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My New headshot Easy, Breezy, absolutely beautiful am I right? 💋

Me waiting to become an adult.

How adorable is Cece 😍 look at her little legs. Lol

If only I looked this good in real life. Thank you @veraaisawesome 🙏

A little birthday reminder for my sister @sarahromruen 😂 😘

I’m not sure what’s harder... life or social media.

Some people would give the shirt off their backs for someone in need while other people would take their shirt off just because ... like Monkey 🙄 #nipples

Who did it better - Chai Hansen or Joey Roo? #model #modellife #walkoff

When they find your cast card in the production office and there is nothing on it but your headshot you know you’re doing something right... 😂 @chickandtheduck @gregspieser

To the entire shadow hunters cast & crew... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ #saveshadowhunters #wolfpack

Squat holes #hashtag

They call me Mr Sunset. Nah nah they don’t, I’ve never been called that but How cools the sunset.

Right before I turned back into a Merman.

The love I have for this beautiful man...❤️ @jadehassoune 📷 cred: @gloria2512

They call me the bird whisperer... but only cause I lost my voice the night before at B38 lol. Man, I really love Italy. Ciao, mi manchi cosi tanto

Arch you happy today? 🇮🇹 Italy I miss you.


Here’s proof I’m actually funny sometimes ... sometimes #ITAInstituteCon2

Milan 🇮🇹

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