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Met one of the most beautiful souls yesterday. Truth moment - one of the many perks of this job for me is the wonderful people that you get to meet from all around the world, have met some of THE most beautiful people on this journey and I could NOT be more grateful ... brings so much joy into my life to know that I can bring joy into others through my work... still pinch myself as much as I did when I first stepped foot onto Mako ... gah I'm gonna make myself tear up thinking about it haha I'm gonna stop lol... just know I appreciate the support beyond what words could ever portray. ❤️ Thank you for making my day Mary.


Up with the clouds ☁️

Hello 🇳🇿 ❤️ Kia Ora

How cool is that light switch. 😂 😂 😂

Dammit... my cover's blown 😆😂 @moonlightmadness13

Oooooohhh, So that's the LEG hole ... I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

Ma main man right here! 👊✊🏽 😂

I'm Defs a mummy's Boy 😂 Happy Birthday Mum x ❤️


Never a drag with this one 😂

Every time I see this picture I lose it 😂 man I miss this guy! True Badass @curtbrac

Yes, We ALL know you're cute Ellie 🙄 😂 😍👌🏼

Wishing you all the best this year.... 2017 will be Lit 😂👌🏼 @mako_fan

Happy New Year Everybody from this crazy bunch and little comedian Ellie ❤️️

🎁... whatevs, I don't even want any presents anyway ... @marley_hansen

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY! 🎄 Got a little stuck looking for Santa ... #ilovesnow #santaiwantahug

Happy Birthday Bob you Legend!

Christmas break with the Fam! Always a hoot 😂

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