Кристина Перри


Американская певица и автор песен. Журнал Rolling Stone назвал её «Исполнителем недели» 26 октября 2010 года.
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la mia famiglia

coming soon

just like that *snap* she misses it all

my beautiful girl

so, i saw bohemian rhapsody last night and i’m still thinking about it. i’ve always been a massive queen & freddie mercury fan, and this film was perfection!! i wanna see it 100 more times. do yourself a favor and go see this incredible film celebrating one of the greatest bands and for sure the greatest voice of all time! ps here’s me and @brianmayforreal back in 2012! such an incredible guy 🙌🏼


YES!!! TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! #vote

she’s been crossing her legs like this since the day she arrived... she’s also been looking at me like i’m nuts just as long 😝


just avocadoing around

happy halloween 🎃

something special is coming sooooooo soon

my bff

🌨🤶🏼☃️🎄 link in bio 🎄☃️🤶🏼🌨




i will raise her to be brave. to be inquisitive. to be kind. to be compassionate. to be honest. to be empathetic. to be strong. to persevere. to run fast. to try everything. to love everyone. to be open. to read. to listen. to share. to play. to never stop growing. to never settle. to never give up. to be inclusive. to stand up to bullies. to stand up for herself. to stand up for her rights and the rights of others. to be a feminist. to believe in ALL gods & respect all religions. to love music. to love her family. to love the world as hard as she can and mostly to love herself 🚺#internationaldayofthegirl

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