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Американская актриса кино и телевидения. Известна своими ролями Мег Приор в «Американской мечте», Дейзи ЛеМей в «Направляющем свете», Эмбер фон Тассл в «Лаке для волос» и Хлои Билл в «Идеальном голосе»
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I take lingerie very, very seriously. Always fun celebrating this talented man @jonathansimkhai & his newest collection NIGHT NIGHT ✨ for #jsintermix @lindseydupuis 🌹 Sad I missed the dance party

Things I learned the other night ✨ 1. My friend @annaofthenorth is an angel and her songs make me dance & cry. (Sometimes at the same time) 2. @conner_yngblood made #milkshakemovie a heartfelt reality with his song “Higher” and I love him. 3. We don’t know how to take a proper picture. 4. @tylerstanaland is a cute human. 5. You have to pick between kicking and screaming. 6. Also, today is a hard day here in California. My heart is hurting. Listen to some good music (maybe even by these two) and hug the ones you love ❤️

One of the few times I think it’s cool to do what literally everyone else is doing. VOTE. 🇺🇸VOTE the change you want to see in the world. VOTE like you’re trying to save a farm full of adorable tiny puppies. IT’S SO IMPORTANT. (FYI. Our future = the puppies) #loveislouder #votewithus

Boo! (And hydration)

So, Vampire Weekend, Counting Crows and George Washington want you to vote. Basically, these people rule...and you have to do what we say.

Your favorite childhood band is playing tonight 🖤 (It’s been an unbeliever Long December)

Oh, oh my heart hurts so good I love you, babe, so bad, so bad… 🎆 thanks @thisislany for letting me sing along loudly

The sweetest songbird from the North. 💙 This lovely friend is the most talented. @annaofthenorth Get her songs right the heck now- if you want to listen to angels & feel feelings of happiness

That lighting tho. 🌝It’s not my fault my dog takes more selfies than I do. #Mildpuppynarcissism

He calls this - “Hold on. Almost ready. I just forgot one thing.” 📸 @tylerstanaland #35mm

Toni Morrison ✨ This is when we get to work. We are all entitled to feel the way we feel. Let’s use it for good...(art, knowledge, conversations to listen/understand/not just talk) ...and VOTE for goodness sakes.

#creasiainlove (and wrap party for Oh-fish-ally in love. Jk) 🐟💙 So honored to be a part of this love story

💙🇲🇽💙 #creasiainlove

3 wheels are always safer. #creasiainlove 🚲

First vacation. In the bag. 🧡

On #worldmentalhealthday I’m sharing a video I did for @childmindinstitute back in May. I love this organization and what instills in our youth today. We should not be ashamed of our stories nor be scared to talk about the struggles that we face. More likely than not...you or someone close to you, has dealt with and maybe even overcome issues with mental health. We are one of many. You are not alone. You are not weird. We all have our shit and we can do this together. #loveislouder

Favorites. 🌴Happy Birthday John Snow. Absolute legend.

I love my boys @justnfix & @jtswierczek -but we were only a little scared. Always in awe of what my two guys dream up. Go to #creepla to be immersed in creativity and all the nightmare things.

#tbt when @rickhenryla took me back to 1963 (my favorite)

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