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Comic Con

When your Pedicab ride gets lit 🔥@normal_dylan @maisiersellers @iamclayofficial

San Diego, California

Last nights look @missoni

San Diego Convention Center

Reunited and it feels so good #legendsoftomorrow #arrow comic con crossover ✨

Things are stating to get intense #comiccon

#squadgoals prepare for an onslaught of comic con photos

San Diego, California

Day one #comiccon 🌟 Lot of fine ladies at the party last night 💥

#fbf to my first #CCSD in 2014. I missed the wear black team memo.

Stunt rehearsal for #LegendsofTommorow cant wait for you guys to see the new season #fightlikeagirl 💪🏻

We don’t have all the answers, but we hope to start a conversation. ~Link in bio~

Yesterday was amazing and super stressful. @lynnapher and I have been working so hard to get this website together and I wanted so badly for it to be perfect for you guys. When it finally launched it was like all plans went out the window and everything crashed. It wasn’t until my girlfriends and costars reached out, hugged me, told me it’s okay... they reminded me that this is life. Things don’t always go as planned and we got to roll with the punches. And you do the best you can and than you have to just laugh about it. When the site finally did get back on and I got to see some of your reactions to it, my heart melted. To see people’s faces pop up on #meetshethority, to receive your thoughtful article submissions, to read that you were connecting to the articles...this community is so important to me and I got to feel it last night and it was beautiful. So thank you for being a part of it, and thank you for being patient. I can’t wait to see what we can all continue to build together. @shethority

After a few technical difficulties... the website IS NOW LIVE! (Fingers crossed no more issues🤞) 🎉 Link in my bio! @candicekp @maisiersellers @katiecassidy @julianaharkavy @talaashe @dpanabaker @emilybett @chy_leigh @melissabenoist #shethority

TOMORROW! 🌈 I can’t wait for you guys to see the @shethority website 👩‍💻 #MeetShethority

I wear many hats. This one happens to be a little itchy. 🎩

How dope is this @tvguidemagazine cover? Getting me excited for Comic-Con! Who’s coming?

Remember that Snapchat filter that would make you puke rainbows? Here’s what the outcome would be in real life. 🌈

Put yourself in one of these shoes. Just one. 👟

Hi my name’s Caity and I’m a shopaholic. 🙆🏼‍♀️

It’s funny that a finger can say so much

When you’re in a storm it feels like it’s everywhere, but when you can view it from above it seems so much smaller. I fly so much sometimes I forget to enjoy the view. Not tonight 💕⚡️☁️

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