Челси Хэндлер


Американская комедиантка, актриса, телеведущая, продюсер и автор книги-бестселлера «Водка, ты там? Это я, Челси русск.».
  • Все 1924
  • Фото 1666
  • Видео 258

Happy Friday from our family to yours. @brycescarlett #bernice


This sums up what I’m dealing with on the home front. Every day, it’s like I’m starting over.

This Thursday, May 24, catch a few of my friends and me for a special #rednoseday themed episode of Hollywood Game Night. #kellyclarkson #seanhayes #sarahsilverman #cedrictheentertainer #islafisher #sasheerzamata #jackblack #endchildpoverty

Rolled up like a big fat sausage. I’ve always wanted a lion and now I have one. #bert

This is my nephew, aka my OG NUGGET. He was the fattest baby with tons of meat to grab and this weekend, he graduated from college. Congratulations, Jakey! I love you, bad.

My little tootsie had a baby at 28 weeks and his name is #wolfe and he is a champ. She also got everyone around her pregnant, too. I love you @christinesymondshair who went through a lot to get him into this world and she’s got the scars to prove it. She is a WARRIOR, that is now mother to a little Wolfe!! I love you, toots. Everyone does.

My bff @marycmccormack’s daughter Rose. #wildhorses

It’s like your pinky finger with a cocktail.

I know Instagram isn’t the place for politics but these 3 women of color are all running and they represent women’s rights, and what this country is made of; People of all different backgrounds and cultures coming together. These are the types of candidates we need representing us and our future generations. If you’re not political, but you’re a mom or a dad, then it’s your responsibility to remain informed so that your kids grow up with the same rights and freedoms we grew up with in this country. Their names are Lauren Underwood, Gina Ortiz Jones, and Lina Hidalgo.

#bertie won’t be pushed around, but he’ll hide under the dining room table.


I love coming home to this beast. #bert

I’ve decided to start delivering babies. And, subsequently become a wet nurse.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my two sissies who between them are mothers to five children and me. Lub my sissies and love their babies. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Happy birthday to my cousin Molly who takes care of every person in her life and makes time for any person she knows who needs her. We’ve been around the world together and we’ve worked around the world together and there is no body I’d rather wake up next to, clothes. Here’s a sneak peak at at you in 30 years if I wasn’t your cousin. I love you, Rick. 🤸‍♀️

#FBF TO HELI-skiing in #whistler. Where the snow never ends.

I’m just a girl in a city...looking for a drink.

#Bloombergequalitysummit. #nyc hair by @djquintero @quinnmurphy trying to make changes.

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