Крис О’Доннелл


Американский актёр, одной из наиболее известных работ которого является роль Робина в фильмах «Бэтмен навсегда» и «Бэтмен и Робин».
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Ok Virginie, what should we make from your cookbook today! @craveandcook

Post holiday nap, my feelings exactly.

What an amazing view @oneworldnyc #seeforever

We may have missed the parade but we are celebrating the Cubs on the Paramount lot. #gocubsgo thanks @sprinklescupcakes #ncisla

New episode tonight on CBS. #ncisla

How can you be 16 already, happy birthday Chippy Choo, I love you buddy.

Cubs win!

Happening today

Happy Birthday Lib! @bunsen2

We will miss the King, rip Arnold Palmer.

Winding down from a busy day.

When your co-star won't stop taking your sides. @llcoolj #ncisla

6 days till season 8 begins! #ncisla

I will be home soon.

Clearly she descends from the Flying Grayson's family, way to go Maeve, wow! #icantdothat

Season 8 of NCIS:Los Angeles starts September 25 on CBS. #ncisla

10 more days till Season 8 of #ncisla

Just a couple guys staying cool. #ncisla @ericcolsen

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