Бриэль Барбаска


Американская актриса.
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posing hard or hardly posing ? (posing extremely hard)

all I’m missing is a fanny pack and I could be dwayne johnson circa 1994

Sundance Film Festival

#bigtimeadolescence !!!

contrary to popular belief, I do in fact smile !

hi, hey, hello

hoping to get a pizza sponsorship with this post. please.

alright, I know I said no more selfies for this year, but I lied. I hope all the things you’re looking for find you in 2019. bye 2018, you were a little strange! these violent delights have violent ends, I guess! 🤦‍♀️✨

my wit is failing me right now to come up with a caption, therefore I’m deeming them overrated !

happy holidays! let’s hope this is my last selfie of 2018.

thought this was artsy. i now see it absolutely is not.

venus de milo looks

low quality pictures, lower quality people kidding, u guys are the best I love u all

side eye, but make it sophisticated

heartbroken young woman, filled with regret and angst because she didn’t purchase this piece of art. (accepting donations)

“your profile needs something that isn’t a selfie.”

here’s a pre-thanksgiving food coma picture no one asked for!

can’t keep out of a good photo booth

vain but whatever!


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