Бриттани Сноу


Американская актриса кино и телевидения. Известна своими ролями Мег Приор в «Американской мечте», Дейзи ЛеМей в «Направляющем свете», Эмбер фон Тассл в «Лаке для волос» и Хлои Билл в «Идеальном голосе»
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so excited to see this cutie human today. nyc adventures ❤️

I have a thing for streaks and a little flare #someonegreat ✨#37piecesofFlair Thank you @traciemartyn (for my skin)

just a light brunch @hereisgina @dewandawise @jennkaytin #SomeoneGreat 💡

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Well, tonight was a dream. Backstage at SNL drinkin a beer with a few of my favorite men. (I may have fan-girled REAL hard) @nbcsnl

Special skills include: rollerblading, British accent, skip-it & reciting Robin Hood Men in Tights in its entirety #tbt #terrifying

Hey girl. We comin to a @Netflix near you as a part of your 700 choices of original content. Bringin it to you sometime next year.#someonegreat

#SomeoneGreat set dec. Yes Day One 😈 #RIPBrittSnowHUH

Happy Birthday to my family, best friend & co-founder of #loveislouder @courtknows ❤️You always laugh at my jokes even when they aren’t funny, you create our crazy ideas, listen to my (way too detailed) stories & always make every situation a hilarious adventure. I love you

Clearly, holding imaginary weirdly sized bowls... is how we all decided to depict “magic”. ✨✨✨Happy Birthday to my tiny favorite @chrissiefit

Are there such things as “basic” museum shots....Bc, I’m pretty sure I nailed it. #ooooArtsy #sneakyAndPerhapsAlittleRude

My last few days of being a red head. ***Back to playing the riveting game I call “no, seriously... I’m not a larger Olsen twin.”

#Repost @loveislouder ・・・ We are so inspired by all the students (and their supporters) who are getting loud and using their voices to create positive change. 💪❤️ #loveislouder #loudertogether #whatif #neveragain 📸 from @_renazisser_

The wrap party is tonight for this fantastic crew. #milkshakemovie 🥛🤝🥤 Thank you @deannahong for your creativity/ talent and surprising us with another BTS video of Day 3. It was an emotional one and I think I cried off all my makeup. Love & respect to all of our crew. Can’t wait to do it again #femalefilmmakerfriday

The best things in life... are dogs. Especially this little one. Happy #nationalpuppyday Billie 🐶

I’ve never been more surprised by a movie. I expected to laugh ( and I did A LOT) but I did not expect to cry. So proud and honored to know this incredible woman. She has inspired me for 7 years and I’m grateful to call her a friend. @kaykaycannon Congrats on directing this hilarious film. Go see #blockersmovie

Day 3. I WILL stop posting things about milkshakes soon. Promise. I’m dairy-free

Probably will go down as some of the best days I’ve ever had. 🥤After waiting almost 2 years for financiers to follow through on promises, checking up on weird deals & feeling like I was on someone else’s timeline.. I had enough. I funded this myself (LOTS of #ads) and found the best producers in the business to help me bring this to life. @domenicaah @constanzacastro- this would NOT have happened without you. YOU two made the things in my head come to life. ✨I wanted a predominantly female crew and also a group of talented people with diverse backgrounds. I got just that. Thank you to my kind and gifted DP @sandravalde who stood by me for 2 years and never lost enthusiasm. My boss creative & amazing production designer @rastapastamufasa, my badass & sweet gaffer Maryn McGaw @marynmcgaw beautiful & graceful costume designer @devinwinter, the coolest and most professional @hipndevs, @kelleymcdonnell, the loveliest @kirbieseis, calm and collected upm @kilville, the nicest script supervisor in town @jjgualtieri, the sweetest, best omelette making @victordz & hilarious @germypill. Thank you to my truly brilliant cast @therealannacamp #shreecrooks @chrissiefit @saraheramos @jrbourne1111 @msjliu for bringing such light to each character in this story. Thank you to EVERYONE who worked on this set with me. Even if you’re not listed here, I am SO incredibly grateful for your work these past 3 days (and weeks of prep). This was truly a dream come true learning and being beside each one of you xx #milkshakemovie 🥛🤝and now to the edit!

#milkshakemovie Day 3 @therealannacamp #ShreeCrooks 🥛🤝🥤

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