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Австралийская актриса и помощник производства русск.. Наиболее известна ролью Ким Сертори из телесериала «H2O: Просто добавь воды».
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Gold Coast, Queensland

Another good day! 🌞🌿🌻 Wake up thankful! 😌

KX Pilates Miami

The number of exercises you can do on the reformer is ridiculous! 😄 I never get bored at @kxpilates. Honestly the best form of exercise I've ever done, couldn't recommend it more! (plus, the teachers at Miami are amazing! 🤗) #kxpilatesmiami #defineyourself #pilatesreformer

COME ON AUSTRALIA! 🌈 LETS CATCH UP! 🌞 Make sure you're enrolled to vote! You can update or check your details via @amequality! Enrollments close so soon, let's make a difference that matters! ❤️ #MarriageEquality #ad

So I was wandering around feeling a little hungry during that awkward time after lunch, but before dinner. You know that time? 😏 Usually this is where my diet goes downhill because I'll grab a chocolate bar or something naughty. But then I walked past @guzmanygomez. AHHH! ✨✨✨They have a new mini range, and I got this delish salad. Now I'm feeling healthy, satisfied and didn't spend a fortune. YES! ✅ #GYGaus #gyg #guzmanygomez #GYGminis #ad

Miami, Queensland

Hope everyone had a HAPPY day! "The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept, and what to let go." - Dodinski 🌞🤗✨🦋🐬😁 #behappy

GOOOOD MORNING 🌎! I have a new video up on my YouTube channel. Link in my bio! I hope it can put a positive spin on your day! ✨👌🏼😄 #positivevibes #positivity #lawofattraction #inspo

Kai ~ Salt Water. Wahine ~ Women. Kai Wahine ~ Gentle Sea. 💦🐬✨ Women's wellness retreats where you can loose yourself, yet find yourself at the very same time. 🦋 Rejuvenate ~ Restore ~ Refresh. For the most amazingily designed retreats, take yourself to the @kai__wahine page, and put yourself first! Treat yourself! 🙈

HEY EVERYONE! My talented man @lukedempceh is about to open his very own coffee and jaffle cafe with his good friend @mitchkavic ! 👦🏽👦🏼Follow @hand.coffee and get ready to taste the best coffee on the coast! ☕️ Opening end of Aug! 🙈👌🏼🎉 #coffee #goldcoast

OH MY! 😎😏 I can feel Summer in the air today! I dunno about you, but I celebrated by grabbing myself a Caramel Cups ice cream from @newzealandnatural. There's also Berry Choc, Wownut Maple and Hokey Pokey... but i'de hurry because they're only here for a limited time! 🍦P.s I got mine from Pacific Fair, it feels like a resort here! 🌴💦 #ohmynzn #icecreamlover #newzealandnatural #ad

Cocoon Lounge & bar

Life is fun 😎🥂💃🏽🤗

Flannerys Natural & Organic Supermarket

Pros of living right near a @flannerysorganic store: I can get the freshest produce and my favourite organic oat sourdough. Cons of living right near a Flannerys Organic Store: Absolutely nothing! 😁🍉🥑🍓🍅🥕 #flannerysorganic #ad

WOO BIG DAY LETS DO IT! 🌈😁😌 p.s New blog up on passaroundthesmile.com 😃🐳 @passaroundthesmile It's bound to make you feel happy!

Way too much fun ❤️💃🏽🍷

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY @lukedempceh. Thank you for being you! A kind hearted, loving, helpful and hilarious man. 😘 I can't wait to keep traveling, laughing and doing life with you! You are the best x 100. 👦🏽

I love my little KX class at Miami. 😌 Such a supportive atmosphere! I honestly never thought I could like exercise so much! 😃 #kxmiami #defineyourself @kxpilates

A happy hump day dance! 😏👋🏼💃🏽

So proud and happy for these beautiful friends of mine. You both have an amazing future ahead of you. 💙 Happy graduation day!

Who's excited for @stagemums season 3?! 🙈😃🎥 #stagemums

Mermaid Beach Surf Street

My favourite thing to do after work is come to my little spot and unwind. I seriously feel like my life is a holiday living in this beautiful place. SERIOUSLY HOW LUCKY ARE WE TO BE ALIVE! (Having a moment if you can't tell 😂🙈)

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