Клео Мэсси


Австралийская актриса и помощник производства русск.. Наиболее известна ролью Ким Сертори из телесериала «H2O: Просто добавь воды».
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So proud and happy for these beautiful friends of mine. You both have an amazing future ahead of you. 💙 Happy graduation day!

Who's excited for @stagemums season 3?! 🙈😃🎥 #stagemums

Mermaid Beach Surf Street

My favourite thing to do after work is come to my little spot and unwind. I seriously feel like my life is a holiday living in this beautiful place. SERIOUSLY HOW LUCKY ARE WE TO BE ALIVE! (Having a moment if you can't tell 😂🙈)

My all time favourite happy earrings! 😆 🌈 How could you not smile in these? @Sportsgirl #Sportsgirlstyle #ad


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y LIV! 🎉 Let's keep traveling the world! 🌎

I have never not owned a pair of @havaianas_au which is why I'm excited to have teamed up with them! 🌞🏝My simple little black pair are my favs at the moment. (And have you seen their new sandals? 😉😏) #MyHavisStyle #AlwaysSummer #Havaianas #EscapeWithHavis #ad

Just a gal high on life! ✌🏼 #goodvibesonly 😀

One more just because 💗@lukedempceh

I love these girls. ❤️ Take us back to Saturday night where the hardest decision was what song to request next. 😌😆

Thank you @veeutifulmakeupphotography for my hair and makeup last night. 😘👗💄

Every girl needs a little black dress 👸 In case you forgot, I have a 20% off code for @nakdfashion ! CODE: Cleomassey

Just havin' a casual think about how much I ❤️ this top. For your own @nakdfashion goodies, use my code: Cleomassey for 20% off! YAYYAYAY! 😀

Always find time for things that make you feel happy to be alive. 💭

What does wellness mean to you? To me, wellness means happiness. Living a life on your terms and surrounding yourself with positivity. ✨ Well I've just found @happy.hormones and I want to share it! 😃 Since getting back from the States, I have been constantly tired and up and down with sickness. I joined Happy Hormone's private Facebook group, and couldn't believe the stories and amazing before and after photos women were sharing. To be honest, at first I was skeptical about taking this, but I talked to my naturopath and she said it would be great for a young woman like me. After one week, I'm no longer sick, I have so much energy, my moods are stable and I find it easier to concentrate. 😃 Happy Hormones is a completely natural program which helps balance your hormones and actually resets the endocrine system. (Which is the cause for imbalance.) Sometimes we need a little help to be the best version of ourselves, and I'm so excited that there's a natural way of helping that! AND GUYS! They're giving my followers 10% off if you use the code 'cleo' YAY! 😃 #ad #happyhormones

Hosier Lane Street Art

Hosier Lane ft. Tom Bugg #youready?

Thank you @OlayAU for keeping my skin smooth and radiant! ✨ What I love about this cream is that it's enriched with vitamins and SPF 15. I know that I am looking after my skin in the long run with this product. Your skin is so precious! So protect it. 😌🌞 #TotalEffects #OlayAU #Collab

Walking into what's going to be a good week 😆💙

If you haven't noticed from my insta stories it's my little bro's formal today! 💁🏼‍♂️ Killin' it Joe. 😉

KX Pilates Miami

The amount of exercises you can do on the reformer is ridiculous! 😀 I used to get so bored with exercise.... not anymore! 😆 @kxpilates #kxmiami #defineyourself #reformerpilates

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