Клаудия Ли


Американская актриса и певица. Наиболее известна по роли Магнолии Брилэнд в телесериале «Зои Харт из южного штата». Также сыграла Брук в фильме «Пипец 2».
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If looks could kill, Whitney Bennett would have us all 💀 Never mess with a woman's meat OR her weave! @outcastsmovie #TheOutcastsMovie

I'm geeking out! #TheOutcastsMovie @outcastsmovie is coming to theaters near you and VOD April 14th! #GeekvsChic who's side are you on?! ❤ @victoriajustice @eden_sher @jogia @peytonlist @willpeltz @helloagainharry @ashleyrickardspowerb @katiechang53

I hope my man's proud of my photography skills 📸 @calebcastille @paulkarmiryan @jayson_blair @actorwithcamera

Salt Lake City, Utah

With my #BenEpsteinProject @Go90 @benmepstein cast! St. Party's Day is LIT! 🍀💚🍀

Green Pig Pub

Two Pollack's on Mormon soil celebrating St. Party's Day 🍀 Life is better than good, it's amazing! @zzmirkow

Salt Lake City, Utah

So this is us, leaning on a hotel banister; while looking like the Von Trap family. #DoReMi #cast

Third tounge's the charm!👅@audreywhitby and @justineseymourcostumedesign our designer for our upcoming project! Get excited ❤ To be announced soon...

Introducing our new R&B group....Girls to WOMEN 🖖 #werk I Loveeeee Youuu @audreywhitby 😍

Thank you @narsissist for making me glow inside and out! 💄 📸 @jayson_blair @actorwithcamera

It's finally here! #TheOutcasts comes out April 14th! Who's excited? We shot this back in 2014 and I'm delighted you finally get to see this amazing film. @victoriajustice @eden_sher @ashleyrickardspowerb @peytonlist @jogia @willpeltz @katiechang53

We clean up well ;)

Ain't nobody messin with my clique

Nerds never looked better ✌

Mmmmmmmm 🍒

Not feeling secure about this rain right now......☔

I love u 💘@jayson_blair

Beyond PROUD of my MAN @jayson_blair 💘 Congratualtions!!! You make me so happy and amaze me with your strength and growth. #SOPROUDOFYOU 😍 #Celebrating I LOVE You!

You & Me Happy Valentine's Day my Loves 💘 Thank you for making my life so much better! You are SO loved! Xx

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