Клэр Грант


Американская актриса, кинопродюсер и певица.
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Thailand!! It's been real. I've laughed, cried, cuddled kitties, found family, found myself and found even more to love about @sethgreen. @ChangeLandMovie has been the most amazing film experience I've had so far and I will miss the incredible crew and new friends I came to love here. Thailand truly is a place of magic and Wonder. I only hope #ChangeLandMovie does it justice. Team Green OUT!

PP Princess Resort

We are brothers. #ChangeLandMovie

Phi Phi Island

Final day of @ChangeLandMovie. Couldn't love this crew harder.

Phi Phi Islands

I live here now. My skin is dark. I speak fluent Thai. And I am one with the cats and rain. @changelandmovie

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Best. hUgs. Evar. 💚

Phi Phi Islands

Night shoots. 💛 #ChangeLandMovie

Phi Phi Islands

Warning: There's a unicorn taking over Phi Phi Islands. #ChangeLandMovie

Guys-I've found Cat Island and it's everything we've ever wished for. 😻

Phuket, Thailand

That monkey life sure is beautiful. 🐒#ChangeLandMovie

Phuket, Thailand

Quietly plotting my impending take over of Mars. #SpringBreakonMars

Phuket, Thailand

Breakfast buddy!!!! #ChangeLandMovie

Phuket, Thailand


Vịnh Phang Nga

It's not a pirate ship, it's transpo to another Dimension. #ChangeLandMovie

เขาตาปู James Bond Island

Now with more magic. 🇹🇭 #ChangeLand

เขาตาปู James Bond Island

Magical Thailand. 🇹🇭 #ChangeLand

Phuket, Thailand

Sunsets and superpowers. #ChangeLand

Bang rong Pier

Movie-making with my besties. 😻 #ChangeLand

King's Landing

House Green draft picks for #GoT #FantasyFantasy are strong this year. #GoTFFs7

Phuket, Thailand

Be free. #Changeland @changelandmovie

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