Челси Хэндлер


Американская комедиантка, актриса, телеведущая, продюсер и автор книги-бестселлера «Водка, ты там? Это я, Челси русск.».
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Filming first dinner party for Season 2. Back Fridays starting April 14th. @chelseashow @rashidajones @therealjimparsons @marycmccormack #GabyHoffmann #Netflix

Trying to act like a lady.

Whenever I try to learn something I know nothing about, I make a cocktail.


Sometimes you have to take meat into your own hands. Season 2 back April 14th @chelseashow #Netflix @gwenla @curtisstone

My bitch. Look at her pinky.

Went to visit the campaign headquarters of Jorge Nuño in South East LA. He's running for city council district 9. Election is march 7th. And he's Latino🌶

I found a new place for a pedicure.

Oh, shitsky. This might be a better pic of me and my bitchie. I don't know what I like more: the snow or the beach. Probably, the snow so I can hide my body.

FBF, to my bitchie on the beach of Biarritz. I always put my hair up when I drink champagne.

Season 2 starts April 14th. A new hour-long episode every Friday on Netflix. @chelseashow


Happy Valentine's Day, Tammy.


See how much my dog loves me...

Tough love. Tammystyle

When it's hard to take someone seriously, but still trying.

Sunday chill. Chunk


I went to the African American smithsonian museum today. @nmaahc THANK YOU. #apeoplesjourney

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