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I'm taking a slice out of Meryl's pizza. That. Speech.

self-empowerment saturday death to the patriarchy

enrolling on a life of servitude, at your pleasure

I'd shoot for the moon, but I'm too busy gazing at stars - meet me on mars

new years resolution: be more lisa

Tate Modern

Jane Alexander

The Windsor Castle, Clapton

luigi on the deck

welcome to 2017 with @lowrenthighfashion

2017 - love you all 🖤

thoroughly paintable view from my bedroom up north

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO @orla_baxendale , the coolest most talented loser in world.

Crazy Pedro's

cheezus crust superstar

manky manny

merry christmas

mum, dad & the baby jesus

I saw Lazarus today. It's a dark spectacle, like a 2 hour live art piece sent from aliens about the fragility of the human mind. It's a drug trip - absolutely not a clue what was going on but visually and aurally it was captivating. Peace to Bowie and his weird and wonderful extra-terrestrial mind.

merry christmas from flat 49

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