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On my way to the @PasFilmFest @pasadenafilmfestival For the premiere of @afterthoughts_film 😊😊😊 A police detective with unknown paranormal skills must work outside the law to solve the grisly murders of her family. Suspected by the police and haunted by visions that implicate her in the murders, she discovers that the key to solving the crimes lies in her past. Directed by @peyton_skelton_dp produced by @dianemusselman based on books written by @lynntincher #featurefilm #pasadenafilmfestival #pasadenafilmfest #leadinglady #madeafamilyfuneral #actor #alist #grateful

Chatting it up today on @goodmorninglalaland !!! Talking about my life before booking @madeafamilyfuneral . Check the full interview by clicking the link in my bio. #madeafamilyfuneral #cierapayton #aquarius #leadinglady #authenticity #truth #miracle

Tune into @goodmorninglalaland right now! We are talking about thoughtfulness because it’s #thoughtfulthursday. Link in bio 😊

Standing next to a great man Mr. @tylerperry. One of the many things I admired and learned from watching him was how he treated everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. He is the captain of a mighty ship, yet he was always polite and made everyone around him feel valued and appreciated. He has a huge heart of gold and I’m grateful to have been in the presence of it.

More from my appearance on @gooddayny with @loristokestv . Got a chance to talk about my upcoming projects, @madeafamilyfuneral and the Michael’s Daughter Project @michaelsdaughterinc Thank you for having me! Styled by @janelstyles77 Dress by @bronxandbronco From @harperspr Hair @robynmichelle Makeup @jonetwmakeup

Nothing but love here with Renee and Sylvia! @madeafamilyfuneral in theaters now. Go check it out and tell what your alternate ending would have been!

Shouting my hometown and talking about @madeafamilyfuneral on @gooddayny with @loristokestv Thank you for having me!! Check out the full interview by hitting the link in the bio section. More clips to come! Loving this dress by @bronxandbronco From @harperspr Styled by @janelstyles77 Hair @robynmichelebeauty Makeup @jonetwmakeup

Kisses and yawns! What an amazing weekend!! Thank you all for making @madeafamilyfuneral a success at the box office!!! What a ride! Now time to pass out 💤💤💤😴😴😴

Thinking of both my grandmothers this weekend. I know they would both be in the theaters as soon as church let out to watch Madea! Always grateful to my two guardian angels Grandma Sarah and Nanaw Carol! Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday! Thank you for making @madeafamilyfuneral shine in the box office!

Well thank you @dailymail 😊😊 Did anyone see @madeafamilyfuneral ?? Tell me your favorite line!!! #madeafamilyfuneral #madeafuneral #gooddaynewyork #mornellmethod #HankBerrings #aquariuswomen #starpower #hollywood #turnonyourlight #actress #actor #iAct #iTeach #workingactor #joyful #grateful #LA #neworleans #LaReine #LaReina #star #cierapayton #episodicseason #zerogravitymanagement #pakulaking #pilotseason #leadinglady @lionsgate @cbs @fox @nbc @warnerbros @netflix

I still had my wallet after this pic! Love you @joannethescammer !!! Y’all be sure to catch @madeafamilyfuneral tonight!!!

Time to meet my family! Check out @madeafamilyfuneral tonight. Click link in bio to get your tickets!!

Last night was nothing short of amazing. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the following: I’ve been in this business now for over 12 years. I’ve had extreme highs and extreme lows, beyond which I couldn’t possibly express at this time. With that said, my faith has been tested time and time again. But yet I chose to trust in God’s will and trust to see the tale of this journey. Last night I felt like Cinderella attending the premiere of A Madea Family Funeral @madeafamilyfuneral 10 years ago I played an extra in Madea Goes to Jail and last night I was reminded of that very moment as the cast and I delighted in our on-screen shenanigans. It was beyond glorious to witness! Many thanks to all that helped me get right for that special night. ***Warning The following Text Contains Sentimental Shoutouts**** My friend @queduong for always being the true friend that you are and aiding me with this moment. My boo! Because he’s simply the best! @jonetwmakeup for getting my makeup right! #nolagirls @robynmichelebeauty for fixing up my hair! #plottwist! @janelstyles77 for styling me in this gorgeous pink number by @harperspr My Manager @ryanswede for fighting so hard for me and believing me when no one would else would! You pry open those doors and I love you for that! My NOLA agent for hustling so hard for me! My LA reps for pitching the hell for me - something is coming soon! My PR team for all of their help and guidance ******I swear this isn’t an Oscar speech, just acknowledging the tribe!🤣🤣**** My Mom for always praying for me. My Dad for supporting me no matter what. My students, y’all rock hard for your teacher and I appreciate that! Miss Ciera will see you soon! And Mr @tylerperry for giving me a shot at a moment in my life when things were totally and utterly upside down me! Literally I was on my way to get food stamps when I got the call from my agent. Much love to everyone for their support! Hope you all catch the movie. It was seriously made with love and endearment. Have yourself a good laugh this weekend! Thank you @lionsgate and the whole team at @madeafamilyfuneral It was all such a magical experience!

I hope y’all are ready!! It’s gonna laughs on laughs on laughs!! #Repost @madeafamilyfuneral ・・・ In 3 DAYS, Madea and the gang are back for one final celebration. Don’t miss @TylerPerry’s A #MadeaFamilyFuneral, coming to theaters Friday! Get tickets: link in bio

Muchas gracias a todos de Noches con Platanito @nochesconplatanito por tenerme como invitada. Me divertí mucho hablando de Nueva Orleans a lanzando una manzana! Gracias por mostrar tanto amor a A Madea Family Funeral! @madeafamilyfuneral ! Mucho amor y agradecimiento! .............................................. Many thanks to everyone at Noches con Platanito for having me as a guest. I had so much fun from talking about New Orleans to throwing an apple! Thanks for showing love to A Madea Family Funeral! Much love and Appreciation!

So many laughs and fun times on @nochesconplatanito . Tune in tonight! On @canalestrellatv ・・・ Esta noche estará con nosotros @kjsmithofficial y @cierapayton en #nochesconplatanito🏙🤡 por @canalestrellatv a las 9p/8C #nuevatemporada ##estrellatv #villalpandotv #ayyweyyy

Pilot Season pi·lot sea·son /ˈpīlət/ /ˈsēzən/ noun 1. The time of the year where pilots (new TV series) are being picked up, cast, and shot. 2. The time of the year where I go a little crazy because of the audition flow (no time or day is off limits). 3. When I’m unable to return phone calls, texts, or emails simply because I’m too overwhelmed or maybe forgot due to memorizing new material and exhaustion from driving to and from auditions. 4. When self tapes are due in a few hours, and you still have a 10-12 pages of another script to work on and execute by tomorrow morning. 5. My favorite time of year because I get try on multiple characters, read some awesome scripts, and get one more step closer to my dream of being one of those actors leading a series. “This pilot season that network is picking up 5 shows.” “She just signed on to do a pilot for that network.” “I love pilot season!” #mornellmethod #HankBerrings #aquariuswomen #starpower #hollywood #turnonyourlight #actress #actor #iAct #iTeach #workingactor #joyful #grateful #LA #neworleans #LaReine #LaReina #star #cierapayton #episodicseason #zerogravitymanagement #pakulaking #pilotseason #leadinglady

Dear Summer, hurry on up please! 📸 @ajburgess33

Time to meet Uncle Heathrow! #amadeafamilyfuneral

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