Челси Кейн


Американская актриса и певица. Известность ей принесла роль в фильме «Братц» (2007 год).
  • Все 1688
  • Фото 1549
  • Видео 139

DANCEBREAK! #Stagecoach

Honky Tonk/Stagecoach/2017

#Stagecoach 2017

Stagecoach here we coooooome!

Had fun hanging out with this guy today! Thanks for having us, @clevver.

#wcw -- The Girls: me, @emileewallace, @kayemeff & @cherilyn_rae by @kendallkyra

Hahaha! @tahj_mowry just sent me this from season 2 of #BabyDaddy! We were all hanging in my dressing room after a taping. It was Christmas time and no one wanted to go home after the holiday party in the bungalows. I had given the cast matching red onesies with our names embroidered on the butt and baby bonnets. We all changed into them and apparently I helped myself to whatever was left over from catering. I believe this was the night #BarChelsea was born and we discovered @derektheler and @jeffasheets could rap every word to "Gangsta's Paradise." #Goodtimes

The Beverly Hilton

Hanging poolside with @welcometoheidi who wrote tonight's #BabyDaddy episode! We hope you like it! 👯

@tahj_mowry and I go to Lamaze class in an all new #BabyDaddy TONIGHT! Plus, Danny and Ben have another "Wheeler War" in this episode! You won't want to miss it!

Machu Picchu, Peru

Reaching Machu Picchu after a 4 day trek on the Inca Trail... 26 miles of breathtaking mountain ranges, subtropical jungles, cloud forests and BABY LLAMAS! We had this incredible guide named Rojo (#yolorojo) and every sunrise and every sunset he would stand outside his tent blowing kisses to the sky and paying his respects to Pachamama AKA Mother Earth. (I know this because I was harboring a secret crush on him the entire trek and was stealthily keeping tabs on his whereabouts at camp. Not creepy at all.) ANYWAYYY, when he wasn't serenading the group with his pan flute or making rope out of fallen branches (*sigh*), he explained how he sees the negative impact of global warming on the trail with each passing season... Eventually, people won't be able to experience the unimaginable feat that is Machu Picchu up close. 😕 Today, I keep a little silver Pachamama token from Peru on my bedside table. A daily reminder that it is SO worth the extra effort and action to protect this amazing planet. *blows kiss at the sky while quietly singing "Somewhere Out There" and picturing Rojo* #EarthDay

Happy #EarthDay. I love you, Mother.

Nature at its finest. #shithappens

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