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Американская актриса и певица. Наиболее известна по роли Магнолии Брилэнд в телесериале «Зои Харт из южного штата». Также сыграла Брук в фильме «Пипец 2».
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Malibu Country Mart

I can’t stop smiling cause I’m in Malllliiiibuuuuu

I’m ready to wrangle some cowboys and there’s definitely a snake in my boot. Thought you should know 🤠 Big hugs to my fave Gemini @drew.kuhse for keeping me stylish 💘

“Hey mom, just wanna let you know that I’m here for handouts.” 🍦

Your best damn rainy weather ad. Brought to you by us ☔️ @jaysonblair

When my barrette just gets me 👩🏼‍🎨 #ouioui

My Power Stance for #internationalwomensday . Ladies you are worth it. You can accomplish ANYTHING. You have the ability and strength to change the world. I am so inspired by the changes that are taking place, as of recent and right now for ALL of us women. I have never felt so invigorated and empowered to set forth on my mission. You all inspire me! Truly. There is a fire that burns within my soul and it drives everything that I do. For that I am grateful to be a badass, strong, independent, innovative, and creative soul on this planet; in a time where SO much change is being cultivated. I love you, and thank you for inspiring me!

Dancing up a storm with this handsome man, because tomorrow is the premier of @cw_lifesentance 9 PM PST on the CW! I’m so proud of you @jaysonblair ❤️

Two THUMBS!!! (but how 2 Chainz would say it) & all the Hallelujahs for @laseraway ❤️ #blessed

Little kid, grown up fast; in a big, big world. Also, I am an artist and this photograph was taken in character. It is a mood, a vibe. Not real life. It is make-believe. @remytortosa @contentbyart @briellemckenna @majeofficiel

Forever missing you, my sweet Genevieve ❤️ I love you

Rainy day, go away. Or else my hair is going to be even more of a crazy mess ☔️

Sipping on that good stuff with my @cw_lifesentence sleeve #ThirstyThursday

Portland, Oregon

The subtle art of not giving a fluff 📸 @jaysonblair

Dreaming BIG • • @remytortosa @contentbyart @briellemckenna

Venice, California

Soul food with the fam 💖

Swipe right for more sexy side leg, my handsome man, and my three fave fashionistas 💖 Thank you @levismadeandcrafted & @shopbop for having us! AND a big thank you to @connietshen for taking such amazing care of us! 👖

Happy Hairless Kitty @laseraway

Levi's Haus of Strauss

Chilling like a villain... and baby caught all of this @jaysonblair

You have to jump, in order to fly @thetylershields

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