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Американская R&B и соул певица компании Island Def Jam Music Group.
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I’m teaching Soulful Yoga, 9 am this Saturday at @rhstudiosny | 238 B Rockaway Ave, Valley Stream NY 11580 | $15 | Sign up at www.RHstudiosNY.com | Just bring your body, I’ll bring the mats & props ❤️

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” • Full Vlog Up Now on today’s Vlogma’s Day 12 • Watch via IGTV or YouTube! 🎄 I dedicate this to @craftyladies115. This was her song request yesterday! 🎄 What’s your favorite Christmas Carol?!

You got this sis. • Your past is for you to learn from, not for anyone else to hold over your head. • You will rise from the ashes more beautiful than you’ve ever been. • The beautiful in spirit ones, they see you. They’re praying for you and with you. They’re awaiting your new arrival. • When you finally come forth, don’t apologize for what you had to do to make it out the tunnel visions of the tunnel blinded. • Your life is a journey. There are ups and downs. Every day you will learn and change and become better. They may notice, they may not. But whatever you do, “Keep Growing”, it’s for your own good. All my love, CM 💋❤️

Still at the office... my students at @richhipsteruniversity keep me on my toes.

Vlogma’s Day 7 👉🏾 Check out the rest on my latest IGTV! • What’s your favorite Christmas Carol?

Ron Grant. My mentor, advisor, friend, cheerleader, teacher. You groomed me. I can’t believe you’re... with the angels now. Words can’t describe the influence you had on me. Your open mic at the Village Underground paved the start of my professional career with the likes of India Arie. Forever grateful to have known such a beautiful soul. May you rest in eternal peace🙏🏾. I miss you already.

Warm n fuzzy’s fine with me ❤️🎄🎁🤗

It’s my birthday today. I’m home sick in bed. For some reason laying here has given me an opportunity to reflect on what I’ve gained this year. • Starting my yoga, dance & voice studio on Long Island, NY has given me the opportunity to sit with locals daily, learn about your lives, eat together, dance together and talk about everyday life. No pretenses. No shields, just real people who I’ve fallen head over heels for this past year. • This year I had a chance to grow as a wife, a woman and a community entrepreneur, behind the scenes with out all the ruffles and fancy. • Also...For the first time in my life, I put peoples opinions aside and realized that I can love what and who I want to love, and it’s ok if not everyone agrees. I’ve let go of beating myself up for not being like everyone else. I’ve decided it’s ok to be misunderstood from time to time. . • Love always wins. God is in control. I am loved. • Cheers to 36. Cheers in advance to 2019. Sorry to everyone I was supposed to spend time with today. You know who you are. Please know that I love you with all my heart and I’m so proud to call you friend both new and old. I literally can’t even speak. Don’t hold today against me, please. We’ll meet again soon. I’m sorry. • Finally...Thank you to every fan I’ve met in person this year. Every new friend I’ve shared yoga with. Every vocalist I had the opportunity to coach. Every instructor who taught at @RHstudiosNY. You’ve given me lessons you’ll never know. • 36, here I come. Blessed, happy and better than ever. In Jesus name. Amen.

For you, live it up might mean reading your favorite Sci-Fi novel at 7:30 pm every night before bed (mine is Mirage by Somaiya Dayud). • For you, living it up might be a long bath before work with some relaxing music. • Maybe living it up is a weekly Hip Hop yoga class (@rhstudiosny this Wednesday 😉) or a bible study that refreshes your spirit. • How do YOU live YOUR best life? What brings joy to your day? Live it up, in your truth. It can be private, in the comfort of your own world and held close to your heart. • Living it up, keeps us all a little more sane. . • “Easy Sugar Free Peppermint Mocha” 1/2 teaspoon Hershey’s cocoa 2 tbs of Coffee Mate sugar free peppermint creamer 1 tsp instant coffee 1 pack of stevia Hot Water (and the tiniest sprinkle of sea salt...trust me) • Happy Holiday’s... Live it up. #SimpleThings #EasyJoy #SmileToday #LoveYourself #CheerUp #WinterBlues #JesusJoy #HotChocolate #Coffee #Love

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Silver Bells : Up Now On My YouTube Channel for #Vlogmas Day 3! • #vlogmas2018 #vlogmas #christmascarols #silverbells #jazz #coversongs #acapella #scatsinging #christmas #love #joy #fun

West African Dance class with @godsproperty125 was awesome on Sunday! . • So excited about Birthday week at @rhstudiosny! Tomorrow we Belly Dance @ 7pm. • Register for class at www.RHstudiosNY.com! . • Tuesday: Belly Dance Wednesday: Hip Hop Yoga Thursday: Allure Stiletto Choreography Friday: Open Level Hip Hop


“Vlogmas Day 2” | Live now on my YouTube page! • A little Christmas Acapella mash up / West African & Afro Beats class / Sneak Peak into a vocal coaching session & a hello from some fans at the studio! • You can dance with us all week long at @rhstudiosny as we celebrate my birthday week! Classes are just $15 bucks all week long! . • #vlogmas2018 #myfavoritethings #jinglebells #christmasmusic #westafrican #afrobeats #africandrumming #vlogmas #youtube #fun #dance #africandance #singingvideo #sing #music #cheer #love #christmas

I’m 36 this year. December 8th is the day and I’ve never been more excited about a date in my life. • God has changed me, made me and molded me like He never has before. • I never realized that I grew up in the spot light. It didn’t occur to me until I got still enough to see how much of me craved the privacy needed to see myself. . • With out the spotlights opinions. With out the spotlights input. With out the spotlights judgements or ideas about my every single move. • Thirty Six will be the year of me finally blossoming into the woman that I am, for myself. For my truth. For who God’s called me to be. . • This is a photo from my 1st Birthday dinner with a group of women who have made me so happy since birth. I’ll continue the celebrations all month, maybe all year. I should. . • So thankful for another year. I really mean that. Forgive me in advance, because I’ll be reflecting on it all month long. I’ve decided. 💘👑 #TheBirthdayQueen

It’s Vlogmas Time! I’m excited to share the next 25 days on the Tube during the festive holiday season! • You’ll see me vocal coaching students in my studio, hanging with girlfriends for my birthday, taking dance classes and SINGING A CHRISTMAS SONG acapella in every new video! • Head to my YouTube page now and enjoy the very first day of my Vlogmas series! • Happy Holiday’s! #vlogmas2018 #YouTube #christmascover

SWIPE LEFT! • The party starts Sunday at 2 pm and it doesn’t stop till Friday night at 9 pm! • Come dance with me! Register Now at www.RHstudiosNY.com • It’s my Birthday Week at @rhstudiosny!

“If only one person understands me in this crazy world, I’m okay.” 💘

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