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Тайландский актер.
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Every time I see this picture I lose it 😂 man I miss this guy! True Badass @curtbrac

Yes, We ALL know you're cute Ellie 🙄 😂 😍👌🏼

Wishing you all the best this year.... 2017 will be Lit 😂👌🏼 @mako_fan

Happy New Year Everybody from this crazy bunch and little comedian Ellie ❤️️

🎁... whatevs, I don't even want any presents anyway ... @marley_hansen

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY! 🎄 Got a little stuck looking for Santa ... #ilovesnow #santaiwantahug

Happy Birthday Bob you Legend!

Christmas break with the Fam! Always a hoot 😂

😍.... awwww thanks @kjapa you saved a seat for me you legend! ... I'll get a coffee thanks bro 😂... can't wait for this! 🙌 some of my favs right here.

Them: would you like mild, medium or spicy? Me: Extra spicy... *everyone stops & gasps* yeah you heard me! #noregrets

When you have just eaten chipotle and realise you have to wait another 4 hours to eat again...

I miss the heat... it's too cold up here


I think I'm ready for whistler ... 🇨🇦

Them: "we're here, how far off are you?" Me: "almost there... bit of traffic" 😂

Oh so close... at least they gave it a try 😂 #cutie & p.s that was a chai latte 😂😂😂

Bing Bong really wanted a photo with us...

@marley_hansen Uni assignment... Thanks for doing a story on me Cuzzy Bro, yours truly Chri 😂

When you can't figure out how to do the boomerang thing but you still wanna join in on the fun...

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