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LET GO of what Was, HAVE FAITH in what will be

I'm addicted to the pain.

"I'm not afraid of dying I'm afraid of not trying" Jay-z

cowboy up.

It's been so nice having big bro here in nyc

Just because I don't react, doesn't mean I didn't notice.

🍿 I see you 🍿


Me and my 🐶 Batman

🥃 the boys @alikavoussi @giampaolosgur @nahiladoll1 @francogobbi1


Happy birthday my bro @jimmy.skiddz - They say your friends are a statement of who are choosing to become...if that is true, I am one lucky mofo, because you're the best person I know 🙏

Smile, it confuses people.#casadeKanner

I never post crap like this...but somebody recently told me that I'm old and better hang up my modeling cleats 🤔😅 I might be 33 but I feel 25.

Just two big kids refusing to grow up 😄🍻🔫😎@brian_atwood

Putting in work 🏌 🏌 🏌 Would love to do a charity tournament 🙌

My dogs face 😆

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