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Американская комедиантка, актриса, телеведущая, продюсер и автор книги-бестселлера «Водка, ты там? Это я, Челси русск.».
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My butt is the result of several chicken wings. Jen Aniston is my tushy friend and she's streaming now on #netflix @chelseashow

My crew built a crate for me to travel in. #netflix @chelseashow 3 new episodes this week and then 3 left. Season 1 almost over. 🐴

My dinner with the cast of Orange is the New Black streams today on #netflix @chelseashow

I just bought a tower of balls from one of my favorite artists in london @annie_morris_studio if you hate balls as much I do, you'll love these. 🙅

A group of my girlies from workypoo came to support me on the first and last award I'll probably ever get. Thanks, tootsies!!! @chelseashow #luminary #boo-ya

When you win an award and your friend @biggsjason has nothing better to do that night than present you. Thanks, asshole. 😎

Had a beautiful lunch in nyc with my sissy and my 3 nieces. Lub you, lubbers!

Last night I made my Broadway debut in Oh, Hello, @lyceumtheater @nickkroll @johnmulaney I doubt any of these tags are right.

Me and my boyfriend @fallontonight tonight on #nbc 11:30. For some reason, i play charades


This is what I look like when I'm getting ready for this. @vanjones68 #TheMessyTruth @chelseashow

I'm on @trevornoah tonight. @thedailyshow Thursday @comedycentral


That time I went to Japan. Streaming now. @chelseashow #Netflix

Tonight on @trevornoah

I invited @jessicachastain to my house for some wine and she immediately starting jumping on my furniture. Streaming Friday @chelseashow #Netflix #JessicaChastain #MissSloane


Here's to you, Mrs. Brady. @chelseashow


3 new episodes this week. Tune in Tokyo @chelseashow @netflix

Me and my bears back to work. ##netflix #chelsea #chunk #tammy

No man sleeps with so much grace.


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