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whuuuoo hello there i'm one of The Unseen Hour's monologue performers in this weeks ep (episode 18) you can hear my dulcet tones attempting a nod to Kate Tempest around 6:40 mins into the podcast, doing a hella cool monologue written by the fabulous rebecca crookshank, which I performed live a few weeks ago at the rosemary branch theatre; Tune in, or don't, it's in your hands 🗣🗣🗣🗣

💘babycakes 💘

mood #fuckdis #fuckdat

Regram: @theglebehouselondonz. 70's office aesthetic

The future, with @lowrenthighfashion

Harpsichord Concerto No. 7, Lewisham, 1917

@lowrenthighfashion, Lewisham, 1917.

slithering into sunday

chickens are friends not food

Syria are the penultimate country to sign the Paris climate agreement, leaving the US as the only country left who reject the agreement. GAHHHHHHHH. Curbing the (already) devastating effects of climate change is a GLOBAL challenge. As the alleged second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, I find it pretty frightening that Trump is allowed to backtrack on Obama's signing of the deal. Mannnnnnnn whyYY is he allowed to do this? The Paris agreement is kinda obsolete unless everyone gets on board. Pshhhhh the global powers should definitely be held accountable for the destruction of the planet. One countries' economics shouldn't come before SAVING 🌏 EARTH. Clean economic growth for the whole planet is whuuut weeee neeeeeddddd. Hoping something can be done to get America back on board again with the agreement. UGHHHHhhhh#parisagreement

Central Manchester, Manchester

obsessed with this painting omG

The Golden Mile At Blackpool Illuminations


dressing up yesterday was v. fun

i am the lizard queen

70's aesthetic

dunno, Halloween or sumthin


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