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👏🏾What👏🏾 a 👏🏾talent👏🏾


Science is incredible wow #science #climatechangeisreal #scienceisfun #geologyrocks




Velour turtlenecks infinitum

This is old but I'm getting my period and I feel gross and that tree died like immediately after we got it

Hey - you there, yeah that's right YOU! @diffeyewear is offering you the chance to look like a futuristic cop (see photo) whilst also benevolently gifting someone with sight. @eyesonafricausa have partnered with @diffeyewear and for every pair of sunglasses sold they will donate a pair of reading glasses to someone who needs them. "@eyesonafricausa is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization. Our mission is “to provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care”. Use promo code CSTASEY for 25% off #diffeyewear #diffpartner


HEY LA BABIES - because no one fucking votes in these smaller elections it will take just a SMALL turn out to swing this one in our favor. Look at our last local election, 13% voter turn out and we passed/blocked the measures we wanted to. That's pretty powerful. Also, don't fuck non voters #noonc

It's also really comfy and soft and girls rule & boys drool @brunswickthreads @aclu_nationwide

Happy mum day to this biddy and the biddy before her and for making me a biddy too 💖💜💞🌹💐

Family dog neck

Good work good night

This show is really contemplative and sweet and funny and navel gazing in a way that all Millennials are familiar with. I know; Talking dog, sweet music, loving familiarity. But this show isn't familiar, it's a show that doesn't exist already. It isn't a sweet tale of pet redemption, it's a story about discovering who you are and the painful sensation of awakening to it. I know that I know this guy who is in it, and I know you all know that, but what you probably also know is that I don't promote things I don't fully love and support. Go watch it at watchdownwarddog.com

Oh hi, didn't see you there

Let her ripperton

Was that ice cream ?

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