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Thank you to my incredible friends who surprised me with a birthday dinner. I love you guys ❤️(some not pictured). Also, keeping these balloons forever.

Are you allowed to talk about Fight Club if it's on Halloween? 💥☠️

Happy Halloween ft. Brielle and Paris' signature blurry laughter photo☠️👻😈🎃

band aid, penny lane 🤘🏼

how many times can you blink in four seconds: an autobiography by brielle barbusca

Has there ever been a photobooth we've refused? Nope, definitely not.

@ekat19 and I at the wrap party❤️ also being photobombed by what seems to be slenderman or a wild @christianpowell

@people #onestowatch last night 💋

I think we needed a bigger group photo. Thank you @knottsscaryfarm and @instagram ☠️

yeah, @thomasbarbusca give me the spotlight for once. #foxfallpremiere

Beautiful @mercyforanimals gala last night with my beautiful friend @emmarosekenney 💛

hope you had the best birthday @sammihanratty143 💘

Thank you @netflix for a fun night and this photo for reminding me how much taller my little brother is. #NetflixEmmys 🎉

happy birthday to the savage Virgo queen @emmarosekenney 💘bumping that aux into adulthood. I'm so glad you're my best friend. Love you!

lived in '89 this week 🎥

me ft. my only known facial expression

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world❤️

@variety 💥 love you guys



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