Челси Хэндлер


Американская комедиантка, актриса, телеведущая, продюсер и автор книги-бестселлера «Водка, ты там? Это я, Челси русск.».
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Follow @CTAOP to find out more go to chatlizeafricaoutreach.org and many many thanks to all of you with hearts generous enough to take the time to donate. 👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽


Look at this trifecta. #singita

South Africa. Tracker: CHRISTOPHE

Today is Clear the Shelters Day. That means you should get to your local shelter and rescue a pet. #ClearTheShelters

Me and my bitches on safari. -#goodtimes

Look at this fucker!


Me and my bestie @marycmccormack enjoying the only time we have before she becomes a full-time ranger. I love my ya-ya. She is the only person in the world who looks at me and says, "hoy! Shut up and stop talking."

Also- I met this little beauty whose mother died of aids and who had a father she never knew. I know we all have enough problems in each of our own countries that we want to donate to, but I want to use resources and platform I have to help my country and all the other countries that I can. A little goes a long way. I want this girl to know that people and organizations from America care about her, so that she can grow up and care about people she doesn't know. #thinkgloballyactlocally #thinklocallyactglobally it doesn't really matter. Let's all give a little bit more. @CTAOP @choma_mag

We went with @charlizeafrica to visit @choma_mag which helps provide a safe haven for young girls both physically & emotionally. Your donations help keep these girls safe and in school. www.CharlizeAfricaOutreach.org

We are traveling through South Africa on a tour of the organizations and community centers that @charlizeafrica and her org @ctaop help fund. These are girls that are raised to believe that rape and education are men's rights, but have been empowered and funded by organizations like @ctaop to understand that they belong. That they are strong. That they are resilient, and that they deserve to be educated. That a drop of hope leads to a stream, and that stream becomes a river, and then a waterfall. Look for the drops of hope everywhere and water them.

I am in South Africa once again hoping to expand my mind, my understanding of history, and get better at being a human being. If im posting pics like this, it means it's already worked.

Hiking with my cous, LIONS HEAD. #capetown a lot of people thought we were engaged.

This is my bestie @marycmccormack taking a tour through #lifechoices in South Africa with @charlizeafrica @ctaop

Got moving today when I needed to remind myself that you do no good sitting around and getting angrier. I fucking hate hiking. I don't anymore. #lionshead #capetown

Rainbows are the best sign the person you loved the most is with you. #tammytime

Seal island. #southafrica

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