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If I had a dollar for every-time my dog made me smile I'd be a millionaire #huskylove #husky 🌎 BEFORE you get a HUSKY please Know what you're getting yourself into. They are wonderful dogs, great with kids, great in photos, they are adorable when they howl and try to talk to you, they have hilarious personalities and will make you laugh out loud...but a husky has many issues that might drive you crazy...EXAMPLE: destructive, annoying, shed like crazy, picky eaters, they get picked on in dog parks, they will challenge your authority often 😅did I say destructive? NO RECALL!!! (The worst part- If off leash, they won't come back) if left alone, you most likely will come home to something torn to shreds 😆...They are working dogs so they need to be exercised everyday rain or shine. It's not easy to have a big dog In an apartment, but it's worth it if you're down for the challenge.

Batman obviously thinks this is his world and I just live in it 😆

Happy birthday my bro @jimmy.skiddz - They say your friends are a statement of who are choosing to become...if that is true, I am one lucky mofo, because you're the best person I know 🙏

Smile, it confuses people.#casadeKanner

At the end of the day, I'm at peace because my intentions are good and my heart is pure. Never let anybody walk through your mind with dirty shoes.

They say that I'm getting old [32] I say, age is just a number, and that I'm going to do everything in my power to be better then I was yesterday. #defyyourlimits

Just two big kids refusing to grow up 😄🍻🔫😎@brian_atwood

"Everyone smiles in the same language"

Putting in work 🏌 🏌 🏌 Would love to do a charity tournament 🙌

My dogs face 😆

Some people just have that direct line to your heart-📸 @pointshootthink

Wait for it...😂

my new dart board wall 😎 🎯🎯🎯

Good mornings with big baby Batman #hammock #mansbestfriend 📸 @jimmy.skiddz

Becoming more like my dad everyday. Lowes & Home Depot is the new toy store

Leap of faith #jacksonhole jacksonhole @goodmans @brucepask @pointshootthink @lordjacobofsutton #workhardplayhard #lovewhatyoudo #minicliffjumping #leapoffaith

Batman "NOT HAVING IT DAD!!" #YoureEmbarrassingMe #spiritualgangsterdog #pissedoff

Take me back to casa de Kanner 🙏 F.I. Pines 📸 scooter (Yes...I have my shoes on... I believe Somebody gave me a nice little push) 😅

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