Челси Кейн


Американская актриса и певица. Известность ей принесла роль в фильме «Братц» (2007 год).
  • Все 1923
  • Фото 1757
  • Видео 166

#happystpatricksday 📷 Kegs line the alleyways in Ireland. This #polaroid was taken on a backpacking trip through Europe with @bilodope.

Paris, France

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

Happy birthday, @grahamnation. Wishing you another 365 days full of pancake feasts.

This is my dad. He excels at sneaking dinner table food to our dog, reciting dialogue from “Airplane” and lawn mower maintenance. My dad is also a teacher. Coming from a family of educators, the idea of arming teachers as an answer to gun violence on school campuses does not sit well with me. The Stoneman Douglas teacher testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary committee today said, "We, as a nation, seem unable to invest in the education of our children, but we’re willing to spend millions of dollars to arm teachers.” For years, my dad spent his own, hard-earned money on school supplies and spent countless hours “off the clock” helping his students finish school projects and staying late to lock-up if someone needed access to computers or equipment that was only available to them in the classroom. I don’t know where he would have even found the extra time to go through a “gun training” course... maybe sacrificing his Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday with me and his family? Moreover, my dad wouldn’t hurt a fly, I’ve literally watched a butterfly land on his finger in the middle of a field, and the idea that he would be asked to make the split decision to shoot and potentially kill someone is a burden I don’t believe he should be asked to bear. In the words of the wise and witty Jim Jeffries, “The average security guard in America earns $16 an hour. Not a lot of wiggle room to be a fucking hero!” On that note, anyone who hasn’t watched Jim Jeffries’ stand-up on gun control should google that video clip right now. #EnoughIsEnough #NationalWalkoutDay

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

#WCW: @iamcherilynwilson & @emileewallace 📷 This #polaroid was taken on my couch after a weekend retreat in the Badlands. We’d spent the last 72 hours sleeping in canvas tipis, exploring the barren terrain and bathing in an unmarked hot spring. (That could have been some sort of sewage run off. The jury’s still out on that one.) We were so beat upon returning home, but Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” visual album was premiering on HBO that night and we were forcing ourselves to stay awake for it. I love this picture because Cherilyn is wearing my favorite sweater (purchased in a little Peruvian market) and the two are holding hands. Arms are for hugging... and to the students walking out of schools today to protest gun violence, I stand with you. ✊🏻

Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for? #TeapartyTuesday #Polaroid

To my Arizona peeps, BONES kicks off their tour in Mesa tomorrow. Go watch what this girl does with a guitar. You won’t want to miss it. #Repost @bonesbandbones ・・・ TO CELEBRATE OUR UPCOMING TOUR and HOW AMAZING (some) HUMANS ARE. PLEASE WELCOME OUR BRAND NEW VIDEO to our BRAND NEW TRACK. LIMBS. (link in bio) #bonesuk #limbs MADE BY @rosslaurencestudio and @rosiebonesx with DOP magic from @derekkorogodsky

#Friyay 🕺🏼: @onrcrd 📸: @mariobarberiophotos 💄: @mandyohmakeup Link in bio to more photos and interviews from my @onrcrd session.

#InternationalWomensDay I accept your challenge, @soulofeverle and today I choose to nominate @SophiaBush. I met Sophia back in 2011 when we were shooting the final season of “One Tree Hill.” This photo is a complete misrepresentation of my experience on set with her. Although we played “enemies” on screen, Sophia could not have been more welcoming and generous with her time on-camera and off. Since filming, we don’t keep in touch on a personal level, but I do follow her on social media and have been SO inspired by how she lives her life. Be it traveling to exotic locations that I’ve never heard of, supporting her “tribe” of fascinating friends or bringing awareness to political issues that she strongly believes in... she literally does it all. As an actor, I often find myself censoring my posts on public platforms, but Sophia has shown me that you can speak your mind in a graceful and intelligent way without any apologies... and, all the while, live a life full of adventure, artistic expression, love and beauty. I’m celebrating all the women who have ignited a spark in me today, but felt inclined to point out this particular lady who continues to surprise me with her bad-assery. I tag @emileewallace, @kristyfrank, @averyschlereth, @welcometoheidi and @melissapeterman to tell us about their favorite ladies!

#WCW 💛 #Goldie

En route to #FirstFridays at the Natural History Museum feat. the #TATTOO exhibition and music by @mondocozmo! 🙌🏻

Showing Al the old “floating sausage” finger trick.


Los Angeles, California

Oh, Honeybody, whatcha doing Sunday? Maybe sipping a Coca-Cola with me, babe. - @kishi_bashi

The girls at @kayemeff’s bridal shower. Friends since we were kids, celebrating the first member of the MFB to tie the knot. My 🌎 in a single photo. Happy heart.

#tbt - Taking calls and donations with #AndyRichter and @therealjeffreyross for the @ladypjustice telethon.

#tbt - @ladypjustice’s “Life is a Living Nightmare” telethon with @sarahkatesilverman, @hamillhimself, @lizzwinstead, @thebrianunger & @racheldoesstuff. The Lady Parts Justice League is a coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights. We believe if there is not laughter, dancing and sexy time in your revolution, you need to fix that.

The pin I handed out to classmates at Mohave Middle School in Phoenix, AZ when I ran for Student Body President in the 8th grade. #presidentsday

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