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Jennifer Lawrence for @elleusa ⚡️ syled by @mrjoezee ⚡️ hair by @davidbabaii ⚡️makeup by @rachelgoodwinmakeup

There’s so much I love about this photo. 🌲 I love that Kaia and Presley had the hugest smiles on their faces as they jumped. I love that Cindy and Rande were in the boat with me - and their smiles were just as wide as their kids. We were shooting for Vogue and it was an idyllic peek into the gorgeous life they’ve made on their little Canadian island. 🌲 I also love the absolute freedom and abandon. Makes me think about how tentative and measured so much of life can be. When was the last time you felt as free as these two? When did you jump wholeheartedly off the deep end on some creative project or goal? 🌲 Makes me want to do it more often.

The Gills Group

TUESDAY MOOD......painting by Paul P

Bailey Island, Maine

Good morning Maine

The gorgeous @emilia_clarke (and her dragon tattoos) for the new ELLE France. 🖤 Makeup by @kateleemakeup 🖤 Hair by @jennychohair 🖤 Nails by @jennahipp

I don’t talk so much about cameras and gear here on Instagram but I’ve been really loving this simple run and gun setup lately. 🎞 It’s what I used to shoot SUCKER - the @all_the_dead_boys short film I did with @billmulleninc for @thepostherofficial. There were no assistants or camera crew - just me - so I needed something simple without too many bells and whistles. Also - we shot without permits in Atlantic City (which is NOT the safest of locations) so I needed something small that I could tuck away quickly when necessary. 🎞 I really love the @sonyalpha A7r III - especially with the addition of a half cage and this wooden handgrip by smallrig. I just got the smallhd Focus monitor - which is soooooo much better than the screen on the back of the camera - and I know there’s a lot it can do that Im not taking advantage of but that will come with time. I shot using Veydra lenses (which don’t cover the full frame sensor I know) but I really like the images they produce and the manual focusing is soo smooth. If you haven’t seen SUCKER you can watch it at the link in my bio. 🎞 To all the photographers / filmmakers out there - I’m curious - what’s your favorite setup? 🎞

While I was renovating my NYC apartment my contractor would disappear for weeks - sometimes months - at a time (looooooong frustrating story) 🔨 While the apartment sat empty I would use it as a temporary “studio” and shoot ALL THE DEAD BOYS there. It was a simple white box of a space with huge windows and great light. What should have been a bustling construction site felt more like and abandoned squat - which was perfect for @all_the_dead_boys . 🔨 What’s now my “office nook” used to be a walk in closet (pictured here). Shooting ATDB there was great because it was never a problem to get fake blood on anything - and I don’t think my contractor was paying enough attention to notice. A renovation that should have taken 8 months took 2 years - but at least I got a great space for shooting while my Greek contractor was MIA. I dont think he follows me on here 😶 but he was well aware of my frustration level during our time together so... . . . . . . . . . . . . #allthedeadboys #midnightmadness #audienceofone #horror #queerfear #scaredstiff #lonelyboy #partyboy #loverboy #doyouliketowatch #horrorgay #darkmaterials #sucker #darkqueer #personalwork #atdb #horroraddict #horrornerd #gayboyproblems #ilovehorror #gayhorror #horrorjunkie #queerhorror #deadboysdoitbetter #darkarts #darkanddirty

Bailey Island, Maine

Lazy snow day - scrolling through my phone - found this from my trip to Rome earlier this year - kinduv giving me Black Friday vibes 🖤

The one and only @shalomharlow way back when for @britishvogue. Im not sure exactly what year it was, but I was like 24 and this was my first ever shoot for a VOGUE. We rented a stone farmhouse in Tuscany which I found through my mom’s friend Diane Robertson who specialized in Italian rentals. We all stayed there together and cooked and laughed and drank lots of wine - all the while taking pictures along the way. 🖤 @neilmoodie, @_virginiayoung_ ,@shalomharlow , @kphelan123 and I had such a blast on that trip. It became THE trip to measure all future shoots against... 🖤 I recently moved my entire archive to it’s “forever home” in Maine and plan to dive deep as I attempt to “digitize” the years and years of work from before I started shooting digital. There are sooo many shoots I haven’t thought about in years - stay tuned for some of my all time favorites... 🖤 Any tips on the (completely overwhelming) digitization process...?

The Gills Group

Sooooo excited to get back to this...

GQ Australia

💙 Lucky Blue Smith for GQ @gqaustralia Man of the Year 💙Sky high hair by @mirachai . 💙 Styling by @warrenalfiebaker. 💙 pucker by @luckybsmith 💙

Dreamy light (and ceramics ) in an ancient Moroccan homestead from a few weeks ago....

Big Sur, California

Finn Wittrock in Big Sur for GQ magazine. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the globe with Madeline Weeks shooting for GQ. Dubrovnik. Iceland. Cannes. Malibu. Maine. Aspen. Tortolla. The list goes on and on... 🖤 Those shoots were the best - more like going on a quick getaway with great friends than “work trips”. We made pictures we loved and got to shoot amazing guys (like @finnwittrock ) as the leads in the elaborate stories we created for them. 🖤 What I always found so incredible was that Madeline has this way of styling where everything just looks effortless. Never fussy. Never “styled”. She dresses guys the way they want to look. Even when it’s as simple as a jean jacket and a teeshirt - it’s THE jean jacket you want - the one that makes you forget about the three other jean jackets you already own and think - THIS is the one I need. The word “aspirational” gets thrown around WAYYYY too often in this industry - but it’s kind of the right word to describe what Madeline does. 🖤

Everywhere you turn at @villadigeggiano there’s something gorgeous. We were lucky enough to stay in the little stone gardeners cottage earlier this year and man was it special. It was definitely the airbnb jackpot! This is a little corner of the main house - where they shot the incredible party scene in the film STEALING BEAUTY. 🖤 I keep meaning to rewatch STEALING BEAUTY - as two of my favorite people worked on it. Darius Khondji (@dkhondji) was the DP - and he shot my first feature film I made for Dreamworks THE RUINS. As a photographer, it’s a bit odd at first to hand off your camera to someone else. I realized pretty quickly that, as a director, having a set of eyes like his focused on your story is about as good as it gets. 🖤 Liv Tyler (@misslivalittle) is full-on-cant-take-your-eyes-off-amazing in STEALING BEAUTY. I remember hearing she’d grown up in Maine and how I was sure that meant we’d get along. I was right. Liv and her grandmother came out to @thegillsgroup on Bailey Island several years ago and I photographed them for the little book of manners they’d written together. She also played Adam McCormick’s mom, Linda, in my second film JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD. 🖤 Anyone watched STEALING BEAUTY lately?

🖤 @jlshannonsworld for @all_the_dead_boys 🖤 . . . . . . . . . #allthedeadboys #midnightmadness #audienceofone #horror #queerfear #scaredstiff #lonelyboy #partyboy #loverboy #doyouliketowatch #horrorgay #darkmaterials #sucker #darkqueer #personalwork #atdb #horroraddict #horrornerd #gayboyproblems #ilovehorror #gayhorror #horrorjunkie #queerhorror #deadboysdoitbetter #darkarts #darkanddirty

Bailey Island, Maine

🦞Happy to be heading here soon... (and 👍🏼👍🏼 for finally doing a lobster emoji)

The first celebrity I ever photographed was @drewbarrymore. It was for the very first issue of JANE magazine - which was launched in September 1997. I was 25 years old and I remember being pretty nervous because I’d grown up watching her in movies I loved like FIRESTARTER, POISON IVY and GUNCRAZY. 🖤 I remember there were lots of people on the shoot - it was the first issue of a brand new magazine and a lot of people wanted to make sure we got it right. Drew couldn’t have been sweeter - but I remember something felt a bit off at first. I was shooting film so there was none of the frantic crowding around the monitor like we have today, but I definitely remember feeling a bit less “free” than I was used to. I suggested we take some pictures in a tiny little airstream that was parked on the property and she lived the idea. Off we went. There was only room for the two of us. No hair or makeup. No publicist. No art director or photo assistants. 🖤 We sat inside talking and laughing, telling stories and taking pictures for what felt like hours. We emerged to find a group of slightly anxious looking people waiting for us - but went on to shoot a cover that we all loved. She was laughing and (!gasp!) not looking directly into the camera. 🖤 I’ve worked with Drew many times since then - like this shoot we did for ELLE - but it’s always those first pictures inside that tiny airstream that I think of whenever I think of her. 🖤 Swipe left to see one of the images from that very first shoot for JANE magazine 🖤 What’s YOUR favorite Drew Barrymore movie?

Another of my favorite stills from SUCKER - the @all_the_dead_boys short I finished just in time for Halloween. It reminds me of when I used to shoot film - like actual physical film that would be loaded into the camera that you’d have to send off to the lab for processing then spend hours hunched over contact sheets with a loup editing before finally making the actual physical prints. Seems like forever ago... 🎞 Marcy Robinson was my color printer - and spending the day with her as she perfected the colors in each print was always one of my favorite parts of the process. 🎞 After I made THE RUINS, I came back to shooting stills and went digital - but I always missed my printing days with Marcy. Wellllll......... Marcy is now a colorist - working on moving images - and coloring SUCKER with her was like a flashback to those “good ol days” of making those Fujiflex prints. This image of @ruehlemann from SUCKER is like one of those prints. 🎞 @killer278 ⬅️ Marcys IG 🎞 To watch SUCKER follow the link in my bio . . . . . . . #allthedeadboys #midnightmadness #audienceofone #horror #queerfear #scaredstiff #lonelyboy #partyboy #loverboy #doyouliketowatch #horrorgay #darkmaterials #sucker #darkqueer #personalwork #atdb #horroraddict #horrornerd #gayboyproblems #ilovehorror #gayhorror #horrorjunkie #queerhorror #deadboysdoitbetter #darkarts #darkanddirty


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