Каро Эмиральд

Нидерландская джазовая певица. Она дебютировала 6 июля 2009 года с синглом «Back It Up».
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It’s no secret that I love performing, but I love it even more when it’s in a beautiful theatre like the Palladium. So don’t miss tonight's broadcast of #ITV’s #TonightAtTheLondonPalladium at 8pm

Don’t disturb me, I’m buying my tickets… ; ) #EmeraldIslandtouronsalenow http://gigst.rs/caro

A new year, new songs, a new show, a new tour. I can’t wait to come over to the UK again, i'm really looking forward to it, especially that dreamy Royal Albert Hall. Tickets will go on sale this Friday. http://gigst.rs/caro


On my way to Uganda with @pippellens for #plannederland

This is passion’s ultimate realization that for one moment, you cannot say goodbye. Instead, you say you truly belong to someone. Eternally, emotionally and forever. I shall belong, to you and only you.

#throwbackthursday #freedom #bevrijdingsdag

Diva in the making #Jazz&BluesOpen #wendelstein

"So I’m staring the hands off my wall clock Seems both of us just hang around"

Gimme some of that funky The kind that the Duke used to play #inspiration #duke https://open.spotify.com/track/5ZO5WWdzf6chB2RAcf4xvJ

I've got summer on my mind.....and it needs some music. July 8, #summerdaysfestival

"I'll take the bullet, but not the blame. Did you expect I'd never know her name"

Hey handsome have you got the time I've been watching you since the moment you arrived


"It's drawing me in and pulling me to you And every thought I have turns the language blue"

"Sweeter than the candy About to caress my lips Imagine all the sugar When I start to shake my hips”

Best of Turkey #baklava

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