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Maybe @cesarsway (The dog whisperer) will see my talent and teach me his ways 😄 #husky #frenchie Batman & Hugo

Top of the morning to you 🌨🌨🌨☃️ I love this time of year

Thank you @vman 📸 by @maxpapendieck Head to toe in @philipppleininternational Styling @ianmilan Casting: @harbinger_creative @soulartistmgmt

I had to repost this @thombrowneny 🙏 Shot by @arnaldoanaya📸 @flaunt magazine December 2006 @longnguyen

Batman giving blue steel 🐺

It's insane how many Oil spills that happen yearly...#standingrock ✊Keystone XL pipeline Source: http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/campaigns/americas_dangerous_pipelines/

Been building that base since 1984...I'm all about that bass 🍑😆

TB to this summer on the mountain in Oregon-🌲🌲With my big bro @1adamdude, my road dog Batman & @niamhadkins We hiked two miles in with over 1,000 pounds of gear 😆 I felt like we needed to do a little Glamping... but it turned into a fitness boot camp for me. As you you can see I wanted to carry as much as humanly possible 😆 I enjoyed every moment of this camping trip because we were in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain, with bears and all sorts of crazy awesome wildlife, together.

I don't always wear a speedo...but when I do, I believe I can fly 🎶🎶🎶 @gqrussia team @philipvlasov @jegorzaika @mua_simonrihana @vitalyka great time with you guys in Palm Springs!

@toddsnyderny your clothes are awesome! Thanks for letting me rock them for your shoot!! @matthewbrookesphoto

@rickdaynyc capturing an awesome moment for @manofmetropolis @mikeystyles doing a great job with that outfit!

It's Monday...time to rise and grind. @toddsnyderny + @champion 2016

Batmannequin challenge #mannequin #mannequinchallenge #husky 🕊 😆 my dog is so much better then me!

This is the first team I've ever coached and it's been so exciting! I find so much pride watching my guys & girls get better and believe in themselves more and more as the season goes on. win or lose in two weeks if we are in the championship I will stand proud no matter what happens because we have come together as a team and are rooting for all as if we are one. #sonsofpitches #softball #williamsburgsoftball #brooklynsoftball

Chucky Cheesing this morning-Hugo loves these bike rides 🕊🕊📸

@toddsnyderny + @champion 2016

My favorite Sport in the world. #baseball swing batta batta

Not everyone will understand your journey. That's FINE. It's not their journey to make sense of. It's yours.

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