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Me: No please, I told you I have no more leaves... no, nooooooooo *dramatization - may not have happened*

Squirrel: 'scuse me ... can I come play too...? I love leaves Me: yeah maybe, depends... are you gonna steal my leaf again...? Squirrel: ... no.... ... And there goes the leaf ... and I can hear him laughing at me... with his other friends... 🖕 #nevertrustasquirrel On a serious note, damn they're cute.

Constantly avoiding reality like...

A HUGE welcome to the Hansen family 'Nala' ... 😍😭😂 so damn cute


What are you doing this Saturday night? Me: awww I'm pretty busy hey... got heaps of stuff to do... 💁😂

After countless hours of flying/driving/walking I am finally in Toronto ... helloooooooo Toronto you beautiful city you!

Good ol' Vancouver aye...

Just had a staring competition with this guy.... He won.

Me looking for funny captions to write on this Instagram post... ... failed

Lawn of the Dead 💀

Got the sun in my eyes again 🙄

Marvel studios presents ... Guardians of the Gold Coast In cinemas probably never.

what a nice day #goldcoast

Going for that 15th century look... Just need the beard to go with it. 😂

Yep, it is really true, you are a real mermaid but shhh don't tell anyone ❤️ Thank you Donna for this Adorable video.

❤️... Thanks Aaron for this epic Shot

Hi 👋 😂

These guys! ❤️

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