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Американская актриса.
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  • Фото 1904
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Vancouver, British Columbia

my #sdcc dates 🤣🔫 #squadgoals

Aruba Canada

I love summer

I forgot how good jumping in the ocean makes me feel

You only live once, that's the motto. #yolo @officialfranzd and I decided to jump into the freezing water when we wrapped

I need to find this elevator at #SDCC so I can ride inside and scare people when the door opens

Maybe I should chop off my hair

Whhhat is happening???

Nature is always conspiring to be part of the magic

My painting from yesterday. For sale one billion dollars 💵

Not sure what my face is giving here

Sunday paint day

Gotta have the flip while flipping. 💁

Creepy Friday into Saturday = fraterday

My stunt double Mitra and I checking out all of our bruises from doing wire work. Our biceps are just too big they get in the way. 🤷‍♀️

Werk #friyay

So before we shot our music video we (@mikluxon & I ) did a previz which is basically a pre shoot to just figure out the shots. Here's a clip! If u wanna see the full vid and the #bts process. it's on my twitter and my Facebook! @caitylotz

New life strategy: when everything goes to shit...laugh 😂


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