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Американский танцор и актер.
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Saturdaze ⚡️

My main motto 🌮

New York, New York

Just me and my favorite pup! @jacksontheminpin

A straddle a day keeps the doctor away 🍎

I 💙 snow days!!!

Tulum, Quintana Roo

This cooooold NYC day has me dreaming about our private beach bungalow! #Tulum #BeachLife #Paradise

Equinox West 50th Street

Playing around with elbow stands today ✌🏻

New York, New York

Slightly lazy eye 👁

@feiyueshoes: Flying Forward

Metro North Hudson Line

#MetroNorth viewz 🌅🤤🚊

Hyperextended knees, hyperextended heart ✨

Vienna, Austria

Broody face 🙄

Somewhere In Middle America

Two years ago today. Teaching some #Pippin. Sporting a Lewis stache and his maniacal grin. Loved my time with the circus!! 🎪


Equinox West 50th Street

Been spending more time on my hands than my feet these past 6 weeks. 🤸🏻‍♂️

New York, New York

Smizing on fire escapes since '88. 📸: @bronsonfarr

No cardio = bulking season 🍗

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC

This church is right near my apartment and I hardly ever walk past it. Arguably the most beautiful church in NYC! ⛪️

Equinox West 50th Street

Shape shifting 🔺

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