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Американская актриса. Снялась в таких фильмах как «Недетское кино» и «Лихорадка».
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Disney ABC Television Group

Just 4 days away! So excited for #RDMA's ! And elated that our sweet @jennaortega is hosting! @disneychannel @e2wcollective @disneychannelpr #stuckinthemiddle Repost from @nickyisboss using @RepostRegramApp - Stuck in the Radio Disney Music Awards 🎧 #4moredays

Ahhh! Thanks for the #stuckinthemiddle shoutout @kobebryant & @jimmyfallon !! That's makes us all very happy! Our awesome writers @disneychannel and all 9 of of us! Love from our big #tvfamily to yours! ❤️@jennaortega @ronnihawk @kaymais @isaakpresley @malachibarton @nickyisboss @ariana_greenblatt @joepnieves

Cinematic Pictures Group

Last night at #menofsciencefiction @dennydenn #booklaunch with this man of science fiction, @mikebloodbath - Loved the art, the artists, and also 🖤my @forloveandlemons #lilblackdress @cinematicpix @tjscottpictures

Happy #earthday 🌍! If you're in SoCal, celebrate today with this awesome @creativeclarityinc event! Bring the kids! My sister @savequeengreen is performing!! 💚Repost from @savequeengreen using @RepostRegramApp - Who's excited for #earthday ?? Catch us at this awesome event from 2PM-5PM at @villageatlafloresta with special guest @adamlasher @amy_frena & much, much more! #orangecounty #brea #earthday2017

#flashbackfriday to a lil #stuckinthemiddle #stunt rehearsal from our #easter episode! My @malachibarton & @nickyisboss are little pros. @_danny_wayne @disneychannel

All new #stuckinthemiddle tonight on @disneychannel ! Check it to see why adorable @ariana_greenblatt is in this costume, and what it's like being "stuck without devices!" Something we could all benefit from... AFTER you watch the episode, of course. 😉😘

The El Capitan Theatre

Last night with my loves. 💕 Also, LOVED the movie! (And loved my dress @taylorlynneden ) @marvelstudios @guardiansofthegalaxy #stuckinthemiddle

Grateful to have attended @marvelstudios @guardiansofthegalaxy last night! My hot pink @houseofcb #latexdress was all from sweetheart stylist @taylorlynneden 💕 hair: @hairromeo makeup: my @rosannamfig from #stuckinthemiddle & love that #clearheels are back @stevemadden - wore those in #notanotherteenmovie 😉Love to @disneychannel & all the ladies of @e2wcollective 😘

This is my incredible little sister and she's doing incredible things for the planet. In SoCal? Come to this #earthday event this Saturday from 2-5! @villiageatlafloresta I'll be there! 💚Repost from @savequeengreen using @RepostRegramApp - So excited to celebrate #earthday at the @villageatlafloresta to celebrate its one year anniversary!! Back with the one & only @adamlasher there will be #food #fun #friends #livemusic #fitness and #familyfriendly activities & much more!! #brea #orangecounty #earthday2017 #repost Saturday, April 22 from 2PM-5PM

More #disneynight @dancingabc fun with my handsome date @malachibarton and other really rad people like @tombergeron @joeylawrence , his beautiful family, & #mickeymouse of course! @disneychannel #stuckinthemiddle

CBS Television City

West coast! Tune in to @dancingabc at 8pm and see if you catch my darling @malachibarton and I there for #disneynight 💃🏻❤ Big THANX to the ladies @e2wcollective for making it happen! #stuckinthemiddle

Watch @dancingabc tonight! It's #disneynight and @malachibarton and I are here repping #stuckinthemiddle ! And @feliciabarton is singing!!!! ❤

Disney ABC Television Group

Sorry mama! I gave everyone our bunny cake recipe! 😉😬🐰 Watch for some of our favorite family #Easter traditions! Happy Easter from #stuckinthemiddle @disneychannel


Happy Easter love to all! Counting my blessings today and wishing the very best for all. It's a time of change and renewal- also right in line with Tuesday's #pinkfullmoon 🌚💕 Here it is from #southernoregon with #frogs🐸

"Dads hold our hands for a little while, and hold our hearts forever." 💕 Happy Birthday to my Daddy! I love all our father/daughter moments together... even when we drive each other crazy. 😉I'm grateful for your wisdom, advice, love, support and cherish all our fun-filled happy hours. Lucky to have been born to you. I love you, Daddy... Wish big! ✨

Tonight!!! A new, #bigfamilyfun episode of #stuckinthemiddle on @disneychannel ! Can't wait to hear how you all like it. Let us know... ☺️

Hammer Museum

Share @disneynature #borninchinamovie with a love who also loves our planet and who will weep with you about baby monkeys. 🌎💚

Hammer Museum

Missing 4 gorgeous faces from this #tvfamily photo. But @malachibarton @jennaortega @kaymais @joepnieves and I LOVED @disneynature #borninchinamovie last night! Thank you @disneychannel for the invite! #stuckinthemiddle

Hammer Museum

Absolutely LOVED @disneynature #borninchinamovie last night. It's a must see - as we must protect our planet. 🌎 Also love my @fameandpartners #firefly dress 💚 Green for #earthday and my sissy @savequeengreen ! Thank you #fameandpartners and @guiltysoles for my shoes! 😘

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