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When you're 5'9" and your TV dies and your friend @mrgilj makes it all better! #slideinmydm #nothingaboutthismakessense #butOhYesItDoes #djkhaled #beyonce

The only lipstick I can wear! Vegan nontoxic lipstick by Sincerely Cosmetics! #Repost @sincerelycierapayton with @repostapp ・・・ Influence made an appearance on General Hospital today! Copy this look by shopping online at SincerelyCosmetics.com

Trivia Time! #soapoperas #soapopera #generalhospital

#havemercy Grace on @generalhospitalabc with @donnellturner

Hope all enjoyed @generalhospitalabc today!

Had an awesome time working this sweet handsome man @donnellturner on @generalhospitalabc More to come!! 😍🙌🏽

Last chance to see us live this weekend! Everyone is raving about King Hedley II! Get your tickets before it's too late! We close close tomorrow! Link in bio!

Sometimes I drape myself over couches....happy Friday y'all! Photo By @milesmaker check him out!

#TBT I miss being this little! Sidenote: I used to cut up pictures when I was little in attempts to make collages. So almost all of my pictures are chopped up! Why didn't anyone stop me?!? Ugh!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT🚨 Check out SincerelyCosmetics.com to view our next Lipglosses, Liquid Lipsticks, and new Lipstick Hues! 👄💄💋

Some days I'm consumed with uncertainty. Playing Cranes in the Sky on repeat. YouTube Abraham for some shifting. There's pain that lies deep. Yearning to be released. Then the morning comes. What you gonna make of it Ciera? Will this door open? Can I take another closed? Then I remember, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Bible Verses keep me afloat. What mama said keeps me woke. I'm here today, hopefully tomorrow. Still breathing. Still dreaming. Now I ask that you let me go. Let me fly. Release this turmoil inside. For today I'm certain of this; This is all temporary, Love, abundance, prosperity does exist. Phot by the amazing @milesmaker thank you for a wonderful session! LA check him out!

As @ella_joyce1 would say, "We's a good looking cast!" LA come join us this weekend! Don't wait till next weekend because you might not get a seat!! Link in bio!

We're back tomorrow! King Hedley II at the Matrix Theater. Ticket info in bio! Students get free admission for tomorrow's performance!

#Repost @jon.chaffin with @repostapp ・・・ "In short, this was the best performance of KING HEDLEY II I have ever seen." The REVIEW is in. Thank You Broadway World for this wonderful review!! If your in LA, get over to The Matrix Theatre and come see KING HEDLEY II. @cierapayton @esau_strong @montaerussell @ella_joyce1 #adolphusward #micheleshay #sophinabrown #augustwilson #theatre #la. http://www.broadwayworld.com/los-angeles/article/BWW-Review-One-Down-Nine-to-Go-KING-HEDLEY-II-Kicks-off-Television-Actress-Pledge-to-Stage-All-10-August-Wilson-Century-Cycle-Plays-in-LA-20170130

So last night my friends @mrgilj and @alexisdiaznyc took me out to dinner for my birthday. It was the most special moment. We laughed all night long and ate until we couldn't eat anymore!! So grateful for them and for their beautiful positive vibes! People to cherish and a moment to hold close to my heart forever! Love you both!

My sister @alexisdiaznyc came through to support me tonight! LA, don't miss this amazing play! King Hedley II at the Matrix Theater #Repost @alexisdiaznyc with @repostapp ・・・ Got to see King Hedley II tonight starring my girl @cierapayton ....So unbelievably proud of her. If you're in LA it is def a must see... Just check out Eventbrite.com for times at the Matrix Theatre. #Actresses ##Models #Support #ProudFriend #Diazmade #Sag #Aftra #theatrelife

Another year older. Peep the letter to myself on my website. Link in bio. Shout out to @vaughntastic for the dope pic!

Birthday behavior! Had @mrgilj in stitches over there! Thanks for all of the bday love! If you didn't know by now, yes I'm a goofball...laughter and silliness is good for the soul! Love you all!

Keep Your Head Up. #Repost @darnellrhea with @repostapp ・・・ Here's to all the amazing things happening today following a terrible thing that happened yesterday. Sisters unite!! 💪🏾💃🏾 If you can't march, encourage someone who is marching, Donate and Buy a tshirt/sweatshirt here https://womensmarchla.org/shop/ , VOTE, write congress, promote causes on social media...DO SOMETHING!! DON'T GET GRABBED BY THE PUSSY!! #takeyourlawsoffmybody #womensrights #womensmarchonwashington #womensmarch2017 #womensmarchlosangeles #respect #nastywomen #trumphate #roevswade #womensempowerment #repost

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