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This took me 93737389 times 😂 @mrmikerosenthal

Hiiiii Photographer - @damon_baker

Madrid, Spain

Shooting with @mariotestino in Madrid for #212VIP ❤️ Spain is literally amazing @HouseofHerrera #OwnTheParty

Spain, I'm here 🇪🇸

@tigerbeatnow @mrmikerosenthal

Thank you @tigerbeatnow for the cover ❤️@mrmikerosenthal @42west @k8egreenthal

Congrats on your first cover boys 🎉 @blakegray @aaroncarpenter @treyschafer @williejones, thank you @tigerbeatnow & @mrmikerosenthal

***READ IF YOU HAVE ACNE @XOut*** #CAM4XOUT Hi 😊, today is big for me because I get to share with everyone my story about acne. I was a late bloomer in high school, and I never had any acne. People all the time used to touch my face and ask how my skin was so clear. It wasn't until out of high school when I started getting really bad acne. For me this cause a lot of depression and anxiety to go out in public. Even worse, fans would see me in person at the time & I used to have to convince people that I was who I was, I used to get made fun of by people that would see me in public, I used to hide from people that would see me and ask for a picture. For me, it sucked because I already had fans at this point, but I felt like I hated myself because I didn't look like I used to anymore, I didn't have that smooth skin, instead of people asking me why my skin was so clear, people would ask "what happened to your face" & say "why don't you have acne in photos" which completely destroyed me on the inside & my self confidence. It got to a point where I literally had to use photoshop to Edit Out the acne myself like above 👆🏽, LITERALLY. But then a fan gave me Proactive at Magcon, and I started using it, that's when my acne started going away... and it worked.... but the only thing is, is that it was wayyy to many steps. I would always forget to use them or I wouldn't want to spend 5 minutes washing my face in the morning, so when I stopped using it my acne came back... Starting to try a bunch of different products I started to break out even more so and couldn't fix it. UNTIL, someone showed me X-Out, it was by the same company that did proactive but it was only one step, WHICH I LOVED. And I started using it. Within a month people started asking how my skin was clearing up and I started noticing that all the big red spots form old pimples were fading, acne stopped popping up as much, and I didn't have to worry about big white bubbles sitting on my face all day. Before I knew it, I had clear skin! Today is super exciting because I get to share with everyone on a big scale my story and my battle with acne, DONT let it stop you, DONT let it keep you from being YOU #ad

Coming soon @damon_baker


Happy Valentine's Day 😂

Missssss Hawaii 🌴🌈 @aaroncarpenter

🐵 boyyyyy

Just did a new shoot with @damon_baker

@lifeofdesiigner @bryant

Thanks mom for the Braids 😘 @ginabina77


Sis came to visit me on set @sierradallas

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