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new single droppin link in bio, here’s a preview

📸 @lesliekeesuper

🖤🕷❤️ Link in bio ❤️🕷🖤 ; message me if you get one !


WHIMY - @whyhaventimetyou - MERCH 📸 thank you @dkessler

Why Haven’t I Met You hit 3 Mill 🖤

Happy Halloween 🎃

Cats or Dogs? 🐱🐶 / What’s your pets name ? 🐥

🚭 @andreww_ferrer

Been a crazy few months finishing songs and shooting the video. I’m so grateful everything is coming together to finally give you guys what I’ve always dreamed of making 🕷🖤

WHIMY starring Bandit. Out tonight 🖤🕷 • link in bio •

Why Haven’t I Met You drops Friday! Drop a 🕷🖤 in the comments if you’re ready!

The moment is almost here. So much has gone into this and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. “Why Haven’t I Met You” comes out this Friday (10/26) everywhere! ❤️🕷🖤

I’m excited to share this newest journey with all of you. This moment has been a long time coming. Friday, I’ll be putting out my first official song and music video - Why Haven’t I Met You? I love you all and thank you for sticking around with me.

I’m going to 4 different cities around the country to share something special with you all! Haven’t decided where, so you get to choose! Whichever cities vote the most, that’s where I’ll go. Visit the link in my bio and I’ll see you soon!!! 🕷

WHIMY the film. Who wants to see the premiere? Let me know where I should meet you guys!


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