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Does anyone else feel a bit emotional because of this filter it's making me think about time and life and value and love

Did you know every plastic straw ever created is still on earth today. Isn't that bananas?! No it's not, it's STRAWS. So maybe when you're out and straws are just being flung at you, like all phallic symbols of man's dominion over Mother Earth, bat them away and say - nah dude, no straw. Tattoo by @nathan_kostechko who really did make my unreasonable dreams come true 🌈

Street name

Per request

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20 But for real actually, this entitled BS about the foundations of and loyalty to old systems of language is actually quite racist so

🌟Stars - They're just like us🌟

Two of my favorite people @cupcakepuppysparkles and @doug_archibald put my other favorite @lucasneff666 in this WONDERFUL movie they made and it's so good and so funny and they worked so hard and now you can see it IN THEATERS JUNE 9th!!!!! WOWOWOWOW

OMG EVERYONE STOP FOR JUST A SECOND AND PLZ GO VOTE FOR MY BABY @keenanmac 's short about Dinah shore. It's so cute and so funny and it's full of cute and funny gay girls. Gay girls talking, swimming, dancing, walking, sitting etc. GO NOW LINK IN BIO

This is really hot

Can someone plz make me look like a dewy, hazy, dreamy, glittery bird too plz

Oh just two chill babes living it up

Father into your hands, I commend my spirit Father into your hands why have you forsaken me In your eyes forsaken me In your thoughts forsaken me In your heart forsaken, me oh

Grow up

Ojai is okay

My mum keeps asking me to show her the "where do I get weed dog"

Ja rule gon feed it to ya (hot beats)

I generally hate posting quotes but this one has real time, real world consequence. I've been so thoughtless with my spending over the years, I've purchased clothing made in sweatshops, phones packed with metals mined from the depths of civil war and food harvested by children. With one swipe of a debit card, I have condoned consumption at the expense of human dignity.

Hm yes how very interesting this caitlin(?) person is. Wow what a lot of interesting things. @stylelikeu

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