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Канадская актриса и модель. Получила известность благодаря ролям Робин Щербатски в комедийном телесериале «Как я встретил вашу маму» и Марии Хилл в кинематографической вселенной Marvel.
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Hello! Happy Sunday!!!

Thanks for having me on today @abcthechew thank you even more for the delicious eats!!

One of the reasons I love being in the Marvel Universe is I get discover amazing artists and writers. As evident from this beauty! So flipping cool. Thanks to the chap who gave this to me at the stage door!!


About last night...was so excited to be in the audience of Lucille Lortel Awards. A truly inspiring group of people and a bonus to get to see my handsome husband hosting onstage. Off Broadway theatre is a place where amazing stories being told. Go and seek it out. Thanks to @erinwalshnyc for the fancy pants and @sabanastyles pour mes cheveux..

In the hair room is where most of the action is around here at @laughteronbway. Thank god for Queen Sabana @sabanastyles who handles it all with style and grace. Even my madness. I loves her.

The right half of Kevin's face has never looked better! Thank you Tony!

In NYC we don't have a Groundhog but get to witness moments like this where it finally feels like winter is behind us...synchronized skating!!

Let's start off reinventing my Instagram account with an amazing piece by Justin "Squiggs" Robertson of our cast of Present Laughter. It also took me 40 min to relearn how to post. This is going to be fun!!!!!


oh noooooo instagrams callin me :(

cobie cant stop me

we back

finessin them bandz 💯

Karen, my #wcw forever ♥

there is no more cobie, only plankton

getting those gains to steal your bitch

whos account shall i take over next?

callin ya baby momma

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