Сиэра Браво


Американская актриса и модель.
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taking myself for a turn around the room.

happy v day. i’m gonna go play laser tag.

true and genuine shock. mark puts rocks in his pants. spread the news.

“the driver showed up with a missing tooth and said he lost it in karate class”


outfit inspiration for tonight’s #ThisIsWayne premiere. (out tomorrow on youtube premium)

📷: @essexirishman

swipe right for a surprise.

ONE MONTH. #ThisIsWayne

mark’s hands.

Tactile Coffee

seeing a lot of myself in these bathroom walls


like if you’re also into hurriedly taking photos of cool bathrooms so people don’t think you’re pooping or something #bathrooms #ilovebathrooms #bathroomfreak #iwasntpooping

that’s a hot pic

¡full trailer! there’s a link in my bio (if i can figure out how to put a link in my bio) #ThisIsWayne

(i’m too tiny to get my arms over the back of the booth)

Ciara, 21. I have razor burn on my armpits and post offices give me terrible anxiety but i VOTED !! so it’s a good day.

my sister’s dog is starting a grunge band :(

masters at work, circa 1998

a simple story wasn’t enough to celebrate the world’s #1 bathroom.

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