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Malibu, California


I nominate this photo of myself to become the next viral meme. #fyc

like I really needed another one of these on my profile. anyway, happy #nationalselfieday 🤘🏼

warning: selfie overload. (don't hate me bc I'm feeling egotistical today😬)

Happy birthday pretty lady. Here are some of my favorite pictures of all of us through the years. I knew you'd be my friend for a long time from the day I met you. Love you @michellecella 💗

just two young women on a bench with some ice cream. (@halotopcreamery sponsor us??? maybe??? pls??)

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mama. I can not thank you enough for everything you've done for me. I love you 💗

good lighting is my weakness

The Museum of Selfies

selfies r art

thanks for being the best hiking buddy (and holding my backpack when I got lazy) ❤️

Haters will say I only posted this because of the lighting. I did.

happy birthday to the biggest g around @thomasbarbusca I love you and am extremely proud of you, buddy. Thank god we glowed up. (The third pic proves you've been balling since day 1 though) 🎉🎈💯💯

Yes, I posted this on my story. I am a selfie repeater.


LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

two artsy women doing artsy things

my valentine ❤️

me and my galentine @emmakenney 🌹 thank you @puma 🌹

dream shoot with @lizaboone 🌹 makeup by @cheyanne.makeup

b & w by @rynebelanger

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