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You can find me under the banyan tree

We’re almost done filming SEASON 4 of @cw_legendsoftomorrow and my heart is filled with gratitude for our cast and crew and how everyone looks out for each other. I heart them so much. @legends_of_tomorrow_writers @legendsoftomorrow_stunts

@tonyduranph is still my favorite photographer. Rarely do you find someone who can bring out such different sides of people and translate it on camera.

Is that you bob?


Been super lazy this first week of 2019 but now ready to get my life together 👏 💫🕺🚀

You don't need to be perfect. Your life doesn't need to be designed and captured to be insta famous. Share what you want, keep to yourself what you want, and remember it's your experience. Create the life you want to live, fuck the rest. Now look at this sunset 👌

We ended the trip with a bang: swimming with mantarays, Frank Sanatra kareoke, and some bruised ribs.

Yo. Ga. 👋

This picture is everything I want for 2019 ✨

Greatful for every year i get to add on 🥰 Thank you for all the birthday love!

If we were in a 70s TV show about treasure hunting this would be our poster. "The Metal detectors" 🏝



🌴Merry Christmas🌴

Gold pants make you feel like a boss bitch.

When you and friends make videos that make no sense and serve no purpose other than your own personal enjoyment #Throwback @luxon.photo #waynedalglish @bluecloudranch

I think I was perhaps dancing in a conga line inside my own head here.

I’m not sure who’s face is creepier in this picture...mine or my puppets? Thank you guys for watching last night! 😘

Tonight's the episode you can't miss. Love ya mean it. #bts #legendsoftomorrow

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