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This is hilarious @maxisms 😂 CAUGHT It’s obvious that my smile is my best asset. Wouldn’t you agree? 😂 —————————————- I’ve been a part of @jeffreyfashioncares now for 14 years, 14 shows. I’m so thankful to be in the position to help. ——————————————

They say I’m 52 in modeling years @jasonsoul1 🤓

Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction/ oldie but a goodie @gmvaughan 📸

Walking into Monday like... 📸 @gmvaughan @scottmcmahangrooming @mattbidgoli Casa de Kanner

Big kidz-

You are the author of your story. Let your heart be free from the binds and opinions of what others think is right for you. It’s your life. Be who you are. Live free.- 📸 @elischmidtphoto @jeffreyfashioncares

“For years and years I would shy away from the dreaded LEG day...It became the weakest part of my body. But Ive always believed I’m only as good as my weakest link...I retrained my mind to think “How I show up to my workout is how I show up in life.” So now I see pain and I choose to move through it and become stronger than it.”

@jeffreyfashioncares NYC- only 2 days away!! I’ve been a part of this since the beginning 🙏 it’s an honor 🙏 ———————————————— The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Game day

@versace @gqchina —————————————— 📸 ➡️ @arnaldoanaya- wearing➡️ @versace - jewelry➡️ @emanuelebicocchi Styled by ➡️ @grantpearce.inc Grooming➡️ @davidemk Agency➡️@soulartistmgmt

@gqchina 📸 @arnaldoanaya - styled @grantpearce.inc -@dior - @tiffanyandco 🙏@soulartistmgmt

@gqchina 📸 @arnaldoanaya Styled BY THE GENT @grantpearce.inc ALWAYS grateful 🙏 to my Nyc Fam ➡️ @soulartistmgmt @jasonsoul1 SO Honored to shoot with these LEGENDS. @slypapa - little Beckford ➡️ @jcbeckford Big Beckford ➡️@tysoncbeckford -grooming by the kindest ➡️ @davidemk -produced by ➡️ @spencersalley @defactoinc -shot at ➡️ @mapsproduction #modelicon


📸 @fabianmorassut 🙏 I’ve been so lucky to work with the people I’ve worked with. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for the experiences and opportunities.

Please let me finish my coffee first

It’s almost that time again @jeffreyfashioncares Please join us on the runway! April 10th 📸 @theofficialcherylgorski

Honey I’m home 🏡

The best job of my life.

The Oregon way. Helping pop with the spring cleaning 🧹 Once an outdoors man, always an outdoors man.

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