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The next words to come out of my mouth are likely “yes totally agree” as I continue to day dream about fresh guacamole and what restaurant to best to achieve that dream

I’m a day late for #nationaldanceday but here’s a throw back from my favorite film I worked on... @themachinemovie Love me some naked robot dancing. 🤖

At a party you can always find me by the food 🍔 @Catherinepowell

Mirror mirror on the wall, I don’t think I want to go out after all.

Two of my favorite things in one photo, carbs and @normal_dylan. 🍝 🙋🏻‍♂️ #tbt

#Repost @janellemonae ・・・ The thing that feels right to me is to keep uplifting your name and the kind & loving human being you were . You had a family that loved you . You were a sister , a daughter , and meant something important to your entire family and community . You had a future . As you were helping someone else you were murdered . Your life mattered #NiaWilson . Your name means something to us and we won’t stop saying it . #SAYHERNAME #BLACKLIVESMATTER #BLACKWOMENLIVESMATTER Artwork by: @broobs.psd

Sometimes all you need is a sign 🕊

How long do I have to wait before it’s acceptable for me to repeat this outfit? 🤔 @altuzarra

Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s been a long week so me and my hair are going to bed. Yes I know it’s only Monday

Clearly we had a terrible time at comic-con 😝 #FamilyPhoto 📷 @catherinepowell

Comic Con

When your Pedicab ride gets lit 🔥@normal_dylan @maisiersellers @iamclayofficial

San Diego, California

Last nights look @missoni

San Diego Convention Center

Reunited and it feels so good #legendsoftomorrow #arrow comic con crossover ✨

Things are stating to get intense #comiccon

#squadgoals prepare for an onslaught of comic con photos

San Diego, California

Day one #comiccon 🌟 Lot of fine ladies at the party last night 💥

#fbf to my first #CCSD in 2014. I missed the wear black team memo.

Stunt rehearsal for #LegendsofTommorow cant wait for you guys to see the new season #fightlikeagirl 💪🏻

We don’t have all the answers, but we hope to start a conversation. ~Link in bio~

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