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Молодой американский актёр, известный по роли Карла Граймса в телесериале «Ходячие мертвецы», основанном на серии одноименных комиксов.
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before & after @nolongerkai told me that the new pokemon games come out in like 6 days 📷 @nolongerkai

fallout 76's beta is only up for two hours today and i couldn't be more frustrated 📷 @nolongerkai

the fact that red dead redemption 2 will probably never have an undead nightmare dlc makes me so sad, i played that dlc more than the actual game 📷 @nolongerkai

what did u dress up as for halloween?? 📷 @nolongerkai

the smoke from the flares made me uncontrollably wheeze 📷 @nolongerkai

told u 📷 @nolongerkai

ok last one like this i promise 📷 @nolongerkai

help i need a caption for this 📷 @nolongerkai

fun fact: these were all taken between 2-4am 📷 @nolongerkai

“my god this is so off-beat” 📷 @nolongerkai

”my main squiz”. scott and i always said that to each other on set (followed by finger guns), and i still have no idea what it means - but man am i gonna miss you. we all learned so much from you, and it’s so saddening to hear that you aren’t with us anymore. i’ll never forget the things you told me and the time we spent together on set. love you man. i’m gonna miss you.

Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood

scariest part was paying $15 for a burger

went from long hair, to a mullet, to this

i like pineapples on pizza. there. i said it. 📷 @maxthompson

oh wow that’s a pretty cool bday present thank u @ everyone

*thinking about which new pokemon game i’m gonna get this year* 📷 @maxthompson

oh btw i put out two tracks a couple weeks ago lol soundcloud link is in my bio, it’s also on spotify & itunes & like everything else

in case you missed it, ya boi played #StateofDecay2 on another #XboxLiveSessions from inside a bunker lmaoo here’s my tour of the place^

got a little ptsd playing #StateofDecay2, still had tons of fun though on another #XboxLiveSessions - we were literally playing the game from the inside of a bunker lmao

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