Серина Винсент


Американская актриса. Снялась в таких фильмах как «Недетское кино» и «Лихорадка».
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New Mexico

Lil #tbt gem to 1996 #missteenusa ❤️ Thank you @mariamenounos for this- made me smile. I look scared! Ha! Love life, our intersecting paths, and love YOU!! Btw. That lipstick was in. I had it too. Repost from @mariamenounos using @RepostRegramApp - #tbt to the #missteenusa pageant....miss Nevada @cerinavincent reunited last year on my @siriusxm show! Love her! Ps-what was I thinking with my hair? Or the brown lipstick? No wonder I lost! Lol

Great guy, great cause! Thank you @GeorgeLopezfoundation for having us! Beauty @kellystables and I had an absolute blast. ❤️ ________________________________________ Repost from @georgelopezfoundation using @RepostRegramApp - Thank you @kellystables and @cerinavincent for coming out & supporting our kidney kids at the 11th annual @georgelopez celebrity golf classic pre-party! #giveback #georgelopez #kellystables #cerinavincent #glopezgolf #georgelopezcharityfdn #raiseawareness #kidneydisease #organdonation #georgelopezfoundation

Happy Birthday to my beautiful #bbf @jodilipper ! J💖, our friendship not only changed my life forever, but it inspired our @hotchickbooks which in turn changed many other lives too. That’s a beautiful thing. You are beautiful and powerful and I am eternally grateful for our magical* bond! ✨I’m so proud of all your accomplishments including those two gorgeous girlies. My wish for you is that this year is the most fun, most abundantly joyous and that it is again, still, always your heyday* 💖 I love you SO much. And MISS you!!!! Omg. #howtoeatlikeahotchick #howtolovelikeahotchick #livelikeahotchick #harpercollins #coauthors #bff

Greenville, South Carolina

These guys. 💚Thank you again @ssellery for the invite to the #celebrity @bmwcharityproam in gorgeous #greenville 💚 And to @espncaddie for being so kind, cool, and the best photo bomb of the weekend. 😉

How I feel about precious #stuckinthemiddle fans... ❤️❤️❤️@disneychannel

Greenville, South Carolina

Love when events for good causes bring good people together. These guys. 💚 @briankgrubb extraordinary #wakeskate champion, and the REAL #celebrities of our country, guys like @big_dipp from the @usarmy 💚 Thanx @bmwcharityproam and @ssellery for creating new friendships. #greenville

Greenville Drive at Fluor Field

Our #greenville @bmwcharityproam #celebritysoftball coach was the very funny, very kind @gitrdonegram #larrythecableguy and WE WON! 💚I’d like to add that I hit a couple singles and crossed home plate twice with magic coaching from @espncaddie ! Good times, good people, great cause and @greenvilledrive is a gorgeous field! 💚

The Greenville Drive

Always wanted my own jersey. 💚 #celebritysoftballgame at the the gorgeous @greenvilledrive stadium! Thank you @bmwcharityproam #syntex and @ssellery SO MUCH FUN— and all for a great cause. SWIPE 👉🏼for a second wobbly video.

Greenville, South Carolina

Thank you @ghsgiving for letting me meet you’re amazing kids @greenvillehealthsystem 💚These nurses and doctors and beautiful people that create joy for these patients are the real #superheroes in life. 💚 I was overwhelmed with emotion today. Thank you. What great kids. Great hospital. Great town. And love to @bmwcharityproam @ssellery for having me in #greenvillesc so I could do this. 💚 #stuckinthemiddle #powerrangers @disneychannel

Greenville Health System

Met the most extraordinary souls today @greenvillehealthsystem with the beautiful women of @ghsgiving 💚This guy @jaeroc is just incredible. He loves #stuckinthemiddle and FYI @disneychannel and @disneychannelpr he’s and actor and dancer as well!!! We bonded. Love this kid, love all the kids. Thank you @bmwcharityproam and @ssellery and @SYNNEX for having me in #greenville - this visit was really special. 💚

Greenville, South Carolina

Super warm welcome in gorgeous #Greenville #southcarolina at the @bmwcharityproam 💚So fun so far... can’t wait for more. Thank you for having me! @ssellery #bmwcharityproam #celebritygolf #celebritysoftball

We lost an incredible soul today. ✨ Had never met anyone like #margotkidder - had the pleasure and privilege of traveling around to #cons with her for many years with #coolwatersproductions - and it was always an absolute blast with her! She told the best stories and gave great advice, always with a wild, candid sense of humor. The OG #loislane will live in our hearts forever. ❤️ #RIP beautiful Margot! 🙏🏽 Sending love to all her loved ones. Friend and fellow #powerranger @stevecardenaspr and I here with her in #Detroit - it was a great weekend. 💛❤️ #icon #superman #superwoman #redranger #yellowranger

🌺 #mondaymotivation 🌺 #loveyourself #buddha

Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Celebrating our #mama at one of her favorite places. The #theatre 🎭@hamiltonmusical is just as extraordinary as everyone says. Wow! ✨ So much talent. So much fun. So inspiring. And our mom was SO happy. ❤️ _____________________________________ Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother. Anyone who knows her, loves her. She’s everyone’s best friend and does everything perfect. Seriously. Hardest working and most unconditionally loving woman I know, and so grateful she’s MY mama! (Well, OUR mama, @savequeengreen @angelarosevincent #ginovincent )

Piazza San Marco Venezia

#fbf to 1 month ago, 1am, alone in #stmarkssquare in the #rain in #veniceitaly ❤️💚 With @mikeestesstunts and a little cup of @birra_peroni ✨ #italy #myhappyplace #romatic #venezia🇮🇹

R. L. Stevenson Elementary

I am so impressed with the talent and professionalism of kids these days. ✨ Had a blast with star of #bunkd @thenathanarenas bringing to life the scripts written by the adorable and talented kids from #stevensonelementary in the @youngstorytellers program! Thanks for having us! #bunkd #stuckinthemiddle @disneychannel

SWIPE for #cousinlove ❤️ ✨—————————————✨ #happybirthday to my beautiful #cousin @heatherskupa ❤️ Over 25 years ago we were just little school friends. Not super close, but there was something about her, even as a kid, that I was drawn to and had an extremely strong feeling about, but I wasn’t sure what it was. And then, one magical night, she met and married my cousin #billyskupa who was like a big brother to me🙏🏽And then we became #foreverfamily 💚Heather, the depth of and loss you’ve experienced is heart shattering, but you’d never know it with that stunning smile and aura of kindness and light. ✨ You are an extraordinary mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, (and real estate agent 😊!) and I’m so proud and grateful that #wearefamily ❤️Since Facebook thinks we are the exact same person, we must have been destined to be, right? 😉 I love you SO much. Wish big! Many miracles are on the way... ❤️

The Grove

I’ve said it before, and it KEEPS HAPPENING! ❤️ You know you have a big #TVfamily when in a city of 10million+ people you constantly randomly run into a #tvkid at the mall! @kaymais you are gorgeous and I love you so much! #stuckinthemiddle @disneychannel

Beverly Hills, California

#Pilates ✨ There is nothing like it. And no better teachers/trainers than those @bodylinela 💙 #marialeone is a master. #jesse also a genius with the body. THANK YOU and shoutout to @niyamasol & my beautiful cousin @desireedvincent for the prettiest #leggings ever. ✨ #pilatesreformer #pilatesbody #splits #splitsonthereformer #balance #coreworkout #love

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