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Американская актриса, певица и танцовщица, родилась в Лонг-Айленде, штат Нью-Йорк 30 марта 1990 года. В России известна прежде всего по фильму «Добейся успеха: Всё за победу» и сериалу «Добиться или сломаться».
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Nothing like reuniting with my #MakeitorBreakit fam ✨So grateful for their support at last night's @boo2bullying toy drive 🙏🏼 Love you guys!

When you decide to roll out of bed & throw on heels for the night 😉 In love with this @theofficialfoxbait/ @kiddangerous over throw 🙌🏼Will be wearing all winter long 🐾 // Such a fun night celebrating my babes' 5th annual @toysfortots_la_county event. @jokuk @imthekatie xx

Oh. My. God. I don't think it's possible to love more than I love my nieces. Here is 2 of the 3 of my baby girls, absolutely killin' that @cncomusic #HeyDJ track 😍🙌🏼✨#enamorando 🙏🏼cc: @carolscerbo #CatAndValShow


Where to begin?! Seventeen years later... and you are still my safety, my vault, my best friend... The hot pink to my lime green, Burtha to my Burtha, cheese to my Lenzinis wheat crust pizza, whipped cream to my yogurtland yogurt, crunchies to my carvel cake, greys to my anatomy, snuggie to my movie night and the list goes on & on.. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY to my beautiful best. I love you forever & a day ✨May this year bring you all of your heart's desires, health and simply happiness. Cheers to your best year yet! 🥂@brittsugarman1

#tbt Since I've been on a kick watching #SophiaLoren classics the past wk... Here's a couple clips from a video @joshuashultz & I spontaneously shot during a shoot where I was channeling my modern day, inner Sophia 🙌🏼✨#fashionfilm

@nicolefranktwe launch last night. Absolutely in love with her classic, 60's inspired pieces 😍 #nicolefranktwe

Why thank you, @instylemagazine! 💕// Link in bio.

Magic hour ✨Also, magic skin regimen. #RodanAndFields you are truly my heroes. Link in bio. Not an ad, just obsessed. Also, proceeds go towards charity! Seriously you guys, best skincare ever (and lash serum - living for #lashboost)

Happy holidays from the @boo2bullying family ✨Wonderful board meeting last night. Excited for what's in store!

✨Make a difference✨

Hey friends! Today is #GivingTuesday 🙏🏼✨Please check out the link in my bio to read personalized messages from our board members & to donate to a cause striving to end hate and intolerance.

The fact that we, as human beings, have to even have this day is something hard for me to comprehend. #WhiteRibbonDay #StopAbuseAgainstWomen #EndDomesticViolence To all of the woman I know who have endured these unjust acts and to all of the women I don't know, always always use your voice. Find someone to reach out to, and above all, love yourself and know you are worth it. Sending so much love and strength🙏🏼 And although this is a day highlighting abuse against women, men who have or are going through any form of abuse, I offer up this same message. My heart is with you. #LoveOverHate #Kindness #StopAbuse (meant to post this yesterday but was consumed with spoiling momma on her bday 💛)

There will never ever be a caption to do you justice mom, but here goes it.. To my right hand woman, my best friend & personal hero, I'm wishing you all the happiness you effortlessly bring to anyone who knows you. I'm wishing you health, success, and all the things that make your heart smile. To my adventure comrade, travel partner, movie-watching cuddle buddy, confidant, (best) advice giver, #1 cheerleader, top chef, shopping partner & other half, you make everything better and I couldn't imagine doing life without you, HAPPY 58th BDAY!!! Damn, it never looked so good! 🔥😍You are absolutely stunning! ("Love you more than words can explain, TBT, yumx3!" 😂💛) @mamascerbs

Happy Thanksgiving 🙏🏼As much as I love this holiday and the meaning behind it, I can't help but to get a bit sad right at this exact time every year. It's usually when I'm alone in my room getting ready before my family and friends arrive at my parent's house. As I think of how thankful and grateful I am, I can't help but to think even more of those who aren't feeling all of the amazing feelings I've woken up with on this day, and gifts I've been granted; excitement, love, warmth, safety... Family, the smell of mom's cooking, health, a home, the list goes on. I'm extending endless love and uplifting energy to anyone who is feeling alone today. You are with me in spirit. I hope you can feel it. God, thank you for this life. I pray for peace, and above all kindness & understanding towards one another. 💛


Had a great time paying it forward with @theartistsprojectla last week! I absolutely love this concept of motivating other artists and giving back while doing so. The @mcfaddycandy toffee didn't hurt either 😜😍// 📸: @mbezjian 💆🏼:@danielgravelsakon 💄: @moonstarbeautybyjade Jacket: @vampire_rockstar

TCL Chinese Theatres

It was an honor to be at #AFIFEST this year with @VIZIO, celebrating my passion for film with astounding talent all around. Thanks again @VIZIO for giving me VIP access and connecting all of us to the entertainment we love!

#TBT to last week's @boo2bullying/@psiaf kick-off party at Mayor Robert Moon's beautiful home, where I got to meet this very talented young man, AJ Kiel. AJ was the winner of the PSIAF2017 Academy of Dream Awards/Animators with Disabilities for his animated short. Huge thank you to #Boo2Bullying donor Harry Evans for flying AJ and his family into Palm Springs 🙏🏼 Congrats AJ!

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