Челси Кейн


Американская актриса и певица. Известность ей принесла роль в фильме «Братц» (2007 год).
  • Все 1949
  • Фото 1782
  • Видео 167

@ariellepaul exploring the badlands. #tambourine #goddessretreat #fujifilminstax

Late night summer snacks with my favorite flower child, @iamcherilynwilson. #fujifilminstax

Daydreaming of summer on this gloomy day - @ariellepaul stretching after a warm night of sleeping in tipis and morning yoga mixed with rosé. #goddessretreat #fujifilminstax

Ready for summer and sunshine - The Summer Set takes a cruise around the cape circa 2009. #ckpolaroidcollection

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

Back in the Canyon. Feels good to be home. #fujifilminstax

Ottawa, Ontario

The Tulip Festival 🌷🌷Canadians sheltered the future queen (Juliana) of the Dutch Royal family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Juliana was pregnant and the maternity ward was temporarily declared to be extraterritorial by the Canadian government... allowing Princess Margriet's citizenship to be Dutch. As a thank you, the Dutch Royal family sent 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa in 1945 and they still send another 10,000 every year. 🌷🌷(My nickname on the set of Baby Daddy was Tulip courtesy of @melissapeterman and @welcometoheidi... so I couldn’t believe my luck when a million of them were blooming all over Ottawa.) 🌷🌷

Toronto Pearson International Airport

💕 #fujifilminstax

📸: @shwaynesworld and @kayemeff in an inflatable raft in the kitchen in Lake Tahoe. These are 2 of my all time favorite people and they’re getting married in 1 week. Buckle up. It’s going to be the party of a lifetime. #fujifilminstax

COACHELLA friends! Be sure to check out my buddy @justinjesso performing with @kygomusic TONIGHT at the festival! 📸: #Polaroid on the set of “The Homes”

#WCW @jessbowen - Crushes drums, crushes whiskey, crushes popsicles. #Polaroid taken at A Summer Set show outside of NYC when I spent a few weeks on tour with the band in their 18 passenger van. #ckpolaroidcollection

Nashville, Tennessee

Kristy Frank’s Bachelorette - Nashville, TN - #InstaxMiniCollection

It’s the final countdown! T-minus 24 hours until the Kristy Frank Bachelorette Bonanza begins... #BootsandBling #LastThrillinNashville #WCW #fujifilminstax


Dad’s ‘65 GTO Coupe - 3 two barrels, 389 C.I., Hurst shifter, Positraction. Parked in front of our old house in Paradise Valley, Arizona. #polaroid

Heeeyyy youuuu guuyyyss! About to board my flight to Arizona... I can’t wait to annoy my parents all weekend. #polaroid

Las Vegas, Nevada

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. I’ll drink (some Penn’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beer) to that. #yeahyeah

CBS Television City

Polaroid of @markballas in 2011. He calls me “Mouse” and I call him “BALL-ASS” because I’m a mature, cultured adult.

CBS Television City

#TBT - #Polaroid: Me and Mark Ballas in my trailer minutes before the #DWTS live show. I remember being SO nervous that night. It was the third week of competition, but my first time wearing a belly top (er, a BRA) on national television. This is about the time I crossed over to the “dark side” with my spray tanning. I thought a few extra coats and some contouring would give the illusion that I had abs of steel... which Mark can verify was NOT the case. I know this because he shouted “USE YOUR CORE! I CAN’T CARRY YOU AROUND THE ENTIRE SONG!” so many times I can still hear it. That being said, I love me some Mark Ballas and I’m so glad I still get to see him everyday... because he’s my neighbor now! Granted, he doesn’t know I see him everyday... I watch him from the bushes... Shit, I hope he’s not reading this.

Los Angeles, California

Polaroid taken at a house party circa 2008. Proof that @LucyHale is just as stunning and sweet off-camera as she is on. She and her girlfriends brought cupcakes to the gathering... I think @kayemeff and I brought a half empty bottle of tequila. #wcw

“Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays” - @thenoahhunt asleep at the diner between set-ups while shooting #TheHomes.

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