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‘Wonderbred’ ... more like wonder what I did wrong? 😑

Stupid roosters are spreading rumours about me, I just know it 🙄 @e_va_photos @big_erza

The Loner Ranger #noideawhatimdoing #heforgaveme

#squadgoals bunch of dangerous martial artists right here minus myself 😂

Happy International Womens day to all the beautiful women out there ❤️ Look how cute Mum & Sis are. Ahhhhh 😍 #squealsofjoy #loveofmylife @sarahromruen @samsachai

“I’ll be back... “ to buy this beast ... 😂 Make sure you wear helmets people (when you’re riding not just when you’re walking around because that would be silly)... safety is no accident. #yolo

As I said before, I’m really sorry Bert... won’t happen again. #personalspace

@kjapa sounds a bit like Cleveland Brown in this 😂

Bet you guys didn’t know I used to do ballet... poorly & roughly around 8-9 years ago 😝 Had my first class tonight since, any ballerinas/ballerinos out there that could give me some pointers? So much respect ✊ it is sooooo hard 😂 #thatwastight

Is that...? Nope, more air. 📷: @albertorosende

What’s that over there? Oh nothing, it’s just air... 📷: @albertorosende

It’s pronounced fa-he-tas ... right guys? #fajitas #throwback

This deserves its own post. So I was walking down the Venice canals minding my own business when I spot someone I had to say hi to ...turns out to be someone very special, sometimes you just come across people that really appreciates who you are you know. Miss you 😘 #besties

Eric thinks he can outride me lol... he can @e_va_photos #bestdayever #actuallyblessed #imissthatcat

Cruising for a bruising in L to tha YaAaay with ma main man @e_va_photos

How cute is he? Ohh and @productionpetey is pretty cute too I guess... #kawaii

We don't even need validation cause we so extra #loveme? #oldfriends

#nofilter #blessed

I miss my little bearded unicorn 🦄

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