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broken 35mm


missing Europe and it's nature, it's smells (ah the scent of fresh pine!/) , it's cities, and all the fantastic people I met whilst I was hopping from train to train this summer. I've only been back in London a week & i'm positively yearning for another adventure


🌹🌹@lowrenthighfashion @lowrenthighfashion @lowrenthighfashion 🌹🌹

me & my pussy

when ur #hungover and have to do #things and it's #warm outside and all u wanna do is not #do #things

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

me after 4 pints

Hotel Belvedere, Dubrovnik

went to the spot where the mountain vs oberon fight scene was filmed in game of thrones and saw this queen

Dubrovnik - Old Town


Bene Beach

i am a beautiful sea monster

Split, Croatia

you are what you eat

Lake Bled

little water bebé



Széchenyi thermal bath

went 2 a party in a spa. it had lasers nd fire dancers. it was very good.

Old Town

my new film now out now in slovakia catch it before it's too late

Bratislava Region

It's 40 degrees. Very 🆒.

Salzburg, Austria

i wonder how many couples who put locks on this bridge have broken up now

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