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Американская актриса, кинопродюсер и певица.
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Memphis, Tennessee

As anyone who grew up in Memphis does, my love for Southern rap music is deep. None deeper than for Three Six Mafia. Bravo to @mielmonster for this genius CAROL OF THE BELLS Christmas parody of the classic 3-6 song: SLOB ON MY KNOB. You're welcome, world. #NSFW

And they called me Lady Milkshake, ruler of all things fluffy and chocolate. 📸: @ericblackmonphotography 💄: @anissaemily

Grateful. 💛

Stow on the Wold

Dreaming of different days. 💚

Much of our country is in fear today. Fear for our family. Our future. Our rights. Fear of our very own country men. It's everywhere. From both sides. Today I am reminded that everything will be ok. That love conquers all. Today I am reminded of HOPE and of MIRACLES. Of the power of LOVE and power of CHANGE. Today is my sister's birthday. Rather, my BROSTER, as my family has lovingly nicknamed @kaylajparker10 My sister is trans. My sister was persecuted her entire life for being DIFFERENT. For feeling like she was trapped in a body she didn't recognize. For having no walls when it came to who she loves. By all accounts my sister should be dead by now. My sister has survived being bullied by ignorant children, being disregarded by society, drug addiction, being set on fire, being buried alive and prison. My sister has overcome all of this and has risen like a fucking Phoenix to shine brighter than anyone I know and has become a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with their identity, sexuality, gender, addiction or being bullied for being different. In the face of our country's current division, it's easy for me to feel like all is lost or it's hopeless to think that we could all come together and rise above our differences. But then I get a reminder from the universe that hope is alive. That it's my broster's birthday. That my broster is alive and shining brighter and stronger than I ever dreamed possible. I wish that for you, fellow countrymen. I wish you all the hope that I have on this day. I spent a lot of my life fighting with Parker. A LOT. Now each day is a gift. I felt like a picture of us play fighting was appropriate since this used to be us in real life. Embrace your differences. Embrace what makes you you. What you believe in. What your rights are. Embrace your neighbor or loved one and their opposing ideas. Embrace love and acceptance and understanding where we're each coming from. And wish my broster a happy fucking birthday.

Little sister's first vote!! Get out there, folks. 💙❤️🎉

When your bestie is a photographer and you found a good alley. 💙 Shout out to @AmandaOzardHair for keeping my locks blonde and chopped, and to @shoplmstudio for my perfect earrings. Thank you! #📸: by bestie @ericblackmonphotography

Researched and ready for Tuesday. Get informed and get out there, folks. It's our privilege. 💙❤️ And yes, I know it's a right, but with this election, it feels more like a privilege.

Is there something on my face? 🔮

Pumpkin carving and Mafia set to the Halloween soundtrack: A perfect way to celebrate the birth of my favorite humans. I love you Mike D! 🎃👻

That pumpkin life. 🎃

Fresh off them 'member berries.🍇 📸: @ericblackmon

Knott's Scary Farm

Scary good times at @knottsberryfarm with the ghouls of my life. 🎃👻 Thanks #ScaryFarm for having us!

Aroma Coffee and Tea

Sad ghost pastry is sad.

Mafia Island

On Fridays we kill friends. #gamenight

Gilli Trawangan

When we laughed and played with islander kids and shared with them the magic of the Unicorn. #latergram

Mallory Court

Let's play catch.

Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

I had a moment with this swan. We're besties now.

Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood

Latergram w my favs at @HorrorNights for the opening of @Mike_Dougherty's #KRAMPUS haunted maze!! It was killer. You should go. My favorite Halloween event of the year! 🔪🎃👻 Hair & Makeup by: @mirnathemakeupartist

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