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hola 👋🏽

This is a new one idk what the name so we calling it the #HelicopterChallenge 😂 try it haha swipe right for straight comedy 🤣 tag 3 friends you’d do it with! @cgeovanni @andreww_ferrer @ayogenesis @unclejessiie

We’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have 😂 @andreww_ferrer @cgeovanni 😂#triangledance #triangledancechallenge


Seal Beach, California

Spent the day cleaning up seal beach with some awesome people for the #TrashTag / #TrashChallenge, excited to do this again, my favorite things I found was a soccer ring 😂, a whole bike tire, wiffle ball, we found a broom 😂, a pan, and a flipper, anyways have a good day and if you do the #TrashTag #TrashChallenge make sure you use the # 🏖😊

dinnerrrrr time



BLUEFACE BABYYY YEAH AIGHTTTT !!!!!! Just causally learning how to Buss down Thotiana, First ever dance lesson w/ @joshkillacky after 45 min, take it easy on me I haven’t had a dance lesson since my 2013 take you down vine haha, but let me just say THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Legit had a blast and so exited to work on it some more!! P.s. the bags in the background are clothes we are donating 😴 SOOO pumped to see what I’ll be dancing like in 3 months, I’ll post some updates throughout it 😊

always thinking

Sooo I finally get to post this 😊 this is my sister @sierradallas and my bro in law @brentmallozzi seeing their baby girl, and my niece ❤️, in a 4D scan for the first time!! SHE HAS THE CUTEST NOSE!!!!! Also, Right now she’s positioned perfectly in my sisters stomachs for birth, (yayyyy!!), and she is super healthy 😊🥳 She is supposed to be due in May, what day do you think she’ll be born ??

pretty sure bandits hair looks better on me


getting back to my roots and strengthening my relationship with God, im excited to see what He does through me and im also super bummed I spent so much time away from Him

Figure it out


what’s ur favorite color ? Mines blue

bandit gets jealous 😢😂

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