Серина Винсент


Американская актриса. Снялась в таких фильмах как «Недетское кино» и «Лихорадка».
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Excited to be back to work on this wonderful @mikefeifer movie with extraordinary group of filmmakers and souls. 🎭❤️ 🎬#infactuationmovie #infactuation #Grateful #ilovemyjob

"Relax your shoulders and relax your heart. Let go and give room for the pain to pass through you. It's just energy. Just see it as energy and let it go." - Michael Singer - The Untethered Soul 🙏🏽 That book changed my life some years ago. Thank you to @kristabatesphotography for capturing this moment of me. Makes my ballet teacher mama proud. 😉#justbreathe #aloyoga #ballet #yoga #theuntetheredsoul

Equinox West Hollywood

Post #rockinmodels workout with my blonde beauty @glazenby and a #happybirthday to @equinox #westhollywood - best gym on the planet. Been with you for 14 years now... and still love you to pieces. 💪🏽🙏🏽 #committosomething #equinoxweho #yoga #ballet #trainlikeadancer Thank you @desireedvb for my @niyamasol I 💙them!

Boston, Massachusetts

So excited to be invited to #boston @walkrstalkrcon next month! Looking forward to hanging with friends and fans! Oh, and if you missed it seasons ago, click the link in my bio to watch my #thewalkingdead #webisodes #coldstorage directed by the extraordinary @gnicotero ❤️

Love the "slime" behind me 💚Potential character foreshadowing, maybe? Swipe to see more extraordinary cast, crew and experience on this thrilling @mikefeifer film. #Grateful to be a part of such fun filmmaking and wonderful people. #infactuation @kevinsizemore @preetidesai @lesterpsmiles

D23 Expo

I mean... look at those faces!! Too much cuteness. Missing my gorgeous #tvkids ... and @ronnihawk from this post, of course. Cant wait for #season3 of #stuckinthemiddle Repost from @disneychannel using @RepostRegramApp - Shoutout from the #stuckinthemiddle cast at #D23expo! @jennaortega @kaymais @isaakpresley @malachibarton @ariana_greenblatt @nickyisboss

Happy birthday to my beautiful, intelligent, spirited, kind, nurturing and life-of-the-party little mama! Thank you for giving me this precious life and for being an incredible mother, role model and #light to the world. Oh, and for giving me so much sass to draw from as I bring #suzydiaz to life on #stuckinthemiddle 😉 I love you, mamamia! #happybirthday

Lil Sunday night reminder of how we should start our Monday... and live everyday, of course. 🌚✨🌙 #meditate #shine #bekind #buddha

Follow @justbreathe4cf and @glazenby for updates! In August we will all Just Breathe for @cf_foundation Stay Tuned for the Red Carpet Workout Event that you won't want to miss!! Dates and Times revealed soon! * * * * * * #justbreathe #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisfundraiser #rockinmodels #barre #workout #fitspo #yoga #yogafundraiser #modelworkout #cysticfibrosisawareness #events #charityevents #laevents

Santa Monica, California

"The cure for anything is salt water... sweat, tears, or the sea. -Isak Dinesen ❤️💙 #4thofJuly #therapy with @mikeestesstunts

Hollywood Bowl

#happy4thofJuly from @hollywoodbowl ! Extraordinary, moving, inspiring night and performance from @ptxofficial ✨ OMG. Do yourself a favor and see this group of geniuses. ❤️ @mikeestesstunts

Big #happybirthday #hug to @reggierolle my fellow #powerrangers #lostgalaxy ranger and dear friend of over 18 years. I 💚 you, Green! You are an extraordinary soul and I feel so blessed to know you. Miss you! Wish big, my friend. 💛 , yellow. ps. Aww... look at us! @powerrangers

I have to share a little #magic. ✨ This was my Grandmas's (my Nonnie's) chair. I LOVED it when I was little. And our love/bond was #magical ✨ It was her favorite place to sit and read and I always felt a connection to it. AND... I've always wanted it! But, so did everyone else in my family! 😉 It was in my mothers house, and while she was cleaning the other day, she found this old card deep in the cushion, from a Christmas over 30 years ago!! ❤️That said, it now has a peaceful home in my bedroom. 🙏🏽 I love the @deepakchopra line, "The universe is eavesdropping on our every desire." Just a little reminder, no matter if it's a chair, or a job, or a love, or a feeling you want to create in your life, the universe knows, and as long as your heart is open to perceiving miracles, you will receive them. #messagesfromtheuniverse #mondaymagic #nonnie #messagesfromtheotherside #amazing

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

Beyond proud of my brilliant, beautiful baby sister @savequeengreen 💚 Congrats on your #graduation thithy! You're going to change our 🌎... and save it. Remember, you can have it all, sis! 💚Everyone, follow her- she's doing important things for our planet. @antiochuniversityla #sustainability #mastersdegree #proudsister #ucla #thelondonwesthollywood

Oh just chillin' with my beautiful #tvdaughters @jennaortega and @kaymais ... and #olympicgoldmedalist @lauriehernandez_ !!!! 🤗 Tonight's episode airing soon on the west coast on @disneychannel ! Doesn't she make the perfect addition to the Diaz family? #stuckinthemiddle

Happy Birthday @GroovyBruce ❤️ You & Ida have been beyond inspiring✨ THANX for everything you do & who you are! I feel so grateful to have known you both all of these years through my @MikeEstesStunts ❤️You two have it all figured out, and you make the world a better place. Cheers! 🍸#brucecampbell #ida

Tomorrow! A new episode of #stuckinthemiddle with darling, talented, kind #olympicgoldmedalist @lauriehernandez_ as a special #gueststar ! Check it out to see what comedic drama @joepnieves and I find ourselves in with another kid in the mix! @disneychannel @disneychannelpr

Thank you @justjaredjr for the fun interview! See the link in my bio for 11 facts you may it know about me... 💛✨ @e2wcollective @disneychannel @disneychannelpr @kmrtalent @justjared #stuckinthemiddle

A big #happybirthday to this beauty... and #graduate 👩🏻‍🎓My stunning #stuckinthemiddle @disneychannel #tvdaughter @kaymais - Kayla, you're and an incredible actress and young woman. I'm blessed to have your sweet presence in my life... and I'm SO looking forward to working late nights with you next season! 😉 I love you, beautiful. Wish big! You can have it all... ✨

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