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Today more than ever before Mother’s Day reminds me of what a special Blessing motherhood is. After three years of trying to conceive, six rounds of failed IVF and one failed IUI, I’m still not prepared to say it’s over. But today I hurt. I hurt for myself, for all the other women that have been struggling to conceive and for the women who have lost a child. I’m writing this because I feel like my story is a common one that nobody talk about. So when you flip through my Instagram page or the pages of others, you can realize that our lives are NOT perfect. Far from it actually. I post what I want you to see. It’s not my real life. My reality has been in and out of doctors offices for three years. Unwarranted weight gain from absurd amounts of hormone injections, hours of tears and frustration and a broken heart from not being able to have the one thing I want so badly. I decided to break my silence today because in this generation of women empowerment and careers first, we need to remember that we ARE different to men...in one area “fertility!” It’s a reality that we often forget when we put our career first. I get it, I am one of those women. We need to go beyond 50-50 and stop the prejudice against hiring a woman because they are pregnant or have a baby! I’m a prime example of a working actor who relented to the pressure of my business. Always worrying that “THEY” wouldn’t hire me if I was pregnant. And the truth is with more women in the work place this won’t have to be a reality. So ladies, on this Mother’s Day, I encourage you to take care of you. Have your career, but look into fertility early. If I could talk to my younger self I would of given her this advice. Happy Future Mother’s Day❤️❤️

Feeling like a starlet in @catherinefulmercollection backstage at the @newfilmmakers awards. #HBO #Variety #hollywoodforeignpress #TheWrap

It’s finally here!! #lonelyheartsclub premiering tonight at #ifsfestival in LA!! Nominated for an audience choice award! Our director @jasonosilva won the Vanguard Award. Come get your tix and vote!! www.ifsfilm.com This movie is a little gem. I have never been more real, more raw, more vulnerable. After a few years in the making it’s finally out today. I hope you get inspired, moved and touched. It’s about love, loss and relationships but most of all friendship!! Come experience what we worked so hard to create. @remnoz @solomonshiv @annettemsilva

#Repost @fabricehenssensphoto ・・・ FUCK!! That was an amazing art show! F U C K letters by @mayahayuk at @beyondthestreetsart show last night.

This is Chilly...he’s been my best friend for over 13 years. It’s crazy to think this dog has been with me through all my heartbreaks, all my triumphs. When I first saw him, I knew I had to have him. I had just enough money for rent and car payment. Turns out that’s exactly how much Chilly cost. I didn’t know where my next check was coming from. I’m an actress after all. I went home, prayed about it, woke up the next day and brought him home with me. That day I got a phone call from my manager saying that I got my first straight offer for a guest star on the Joey show. I was going to make the exact amount of money that I spent on the dog!! God works in mysterious ways for sure. Chilly’s had a rough few weeks which culminated in a not so positive prognosis. We’ve decided to opt out of any treatment & let his days be filled with love. I’m not kidding when I saw this dog goes for walks so he can say hi to people!! He brings a smile to everyone’s face with his infectious personality and his habitually wagging tail. Why do we love these guys so much?!!

When you tell you’re dad you want to be an actress and he says he’ll take your headshots. 🎬📸Dad. #oldheadshotday #latergram #latetotheparty

#Fbf to umm Monday? Can I just go back to #1940s please?! #shamelessselefie #carselfie

#theaudition parental discretion is advised. #selftape #nochella #work #ratedr Coached and taped by the ever so patient @instagraham_sto

Should I grow my hair long again? lol! #tbt #latina #boriqua #cubana

Happy #humpday!! Also #wcw to my inner child!

To all those who think “LOVE” isn’t possible. It is!!! 7 yrs today and it feels like yesterday. I knew on our first date. As the saying goes...”You know when you know”. I feel truly blessed to have him by my side!!! #truelove #theone #happyanniversary #love #laugh #blessings

As the old saying goes whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!! #vegas #mischief #cosmopolitanlasvegas #buffet #woodenspoon #lastdayofvacation

Hey guys thanks to @lissethchavez amazing photoshopping skills @sheambuckner and I finally made it to the Bahamas after all! That’s an official wrap on #getchristielove 🙏🙏I get to see these goofballs again!! @kyliebunbury @lissethchavez @sheambuckner @thomascocquerel @juanjaviercardenas @courtneyakemp @debramchase @ombaimnama


#Repost @thefilmcarpedm ・・・ In between takes with the very focused @camilleguaty . This image really sums up our 15 year relationship. There's no better feeling than collaborating with friends. • • #womeninfilm #actor #director #setlife #bts #comedienne #setlife #camilleguaty #thefilmcarpedm @heatherleroy hardest working woman in show business!!!

#tbt because...I mean wouldn’t you? #thatsmyman #hot #missingyou 📸 @richardguaty

Snow Day ❄️ Nothing says spring like a blizzard!! #nyc #noreaster #blizzard #timesquare #gclove #abc

#Repost @absolutely_genius #melvester #meghanobrien Hey #scorpion fans...I see you ❤️❤️

Gangstas at the mall!!!

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