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Американский фигурист, выступающий в танцах на льду с партнёршей Мэрил Дэвис.
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‼️ @meryledavis and I will be performing in the *Scott Hamilton and Friends* show this Sunday at the @bridgestonearenaofficial ‼️ Tickets are available in the bio of @teamscottcares

See you in two years


Feels like yesterday. Today is 31. And I’m really grateful for every person along the way.

Little Caesars Arena

Wow look I’m a very serious person. . Thanks to @foxsportsdetroit and the @detroitredwings for having me in to talk about the US Figure Skating Championships! Everyone will be blown away by the awesomeness that is Little Caesars Arena.

Dogs are the best people Say Hi to DJ and Finn!

Trump mocks a sexual assault survivor who had the courage to come forward. Americans clap and cheer. Watch the whole damn thing and vote. Stop letting this be who we are.

Detroit = Home Check out @seenmagazine (seenthemagazine.com) for your local lifestyle guide, Detroit! Also @meryledavis and I did an interview. And a 20 questions thing!

Every moment is my favorite

Beijing, China

The most important thing you’ll see today is the last slide of this post. Also- What else would I be doing at the World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing? 🏒🐼🇨🇳

Shanghai, China

A look at our Stars On Ice Shanghai performances

Beijing, China

Doesn’t it look like fun?! For some amazingly lucky reason, this is what I do. Having a great time working at the Pang & Tong International Skating Club here in Beijing. Awesome young skaters, and the most beautiful facility!

The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

So lucky to have the chance to work with these great people, and to celebrate our hard work with a wonderful dinner at the top of Shanghai! On our way to Beijing!

Hey, it’s me, I’m in China. And if you really look closely at these pics, you can see I’m saying “hey @delseyusa thanks for helping me get all of my stuff to China while also looking preeeetty cool. And also, sorry I’m not better at taking promotional pics, or of taking myself seriously, ever. But I think people will be ok with it, and I know they’ll love your luggage, cause it’s the best. Ok talk soon, bye”.

Throwback Thursday to earlier today. Ready to join our “Friends On Ice” in Japan next week! 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

Very excited to be recording the first Classroom Champions videos for the new school year. Big thank you to @classroomchampions for the work they do in helping children become the best they can be, and for allowing me to be a part of the process for going on 7 years!

People sometimes say “I haven’t seen you on insta for a while, do you still have that “it” factor we know and love??” So I took some totally casual candids to just remind everyone what I bring to the table. Direction: Baby C 📸: @tanith_white

Meryl and I have been so lucky to have had great support from @airweaveusa for years- So it’s really cool to see their amazing Japanese products made available here in the states. Thanks for the support and the great sleep!! Check out their stuff at www.airweave.com

What a great experience to work and choreograph with this wonderful group of people. It’s going to be a great season for them all, and I’m just glad I can be a part of the team!

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