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Американский сериальный актер, номинант Премии Гильдии киноактёров США за лучший актёрский состав в комедийном сериале
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#Repost @maxcarver @representus ・・・ If you feel powerless in the current political system, then you need to see this. Our system is broken, and our political leaders are beholden to big money -- that's not good for anyone. It undermines any chance to have a healthy democracy, and puts the priorities of the few above the many. Now...I hate complainers... but I'm a total hypocrite. I've been complaining about corruption in politics for a long time. But that’s as far as I could go. I didn’t know what to do! The only thing I knew how to do was complain. It's certainly not very effective, but it does make me feel worse ;) Happy to report that I'm done complaining. I don't want to live in the problem - I want to be living in the #solution. I want to be #empowered. That's why I hooked up with the lovely guys and gals @representus I got involved with Represent.Us because their plan for rooting out big money from politics is smart, pragmatic and effective. I have many causes that are near and dear to my heart and I want to fight for those causes with everything I’ve got. But first, it has to be a fair fight. And very little is going to change in this country until we address corruption in our political system. So, in terms of next indicated action for how to help out, this is it! Please share this message (it's for ALL Americans), sign your ass up and get involved :) Get involved. Link in Bio #RepresentUs #ForAmerica #ForALLofUS #EndCorruption #America

Carmel Valley, California

lush 🎙 #mixtape

Carmel Valley, California

mood/self portrait: pecos bill 🌪

Rage Ground

... when 3 peaceful people need a venue let out a little “negative energy” about the state of the world @maxcarver (glass ♻️)

thanks to all of the first responders in #norcal #lasvegas #florida #houston and #puertorico during these tragic couple of weeks. you all are heroes 👩🏻‍🚒👨🏿‍🚒👨🏽‍🏭👩🏻‍⚕️

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Happy #NationalComingOutDay ******************************** I can point to coming out at the beginning of a true strength, uniquely mine, as a man and as a human being. I’ve found clarity. I’ve found love. While it’s a continuing process and not always easy at first, after coming out, it does get better. Of course, if you feel like you will be put in actual harms way, your safety is the priority. But if you can, no matter how you identify, come out! You are loved and deserve love!

Calistoga, California

** Donation link in bio My hometown. In a fire, things change in an instant. Whenever one appeared on the hills, one knew to stay vigilant. The fires that swept Northern California this weekend moved unlike anything we’d ever seen or heard of, blowing into urban areas that common wisdom would’ve dictated were safe. My heart is aching for my community right now, along with the other communities in the state battling fires… I grew up in the town of Calistoga, a mile away from where the #TubbsFire started before moving rapidly over the hills and devastating Santa Rosa (pictured second); If the wind had been any different on Sunday night, my parents would have lost their house. We were lucky. So many of my childhood friends and neighbors were not and lost everything. This one hit home. And the fires continue. Many people think that this region is made up almost entirely of wealthy vintners; in reality it is an economically and ethnically diverse, hardworking, purple part of the country where the health of the community and the economy is dependent on the land. The land is hurting, and there are many people in dire need who have woken up with nothing. Thousand of homes have burned down, businesses destroyed, and lives lost. If you can find it in your hearts, the community foundations I’m linking to are well established within the region and will know best where to allocate resources. Link in bio ❤️ #calistoga #napa #santarosa #sonoma #tubbsfire #atlasfire

Cabazon Dinosaurs

🙅‍♂️📞? 🤷‍♂️? because she’s extinct.

mood. 🎃

it’s that time of year again... the birthday of my dear friend and colleague Ms. @hollandroden /Tobias Fünke! many happy returns, ol’ thang! October has officially arrived *👻*

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

FOUND this lil’ guy, seeking $ cash reward - yours? 👁

thank you all for all the love, generosity, and good times... so nice meeting so many of you. you’re just the best (and so talented!) ❤️

Amsterdam, Netherlands

ahoy ⚓️

Oh, @nickkroll please accept this humble offering. Puberty was kind... I think. This 7th grade look was not. But I’ll post anything for a dollar for Puerto Rico hurricane relief 🇵🇷 #puberme #puertoricorelief

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

mood #playlist ... donate to Puerto Rico, donate to Mexico (link in bio), donate on a whim to those in need and make a coffee/avocado toast at home to make the difference 🥑 #fuerzamexico #puertorico #millenialsbelike @lagotanganica67


forever grateful for this fam ❤️🐺🙌 #teenwolfseriesfinale

thank you @teenwolf for some magical years ✨🐺❤️ #teenwolfseriesfinale

San Jacinto National Park

becoming one with nature 🙈

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