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Got the sun in my eyes again 🙄

Marvel studios presents ... Guardians of the Gold Coast In cinemas probably never.

what a nice day #goldcoast

Going for that 15th century look... Just need the beard to go with it. 😂

Yep, it is really true, you are a real mermaid but shhh don't tell anyone ❤️ Thank you Donna for this Adorable video.

❤️... Thanks Aaron for this epic Shot

Hi 👋 😂

These guys! ❤️

Officially leaving NZ Noooooooooo.... I don't wanna go home 😭 I want to thank all the beautiful kiwis for their hospitality and kind gentle nature and hard working attitude. You really made me feel at home. You guys really lifted my game. I couldn't be more proud of being a part of this journey. This is exactly why I got into the film industry. Thank you for reminding me ❤️

There he is! Miss this legend.


And THAT ... is a wrap! Can't wait for you to see this! like caaaaant wait 😂 it's so good! 😂 😘 Love to every single person that spent their time and expertise bringing this story to life. This is for you! X The legend of monkey coming soon. Not soon enough 😂 🤣

The high street gang #hashtag

Kicking on a Sat with the @_gentlewarrior_

Leave your phone laying around on set and this is what happens 😂

They say a crown doesn't make a king... I beg to differ 😂 there he is...

This guy's a bit of a legend around set... He usually never agrees to selfies, so I'm pretty stoked.

Dragonite... more like dragon-tighttttt ...am I right, guys ... hi five ✋️🤙 😂 my first drawing since I can remember ... go easy on me it's been a while 😂

Drawing club at Starbucks ... everyone's amazing haha I need to pick up my game 😂

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