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I know I'll be watching! 😊😊😉

Link in Bio #latenightthoughts

Stepping out like.....#ilovethesecolors

Link in Bio...#utterd

Something new! Sharing my intimate thoughts and poetry. Hope you'll enjoy/relate/elevate with me. Link in the bio Shot by @genobrookstv an @artisticstandardtv collaboration

#TBT to my first commercial circa 2008. It was actually a spec commercial for Maschine the beat maker. We were in Brooklyn causing a scene. It was so fun and I used a recent break up to channel my silly anger ha! One day I'll tell the full story lol! But now I gotta go to work! #brooklyn #maschine #actor #actorslife #laactress #losangeles

Being kind to myself today. Sometimes you gotta slow down to assess where you've been and where to go next. So let's all practice self love and self patience. You are where you're supposed to be in this very moment. Cherish it! 📸@jonnieface_bass

Part II of Thelma and Louise concept photoshoot with @aminatphoto and @beatriz.cazares ! This is was fun! The photos are gonna so dope! #norealguns #smokingiswack #herbalcigarettswereused #queensrecognizequeens

Spent the day in the Desert with the talented @aminatphoto and my girl @beatriz.cazares !! Thelma and Louise style! Can't wait for you all to see the photos!! #queensrecognizequeens

Starting this week off right! A lil sweat ain't never hurt nobody! #boxing #makeupfree #carefree #motivationmonday #lovetoall

Working on living and walking in this everyday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Xoxo - Ciera

#TBT to that time I got busted on @torchwood4ever ! So a funny story about this job....Friday night I was hanging out with some friends. We decided to hit up a taco truck. Those were THE BEST TACOS Ever!!! You hear me?!? Well the weekend rolled around and I'm chilling at home Saturday night prepping for my Monday shoot. All of a sudden like out of nowhere I just don't feel good! I lay down put a cold towel on my forehead to relax myself. Then at around 2am that Sunday morning it all goes down! I mean I had to keep a trash can by my bed. Yes it was good poisoning of the worst kind! I was literally sprawled out on my bedroom floor crying out to my dead grandmother to tell God to make it stop. All kept thinking was will I be ok for my 4am call time on that Monday?!? I couldn't move, or talk, or walk! I was like that for at least 12 hours!!! Then at around 11pm that Sunday night I was like peeled myself off the floor and got in the bed. Woke up a few hours later to head over to set. All of my clothing that I tried on the week prior to the shoot almost hung off of me. I probably lost 10 lbs! The "martini" I'm drinking of lime Gatorade that they had to give me because I was weak! A few days later I find out that 3 other people on set got food poisoning and the friends I went out with on Friday did too! We all had the chicken! Needless to say, I've NEVER eaten at a taco food truck since!!!

Be Brave. Be Strong. Be Fearless. 📸@milesmaker

Ma Mère! #mothersday

I've spent many of nights up on the phone crying to her. When I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, she listened. When I felt disappointed, she hugged me. When I felt like I couldn't get back up and try again, she told me to be strong and use my strength. I am grateful for her and am glad she's my mama! Happy Mother's Day Deborah Payton! #mothersday #dearmama #tupac

#TBT to my NORD (New Orleans Recreational Department) Theater Days. I remember auditioning for Ty Tracy. I didn't know what singing was or how to do any choreography but I told myself to get on stage and give it my all. I sang a Christina Aguilera song and sang my heart out. Mr. Tracy said "that's it! Everyone should get on stage and have that much confidence". That summer I was cast as Lana Turner in the summer production of Babes...I sang a (too sexy for a 14 year old) song call "Sippin on a Soda a Schwabs". From there on I was hooked! Will always cherish those NORD days! RIP Ty Tracy and Leo Jones

Check out the Latest What More Can I Say Podcast! I was invited to share some insight and opinions on what's going on in the world! Thanks for having me! @what.more.can.i.say.podcast

Looking back at it! 😊😊🌺🌺 What do you do to get in your confidence zone? Me, listening and dancing to a song! Tell me your confidence ways below 👇👇👇

A Monday Selfie! Sending you all vibes of love and greatness!! Let's rock this week y'all!!! Stay Blessed! Sidenote: Thank you @hisandherhair !!

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