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Австралийская актриса и помощник производства русск.. Наиболее известна ролью Ким Сертори из телесериала «H2O: Просто добавь воды».
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Joshua Tree, California

Ready for more adventures! 💭🌵🌍

Gold Coast, Queensland

Swipe across! ✨ Not sure if I will ever come down from cloud 9 💭 So thankful for every single person who came to my 3rd @passaroundthesmile event last night. Your energy made it so magical.

Gold Coast, Queensland

I was like, 100/100 nervous here 😂 This was the one photo before last nights event where I kinddddd of don’t look like I’m going to faint. 😂 Woke up this morning, and it’s all a blur! A big positive blur. Thank you to everyone who came and helped make it a magic night. ✨💫💭🌜🌛

Today’s the day. ✨💭🌜🌛💭✨

KX Pilates Miami

My favourite way to workout. 👊🏼❤️ @kxpilates Miami! #kxpilatesmiami #defineyourself #reformerpilates #pilates

Gold Coast, Queensland

Me and my little @passaroundthesmile side kick. This time next week this gal will be welcoming all the amazing guests into my next event! GETTING SO EXCITED to share so much positivity. 🤗✨💭 There aren’t too many tickets left now, so if you want to treat yourself to a relaxing, positive night out, link and more info in my bio. 😄😃😄😃

Gold Coast, Queensland

Good stuff, 2018. How are ya, 2019?

It really has been the best year of my life. ❤️🤗✨ Three months living in LA, a road trip to Coachella, Joshua Tree and Vegas. @stagemums on Network 10, started my very own @passaroundthesmile events, the most incredible Bali trip, a weekend in Sydney with my girls and Christmas spent with my loved ones. ❤️ AND for the first time ever, I smashed my New Year Resolutions! No matter what you did or didn’t do in 2018, you should be proud. I’m not a fan on the saying, ‘New Year, New Me’. You should never feel like you have to become a new you, maybe just an improved you! Forgive yourself for anything you’re not proud of and remember that they’re the things that make us grow. Also remember that on social media, you’re only seeing the best snapshots of someone’s life! We all have our struggles. In 2019, choose to only give attention to the good things. Peace out 2018, I bloody love ya.

Gold Coast, Queensland

When ya cousin is ya BFF and you get to spend Christmas together. #whenyamumsyadad

Gold Coast, Queensland

You choose how you feel. 🌞🤗

KX Pilates Miami

Three years on and I’m still convinced I will never stop loving @kxpilates Miami. The exercises are so gentle on your body and for me help so much with joint pain. Pilates helps flexibility soooo much and I seriously think it’s the quickest way to get toned. 💪🏼 At KX Pilates Miami, the studio is such a calm, happy and supportive place to be. I bloody love it, can you tell? 😂 #kxpilatesmiami #defineyourself

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Besties. 💁🏽‍♂️💁🏼‍♀️

Bondi, New South Wales, Australia

A weekend away in Bondi wearing my favourites from @salte_designs 👙 Do yourself a favour and check out their new collection. 😍 Sorry in advance, because you WILL want to buy. 😛

Sydney, Australia

Girls weekend in Sydney. Way too much fun. #litty

Gold Coast, Queensland

Thanks to @screen_qld I had the absolute pleasure of filming @cursedshow earlier this year with some incredible creatives. The pilot teaser is now here! Link in bio. Woooooooo!

Gold Coast, Queensland

Just a totally candid shot for ya insta feed. 😂 P.s tickets went on sale for my biggest @passaroundthesmile event yet! Link in bio, 👏🏼💭🤗

The Farm at Byron Bay

Summer is approaching. 🤗🌞🌻

Gold Coast, Queensland

😲 Flashback! The ‘tude and hairstyles lil Kimmy rocked are too much to handle. 😂 I was scrolling Netflix and a familiar little show popped up. Watched some of it for the first time in years. Had to put a little clip together for lols. (Swipe across for second video!) #sassqueen #h20 #h20justaddwater #h20australia #h20justaddwateraustralia

Noosa, Queensland

Wine flies when you’re having fun. 😏

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