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Молодой американский актёр, известный по роли Карла Граймса в телесериале «Ходячие мертвецы», основанном на серии одноименных комиксов.
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definitely gonna miss these goons

HARD Summer Fest

@hardfest was INSANE thank u so much @itsvincent_ and @craysounds for bringing me

season 8. oct 22. trailer link in bio.

update: 18th bday was 🔥🔥

18th bday is about to be 🔥🔥

they actually didn't give me a diploma lol

Shaky Beats Festival

still can't get over how amazing shaky beats was last weekend (feat. the chainsmokers playing @itsvincent_'s paris remix)

Washington Monument National Monument

when she says she likes tall guys

lots of thank you's today. around this time last year, i got these two new best friends who have changed my life, and introduced me to a whole new world. these guys are responsible for some really exciting things coming in the next few months. i also hit 3m today, so so excited. i'm only where i am today because of people like @craysounds, @itsvincent_ , and you. thank you so much.

the end of an era.

Keystone Resort

take me back gray

had such an awesome time, huge thanks to everyone for coming out!!

Snowshoe, West Virginia

Snowshoe Ski Resort

happy new years from the DudeBros and the SnarfBoarders

Canfield-Moreno Estate

i love la tbh

don't miss the episode tomorrow because carl's eye looks so cool. plus i'll be on talking dead to answer all kinds of questions from you guys

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