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Que pena que ate chegar em casa já murchei. A Patroa vai ter que se contentar com 🐓 😂 diz ai @raquelsantolaya 😅 #postworkout#postreino

If your day isn’t going so well today, don’t worry about it, you’ll have more of it tomorrow! 😂 - Se seu dia de hoje não esta indo muito bem,não se preocupe, tem mais amanhã 😂 #abestado

The ideal male body ❤️ Make no mistake about it 😂 - Corpo masculino ideal 😍 Não se enganem com tanquinhos 😂

Exercise is my therapy, 44lbs kettlebell my Therapist and the gym is my clinic ! 💪🏼 🏋🏼 - O exercício é minha terapia, kettlebell de 20kg meu Terapeuta e a academia minha clínica! #2019 vamo que vamo ihaaa 🐴

Feliz ano Novo🎊 Happy New Year 🎊 #2019 ❤️ 💕 @raquelsantolaya @gaiasantolaya

Cueca da sorte 🍀 @lamodels @placemodels @agenciaragazzo #2019

Big Bear Lake, California

Um pouco do nosso primeiro natal na Neve ❄️ ⛄️ - *sim, sou eu fazendo a dança da minhoca 🐛 😂 A bit of our first all white Christmas ☃️ ❄️ A moment of appreciation to all the awesome people were in this with us and lets do it again! 🎉 @raquelsantolaya @gaiasantolaya @photobyhudson @serenahawaii @patrickdmusic @ricardodalmoro @slavcakes @talitataiti @smittyboy_z


Red carpet at Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival @labrff Thank you @reporterhollywood 🙌🏼

Los Angeles, California

Swole is the goal 💪🏼 📸 @sonnytong

Chateau Marmont

Had a Great shoot for @papermagazine with the uber talented movie star @lilyjcollins Stay tuned 📸 #brazilian#model#photography#papermagazine#editorial


Putting the work on the 🐓legs 💪🏼 Dont skip the workout, skip during it! Tey 👊🏼 - Botando as cambita pra trabalhar #pain#nogain

Weekend vibes ✌🏼😁 Fds chegando e noix ta como? 😃 #rindoatoa By the master @johnrussophoto

How i feel after measuring my legs today 🐓 😂 #chickenlegs #pain#nogain full story in my stories 🤪

I woke up older today 👴🏼 🎉 Just like wine, im starting to taste like vinegar 😂 #31 📸 @sonnytong

Everyday therapy 🏋🏼 📸 @baldinphoto

“Conquer your body before you conquer the world” By probably someone in the past 😅 📸 @baldinphoto

Los Angeles, California

Body frame 🖼 📸 @sonnytong

Los Angeles, California

Got that Zoolander look 👀 📸 @sonnytong

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