Челси Хэндлер


Американская комедиантка, актриса, телеведущая, продюсер и автор книги-бестселлера «Водка, ты там? Это я, Челси русск.».
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It’s been a rough weekend. #bertandbernice


#bernice post Xanax.

#sideeye #bert

My daily Bert update while im away. Still pissed, and seemingly sober. Coming home soon, ya’ big fatty! 🤸‍♂️

Since not our whole family is on this trip, we got a screen grab of my disinter so she didn’t miss being in this photo of my nephew Teddy’s 9th birthday. #marthasvineyard #summerlovin

Whispering sweet nothings into my nuggets ears. This whole summer has been about children. They’re everywhere. I’ve worked so hard to remain childless, yet they are everywhere I turn.

Chunk would have hated Bert. I love them both. Chunk would never snuggle with me all night. Bert will snuggle with anyone. Chunk was an intellect. Bert reads the NYPOST.

#fbf to Chunk’s very first trip to Spain. He was more like his mother than I remembered. I love you, chunky❤️Even his nostrils are flaring.

Me an my popsicle. #lubrication.

Me and my favorite muppet. I don’t mean that in a Russian way. She is actually a real live muppet. @mastro175 lost her bunny recently and she is a real love giver and her heart is temporarily at a standstill. Please send her your kitty love if you’ve been in the same boat. XXOOmeow.

Park update from my cleaning lady. #bertandbernice #chowchow my pride and joys. They are brother and sister from the same litter. I hope this answers any questions. Chunk and Tammy no mas.

My sissy and my yaya @marycmccormack met up in #sanfrancisco. I love when my attachments attach.

This is my tootsie @christinesymondshair who went through quite an ordeal and had her baby at only 28 weeks. His name is Wolfe and because his mom is such a resilient fighter, he is almost out of the NICU, and is gaining strength every day. Mommy, daddy, and baby harnessing all their fortitude and devotion has been a really beautiful thing to watch. Even, for me. I love you, guys, @markeps

My babies just love to jump into my arms. #bernice. Single parenting is no joke.

My big baby #bert

Thank you Azoff’s for my fabulous week of boating and edibles. Love you, @shellibird1 @alabamastatter @cazoff thanks, Deana for this pic. And, thank you for this dress @nataliemartincollection this is not a paid endorsement. I just love her dresses.

Great way to start your day or end it. #gozzerranch #lakecourdalene #wipeout

Me and my sissy who’s not my real sissy but another kind of sissy. @alabamastatter #lakecourdalene

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