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Today marks the day that my dog became a Gangster 😂 he got on the roof


Throwback with my dad

Tokyo 😊🇯🇵 @seventeen



Having a good time in this little restaurant 😛 (we had to leave early because Darrick got his nipple bitten off) .... well... his nipple fell onto the frying pan so we ate his nipple... ... then rushed to the hospital 😂😂😂

HAPPY EASTER 😊😌 what are you doing today??

The alleys of Tokyo

Taxiiiii 🙌🏽

😊 where do you live ??

This cat wasn't really excited to see me, BUT I WAS EXCITED TO SEE HIM & ALL HIS FRIENDS 😍 never seen this before haha do you guys like cats or dogs ?

The view in my hotel room is literally breath taking, I was greeted with a bunch of fans from Tokyo right when I landed that were so nice and supportive, and I've had the most amazing sushi I've ever had in my life... I guess you can say Day 1 of Tokyo has been INCREDIBLE!

Kon'nichiwa 🇯🇵😊❤️

😎 HEADED TO TOKYO! 😍 just got on the plane right now !

This happened at lunch today and it was AWESOME 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽


Hi 😊how's your day going?! I just missed my flight because I was sleeping haha, so I'm about to sleep some more until my next flight 😛 but I hope you are having an amazing day, and if you aren't I hope it gets better 😚 love you!!

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