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Американская актриса кино и телевидения. Известна своими ролями Мег Приор в «Американской мечте», Дейзи ЛеМей в «Направляющем свете», Эмбер фон Тассл в «Лаке для волос» и Хлои Билл в «Идеальном голосе»
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3 women & my shockingly white legs doing press for a movie we LOVE. 💛 #SomeoneGreat April 19th @netflix

Seeing some of my favorite people this weekend for some press/ games/ dance moves. #someonegreat April 19th 🔴 @netflix

From over here in NYC: I miss him. I love him. I get to marry him. ✨ I’m basically this emoji but with hair 😍

so grateful I have managed to work with you so far & not asked you a million fan questions. DOES LIZZY GET THE MASTIFF PUPPIES? 😏So grateful for your talent, humor and brain on this. #Repost @veryleslyeheadland ・・・ So grateful to be working on this. So grateful for my enormous office. So grateful for the flowers Babe sent me.

This already has been one of the best years of my life. Some things lost. So many things found. Something tells me this next year will be pretty special. 💙

✨This ✨ by G.D Anderson #happyinternationalwomensday

Since we launched @LoveisLouder, I’ve been lucky enough to hear so many stories from courageous, inspiring, intelligent and strong women. Their stories of overcoming hardships, adversity, grief, addiction, illness, bullying and isolation, have given me hope in a world that can sometimes feel defeating. We are not victims. We are not crazy. We are not dramatic. We are women with amazing stories. Stories that will help shape the future of little girls so they know they are not alone. I’m so honored to be among them.#happyinternationalwomensday to my beautiful fighters out there. #loveislouder

That’s a wrap on #baileyanddarla ✨ Thank you to our talented director/writer @nicoraineaufilm co-writer @lschac & all of our tireless & passionate crew. I was lucky enough to be a producer on this and I learned so much. I’m very grateful for the collaboration and trust with everyone involved. ✨Somehow we pulled off an entire movie in 17 days about sex addiction & cancer...all while crying, laughing, freezing & making it look beautiful (thanks to @jeffbierman) I can’t wait for everyone to see @thesamrichardson & his brilliance in this. We sang & quoted Robin Hood Men In Tights right into the best friendship.

All up in your algorithm.🔴 #SomeoneGreat April 19th on NETFLIX with @hereisgina @dewandawise @lakeithstanfield3 and me. Directed by the baddest @jennkaytin

This was the funniest script I’ve read while also making me ugly cry. The women in this film became my lifelong friends and inspired me in ways I can’t describe. @jennkaytin wanted to make a movie where the women chose themselves and she did just that plus a hell of a time. Meet your new best friends @hereisgina @dewandawise and me! #SomeoneGreat APRIL 19 on NETFLIX

Love this. Follow @loveislouder for your daily dose of happy. #Repost @loveislouder ・・・ #LoveIsLouder when we connect. Love this post from @rainbowsalt

Over the damn moon! 🌙 I’m a major fan girl of @veryleslyeheadland & everything she does. Also, I love the incredible people behind this #AnnieWeisman #JasonKatims. Exciting & grateful feelings.

Two people with good personalities not in town to go to Oscar parties. But we did elegantly watch it from a bar with a pinball machine in Texas. #baileyanddarla

A couple weeks ago, I said “YES” about a million times to the man of my wildest & most beautiful dreams. After celebrating with friends and family, we wanted to let a few more friends (you guys) know... this happened. ✨I’m still pinching myself and thanking my lucky stars for the truest feeling I’ve ever felt. Thank you @tylerstanaland for the happiest day of my life & for not proposing in this creepy empty restaurant.

Honestly, it is alarming how pretty she is up close. But somehow, I still said my lines. (phew) How can someone so nice play my bitch boss? I guess that means she can do anything. 💛you @jordanabrewster #baileyanddarla

This view, this guy and this table that looks like the middle of a pizza. #BaileyAndDarla day 2 with @thesamrichardson 🖤🖤🖤 📸 @nicoraineaufilm

#Repost @loveislouder ・・・ Our concept of love and being loved can get out of whack this time of year with so much focus on romantic love. We believe Valentine’s Day (and every day) should be a celebration of our ability to show love to others and to acknowledge the people in our lives that do love and support us. We all go through times in our lives when it’s harder to feel that love, but it’s always there. Even when we’re feeling lonely, we have the power to reach out and show love to others. So we hope everyone in the #LoveisLouder community takes time today to spread some love...and show yourself some love. You deserve it. Thanks for all the love and inspiration you bring into our lives by being part of this community. - The @LoveisLouder Team

And in an instant, my whole world changed and every past moment made sense. ❤️ My Valentine.

Grains. A part of a well balanced diet 🍚@selashiloniphoto

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