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have fun, be queer, drink beer,

good morning

beatrice is ready for a night on the town

is this toilet graffiti post-post-modern art tho ?(?)??

Goldsmiths, University of London

Cher Horowitz on her first day at high school

find your friends in nature

Judy signing someone's arm coz she's a fearless woman who does what she wants and I love her

hanging out with the queen

I'm in middle temple hall which is where Shakespeare first preformed twelfth night in 1602 (!!!!) I'm in here with Dame Judy Dench, listening to Sir Thomas Allen sing some opera - I'm having a splendid time.

reading the news in the morning and noting no feeble attempt at convincing us the world is ok - trump, le pen, brexit, ice caps, trump, north dakota pipeline, trump, trump, syria, climate change, trump, trump, bloody trump - 2016 has been a crisis of humanity ~ any love or compassion happening out there 🌎 ?

a procrastination sensation, Seeking adoration, That is the reason behind all my frustrations, I can't seem to focus on any occasion, Too many things to do , too much expectation, So I make confessional creations in quiet locations, Flowing further away from my final destination, This city is a cesspool filled with temptation, I might as well go back to the station and take a vacation, Attempting productivity is eternal damnation - a poem by someone trying to learn lines and write an essay at the same time and is doing neither

KOKO London

last night was a mad ting @guygerber

let's do @guygerber

car boot purchases

I've done a little LGBTQ short film for @nowness, written by Ellie Kendrick, directed by Hope Dickson Leach. It explores gender identity and follows a 40 yr old trans man recalling and reliving his first romantic encounter. Give it a watch: https://www.nowness.com/series/define-gender/silly-girl-hope-dickson-leach

Menstruation Sensation

wino forever

@nightmaresonwax killin' it

"Take a letter Miss Crusoe" now available for download on iTunes.

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