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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another year gone by, another reminder that miracles are real, love is worth fighting for, and hope isn’t always a four letter word. Happy birthday to my ferocious sister Parker. Her tenacity to overcome odds, addiction, and persecution for being on the outside who she always was on the inside is inspiring. My sister has survived more than ten people survive in a lifetime. She’s been beaten within inches of her life, set on fire, buried alive and so much more. My sister defies odds. My sister is trans. For as far back as I can remember, my sister struggled with her gender, sexuality and acceptance. I watched it twist and confuse her. What was worse than seeing her struggle and lash out because of it, was seeing how cruel kids and adults alike treated her because she was different. But today she is whole. Today she is happy. Today I don’t have to worry that when my phone rings it could be someone telling me she’s hurt or gone. Today we have elected to our government a trans woman. Today, we are becoming a society that is tearing down the walls of confusion and bigotry towards the trans community. Today she is free to be whoever she wants to be. And isn’t that what this country is all about? Isn’t that love?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Oh hey. Bagel, anyone?

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining at Halloween Horror Nights

Come play with us. Forever. And ever. And ever. #HappyHalloween 🎃👻😈

Fonda Theatre

Narrowly escaped laser bunnies at last night’s @yeahyeahyeahs show. @sethgreen wasn’t so lucky. So.... @breckinmeyer are you free tonight??

New York Comic Con

Thank you, New York for another wonderful Comic-Con. My favorite con. My favorite nerds. My favorite silly hat club. Robot Chicken is still one of my favorite shows and I’m honored to play with these guys when I can. Thanks for coming out to visit us. Until next year!

Spent a beautiful evening with my love and a great group of girls watching my movie sister @jillianmurrayofficial marry her soulmate @realdeangeyer. Congrats you two!!! Shout out to their cute pup Lyric who could have stolen the show if her mama weren't so breathtaking. 😻

Crazzy's Wasewagan Camp & Retreat

Last weekend I saw two of my best friends marry each other in the most epic of ways: Summer Camp. @scholarnick & @lindseyhaun yours is a love that inspires everyone around you. Your light together is infectious, warm and true. No two people are better suited for each other and it was a privilege to stand beside you. #CampHauth FOREVER.

Mount Shasta, California

Manifestation mountain.

One more year around the sun, and a million more reasons to smile. Thank you to my husband, family and friends for giving me the love that keeps me going. My life would be nothing without you. 💚🦄🌙

McCloud, California

Picnics and dreams in fields of endless greens.

They call me BOX HEAD.

Valar Morghulis. #GoT ❄️⚔️🔥

Happy birthday to my little sister @thebayleebarton. From the moment you were born, you have filled my world with so much joy. Im a better person because of you, and the luckiest sister in the world. My favorite bug. My favorite hugs. I hope today and everyday is the happiest day of your life.

Mount Shasta

Come to the light, Carol Anne. We have good coffee.

I found Fairyland.

Beware, when the fog rolls in, of the river trolls who eat your soul.

I would celebrate @lindseyhaun and her inspiring love every day if I could. 😻

Benjamin Salon

Thank you @amandaozardhair for making my hair dreams come true. 😻 . . Fun fact: the Rick Mobile was parked in front of my salon for the "Don't Even Trip Road Trip Across America" Rick & Morty tour. I am now the proud owner of a Pickle Rick tshirt. Bless the Ricks. 🥒 So, I think that's a cucumber, but I want it to be a pickle. So think pickle. #rickandmorty #picklerick

60out Escape Rooms

We escaped six weeks in Thailand together, of course we crushed our first Escape Room together. #ChangeLandMovie #60outescaperooms

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