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Молодой американский актёр, известный по роли Карла Граймса в телесериале «Ходячие мертвецы», основанном на серии одноименных комиксов.
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don't miss the episode tomorrow because carl's eye looks so cool. plus i'll be on talking dead to answer all kinds of questions from you guys

hope u all have an awesome thanksgiving and eat like 3 tons of stuffing

haven't posted on here in like a month lmao but tonight is a big episode for carl!!

two weeks. #twdseason7

Tabernacle Atlanta

so sick to be among the first to see @porterrobinson and @madeon's shelter tour

#hhn26 is lit


Los Angeles, California

my dime is worth more than all the sand dollars on the shore

didn't have pasta this time but the show was so amazing. really really impressed by these two guys

happy 1 year anniversary to literally the coolest gf i could ever ask for

Comicon, San Diego Convention Center

me myself & eye #sdcc

2 more days until the trailer for season 7 releases...


the season 7 trailer drops on july 22nd at #sdcc. you don't wanna miss it.

#tbt to tokyo

had such an amazing birthday, thanks to how awesome you guys have been with all the wishes and edits. thank you all so so much.

idk what my tie is doing but i won another saturn award (thanks to my family, friends, and fans) and ur the coolest @violettbeane and i better get to work with u soon

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