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A dream come true. Ever since I was a child whenever I looked at a lion, I was mesmerized. Maybe I was a lion in another life...a century ago there was 200,000 lions roaming the wild...now it's under 20,000... thank you @blackjaguarwhitetiger for prioritizing the need to preserve these beautiful creatures. The work you do continues to inspire millions. 🙏🙌 @monkjungle 🙏 thank you brother. They have amazing clothing on @boycottcircus that 100% of the proceeds go back to the animals

Some days days are so fun I forget that I'm working. What an amazing team. @tomschirmacher 📸 👌@mitchellbelk ⬅️Styling @trewproductions for @34heritage @selinekincioglu thank you for the photos!! I'm excited to have the hair back! @soulartistmgmt 🙏

Good morning ☀️ Stopped by @noedewitt studio and had some laughs.

Rise and shine it's exercise time 🤓

My motto.

Change is coming, I can feel it in my bones. #tbt shot by my friend @gmvaughan - great groomer @scottmcmahangrooming

I'm in heaven 🙏@blackjaguarwhitetiger is such an amazing foundation! they rescue lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, bears, dogs, cats, birds, skunks, pigs, servals, ocelots, turkeys, lynxs, cougars and so much more 🙏🙏 So honored and proud to have seen this🙏 #savinglives #boycottcircus @boycottcircus #rescue #savetheanimals

Not everyday a baby lion chews on my boots 🙏What an unbelievable day. @blackjaguarwhitetiger @monkjungle- get some incredible blackjaguargear @boycottcircus

Me and my brother @monkjungle at @blackjaguarwhitetiger 🙏 what an amazing experience!! Thank you Monkey and thank you Eddie for having me! Look at this beautiful creature "Bambino"🦁 pick up an amazing sweatshirt, hat, shirt etc at www.boycottcircus.org

Batman & Hugo giving zero Fu*ks to be in this photo 😆

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. @gqrussia @philipvlasov #prada 📸@jegorzaika grooming @mua_simonrihana - @vitalyka

Burger King

Winner winner chicken dinner! Meal prep to curb my late night cookie binges

The journey isn't always going to be easy, but it will be worth it. @gqrussia @philipvlasov @jegorzaika 📸 @mua_simonrihana @vitalyka

Starting the morning with a coffee and our new @gqrussia shoot Team-styled directed @philipvlasov shot by 📸@jegorzaika -grooming @mua_simonrihana-@vitalyka Rise & Shine☀️ #acehotel #palmsprings

Spring training finally has arrived ⚾️⚾️ I think I love this game so much because it reminds me of the best days of my childhood...when my dad would get home from a long day of work, grab his glove, and go in the yard and teach me how to play. I remember how a smile would light up his face every time I threw a strike. That meant everything to me. Making somebody you look up to proud, is one of the best feelings in the world. This game brings out the child in us all 😄 love you pop.

@vman shot by @maxpapendieck Thank you!

If you believe...anything is possible.

My lap dog batman 😄

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