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Американская актриса.
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low quality pictures, lower quality people kidding, u guys are the best I love u all

side eye, but make it sophisticated

heartbroken young woman, filled with regret and angst because she didn’t purchase this piece of art. (accepting donations)

“your profile needs something that isn’t a selfie.”

here’s a pre-thanksgiving food coma picture no one asked for!

can’t keep out of a good photo booth

vain but whatever!


always love finding beautiful places for photo ops

resting birthday face♏️🎉💀

Instead of making some joke about a vampire and a bloody, depressed cheerleader walking into a party, I’m just going to say thank you for the fun night @justjared 🖤

Brielle vs. the sun: a series

remember when I made other facial expressions? me neither

happy birthday to the apple of my eye, my shining star, my hero, my angel, my miss america, my wife, my daughter, my mother, my therapist @emmakenney 🌹thank you for being my best friend. I love you

I’m running out of captions that make it acceptable to put up this many photos of myself.

Emma and all her bitches

Malibu, California


I nominate this photo of myself to become the next viral meme. #fyc

like I really needed another one of these on my profile. anyway, happy #nationalselfieday 🤘🏼

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