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hopefully the hoodie will distract you guys from noticing I haven’t mastered fully opening my eyes in the sunlight yet. @suspiciousantwerp

just another person using the caption “wear your seatbelts, kids” as an excuse to post a photo of themselves !

Thank you to the random stranger we asked to use his car in the middle of the road. You a homie for life, kind sir.

A wise man named 50 Cent once said he’ll take you to the candy shop. I’m here to do you one better and tell you I’ll take you to the flower shop.

the vacant looks of a quality selfie

Carmella Soprano looks for @lisztomaniamag

The end of February felt like the appropriate time to post this.

posing hard or hardly posing ? (posing extremely hard)

all I’m missing is a fanny pack and I could be dwayne johnson circa 1994

Sundance Film Festival

#bigtimeadolescence !!!

contrary to popular belief, I do in fact smile !

hoping to get a pizza sponsorship with this post. please.

alright, I know I said no more selfies for this year, but I lied. I hope all the things you’re looking for find you in 2019. bye 2018, you were a little strange! these violent delights have violent ends, I guess! 🤦‍♀️✨

my wit is failing me right now to come up with a caption, therefore I’m deeming them overrated !

happy holidays! let’s hope this is my last selfie of 2018.

thought this was artsy. i now see it absolutely is not.

venus de milo looks

low quality pictures, lower quality people kidding, u guys are the best I love u all

side eye, but make it sophisticated

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