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Кубинская певица и актриса.
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We had the most amazing time bringing these two characters to life and diving into their stories.... I just hope it makes you feel something ❤️@machinegunkelly #BadThingsMusicVideo ... [ link in bio ]❣️ directed by the incredible: @hannahluxdavis

#BadThingsVideo out on 12/1. 👄

The #BadThingsVideo is coming.... 👄


my sweet innocent angel loyal sunshine warm pure unicorn old cuddly dinosaur

🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺I want nothing more than to see the families that were divided to come together again and for all the years of pain to come to an end. tengo el corazon lleno de esperanza por CUBA.

#badthings 👄

Manhattan, New York

thank u so much @fallontonight for having us i freaked out when I found out we were performing this here, thank u @jimmyfallon for always being so kind and welcoming 💕💕 @247productions for being such an incredible creative team and working so hard on all da details to bring this to life!!!! thank u @machinegunkelly for being seriously the sweetest and the coolest person it is so amazing to perform w you and your super dope band. love u guys. ❣️ now gonna eat hella cuban food and catch up on all the sleep I haven't experienced this week

u ready? @machinegunkelly

tune in to @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight tomorrow night. 👄

me to me: don't trip

thank you @amas Thank u @ASHTONMICHAEL for our performance outfits and @jasonrembert for our red carpet outfits!!!! @giannetos for hair and @allanface for makeup! Thank u for all your hard work today love you guys ❤️

WE DID IT!!! WE WON AN AMA!! thank u guys so much for voting for us!!!!!! woohoo ladies!!! and to the man TY!! ... such an honor to work w u- u are soooo ill and the sweetest ever. We love you guys so much and we are forever grateful. We get to live this dream out because of you. Thank you ❤️

me tomorrow at the carpet for @amas

got my eye on u like Mike Wazowski

Please believe me.

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