Клео Мэсси


Австралийская актриса и помощник производства русск.. Наиболее известна ролью Ким Сертори из телесериала «H2O: Просто добавь воды».
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Just a quick selfie before what turned out to be an amazing weekend with amazing people. ✨✨✨✌🏼

This is my home! Seriously 😍😍😍 Photo: @j_kreiss

Love me some arvo sun! ✌🏼⛅️

Venice Beach L.A.

Sometimes you just need to watch the sunset and have a laugh.✌🏼@sarahpovs

Pretending I'm at Coachella 🌻🌼 @michaelangelophoto

"What do you give the woman who gave you everything?" When I was a baby, I would watch my Mum at band practice, and then copy every thing she did. 23 years later, not much has changed. As I grow older I find myself subconsciously mimicking things my Mum does. 💗 A mother/daughter bond is special. To make this Mothers Day a little more special, have a think about donating to Breast Cancer Research. No matter how big or little your donation, it will go along way, and help Mothers and Daughters all around the world. 💗 Link to donate in my bio. @bciaus #bestgiftofall #spon

Just keep swimming! 🐢🌈 Photo: @benjhicks

My "I'll start my diet tomorrow" partner, @jessicalaurengreen 🍟🍩🍪🍭🍫

Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia

Flashing way 🔙. I miss walking out of this makeup truck with an instant tan. 😂 #h20justaddwater

HEY THERE 👋🏼 @michaelangelophoto


That time we travelled around Europe and didn't stop smiling! 😄 See you soon my champ ❤

How's the smile on him! Miss my cheeky boy. 🐶😏😏😏

Photography: @michaelangelophoto 📷😀

Just havin' a laff in my @peonyswimwear 👙

Today I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing @michaelangelophoto 📷 A seriously talented man!

Venice Beach L.A.

A weekend full of laughter and pretty sunsets. 🌴🌞

It's the little moments that count. 💭 The ocean makes my heart beat like crazy ❤ I love that the most simple things in life can make us the happiest. 😄 What brings you joy?! 😆 #joyments #scratchies

Fairfax District, Los Angeles

Positivity is the key! 🔑💫

The newest edition to the DW family. 😍#DWClassicPetite @danielwellington Use my code: CLEOMASSEY for 15% off!!!

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