Камерон Монахэн


Американский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям в телесериале «Бесстыдники» и кинофильме «Клик: С пультом по жизни». Лауреат премии «Молодой актёр» за роль в телесериале «Малкольм в центре внимания».
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Anthem of a Teenage Prophet is out TODAY! In select theaters and streaming!

Had a great time chatting Superman and promoting my voiceover role of Superboy last night. #ReignOfTheSupermen will be having a limited theater run for the next two days and then is releasing on digital this Tuesday, the 15th!

A letter: Hey guys, first of all, an apology. I’m sorry that I’ve been spamming you with content regarding this film for the last week. That being said, I really want you all to watch it. It’s called Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, and it comes out tomorrow (Friday, January 11th). We made this movie on a shoe string budget with a lot of love and passion. Based on the awesome YA novel by Joanne Proulx, this film is about teens, and we wanted to make it for young people without pandering to them. We wanted to make a film that was challenging and rough, that didn’t talk down to kids and give them a glossy, manufactured version of how difficult it can be to grow up, to find ourselves. We wanted to share some of our own teenage experiences and introduce some of you to the world of independent, art house cinema and some of our movie influences. It’s rare to find an indie film that isn’t bought or produced by a Netflix somewhere along the way (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) these days. But if you like to support independent, scrappy artists sharing their voices and making raw, honest art, please try to pay to download this film or see it in theaters, so that my talented coworkers can create another project like this in the future. With love. Catch you on the screen, Cameron

My character in Reign of the Supermen is essentially me, but shorter. In select theaters January 13th, on digital Jan 15. #Superboy

I’m a basic LA bitch, I know.

Friday! January 11! In theaters! On digital! Anthem of a Teenage Prophet! See it!

Los Angeles, California

Wanna be a part of this love fest? Win a chance to attend the Anthem of a Teenage Prophet movie premiere this Thursday! Head over to @anthemthemovie to find out how!

Just a few more weeks until #Gotham is re-introduced to this creep. Who watched the premier episode?

Kelowna, British Columbia

My film comes out this Friday in theaters and On Demand. It’s been nearly two years since we shot it, and I had such a blast filming it. In celebration, I made a quick vid of all the behind the scenes stuff I had in my phone!

ONE WEEK until the theater release... Visit the link in my bio to watch the official iTunes trailer for Anthem of a Teenage Prophet.

Man on the moon. 🌝

New project. Motion capture tracking points or A Clockwork Orange cosplay? Gritty retelling of Connect the Dots? Too early to tell.

Less than two weeks until my film, Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, is released on-demand and in select theaters January 11th!

Lake Michigan, Chicago Lakefront

I forget to take pictures of myself when I’m not working so... here’s a #tbt to being a shark.

🤡 #Gotham

My film ANTHEM OF A TEENAGE PROPHET is finally coming to theaters JANUARY 11th!


Jokes on you, #Gotham.

Was happy to join @stjude for a great cause.

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