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Here’s proof I’m actually funny sometimes ... sometimes #ITAInstituteCon2

Milan 🇮🇹

💔 Forever a Hero 🇹🇭

“Hey bro, big fan. Really loved Homecoming.”

Thank You Thank You to all the rescue personnel & volunteers still working tirelessly on this dangerous mission to bring the boys home. Makes me unbelievably proud to be Thai. Thai spirit at its finest 🇹🇭❤️ R.I.P. Mr Saman Gunan, Lost his life delivering oxygen tanks to the boys... tearing up writing this. I couldn’t be more proud of him and everyone. Thank You 🙏


Throwback to when I was actually cool.


Fanny man - I’ve got everything you need, just ask. Battery packs I’ve got em, snacks... got em, more fanny packs inside fanny packs you betcha I got em.

Look at this good looking legend! Oh, @rossbutler is a bit of a legend too I guess, and... did you know it’s his birthday today. Happy bday bro, hope you wear socks with your shoes. 🎁😂👊 (also Ross is a yanny, don’t hold it against him)

No idea what I’m doing ... lol

Gryffindorians (@rossbutler & @quinnpipp) you better watch out #wbtourhollywood

I saw @jackiechan do this move once, thought I’d give it a go...

Me: I think someone recognises me... hehe Him: Wonder if he could say hey to @kjapa for me...

Let’s be random together... potato #blessed


‘The new Legends of Monkey’ On Netflix now... like it’s fully on Netflix right now... like as we speak you don’t have to wait, you can literally choose to watch it now or in like 5mins or even like... 6mins, I mean if you want or whenever it’s chill... Wait, did I mention its on Netflix?


Found an epic training ground @swathealth in the heart of Toronto. Thanks @swatkyleardill you legend, but you better watch these hands...

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