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Do you mind if I bring my dawg


CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES CALL THEM SO MANY TIMES THEY HAVE TO SET UP NEW PHONE LINES THIS. This bill WILL kill @plannedparenthood and thusly KILL American citizens. I want our reps to have the fear of their constituents LIVING IN THEM EVERY DAY. MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOUR VOTE


Baby's 1st Bike 🚴🏽‍♀️


@debbiedoeshair 💆🏽🌳

Heaven is a place on Grand 🌹💞⚡️


Double tapp


🙏🏽 what a group of true blue babes 🙏🏽


I was trying to screen grab a 30 rock joke and then I accidentally got this and thought hm very much so hm

Anyone in the LA area willing to foster this lil PUPPER for a spell? She's good with other animals , potty trained, super sweet and just needs a little extra time - she was about to be euthanized when @brittanylittleton swooped in to save her - urgently needing a spot for her to rest for a little while

This is cutie - she is just that - I literally held her like a baby for about several hours and she was totally cool with it - she wants to be your lap candy, your tiny mascot, your perfect little bangle. Maybe you could, like, not be so GD selfish for once and like, give yourself to something that will only ever look at you like you're the actual sun moon and stars? I dunno. Think about it I guess. She's available for adoption through @pawworks

"More asylum seekers have died on Manus Island than have been resettled, gay detainees are mistreated and refugees released from detention are not allowed to work or move freely, a human rights report says" image courtesy of @babesagainstdetention

Alternate angle PLEASE WATCH @downwarddog_abc

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