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Good mornings with big baby Batman #hammock #mansbestfriend 📸 @jimmy.skiddz

Becoming more like my dad everyday. Lowes & Home Depot is the new toy store

Leap of faith #jacksonhole jacksonhole @goodmans @brucepask @pointshootthink @lordjacobofsutton #workhardplayhard #lovewhatyoudo #minicliffjumping #leapoffaith

Batman "NOT HAVING IT DAD!!" #YoureEmbarrassingMe #spiritualgangsterdog #pissedoff

Take me back to casa de Kanner 🙏 F.I. Pines 📸 scooter (Yes...I have my shoes on... I believe Somebody gave me a nice little push) 😅

Hotel mémoire 📸

Don't mind me Batman...by all means, get comfortable.

Snowball bowling with @lordjacobofsutton and the amazing @goodmans crew :) #wyoming #jacksonhole

The phone project -- 📸 by my buddy @pointshootthink

That's a wrap 🙏 What an amazing team!! @brucepask @suziwjones @allisonballou @pointshootthink @georgemccracken @lordjacobofsutton @david_english__ @jordiordio @goodmans thank you!!

Good mornings when I'm home. Huskies don't often give affection but once in a blue moon his guard drops and he becomes a big baby 😏

Everyday I fall a little more in love with the people in my life.

Happy birthday my friend @christopheagent you're one of the kindest people around. Wishing you a great year of happiness! Here's to aging like fine wine & getting better with age 🍷🍷

Everyday this dog brings a smile to my face. #husky #batmanthedog @theprinteddog @brunostaub @amosmac @julianjesus

I Haven't posted a Batman video in ages...this one is worthy I think 😆 I captured how a husky "acts" annoyed but really loves the attention...captured him "talking" as Huskies do..and most of all, we captured his phenomenal mustache! 😆#husky #huskydog #batmanthedog

@wwd 📸 Whenever I want to quit, I think about the people in my past that would love to see me fail. And then I think about all the people that love and believe in me- that is where I find the fuel to add to my 🔥I can't and won't stop pursuing my dreams. @thealexbadia @markmannphoto @soulartistmgmt @jasonsoul1

That time I was chewed on by a lion and lived to tell the story 🦁 @boycottcircus 🙏🙏@monkjungle

@wwd @thealexbadia thank you!@markmannphoto you're the man 📸#emporioarmani @soulartistmgmt #armani @christopheagent @facebook @jasonsoul1

Softball season has commenced!! "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up" -Babe Ruth #12rounds thank @kingfreak 🤘📸📸

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