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Американская певица и автор песен. Журнал Rolling Stone назвал её «Исполнителем недели» 26 октября 2010 года.
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❤️ #songsforcarmella (link in my story)

with all you fellow mommies in mind, i wanted to create a special extended version so you can just press play during nap or play time. go to youtube.com/christinaperri and listen / watch the extended album with animated furry families ❣️#songsforcarmella


words can not express the joy in my heart for this little girl! i love you, carmella, more than the whole wide world. happy 1st birthday💗

one day til carmella turns one! one day til #songsforcarmella!!!

one year ago tonight i went into labor. 4:26am to be exact. 21 hours later carmella was born at 1:02am on the 17th! in honor of her upcoming birthday & the anniversary of the best day of my life, here’s my favorite video of me and my baby girl💗

two more days!!! #songsforcarmella

i just realized there are about 50 happy photos of me in a row. me & carmella and me & paul and ya know what? i don’t wanna only show that. i mean if i’m being totally honest, carmella does smile 80% of the time- and so does paul lol but i don’t!! especially the past couple weeks weening off breastfeeding i found it extremely difficult to find joy. don’t get me wrong im so grateful to be a mom, to be married and to be working again but let me tell you what i’m having a hard time with because i don’t ever want to seem like i have it all together! i honestly hardly do, & there’s beauty in that. ok, i’m struggling right now with BALANCE & self care. if i could i’d give carmella all 24 of my hours, but i shouldn’t. so i’m having a hard time doing things for me consistently. i’ve been working out a couple times a week for the past couple months & that’s been awesome, but i also struggle with mom guilt. i haven’t been doing a lot of the things i need to do for me to feel ok, so that’s why some days seem so much heavier than others. carmella went from walking to running in one day, so mamas know what that feels like! im lightly terrified every moment she’s awake lol but i feel like that will ebb & flow now for eternity. i’m loving how fun she is. im also loving being creative, practicing piano again everyday, & gearing up for some work/press/travel but i’m also a little sad carmellas already old enough for me to go back to work. that was FAST. she’s so big when she lays across me. i stare at her extra now. also how bittersweet it is for her to not want to hold my hand because she’s so strong & independent. i’m thrilled she’s brave but i’m sad she needs me less. also lastly, i’m having trouble doing things i need to do around the house or in life when she’s asleep, i lay down and totally space out. i want more motivation to do stuff, but sometimes my body is just like nope. so yea, i feel hormonal, guilty, nervous, worrisome, and sad sometimes. sometimes one at a time, sometimes all at once. i’m never not having a big feeling. so there ya go, tired, filter free, in pjs, in bed, almost one year postpartum- that’s me all the moments in between all the smiles💗

ahh! only three more days til #songsforcarmella !!

2009/2019 whoaaa- this little 23 year old music video producer had no ideaaaa she was gonna write a song called “jar of hearts” later this year and that it would change the course of her life foreverrrrrr

four more days til #songsforcarmella

songs for carmella: lullabies and sing-a-longs comes out in just five days 🎶 #songsforcarmella (link in bio)

there is absolutely no better feeling in the whole world, ever, than your little baby sound asleep on your chest. i’m so lucky i still get moments like these every once in a while. i know they’re almost over. this girl is non. stop. but just when i think she doesn’t want to nap, this happens, and i get the best snuggle on earth.


because of carmella “a thousand years” has a whole new meaning to me now. there is love and then there is mother & child love. it’s forever. this new lullaby version of my song is especially made for you to sing to your little forever loves too❤️ #songsforcarmella (link in bio)

Times Square, New York City

wow! how cool is this?! thank you @spotify!! this is in toronto and nyc! i got to take carmella to see mommy on the big billboard!!! check out #songsforcarmella link in bio💗

i’ve been singing to carmella since the day she arrived. here are some of my favorite moments singing to her since she was a tiny baby! “a thousand years (lullaby)” out now!💗 pre-order the album ‘songs for carmella’ and get this song instantly. link in bio. #songsforcarmella


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