Цейра Пайтон


Американская сериальная актриса.
  • Все 1897
  • Фото 1657
  • Видео 240

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At times this journey consumes me with anger. Frustrations of not having the answers now. Not understanding why my souls chose this path. I've lashed out; Sometimes artistically Sometimes non-holistically Setting flames to my flesh Adding more scars on my heart. I've blamed the man who made me. The woman who carried me. A system who tried to fail me And then at the end, all the power is in me. • • #TBT Michael's Daughter

#tbt to my solo show Michael's Daughter I wrote this solo show to honor my father's story. A man with so many obstacles stacked against him which ultimately led him to serving years behind bars and missing out on some very special moments in my life. I wanted to gain clarity of who he was as a man, born out of a biracial affair, in the 60's in the backwoods of Louisiana. His actions affected me as a woman, but no matter what he always showed me love and made it known that he loves me no matter what. It's only right that I exercise the same back to him. I've spoken to God so many times asking questions on why things were the way they were. Why was I dealt those cards? He answers me with the lesson and gifts of unconditional love. Pure love. For hate has no room there. #michaelsdaughter

So humbled by all the love from everyone who tuned in to @ballershbo this past Sunday. It was such an honor and pleasure to briefly share the screen with @rob_corddry and @therock . Thanks for the laughs in between takes guys! Thank you everyone for the tweets, DM's, mentions, FB messages, texts, etc! I gotta say, I've been auditioning for this show for years and finally got an opportunity to be in episode! With that said, I've been rolling in this business for about 10 years now and have had my fair share of extreme lows and am soo grateful for the highs! This has definitely been a journey so far and I couldn't have gone through it without the love and support of you all! Thank you! Now I'm gonna take my happy ass to bed because the muncinex is kicking in 🤒😴😊

Thank you to everyone who tuned in!! My scene was cut short but I hope you caught it! Soooo grateful for all of your support!

Just cuz! Enjoy @ballershbo tonight y'all! Much love and sincere gratitude for all the love and kind words! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Only a few more hours until my episode of @ballershbo airs! Hope you'll be tuning in! 🎥 @mrgilj

What a fun interview! And I got to move a hip or two! #Repost @youngboldandregal (@get_repost) ・・・ Actress @cierapayton shows off a bit of her dance moves with our #YoungBoldAndRegal Correspondent @ashleyreidallen!💃💃 You can see the full interview just click the link in the bio. Remember to watch #BallersHBO tomorrow night to catch Ciera Payton in action!! 📺👑✨✨✨ #WeAreRegal #HipsDontLie #WeekendFlow #HaveFun #BrownGirlGlo #BlackGirlMagic #shakeit #popit #twerk #bellydance #dropit #moveit #dance #bodyroll #shakethat #booty #therock #dwaynejohnson #ballers #football #FeelYoung #BeBold #LiveRegal #Actress #CieraPatyon #MelaninSeptember #YoungBoldRegal

Don't Look Back, Because You Aren't Going That Way. Major shout out to my acting coach @saramornell for giving me permission to be bold & powerful! Also Hank Berrings for kicking my ass before going on set! Hope you all enjoy tomorrow's episode of Ballers! This is me learning the ways of the football. Always enjoyed watching the sport but never learned how to play. Might wanna try something new.... Tune into to HBO tomorrow night! And if you like my scene or like what I do, tweet the show and let them know 😉

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