Челси Кейн


Американская актриса и певица. Известность ей принесла роль в фильме «Братц» (2007 год).
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It was a family reunion for the record books.

My first day on 🌎


Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

I'm so glad I finally mastered the art of standing still for a photograph. It will be so nice to look back on these moments when I'm... SQUIRREL! 📸: @cherilyn_rae

Happy Labor Day! I'm heading to hang poolside at @derektheler's house. So excited to see some of my Baby Daddy fam! How are you guys celebrating?

Lotus Kitty Hybrid Fitness

So, I've been going to classes at this amazing little workout spot in Studio City... it's a hidden gem and was the best kept secret in LA, but apparently we kept the secret too well because they're closing their doors September 26th. To all my California friends, I highly recommend checking out @lotuskittyhybridfitness on Ventura and Radford before it's gone forever! It's a hybrid class that includes cycling, yoga, TRX and meditation. It completely changed my body in the first week and I've tried a million "trendy" classes here in the city. I'm so sad to see this place go, it's perfect workout for your muscles and your mind. I'll be living there until the 26th. Thank you, @lotuskittyhybridfitness!

The loves of my life.

I wish I could give this man a hug today. Happy 70th to the man, the myth, the legend... my dad, JOHNNY DUST! He's the best story-teller... I learned my comedic timing from him. He has the best laugh... I always knew when he was in the audience during all of my plays and Baby Daddy tapings... I can even hear his laugh on the laugh track when I watch back episodes on TV. Lastly, he gave me some of the best advice whenever I'm feeling down... "You'll always have music." I love you, Dad and I'm so glad you were born! Happy birthday!

Just delivered cases of water and bags of PB&J's to the very sweet (and very attractive😏) firemen at the Burbank Fire Department. Thanks guys! Hang in there! 💛

I have a family reunion coming up in a few weeks and every time we get together, we have a ukulele band. I was playing "Drunken Sailor" with such vigor at our last performance that I busted some strings. Taking my baby in for a tune up and some TLC before our big comeback tour. #uke #jarjarbinks

Mulholland Drive

Our city is burning. Sending 🙏🏻 and gratitude to all the brave firefighters saving homes in this unbelievable heat. #heros


JoMama and Dwayne came to visit me in LA last night and surprised me with my first birthday candle and wish for this upcoming year! #SeptemberBaby #Virgo #1988

📸: @emileewallace capturing @cherilyn_rae and me in our truest form.

Laguna Beach, California

This picture was taken right before or immediately after @nealhruby started a successful park-wide conga line. I swear it wasn't just the four of us the whole time. #musicinthepark #tbt 💃🏼

Laguna Beach, California

Music in the park! #tbt

How long do you think it will be until @emileewallace decides she doesn't want to live with me anymore?

Love me some @emilyosment #wednesday

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