is breaking for the families effected by these insane fires. Please consider donating items and your finances to @baby2baby they are on the ground helping those in need.


This is what should be in every office building. Thanks for the playtime @morningshowto @mastercardca

I've finally made it!! My own Timmy Ho's Robin Sparkles doughnut!!!! Thank you @bttoronto @mastercardca #masterpass #timhortons

@katemicucci knows what my dreams look like. Cheers to a great show Katy Kate! @galleries1988

This is stupid cool. Like really very cool. Don't worry guys I got this...I'm wearing fingerless gloves.

Today is #givingtuesday I'm spreading my $ love around to the charities I care about. One being Oceana. But also today can be a reminder to give in small ways too. Spread the kindness around...

Happy Thanksgiving America. I am grateful for so many things. My family and friends most of whom were with me tonight as we hosted an amazing meal cooked by these lovely people. Let's continue to live our lives in gratitude..

Grand Velas los Cabos

Well hello gorgeous..I'd like to wake up to this man in this place everyday please. @grandvelascabos #myvelasexperience

Grand Velas los Cabos

Is it an avocado slice OR is it a delightful slice of avocado ice cream complete with chocolate skin??? Had an amazing dinner at Cocina de Autor in @grandvelascabos #myvelasexperience

Grand Velas Los Cabos

Sun sets on Los Cabos...I don't want to leave this place... @grandvelascabos @zaringgroup #loscabos #myvelasexperience #sponsered #mexico #iseeyousmilingLuna

Looking out to the big blue in Los Cabos Mexico. What a fricken dream. I don't know how we got so lucky to be a guest of @grandvelascabos and have this amazing experience. Truly the hotel is a gem. Amazing food, beautiful beaches, scrumptious food and my girls are in heaven. The entire staff at @grandvelascabos are the kindest people. Thank you thank you... @zaringgroup #myvelasexperience #loscabos #mexico #sponsered #aiaiaiaiai

Hi...I can't get to my phone right now but if you leave your name and a number I'll get back to you as soon as I can...cannnnnnoonnnballllll.... @grandvelascabos @zaringgroup #myvelasexperience

We did it!! Yay! Thank you @jostrettell @robertvetica @maryreinehrgigler

Double Team 10min hair and makeup change...

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