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Sometimes the Diaz’s get together and do a little singing! #FatsWaller #MusicTimeWithMyFam #DiazIsMyFamilyLastName #AnActorPrepares #AintMisbehavin #LenaHorne #mornellmethod

Effortless beauty. Lena Horne.

#tbt to my time on Torchwood with @johnscotbarrowman . Dr. Who Fans stand up!!! #ilovewhatido #torchwood #drwho #janettanner #actor #actorslife #lalife

There’s no love like a mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers and especially to my gorgeous mother!

I was so honored to be a part of this amazing documentary! Catch “Meghan Markle: An American Princess” on Fox and live streaming apps to hear your’s truly narrate a beautiful and intricate love story! #meghanmarkle #anamericanprincess #actor #actorslife #voiceover #mornellmethod #fox #hulu

Just saying hello! #tbt❤️ 📸 my Aunt Kathy @miles3625

Chatting with @thewilljr for @blacksoulutions about some of my influences and people I look up too! @tylerperry has definitely made an impact on my life. Check out the clip and do yourself a favor and watch the full interview @blacksoulutions . Link in the bio!

#tbt to my musical theater days at NORD Theater (New Orleans Recreational Department). Been itching to get back on stage and sing! 🤔🤔🙏🏾 #actor #actorslife #mornellmethod #love #fun #lalife #nola #theater #neworleans

Carson High School

Had the most amazing time working with and teaching these beautiful kids! What an awesome semester! Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors! Much Love!

In a nostalgic mood today as this overcast reminds me of sweet childhood memories at 1208 Camp Street NOLA. Thankful for where I’ve been and excited for where I’m going next. Give glory to the One who put joy and peace in my heart so that I may shine light wherever I go. Love + Light -Ciera Payton(Diaz). 📸 @mf_diaz (my dad)

Did somebody say #oldheadshotday ?!? 🙈🙈🙈 1. Freshman in college. 2. Freshman in high school SMH! #actorslife #actorthings #lalife #hollywood #tbt #mornellmethod #why! #thoseeyebrowsthough

A lil #tbt for y’all. Zia on @thewalkingdead @walkingdeadamc just chilling in the trailer! #twd #walkingdead #walkingdeadamc #mornellmethod #zombies #michonne #saviors

I LOVE being shot by the amazing @aminatphoto ! Can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming up next! Stay tuned! #Repost @aminatphoto with @get_repost ・・・ Sneak preview from a recent project, with the #stunning, talented actress @cierapayton Makeup by @niehlao Styling by @janelstyles77 📷 #Aminatphoto #actress#editorial#beauty#alwayscocacola#model

sí lo es! 📸 @ajburgess33 ♥️

Laughing it up today during my interview for @blacksoulutions with @thewilljr . Thanks for having me guys!!!

Monday, whassss good? Sending out love and peace for this week! What y’all got going this week?!? Let me know below 👇👇📸 @milesmaker

This day I cherish most in my heart. A woman who's words shifted my whole life. At 12 years old, I remember reading "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" thinking to myself "wow, if she can get through it so can I." True, I felt like angels were always watching over me, but Dr. Angelou's words became something tangible almost something like a living bible or mantra to me. I told myself, "one day I'm gonna meet her." Fast forward to my freshman year at UNCSA. A teacher of mine gave us an assignment to lip sync a song and explain why and what the song meant to us. I chose a gospel song by @yolandaadams and stated that this song always reminded me of Maya Angelou and the words she had written that I fell so much in love with as a child. My teacher informed me, "You know she lives here in Winston-Salem, you should try to meet her." I was instantly star-struck! That afternoon, I hopped on the computer and tried looking up her address ha!!! Then I discovered she was teaching at Wake Forrest University. So I hopped on the phone and called the best number. A sweet secretary, let me down easily. And so I wrote letters every year, stating how much Dr. Angelou meant to me and that I would love nothing more than to meet her or audit her class. My letters weren't returned nor did the phone ring. My senior year in college: after performing August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean directed by my light-guided mentor Michele Shay, yielded all sorts of local attention in the Winston-Salem area. After my last performance, the chancellor of UNCSA comes down and pulls me over to the side. He says, "I'm having dinner at Maya Angelou's house and I think you should attend." Tears formed in my eyes. I was speechless! All I remember is shaking my head yes! We pull up to Dr. Angelou's house the next day and there's just who's who of black influencers at the house. Susan Taylor, Michael Eric Dyson, etc. (No Oprah wasn't there). We were instructed to take a look at the art gallery which was an outside garden with slave link chains, MLK memorabilia, etc. My chancellor walks up to me and says, "Dr. Angelou is sitting alone in her living room, you should go....(Read the rest on my Facebook page)

G R A T E F U L On this day I’m reminding myself to be grateful: For the life I live The amazing things that God has in store for me My parents’ health and well being My beautiful siblings The friends that support me when I’m at my lowest and those who cheer for me when I’m at my highest My coaches who get me in mental & physical shape The one who brings me flowers just because Salsa, R & B, and Hip Hop music for creating endless beats for me to dance in my apartment to! The roller coaster journey I call my career: acting, it’s one hell of a drug! The talents given to me to share as inspiration and motivation to others The nature that God provides us everyday! Endless sun rays and moon light What are you grateful for? 📸 @fahey_foto Coaches: @saramornell @loribattle @primalmmaschool @worldchampioncardioboxing #hankberrings

My brother @eastsidegod_ and I during Easter Sunday circa 1989. Haha! My dramatic self crying and holding a flower. Adrian = over it but still remaining cool....Not much has changed! 😂😂 Happy Easter y’all!

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