Челси Кейн


Американская актриса и певица. Известность ей принесла роль в фильме «Братц» (2007 год).
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@melissapeterman and I were honored to present tonight at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist's Guild Awards last night and to prove how important these amazing artists are we did our own hair & makeup for the event! @local_706 Congrats to all the nominees & winners!! #repost

#Repost @babydaddytv ・・・ Such a happy moment! Thank you to all the fans who helped us get to 100 episodes of #BabyDaddy!

#Repost @babydaddytv ・・・ Celebrating 100 EPISODES with our amazing #BabyDaddy cast & crew!

CBS Studio Center

Annoying my co-stars up until the very end...

"I'm just so glad." - @bilodope Night 1, 2012

FriYAY! Flashing back to last week as we rocked out on the soundstage to our incomparable Baby Daddy band, CAST-N-CRÜE! What an amazing cast and crew we have and what a wild ride it's been. Tonight marks 💯! Happy 100 episodes, everyone!

Our amazing costume designer and my favorite girl, @kat_orindgreff. 💚

Broken Art Tattoo

Gettin' pinned! NOBODY tell Nana I got a tattoo! Baby Daddy celebrates 💯😬👏🏻

#Repost @babydaddytv ・・・ When the #BabyDaddy cast celebrates the 100th episode with tattoos... you have to take a selfie! 😁💯

CBS Studio Center

Happy hump day!

CBS Studio Center


CBS Studio Center

My mom took this photo of me and the boys right after our very first #BabyDaddy taping in 2012... And this morning we started rehearsals for our 100th episode. 💯 It doesn't seem real. What a ride! What an honor! Thank you @daniel.berendsen, @lempapa, @welcometoheidi, @scotthartle, @tim_marx, @bilodope, @derektheler, @tahj_mowry, @melissapeterman, @freeform... and to all the fans/extended family for making this happen. To quote @bilodope, the same night this photo was taken, "I'm just so glad." This has been the highlight of my life.

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

I had so much fun hosting my first ever Bachelor viewing party with my Baby Daddy family. All the food, all the wine, all the commentary... We were behaving ourselves in this video. #babydaddylovesthebachelor

I was honored to present at the "Annie Awards" tonight...animation has always been one of my favorite art forms.

#Repost @rhondaspies ・・・ My crew at #theannieawards

About last night: Mohave Middle School takes the Marmont. Alex and I met in grade school back in Arizona and now we work together on Baby Daddy! The show is on hiatus this week, so this seemed like an appropriate way to spend a Tuesday. #15years 💪🏻

Chateau Marmont

I found another familiar face at the Tyler Ellis event last night... @marisberlin!

Chateau Marmont

I always love bumping into these two beauts! #Repost @alymichalkaofficial ・・・ Ran into this sweetheart last night @chateaumarmont celebrating @tylerellis_official new clutches (which are lil works of art)

Weekend 🎉(Forever cleaning up confetti from @emileewallace, @kayemeff and @cherilyn_rae)

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