Кристина Перри


Американская певица и автор песен. Журнал Rolling Stone назвал её «Исполнителем недели» 26 октября 2010 года.
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please @sesac and @blackstone stop messing with the #MMA and all the hard work that went into getting us this far! withdraw your amendment and do the right thing for all of us! 🙏🏼

love of my life

our baby is 6 months old and our marriage is 7 months old. some days it’s so challenging to navigate both new giant life things on such little sleep. i’m super grateful we keep laughing. i’m grateful we keep going on dates, and we keep forgiving each other for what we said when we were angry, and we keep asking for help and guidance when we both need it individually and as a unit, and we really try to keep surrendering and accepting what is. relationships are messy. parenthood is messy. love is messy. life is messy. i dont know much but i do know i’m a super lucky girl i get to go through it all with this guy

la mia famiglia

Atlantic Records, NYC

well it’s official

back to carmella posts because we all know she’s the real super star ⭐️

8 magical years, thank you! (LINK IN BIO)


four years ago today my niece and godchild tesla mia was born!!! it was such a magical day! happy birthday day tesla & happy birth @misifer !!! love you both 💜

good morning!!!! thanks @ingridmichaelson for nominating me for the #wokeupthisway challenge!! i love a yummy no filter no makeup photo! i wish everyone would just be who they are. spots, grey hairs, pimples, and skin, just natural and free! to be totally honest i’ve been going makeup free almost everyday since having a baby! not just because i’m too tired and busy but because i’m so much more confident in who i am at 31.8 years old! all the lines, and tired on my face are because i’m a mother now and that’s just beautiful to me!! 🤱🏻i love this movement! i nominate @yelyahwilliams @aijiaofficial @bcjean @colbiecaillat @ddlovato @meghan_trainor @parisjackson (can i nominate that many🤷🏻‍♀️?) anyway, hope you join in too and nominate all your friends! also check out @btwfoundation to donate if you want too 💜


happy #pride to my favorite people on earth #loveislove is love is love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


32 years and counting!! @bobsgrilloceancity

happy 1st father’s day to my husband @paulcostabile !!! we are the luckiest girls on earth to be loved, supported and entertained by you. thank you for choosing us!! i cant wait to watch carmella realize over and over throughout her life that she has the best dad ever! ti amo amore ❤️

today i am beyond grateful to the drs and nurses who saved my dads heart in january so that we could have more time with him here and celebrate another father’s day!! wow! we are so blessed! love you, papa! sempre! and carmella loves her pop-pop too ❤️

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