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Американский актер, продюсер и модель. Лауреат наград Teen Choice Award и Sundance Film Festival.
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You took my challenge like a champ, so I will happily accept your #OrangeJacketChallenge @halleberry. I’m also supporting @helpforheroes and want to nominate my fellow Statesman @thejeffbridges. #Kingsman @kingsmanmovie @20thcenturyfox

London, United Kingdom

From the bottom of my Statesman heart, thanks for the love, London. 🇬🇧 #Kingsman #20SeptUK

What a week! Already missing all of the amazing people we met on the road...won't miss sleeping on the van floor though. Thanks to @macktrucks @bubbaburger @sunocoracing @harleydavidson and @prestoneofficial for helping to make this possible. Hope y'all enjoy @loganluckymovie! 🙏🏽 [🔗 to full episode in bio] #JimmyLogansRun

Driving Mack trucks is easy. Being interviewed by 10 year old Ella Jennings and keeping up with Beatrice's dance moves? Not so much. [🔗 to full episode in bio] #JimmyLogansRun @macktrucks @bubbaburger @sunocoracing @loganluckymovie

Harlan County, Kentucky

I had a particularly moving and inspirational visit with the people in Harlan County and have been maybe the most eager to share episode 2 of #JimmyLogansRun with the world. Thanks @j.spankybunch for the tour and sharing your story with us. Enjoy. [🔗to full episode in bio] @loganluckymovie @prestoneofficial

Harleys and Chainsaws... that's how you do a press tour for @loganluckymovie. Hope y'all enjoy episode 1 of #JimmyLogansRun. [🔗to full episode in bio] @macktrucks @bubbaburger @sunocoracing @harleydavidson @prestoneofficial @nascar

Knoxville, Tennessee

Jimmy Logan's Run. Day 3 & Day 4. This trip has been the most fun I've ever had promoting a film. Thanks to everyone I met along the way. Can't wait for y'all to see what we did. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #jimmylogansrun #loganlucky @loganluckymovie

Harlan County, Kentucky

Jimmy Logan's Run Day 2: met some incredible and inspiring people today in Harlan County. From dirt biking to coal mining, thank you for making us feel at home. Can't wait to share the full story. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #jimmylogansrun #loganlucky @loganluckymovie


Jimmy Logan's Run. Day 1. Success. Also Tall Paul and Mike heal their wounds and rekindle a relationship. #jimmylogansrun @loganluckymovie #loganlucky #harleydavidson

Always a good time with this guy! Hope you have as much fun watching Comrade Detective as we did making it. @amazonvideo #comradedetective

This is gonna be bananas I’ve wanted to do a press junket like this for SO long. Can’t wait to hit the road for #JimmyLogansRun for @LoganLuckyMovie! Huge thanks to our friends at @MackTrucks @BubbaBurger @SunocoRacing and @PrestoneOfficial for supporting #LoganLucky.

Hahaha hope y’all are ready for Comrade Detective!! August 4th on @AmazonVideo. #comradedetective

Los Angeles, California

I got to have a little fun freaking people out this weekend. With the help of @sauceyapp we spent the day delivering @bornandbred Vodka to the good people of LA. Thanks to all who let us into your homes-- a few of you owe money to the swear jar. We'll do this in a different city some time soon so get yourself a bottle of B&B and keep your eyes peeled!

Maybe you’ve heard of us. @KingsmanMovie #FYeah

Eyes off the flask. #SDCC2017 #Kingsman

BORN AND BRED CREW IN THIS BEEEOTCH!!! 1st edition MX jersey thx @fasthouse_ @bornandbred @arinb @dave_castillo @sdcstunts

I'd like everyone to take a moment today if you can. Try and see the statute of liberty in your mind. If you're like me-- your heart will swell with pride. And it's ok if it means something else to you. But like it or not The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of our country. And if you didn't know, these words are written beneath it. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island What does this statue mean if it doesn't mean these words? What does our country mean? This is an actual question.

Y'all aren't ready for what I've been working on with @freeassocla and @a24. Comrade Detective. August 4th on @amazonvideo. #comradedetective

There's nothing like buggin out just me and the pup. Sending love to all.

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