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Американская R&B и соул певица компании Island Def Jam Music Group.
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The Voice Clinic ATLANTA | I cannot express how grateful I am to have shared the day with these beautiful aspiring and inspiring vocalists. | You were vulnerable, honest, nervous, open, present & fearless. I'm SO proud of you each. | So honored to be a part of the journey of creatives. Today was fun, warm, challenging and full. I'll be back to share in this way soon. | So much gratitude for this day. #PositivityRocks #Namaste

Me and my cousins got together and formed a band at @earlsdinnerparty last night. | @phocuz @jmeyer718 | #VibesAreEternal #Atlanta #EarlsDinnerParty

A perfect Saturday morning with the Konfident Kids Choir | So proud of these little pudding pops. I watch in amazement as they learn so quickly. Never underestimate the mind of the young ones. They were born with gifts. | We just share the path. | www.RichHipsterUniversity.com

Atlanta Atlanta! It's happening tonight!! Can't wait to see you at @earlsdinnerparty this evening!

Stop and smell the roses, even if they're made of concrete. ✨ I pass this beauty of a Cathedral everyday... I had to stop and share it. #NYC

Atlanta! There are 3 spots left for the Vocal Clinic this Sunday! 💙 I'm so excited to meet each of you and lead you into your next level of vocal practice & technique! 💙 It's an honor to bring the last 12 years of live performance to an intimate setting like this where dedicated artist, ministers, performers and singers can come together and deepen their understanding of voice, breath and offering! 💙 If you haven't already, be sure to secure your ticket today... only 3 VIP spots left! 💙 LINK IN BIO (@chrisettemichele) See You Sunday @ 2pm!

Looking around the corner like 👀... "is it already morning?"

It's only 2 days away ATLANTA! ✨ Follow @earlsdinnerparty and get in on the all white Dinner Party Affair. ✨ I'll be hosting at The Bassmint all weekend! First Earls Dinner Party and then an awesome Voice Clinic for singers! Get the clinic info in the LINK IN BIO! ✨ Get your @earlsdinnerparty tickets on Event Brite today! ✨ See you this weekend ATLANTA!

I have a thing for these. I always photograph them. Especially @ home in #NYC

LINK IN BIO! Atlanta! Just 5 days till the awesome weekend! 🦋 I'll be hanging with serious vocalists all Sunday Afternoon & on Saturday I'll be hosting the @earlsdinnerparty 🦋 It's all happening at @thebassmint this weekend in ATLANTA! 🦋 Get tickets and reserve your spots today!

This song blesses my soul. It will be my weeks #MorningMeditation. ✨ The concept that ignites me is "Choose". ✨

By now you should know... if you meet me, we're dancing for the Boomerang. 🦋 Met these beauties in Brooklyns "Prospect Park" parking garage. 🦋 They were headed to Curl Fest and I was heading to my Family Reunion. 🦋 Hey @allysa.o @asholi93 & @Angelinecazeau

Atlanta! Get Ready! Just One Week Away! "The Voice Clinic" happens next Sunday! 💜 Classic Vocal technique for the modern soulful, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, Country, Broadway or Classical singer. 💜 I'm sharing what happens backstage before I hit the stage. My personal warm up secrets, my tricks for breath support and my pre-show confidence boosters. 💜 Get your VIP ticket today and get ready for an awesome vocal training experience next Sunday, July 23rd in ATL! #RichHipsterUniversity

These pretty Belles stopped by @fourkingsltd after our Konfident Kids Choir rehearsal! 💘 What a perfect morning! 💘 See you later @sasheen__ & @chrystle.s ! Keep smiling & spreading love & light! #PositivityRocks! #KonfidentKids #HakunaMatata #LionKing #RichHipsterUniversity

Honored to share with the vocalists of ATLANTA | TICKET LINK IN BIO @ChrisetteMichele 🦋 Sharing my backstage, pre-show warm ups 🦋 Sharing how you can sing from your feet with out ruining your voice as a pro-singer 🦋 Introducing my fun and relaxing way to have proper breathing technique and voice placement 🦋 It all happens next week, Sunday July 23rd at 2 pm at @thebassmint 🦋 If you have a sister, brother, Mom, Team Member or Close Friend that you sing with, you can get 2 VIP tickets for the price of one when you sign up by the 22nd! 🦋 #RichHipsterUniversity

Just picked up the music for the Konfident Kids Choir and I'm so stinking excited! ✨ Feels so good to hold sheet music in my hand and pass the tradition of sight reading to the next generation! ✨ If you haven't registered your little one for the Kids Summer Workshop do it today! Class starts Saturday! ✨ www.RichHipsterUniversity.com KONFIDENT KIDS CHOIR of Long Island NY | The Workshop for kids ages 7 - Teen! ✨ #HakunaMatata!

Atlanta! I'm hanging all next weekend long! ✨ I'll be at @earlsdinnerparty ALL WHITE chatting it up over food & drinks on Saturday! ✨ On Sunday I'll be doing an awesome Voice Clinic for vocalists who want to rid themselves of stage fright, sore voice, improper performance technique and in-effective breathing techniques! ✨ It's all going down in Atlanta on the 22-23 and it's all happening at @thebassmint! ✨

That's right sis 🦋 You don't have to take from anyone else 🦋 You don't have to steal 🦋 Greed does not become you 🦋 Content, complete, fulfilled 🦋 You have everything you need 🦋 You are fully equipped to be everything you are called to be 🦋 You, blessed & forgiven one, are enough #Namaste #ChrisetteMichele #ChrisetteMotivates #RichHipsterUniversity #RichHipster

Atlanta! It's here! The 1/2 day Vocal Training Clinic! 🎀 How to sing night after night with out weakening your chords?! 🎀 How to get rid of pre-show jitters and warm up the heart and body?! 🎀 How I use Yoga to bring my offering to the stage?! 🎀 Join me NEXT weekend after we hang at @earlsdinnerparty and let's roll our mats out for a 1/2 day work shop on the vocal techniques I've been using for the last 16 years all over the world! 🎀 It's so important to approach the stage and life from a centered state of mind and proper breath flow. In this 4 hour work shop, you'll learn my very own backstage warm up routine, my daily vocal practice and the tricks I use to sing soulfully and healthfully at the same time! 🎀 I'll also save time for a Q&A and Lecture where you can get more info about your personal singing experience! Get your pressing show-time questions ready! 🎀 Click the Learn More button now and sign up today! You can also head to www.RichHipsterUniversity.com and tap the "Yoga Voce" tab on my University Website! 🎀 See you there Singers! #RichHipsterUniversity

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