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I’m coming out. ✖️ Most of you probably only know my “pretty” celebrity portraits and fashion pictures...but anyone that knows me knows that’s only part of the story. ✖️ I’ve always loved all things dark and disturbing. Way before I knew about the world of fashion I was reading Fangoria magazine and binge watching whatever horror VHS tapes I could get my hands on in rural Maine. The darker and creepier the better. From Cronenberg to Carpenter and Craven, Deodato, Raimi and Hooper....that’s where my aesthetic was born. I ended up in fashion but my heart has always been in horror. ✖️ Fashion has been good to me - but as a storyteller and a filmmaker I feel a bit like I’ve been living in the closet. Anyone who’s been in the closet knows it’s not such a great feeling. ✖️ That’s why I started ALL THE DEAD BOYS. As a way to explore the uncomfortable place where the beautiful meets the horrific. A place to tell stories about confrontation - about loneliness and connection and the horrific reality of infection and disease. Stories that leave you unsure if you should be turned on or creeped out. Or both. ✖️ Instagram has already deleted me once - but @all_the_dead_boys is back. If you like more than just a beautiful picture of a famous face .... if you’re interested in stories that are sexy and disturbing and not at all like my “pretty pictures”... follow me at @all_the_dead_boys ✖️ It wont be for everybody....but I’ll be giving it 100% - and it will be coming from a place of pure creative expression. I promise you that. . . . . . . . . #allthedeadboys #midnightmadness #audienceofone #horror #queerfear #scaredstiff #lonelyboy #partyboy #loverboy #doyouliketowatch #horrorgay #darkmaterials #sucker #darkqueer #personalwork #atdb #horroraddict #horrornerd #gayboyproblems #ilovehorror #gayhorror #horrorjunkie #queerhorror #deadboysdoitbetter #darkarts #darkanddirty

New York, New York

I love it when I’m swiping through Instagram and find a picture from a shoot that I hadn’t thought about in a while... 📷 @mrjoezee and I shot this image of @katieholmes212 for @elleusa. It was a story about Katie’s collaboration with @jeanneyangstyle and was one of those perfect shoots where everything just seemed effortless. Makeup was by @makeupmatthew and @andylecompte did the hair (and posted this picture - which is probably my favorite from the shoot)

Even though summer is barely “over” I’m already thinking about Fall... 🍁 Fall means Halloween. Which means ghosts, monsters and all things dark and disturbing. Anyone that knows me knows thats where I feel most at home - telling some creepy story with images or words or both. Fashion is great but give me a mutated killer or coven of warlocks any day. 🖤 No doubt it’s partially because I’ve spent so much time making things look beautiful and perfect and aspirational in my pictures - but even as a kid I was a voracious reader (and writer) of all things horror. 🎬 JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD is the feature I made from Christopher Barzak’s novel ONE FOR SORROW a few years ago. It definitely qualifies as “personal work”. JMID (as we referred to it while making it) isn’t really a horror film. It’s dark. It’s creepy. There are some parts that are definitely scary. But it’s a ghost story - and that’s one of the things I love about ghost stories - they aren’t always horror. They can be sad. They can be sweet. They can be melancholy and tender. I hope JMID is all of those things. 🎥 This image is from the incredible fan poster @ibtrav did for the film. 👻 Have you seen JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD? ❔ If you haven’t it’s available on Amazon Prime as well as iTunes. I’m curious to hear what you thought of it...

Bailey Island, Maine

Another perfect Saturday.... with @1stbedloe @cupcake3178123 @onetrippass @alaalison @rayrayderosa @heliocampos @vicentedepaulorio @mzcarioca @maxbartick @pambrodersen @timothypwilson @messelian

Bailey Island, Maine

Lazy Sunday

The video I directed for @keithurban ‘s NEVER COMIN DOWN came out today! 🎥 Thank you Keith for trusting me with another one of your songs - which still - after thousands of listens - I’m somehow still in love with... 👥 So many talented people worked on this video with me. We had dozens of incredible dancers on set whose energy and enthusiasm made this one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. THANK YOU each and every one of you. I could have made a 10 minute video with all the great footage we got - which means there are a lot of great moments that unfortunately didn’t make it into this 3:40 cut... 🕺🏼💃🏼 Moves by @samallenswag_ (and @itsamandawelch ) 🎥 Shot by @bennncareyyy 👤 Casting by @chark_attack 💻 Produced by @mampipa 👄 Makeup by @_virginiayoung_ 👖 Styled by @sarahschussheim 🎬 Edited by @nagyposta 🌈 Colored by @killer278 👁👁 Wide-eyed small town cowboy realness by the one and only @thespencerclark 🖤 SEE THE FULL VIDEO VIA THE LINK IN MY PROFILE

I’ve been thinking a lot about “personal work”. It’s easy to get caught up in what a client/magazine/celebrity wants while you’re doing a job. So much so that sometimes you lose what’s so special about making pictures with someone. ◼️ I’ve gone through phases where I shoot lots of pictures I’d consider personal work and I’ve gone through phases where I haven’t done much at all - focusing on writing or renovating or some other creative outlet. ◼️ Usually it’s meeting someone inspiring that makes me to want to shoot for myself. Someone that reminds me why I love to take pictures and capture moments. I met @thespencerclark while casting the new Keith Urban music video I just directed. Spoiler alert - he got the part - and we shot these pictures a week or so after the shoot. It reminded me how nice it is to make pictures without having to make anyone else happy. ◼️ The music video comes out in a few weeks - stay tuned. And I’ll be posting more “personal work” here....

Bailey Island, Maine

Cant wait to get out of NYC and head north to wake up to this every morning.... 💥 One last job to finish up before I can go (luckily it’s a super fun one)


@imsebastianstan for @gq with @madelineweeks (on a FREEZING cold day in March on Long Island) ❄️❄️❄️


The one and only @sharonstone 💛 🖤 💛 With @teddycharles35 @missjobaker @elizabethstewart1 and @shalterman

Bailey Island, Maine

Walked over to The Red House for one last dose of Bailey Island sunset before heading back to NYC for a bit... 🌊 @thegillsgroup 🌊 #exploremore #visitmaine #baileyisland #stayandwander #thegillsgroup #wakeuphere #mainetheway #thenortheastcollective #mainelife #maineislandrental #eastcoastcreatives #getoutside #headnorth #travelmore #exploremaine #thewaylifeshouldbe #islandcottage #llbeanmoment #theviewfromhere #207 #vacationland #mainecoast #capturemaine #101lobsters #apoundoftobaccoandagallonofrum #maine

Little Sebago Lake

🇺🇸American Summer🇺🇸

Bailey Island, Maine

Old meets new at The Red House. 🌊 Anyone up for a last minute trip to Maine? Because of a frustrating glitch in the booking system over at VRBO - THE RED HOUSE is empty and available starting Sunday July 1st through Sunday July 7th. 🌊 DM me on Instagram if you ( or someone you know ) feels like a last minute trip to Maine. 🛶 The house sleeps 4 and also has a massive oceanfront steam room ;) There is a small pebble beach for launching kayaks and according to the weather - it will be hot enough to swim! 💨 Check out my other account @thegillsgroup for more images. . . . . . . . . #exploremore #visitmaine #baileyisland #stayandwander #thegillsgroup #wakeuphere #mainetheway #thenortheastcollective #mainelife #maineislandrental #eastcoastcreatives #getoutside #headnorth #travelmore #exploremaine #thewaylifeshouldbe #islandcottage #llbeanmoment #theviewfromhere #207 #vacationland #mainecoast #capturemaine #101lobsters #apoundoftobaccoandagallonofrum #maine

The Gills Group

Pretty much a perfect day on Bailey Island.... 🌊

Bailey Island, Maine

This happened. While I was checking out the Red House wharf for the first time. So. Excited. About. This. 🌊 It’s huge. Feels like you could have a square dance on there - 100 feet out over the water. 18 feet wide. 🛶 The Red House is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite @thegillsgroup cottages. 🌈

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS love this shot of @taissafarmiga for @elleusa with @mrjoezee 🖤

The Gills Group


Bailey Island, Maine

@jlshannonsworld in THE SHED

Bailey Island, Maine

I’ve been working on @thegillsgroup website for quite a while now (with a lot of help;) and it’s getting to be the final stretch..... 🌊 VRBO has been great. I wouldn’t have a business at all if it wasn’t for them - but I’m soooo excited to finally have a place to showcase the cottages the way I want to. There will be no hidden “traveller fees”. No shady redactions of email addresses and phone numbers making it impossible to actually speak with guests before booking. And it will look, feel and function EXACTLY like I want it to. 🌲 The majority of people will still most likely discover the cottages on VRBO - but hopefully that will eventually change. And it will feel great knowing that The Gills Group has a home of its very own online. . . . #exploremore #visitmaine #baileyisland #stayandwander #thegillsgroup #wakeuphere #mainetheway #thenortheastcollective #mainelife #maineislandrental #eastcoastcreatives #getoutside #headnorth #travelmore #vacationmode #exploremaine #thewaylifeshouldbe #islandcottage #llbeanmoment #theviewfromhere #207 #vacationland #mainecoast #staysalty #bookdirect #101LOBSTERS

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