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From my shoot with mi amigo @trickyrickyt

Smushed face X2

Me trying to get back into fighting shape and Ian letting me take him down @Infightingmma


Worked out this morning felt like a bad ass (pictured). Got home felt like I was going to barf from working out too hard (not pictured).

They will beat you down until you feel like you have nothing left. Until your too tired to fight anymore. But know that little flame will always be inside you, you just have to find it. Don't stop believing the magic. ☄


When you find out your roomate ate your leftovers...

All you need is l💞ve. We're going to Camelot NEXT WEEK. Ya you guys were right break tonight #legendsoftomorrow

Whistler, Canada

Shadow racer


Snow white

Happy Saturday Killas

"She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless...she persisted"

Beezlee's feeling better

Part 2.

Really awesome fan trailer from Brian C. James. Thanks for all the art, videos, and love you guys are so talented and sweet 😍

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