Кэти Перри


Американская певица, композитор, автор песен, актриса, посол доброй воли ООН. В апреле 2007 года Перри подписала контракт со звукозаписывающей компанией Capitol Records.
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quick posts to explain why I've been away! • I've been super busy with school and studying for this exam thingy so I haven't had time to post on this acc • sorry, I'll be back next week 😄

Katy with long hair 😍 • Just painted my nails a baby pink colour 💅 • It's Anzac Day today. lest we forget 🌹🙏

Too cute 😍 Anime Katy! • Good morning, so tired. I don't feel like going to school today 😪 • But then again, I never feel like going to school..

E.T music vid 😍👌 Her blue eyes tho • Lol funniest day today, we had an excursion. Soo hyper, I tried to see how many ppl would say hi back to me at the city, • some were mean :( but some were nice :D

Good morning 💕 • Loving the cold weather tbh ♥️❄️ • So freaking tireddddd

Good night y'all ♥️😴 • It's getting cold and rainy, I love it 😁😍 • Katy is too hot (hot damn) 😂

She looks so hot even eating a burger 😍😂 • Omg I'm so happy, I got a really good score for my essay that I wrote about Katy Perry's concert 😄 • So surprised cos I thought the person checking it wouldn't like it because she/he (I don't know who it is LOL) is really strict

need this onesie 😂😍 • omg, the boys in my class begged me to get the game clash of clans and it's not so bad after all.. • Sunday's are the worst ahhhhh 😭

My reaction exactly 😂 • Creds to @relatablekaty, her account is awesome 💕 • Good night everyone x

Gotta go study, ttyl 😪😕 • Omg, my friend's acc got hacked at 23k :( poor him • Lol and the person that hacked is a total bitch

I'm so bad at uploading frequently 😭 • I'll be even busier this term 😭😭😭😭😭😭 • Oh well, I'll try and post as much as I can :)

Just one more week 😅 • Parent teacher interviews today 😕 hope my teachers say good stuff about me or at least "pretend" to like me 😂 • Athletics carnival tomorrow ahhhh

Omg so I have a friend who has an anime/manga acc with like 19k followers and he let me post on it YAY • 😂😂😂 I would've given myself a shout out but then he'd find out this acc which I want to keep a secret 😄 ahhh • Lol

😍 katy should be on EVERY front cover of EVERY magazine 😂👍 • Yay holidays soon! Can't waittttttt • Then I can post more frequently again 😄

Quick post since I haven't posted on foreverrrrrr! 😭 • Found this collage on Google and used it for one of my school projects hahah • Creds to whoever made this xx love it

Lol so I'm trying to keep this fan acc a secret from the people in my school and this guy found out that I had another acc so he said he'd look at all my followers on my personal acc and during school, I went on this acc and blocked him straight away so he wouldn't see 😂😂😂😂😂 • He ended up finding one of my older accounts but it wasn't a kp fan page lol.

Good night pretties 💕 • You're all fireworks, show em what you're worth 💞 • people are so strong 😭♥️

It's been a while 😅... • I'm soooo busy now 😭 • anyway, I auditioned for the dance troupe in our musical at school and I got in 😄

Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday 😂♥️ • Sunday's are the worst tho 😭 • hope y'all are having a good weekend 😘

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