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Американский сериальный актер, номинант Премии Гильдии киноактёров США за лучший актёрский состав в комедийном сериале
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New York, New York

Taste the rainbow #happypride 🌈

Union Square

Thank you @harrys for the tangible support you’re showing LGBT people and organizations this Pride month. Proud to partner with you for this awesome campaign ❤️🌈

New York, New York

Trying not to laugh in this picture... May have had a little too much fun bartending for these fellas on @bravowwhl ... Tune in tonight on @bravotv 🖖

Carlyle Hotel

About Sunday night ... 📷: @caitlinmcnaney

Today we remember them with acts of love and kindness #pulse #orlando #neveragain

New York, New York


The Boys in the Band


The Boys in the Band

Happy Opening Night to the best fam a guy could ask for ❤️

New York, New York

So good having friends and family in the house last night... And here we are...

The Boys in the Band

happy place

It’s nearly party time 🎉 @boysbandbway

New York, New York


Manhattan, New York

Last one because Royal Tenenbaums, @heathernewberger styling & feeling extra this morning 🕺 June issue now available at http://gaytimes.co.uk/buy

New York, New York

🌀🤠🌀 One of the many outtakes from @gaytimesmag shoot ... Thank you @heathernewberger for all the psychedelic cowboy lewks! Get your copy at http://gaytimes.co.uk/buy

Coming at you like ☁️☀️☁️ ***************************** An honor to be on the June cover, @gaytimesmag ... get your copy at http://gaytimes.co.uk/buy ***************************** “I feel like even by participating in the culture and by having the opportunities I’ve had, I’m reinforcing this idea of masculinity... How do I, as an individual, recognize how I’m part of the problem and what can I do to change that... There’s such a necessary conversation about gender identity and toxic masculinity happening now. As a kid, I was what you might call ‘a femme kid’. I really loved dressing up, mothering dolls, Barbies, singing and – in some ways – it was conditioned out of me and I allowed it to be conditioned out of me, so I will always wonder who that little person would have grown into without this messaging from the outside. But at the same time, what’s great is accepting who you are as an individual in terms of where we are right now as a culture, and saying that I accept who I am, my conditioning included. How do I both liberate and help find that person that might have been, but also improve upon the person I am now – accept and grow from the present?” ************************************************ Words: @wjconnolly Photography: @michael_beckert Fashion: @heathernewberger Grooming: @dutchessnatalia

Nordstrom Mens Store NYC

Thank you @voguemagazine @hamishbowles and @nordstromnyc for the great discussion about @boysbandbway 50 years later ... And what a magnificent seven to be there with (@therealjimparsons we missed you!)

New York, New York

Behind-the-scenes of some upcoming fun 🤠

Central Park

Thank you for having us @gmhc ... Was an honor being a part of this year’s @aidswalkny especially with the fellas @andrewrannells @mattbomer #aidswalk #aidsawareness

A reminder to turn up in November and vote out any person working in congress who will not act towards sensible gun reform ✌️ #notonemore

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