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Santa Monica, California

☕️ 🥯 🐶 ... Weekend Vibes ✨

#tbt there’s always that one friend 😅

When everything is going wrong but it’s okay because it’s kind of funny...like when a bird shits on you.

If anyone in LA can temporarily shelter animals please reach out to an animal shelter to help! #Repost @westladogs ・・・ 🆘URGENT: As of 2pm, West Valley has already taken in more than 40 animals, mostly dogs and cats, as well as a couple of horses and goats. Their kennels are full and we are reaching out to the community for help. In times of crisis like this, even if you can help foster just a few days, it would help tremendously. Please contact West Valley Animal Shelter to see if you can help @friendsofwestvalley

I call this...The Sexy Tooth Ache

“I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone.” Audrey Hepburn

New music video!!! 🕺🏻 A little tease to get you excited for tonight’s episode of #legendsoftomorrow ✨

Laying down tracks for #legendsoftomorrow with @maisiersellers ... waiting for Diddy to tell us we made the band

Happy Halloween weirdos. Let your true selfs out to play

Blue Cloud Movie Ranch

Try eating pizza with these nails 🍕#Halloween

Blue Cloud Movie Ranch

Indie and Willy #templeofdoom 🎃 👻 what are you guys gunna be for Halloween?

Working out doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I usually only workout for 20-30 minutes. It’s easy to find the time and motivate yourself to do it when it’s short and you can even do it from home. It’s all about getting your blood pumping and feeling good. So take the pressure off, just do what you can, and know that even a just a little bit boosting your health. Oh and listen to good music while doing it and boost your mood 👌

They call me Cuban Pete I'm the queen of the Rumba beat When I play the maracas I go....

TONIGHT season 4 premiere of #legendsoftomorrow watch with me on Instagram live 9pm pst 💕

In honor of #legendsoftomorrow season 4 premiere this Monday...Legends read mean tweets 🤣😕 @nickzano @jesmacallan @caitylotz @talaashe

Channeling some 60s magic in @missoni

Season 1 doesn’t count. 😂 political attack ad spoof #legendsoftomorrow #arrow #supergirl #flash

Warner Bros. Entertainment

So much love for these ladies. We just finished a panel at @warnerbrostv to talk about @shethority and how important it is to have positive female characters on screen. #seeher be her💕

If you ignore the background, you can see that I'm a very mature adult that has my sh*t together.

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