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@lucasneff666 had to rewrite Pretty Woman (a film he’s never see ) for some podcast thing AND IT IS the best thing I’ve ever read and if you know me you know I’m a really hyper critical and super reluctant fan of anything SO I PROMISE YOU THIS WILL BE THE BEST THING YOUVE EVER READ TOO

Karen lives on a boat #bowsenkaren

Cheers to you ya beaut - sorry I couldn’t call yesterday I was running away from bed bugs and crying about how i thought I’d lost my passport but I DIDNT so don’t worry and really, at the end of the day, you’re my passport. Aren’t ya mum? I know it must be so hard to make a whole baby, poop it out, love it so much and then watch on as it moves halfway around the world to CALIFORNICATIONA, the big SURFS UP COWABUNGA, THE GIANT RAISIN, THE ALMOND CAPITAL - I wish we lived near each other all the time but specially today. Love ya more than almost anything

Penis or not penis

Lucky strike 📸 @lolavan

This time 25 years ago

If you’re lucky enough to have a mum I hope yours knows as many photo ready sheep as mine does ❤️

How to be both

What can I do to get the big guy into you today

Happy ‘International Women’s Day’ from me, the Union Jack and poop


Chirmpkin nt woomffles


Dad n dog

White Boy

It literally has not stopped raining

Queen of the coix

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