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LA friends, please consider signing up to help with this census on the 23rd/24th/25th- there are still plenty of volunteers needed. Link is in bio. “Our solutions are only as good as our information. The more informed we are allows us to understand and solve issues at a greater rate. The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count is where we gather as much information as possible of those experiencing homelessness so that we can make informed decisions and creative solutions. It enables us to gather important data that is key for us to bring about an end to homelessness in Los Angeles. Through the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, we will: Inform the state of homelessness in LA Bring vital community resources Increase engagement bringing together leaders, residents and stakeholders.”

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How much is that updog in the window

I think it’s unfair that @instagram deletes certain tits based on levels of engagement - there shouldn’t be a hierarchy of body parts - in saying that, the world is falling apart in real ways that hurt real people in real time and I just can’t really justify railing against this particular brand of censorship rn - I still think it’s bullshit but I guess it’s also bullshit for me to take advantage of any leniency they’ve shown me.

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