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My incredible friend @k.prescott77 made an extremely important short that aims to bring awareness to the devastating effects the current opioid epidemic has on America’s youth. Please watch here: https://youtu.be/LqvutLfksFE


happy days bic th

See u at Sundance 😘😘 -AshleyRichards42069 #LongDumbRoad

traveled across the country for someone else to make us mashed potatoes.

~ so nice 2b naughty ~

This isn’t a Halloween costume #LittleVivvy

2 party girls

Just like this pic of me

maybe not the most memorable piece from Marisa Merz show BUT I'm 4 SURE tryna get my house to look the way this setup feels

Is my alias too obvious?

totally bitchin', man. happy fathers day 💕

"¡VANITY!" Starring: ME !!!!!

I saw this picture of my grandpa and finally understood why I am the way I am.

to my luv on our special day.. I want you to know I packed a robe that I absolutely do not need for this trip JUST so I can show it to you in person. (& in celebration of our shared love for the frivolous and bougie)

Oh.. so this must be what people see when they think of me

My Mother, a damsel in distress

tasteful nudes

self tape take 15 (or the face of a young actress debating if it'd just be easier to sell her soul)

actual footage of the inside of my brain

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