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For the pedants - this graph was made in 2014, dudes. Haven't been able to find one from 2016

I'm pretty concerned over the volume of "don't vote because of gender" comments. The issue at hand, the glaring, overwhelming issue - is that women aren't represented in politics in a way that reflects our actual numbers in the real world. Women, in general, aren't encouraged to become leaders. Ask any woman in the United States if she EVER believed that she could become president. I promise you'll be disheartened by the response. How is a person meant to envision themselves in a role that has never been filled by someone like them before? White men have and continue to dominate politics. Look where that power structure has left us. Look at the testosterone fuelled, survival of the richest system we have built and now suffer in. Male ego has destroyed us. Yes, you should vote for a woman on the left because she is a woman. Do you know why? Because of the millions who WON'T vote for her because she's a woman. **can someone help me find the creator of this graph**

Nobody votes in these elections - if you show up you WILL be making a difference. Many counties in Los Angeles are holding their dem caucus elections today, who you vote in will shape the face of the Democratic Party in California. PLEASE, PLEASE go. Look up if your county is voting today and take as many friends as you can with you!!!

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