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Американская актриса и певица. Наиболее известна по роли Магнолии Брилэнд в телесериале «Зои Харт из южного штата». Также сыграла Брук в фильме «Пипец 2».
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Wait it's MONDAY 🙃

Monarch Beach Resort

We're nerds! 🤓 Thank you for such a fun weekend getaway @jayson_blair BIG thanks to @rushlowj for the most personal and decadent dining experience at @stonehilltavern 💕#incredible

in the garden of Eden

Twirl with me 💫

I wanted to discuss the practice of self love. A lot of you have personally written to me, and I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to respond to more of your personal and private messages. That being said, I just want to express that at times we seem to think that there is no hope. The light at the end of the tunnel seems dim and far too distant to reach. I too struggle with these feelings at times, where my belief and strength in possibility are tested. These feelings are a true testament to our strength and our power to believe in LOVING ourselves. So I ask you to keep believing and loving YOURSELF, especially others through the power of LOVE. I love you ALL! Thank you for inspiring me to keep doing me, you all make those impossible moments worth the fight! ❤️ Soooo here's a goofy photo of me being me and loving the fact that I'm a hoot and a half 😝 PC: my love @jayson_blair

Lots of love for each and everyone of you! Thank you for being here for me ❤️ This is for YOU! Comment what makes YOU Smile :)

Yabba Dabba Doo 💥

👁 Oh don't mind me, just hanging on this wall, being oh so cööl 👁


Beverly Hills, California

SaturYAY & da boyz go cray 👢@ariattwo24 👖 @hudsonjeans 👕 @everlane Thank you @thealist.us @wetherlygroup @bwrpr 💘

Reminiscing on our trip to Michigan and the amazing time that I had with the Blair's! Thank you for letting me tag along and for sharing your heart, the most BEAUTIFUL fireworks, sunsets, and some of nature's wonderful blessings with me! #family ❤️

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

#WildWednesday I thought I'd share this photo of my mosquito repellent application skills as well as a PSA regarding style in the great outdoors. If you happen to have your hoops and some sick shades, you are all set for your transformation into a living, breathing mosquito bite! This look is giving me some major MJ vibes 🙌

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

When you're road tripping but you still have that @samaeyewear glam 💅🏻 Thank you #samaeyewear 💕

Find me looking for my Cowboy 🤠 #Yeehaw 📸 @jaysonblair

The party has arrived 💋


When the babies are back together 💔

Port Austin, Michigan

I hope you all had a Happy 4th like my cowboy and me 🤠 @jayson_blair #grindstonecity #portaustin Ps. We painted these awesome rocks and our little gnome too 🍄

Port Austin, Michigan

Smiling cause we're riding around on the ATV 🏎

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