Чайна Энн МакКлейн


Американская актриса, певица и автор песен.
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for fun 👁


#BlackLightning ⚡️

Who is scarier?? New video is up!! Link in biooo💕 @laurynmcclain #laurynandchina

Ayyee, proud of both👏🏿 #disney #dccomics @variety

mood #GetOut

Foreva my pirate creww☠ and the amazing Tony Testa keepin' us in linne😝


Yaaaas you betta rep, production office😝 This is gonna be soo dope #BlackLightning #DCcomics #CW


Happy birthday to my gorgeous sisterrrrr @mynameissisi !!! I love you sis, wish I was there to spend the day with you💟✝

WOOW @carlosthedraw 😱 I love this thank you! 💝💚💙

GO LAURYN!! #IDontWannaLiveForeverCover @laurynmcclain Link to her full cover in bio!!

Lauryn just posted a cover of #IDontWannaLiveForever !! Check it out!! https://youtu.be/BxCmcCqA9rI Link in bio too!

❤️ #descendants2 @dovecameron


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