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Американская певица и автор песен. Журнал Rolling Stone назвал её «Исполнителем недели» 26 октября 2010 года.
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Nashville Zoo

not many things are better than this

carmella loves nashville

i can’t believe songs for carmella: lullabies and sing-a-longs has been out for almost two months now! to celebrate, we made these adorable little music boxes (that play “a thousand years (lullaby)” and @shutterfly cards 💕 #myshutterfly #partner www.shutterfly.com

im gonna make a gushy post about my husband now 🤗 this weekend was amazing. even though it was super hard to leave our baby & biggest joy in our lives, it was SO important for us to get away & focus on each other. what an insanely wonderful & challenging 14 months of baby & marriage. what an accomplishment to celebrate! every day that we keep trying & keep loving each other is a gift. every day that we just move forward is a gift. we know it’s all a choice & every day we choose each other is the biggest gift. i’m so grateful this man cares for me & supports me and carmella unconditionally. im certain i never actually knew what love was until he showed me, and gosh how sweet it is. ti amo, @paulcostabile, here’s hoping that we’re always just two kids in a boat in love ❤️

after sunburn comes the tan. mission accomplished... now take me back home to my baby girl ☀️

haha couldn’t have said it better myself 💗 #RepostPlus @paulcostabile - - - - - - Welp I’ve been waiting all weekend to post the perfect tropical couples pic but Instagram has too many of those. So here we are using our baby’s heavy duty SPF50 trying for less sunburn than yesterday and I wouldn’t have it any other way @christinaperri #nofilter #keepitreal


happy #internationalwomensday to the women who made me and the little woman i made. we’re stronger than we’ve ever been, let’s keep going🚺


this year was hard. this year was actually the hardest one yet. the truth is i almost didn’t make it. i almost lost my sobriety, my sanity, my faith, my marriage, and myself... about 100 times. but here i am, i was carried, and for this i am grateful. thank you to everyone who carried me. what i’ve learned this year is in spite of all circumstances, in spite of every moment that feels impossible, and in spite of everything your head may tell you, it STILL works if you work it, one day at a time ❤️🙏🏼

i had the best time ever talking to these amazing and authentic mamas!! their podcast is my new favorite! check out our episode now on @mamasaidpodcast with @jamielynnsigler & @jennacparris! #mamasaidwithjamieandjenna (link in bio)💗👶🏻😴🥬🚺🚼

carmellas already so much bigger since this photo shoot! my bb girl’s growing so fast!!!

never loved a human more, & i never will💗

i’m on today’s episode of @theladygang with my friends @keltie @becca @jacvanek 💖(heads up, it’s a little NSFW!🤗) link in my story. thanks for having me @podcastone!!


Disney California Adventure Park

happy valentine’s day to my two forever valentines - i’ve never felt love so big til i met both of you! ❤️


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