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Американская актриса, кинопродюсер и певица.
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Los Angeles, California

Living my best life. #nerd

Memphis, Tennessee

So. Much. Family. It’s been 14 years since I was able to spend a holiday with all of my siblings and it’s been such a chaotic, I mean special time. I had all these plans of spending qt with my favorite local memphis spots, but I have barely left my mom’s house and eaten more sugar and bread than any human in all of time. Hope you all are surrounded by friends or family or furry ones or hopefully all of the above. At the same time. Eating dog friendly pie. 🎁 @kaylajparker10 @jedijordo @jillbohnson @sammyjames91 @thebayleebarton @ging_gregory @aslogue4

Memphis, Tennessee

Merry Christmas!!

Civil Axe Throwing - Memphis

Available for the Daredevil reboot. Hit me up.

I’m available to ruin your sweet holiday moments. Hit me up! 🎁

My true form. 📸 @ericblackmon

The PikeyLA

Casual Tuesday. Love me forever day. Eric made me take this. 💛

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all were surrounded by love and food and something furry. 🍁

Golden Apple Comics

I first met @therealstanlee at Golden Apple Comics on the same day I met @sethgreen & I was too enamored with Stan to realize I had just met my future husband. I only had eyes for Stan. Stan influenced my life for as far back as I can remember. He gave me the X-Men, which is one of my very first obsessions & made me feel better about being a weirdo. More than that though, Stan gave me his love and support throughout my career. He appeared in two #TeamUnicorn videos and had me on to play in numerous small projects of his own. I will miss his big hugs and warm smiles, but I will always have the ways he inspired me. Thank you, Stan. Excelsior forever!

Vote Vote Vote

Right meow!


Planet Tatooine

Just 2 orphans looking for meaning in the universe. Sadly #Luke & #Rey did not find their parents. 🖤Thanks for having us @dastmalchian & @evelynleigh!!

Too much fun on #ControlledChaos with this crew. Thanks to the Wolf family for having me. Someone please remind me to wash my hair before I’m on camera next, ok??!!

Malibu, California

Our current obsession is with the artist @allois7, who we discovered at the #LAArtShow a couple years ago. We already have two of her beautiful, ethereal pieces, and now we have a piece Allois painted just for me & Seth called “The Incubator of Love”. All of her pieces tell a story, and ours is of love eternal. 😻 Thank you, @allois7 for your beautiful work. We are honored to add such an exquisite piece to our growing collection of yours. Story in the comments below!

In honor of the announcement of my favorite book series #WheelOfTime becoming an @amazon series, here is a pic of me and it’s late author, Robert Jordan. RJ is the only person I have waited in line to get an autograph from, and I waited for almost ten hours, forcing two friends who had never read the series to wait with me so I could get six books signed instead of two. I gave two away, and the remaining four are prized possessions. When it was finally my turn to meet him, I was in such shock that I could hardly move and the stutter I try so hard to defeat daily was out in full-effect, making my anxiety even greater. But RJ was a champ & patient enough with me. I love this series and it made me fall hard in love with the fantasy genre. With pride I wear the ring of the Aes Sedai every day. I truly hope the series does it justice and that my dreams of being a green sedai IRL will come true. Regardless, I hope this series will bring new fans to the series and give me countless opportunities to discuss all things #WoT all the time. Tai’shar Manetheren!

Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood

Another gruesome night of scares at #UniversalHHN. @HorrorNights just keeps upping their scare games. Thank you @UniStudios for having us! And thank you for making my #TrickRTreat dreams come true!!! 😈🎃👻

Memphis, Tennessee

Refusing to grow up since 1979. 💥

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