Клаудия Ли


Американская актриса и певица. Наиболее известна по роли Магнолии Брилэнд в телесериале «Зои Харт из южного штата». Также сыграла Брук в фильме «Пипец 2».
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Nerds never looked better ✌

Mmmmmmmm 🍒

Not feeling secure about this rain right now......☔

I love u 💘@jayson_blair

Beyond PROUD of my MAN @jayson_blair 💘 Congratualtions!!! You make me so happy and amaze me with your strength and growth. #SOPROUDOFYOU 😍 #Celebrating I LOVE You!

You & Me Happy Valentine's Day my Loves 💘 Thank you for making my life so much better! You are SO loved! Xx

Shout out to the sushi that made us SICK ✌

Me listening ;)

Pulsating & Illuminating with Love & Light 📸 @patrick_barcroft

bobble head baby

Hoops and FANGZ..... that's all you need PEOPLE!

the cherry on top 🍒

Hollywood Hills

Thank you @levis for making me feel like a STUD and furthering my obsession with denim. Xo 👖

(insert vampire name here) • 📸 @patrick_barcroft

When you wish you could eat an entire box of pastries (French to be exact) BUT the results are just around the corner and I'm worshiping this body like it's a TEMPLE B-ATCH 💪#gains

Malibu, California

f u z z y f e e l i n g s

Point Dume

Call me RICHARDSON 🕶 courtesy of @patrick_barcroft

As my FAVE gal pal Magali stated, "Threesome Dinner" with these beauts! 💗

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