Брина Паленсиа


Американская актриса, певица и режиссёр, работающая в компании FUNimation
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Today’s word is #wolf! Thank you @lonely.knightingale for the suggestion! I figured this was fitting given the Super Snow Moon happening tonight 🌝 🌕 . . If you’d like MP3s of my songs subscribe to my Patreon! Link in profile 👉 . . #songsbybrina #originalmusic #singersongwriter #dallasmusician #texasmusician #lyricvideo #acapella #choirnerd #harmonies #fullmoon #howlatthemoon #spookysong #cathedralmic #logicprox #finalcutx

I am so lucky to have this man as my partner. The love and devotion he has shown me for the past 18 years has been the most consistent thing in my life. Seeing him now give that same love to our son is... what is a good word for it? Inspiring? Beautiful? Powerful. There is no one else I would want to go on this journey with. I love you more than I ever thought possible @paulwingo ❤️ #valentine

Today’s word is #peculiar! Thank you @mandysue4888 for the suggestion! It’s my birthday and all I want to do is stay home with Arthur. Babies really do chill you out, I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ If you’d like MP3s of my songs subscribe to my Patreon! Link in profile 👉 . . . #songsbybrina #originalmusic #singersongwriter #dallasmusician #texasmusician #lovesong #lyricvideo #ukulele #matonukulele #cathedralmic #logicprox #finalcutx #newmom #newparent

Thanks @xoardisss for the #mfm onesie! He clearly loves it 😂 . @myfavoritemurder @hardstark #sweetbabyangle #sweetbabyangel

Today’s word is #patience suggested by my beautiful friend @calliempruett! I originally started writing this as a lullaby to my son, but then I realized I was just talking to myself 😅 Let’s all try to be nice to ourselves and allow moments to breath every now and then. Let people help you if you need it. I know I always end up being far more productive when I’m rested a bit. If you’d like MP3s of my songs subscribe to my Patreon! Link in profile 👉 . . . #songsbybrina #originalmusic #singersongwriter #dallasmusician #texasmusician #lyricvideo #ukulele #matonukulele #midi #cathedralmic #logicprox #finalcutx #stockfootage

Sleep is overrated.

Yesterday at 1:47pm, @paulwingo and I became parents. Definitely the most physically and emotionally demanding thing I’ve done in my life, and it was all completely worth it ❤️ #newparents

#TBT to another pre @patreon song! My due date is tomorrow. Don’t know if he’ll be ready by then, but I’m so excited to meet him and completely redefine my definition of love ❤️ . You can get an MP3 of this song and other songs by subscribing to my Patreon. Link in profile 🤘 . #Repost @brinakins with @get_repost ・・・ Today's word is "confession!" Thanks @chronicwonderland for the suggestion! Definitely inspired by #ValentinesDay 😉 #songsbybrina #onewordsuggestion #originalsong #lovesong

#TBT To another one I did before @Patreon. If you dig this song or any others from this month, you can get an MP3 by subscribing to my Patreon! Link in profile 😉 . . #Repost @brinakins with @get_repost ・・・ Today's word is "scars!" Thank you @maddybuu.michaelis for the suggestion! I hope you like it 😊 Give your #onewordsuggestion in the comments 👇#songsbybrina #originalsong #singersongwriter #resonatorukulele

I’m featured in @voyagedallas! This is very exciting for me because it’s the first time I’ve been asked to do an interview because of my MUSIC instead of my acting. I’ll put the link in my profile. I like starting the new year off this way. This will be the year of many new adventures⚡️ . . #dallasmusicians #singersongwriter #newmusic #ukulele #performer #newbeginnings #brinapalencia

HE’S HOME!! My husband saw him lurking in our back yard on our security monitor. When we got out there he was nowhere to be seen. We then called out for him and shook his food for about 20 minutes. Then we finally heard him meowing under our porch! We tried coaxing him out, but he was too scared. My husband got a hammer and pulled up one of the boards (he’s sexy like that). From there I was able to get him to come to me. We got him inside, and I sobbed! He’s eaten now and is readjusting to the house. Overall he seems healthy, but we’ll be taking him to the vet tomorrow just to be sure. Thank you for all your well wishes. It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster!

Another beautiful shot by @urbanphotochick ❤️ Many of you may not be aware that Sherbert is currently missing. He somehow got out on Wednesday, and we haven’t seen him since. He’s chipped and has been reported missing; we’ve posted on all the local groups and neighborhood apps; we’ve posted signs all over the neighborhood. I am confident we’ll find him. I’m just not sure when. Yesterday was brutal and definitely took a toll on my body, so today I’m trying to stay positive and rest. We’ve done everything we can, and my husband has been following up on leads and continues to search the neighborhood. I will continue to focus on staying healthy!

#TBT Here’s another song I did before I had Patreon. If you’d like an MP3, join the #PunkinArmy! Link in profile 😘 . #Repost @brinakins with @get_repost ・・・ Today's word is "sunset" suggested by @reagan_blackwood15! I believe devoting your life to the arts should be about service and giving. Art has the power to heal and inspire in ways nothing else can, which is why arts education should be considered core curriculum! #songsbybrina #onewordsuggestion #originalsong #artseducationmatters #singersongwriter

Peekaboo Belly! Another shot by the lovely @urbanphotochick ❤️ Just peeling a tangerine, belly out🤰🏻 . #pregnantaf #pregnancyphotography

Another shot by @urbanphotochick 💙All these pics were taken at my house, no makeup, hair barely brushed, just me chillin’ with my (enormous) bump! This is my typical stance at any given moment, hands resting atop the belly. #pregnantaf #iamahumanpod #pregnancyphotography

When your super talented photographer friend asks if she can take some candid pregnancy photos of you, you say YES! I will be posting more of these throughout the week. Thank you @urbanphotochick for capturing such an important, albeit uncomfortable, time in my life so beautifully!

I am 37 weeks pregnant today. This week has been super busy. finished out 3 video games, and no I can’t tell you what they are 😉 I believe I’m now done with all the roles I needed to complete before the baby comes. I’m ready to not be working and start nesting/resting! #pregnantaf #voiceactor

#TBT to this lovely gem I did back in 2017. Definitely feeling these feels as I get closer and closer to labor 😂 I didn’t have @patreon when I originally posted this, so this is the first time you can get an MP3! Subscribe and join the #punkinarmy! Link in profile 😊 . . #Repost @brinakins with @get_repost ・・・ When you wanna write a silly song but then remember the world is falling apart 😅This song was inspired by the word "school." Thanks for the suggestion @talar609! Give me your #onewordsuggestion and I might make a song about it! #songsbybrina #originalsong #singersongwriter #doowop #acapella #dallasmusician #texasmusician

Me post wedding ceremony pre dinner last night. I had to prop my feet up every chance I got to prevent from swelling too much. My favorite detail in this pic is you can see my compression socks! Pregnancy would be even more unbearable without them! Thank you @paulwingo for capturing the moment so beautifully. Also, thank you to @whiskeyfashiondisaster for styling all us groomsmaids so perfectly!!😘 #dvnye #weddingfun #pregnantaf #happynewyear

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