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Американская актриса кино и телевидения. Известна своими ролями Мег Приор в «Американской мечте», Дейзи ЛеМей в «Направляющем свете», Эмбер фон Тассл в «Лаке для волос» и Хлои Билл в «Идеальном голосе»
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before Billie got her haircut ok

Well! Here’s a pic of me holding SweeTARTS Chewy Sours. You don’t just hold them. You eat them. Still blown away by all the talent at last week’s #SweeTARTSAcapellooza. Thanks to all the performers who were so incredible on stage, sincerely from @SweeTARTScandy and me #ad

My friends @justnfix & @jtswierczek have done it again. #Loretv #creepla is quite the experience. So proud of these boys & what they can imagine. This picture (clearly) shows, I wasn’t afraid.

Christmas time with these fine gentlemen.

Osnap #wcw @kelleyjakle #proudOfya #socialmediasecrets 📸 @alixrae10 / @instasteak ... entirely too many hashtags

My dear friend @kevinchinoy produced this remarkable film directed by Sean Baker. ‘The Florida Project’ is a beautiful portrait of childhood set against the unattainable idea of Disney in Orlando. The performances are heartbreaking & complicated. The messages are never heavy handed... just human. I was raised in Florida & this was in backyard... So naturally, I cried like a baby. A true gem of a film. @thefloridaproject

Change starts by telling our stories. Change starts by being strong. Thank you to my friends at @HerbalEssences for reminding us to #EmbraceChange, no matter what shape it may take. #loveislouder #LetLifeIn #ad bit.ly/HerbalEssencesHair

If you'd asked me a few years ago if I'd been sexually harassed in the workplace, I would have recounted some weird or very uncomfortable situations with men at work ...but answered the question with a "not really". I've been in this business my whole life, and the disrespect for women is so engrained in our industry's culture...that it becomes hard to see, even when it's happening to you. The amazingly courageous women who have come forward with their stories have shifted my perspective. Through the lens of their bravery, I am able to look back on interactions throughout my career and say with certainty that I have experienced harassment that was unacceptable, made me feel trapped, that stifled my voice and that altered my own feelings of self-worth. I'm adding my voice to the choir of women, and our allies, who are saying "Me too" and "This ends here and now." * Regardless of who you are or what industry you work in, most of us can relate to being mistreated. This is a human issue. Being appreciated for our skills and talents, and feeling safe in our workplaces is something everyone deserves. When we look back in 10 years, will we be able to say we did everything possible to stop this systematic mistreatment? What did each of us do to change the status quo? I want to be able to tell my kids and all the girls and women who will lead this industry in the future, that I was part of the solution. * It's time for shit to change. It's been time. And I'm proud to follow the lead of the amazing women & allies that are making October 2017 the moment when we stop saying "I'm fine" when we're not. When we stop looking the other way to not rock the boat. When we start saying something and standing with each other.

road trips are a good idea #nofilter #jokes

#fbf Friday 13th in Oct vibe- makeup by @pamwiggy from film- Black Water Transit -director Tony Kaye #lawrencefishburne @realevanross @karlurban 🕷🕷🕷 movie was never released... but damn, intense/amazing Nola days.

Haven’t taken a dance class in years. Now I know why. This was no joke. (We did cooler stuff than just stand like this) Thanks for getting me back into it @robinantin at @theplaygroundla - & love to my @underarmourwomen #unlikeAny

Today is #worldmentalhealthday & I love this day. You are not abnormal, you are not crazy and you are not alone. Everyone has their shit. Talk to someone. We are here. We gotcha. #loveislouder

Oh Sup Fall🍂Made us some hipster Pimp-kins

#HangmanMovie comes out Christmas. There's no singing in this one. Weirdly enough. #fbf

I came back home & found this picture today. I had many questions back then: Why does everyone always hang out on these electrical green boxes? Why are my hands so big? Whose house is this? #tbt

#Repost @lindseydupuis (@get_repost) ・・・ Brittany x Armani // @brittsnowhuh all suited up while being honored for her work to prevent bullying // Constantly reminding us that #loveislouder than hate

An incredible night with some of my favorite people. Thank you @TLC & @redbookmag for honoring some inspiring (now) friends & for including me. Thank you @chrissiefit for the most heartfelt introduction and for being @loveislouderpics biggest little cheerleader. @courtknows for making #loveislouder possible. Without you- we would not be here. This night really showed how we can all make a difference, just by simple acts of bravery and kindness. Very humbled to have been among these honorees and people I admire. #GiveAlittleAwards

American Dreams 2004 🎬 photo by Milo xx

Weirdly enough sometimes people think some movies I've been in have to do with baseball. (Ok, Pitch can be confusing) I know it's hard to tell, but I'm not a professional baseball player. I do get to watch the Dodgers in cute Touch gear. Style available at MLBshop.com #TeamTouch ******** #repost #sorry

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