Бриджет Риган


Американская актриса кино и театра. В 2008 году Бриджит Риган сыграла главную роль в фэнтезийном сериале «Легенда об Искателе».
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California Yacht Club

I'm great at taking selfies. @jodiesmith slays all day tho. Happy wrap #thelastship cast n crew!

We're about to storm Giorgio's castle on a cloud TONIGHT #thelastship @thelastshiptnt

My last line as Sasha for season 5... #copythat #thelastship

Where's @travisvanwinkle?? (📸 by @triini)

This is LINDA @lindakfit! She's my badass stunt double on #TheLastShip. I do most of my stunts on the show but every once in a while Linda steps in and gives Sasha that extra dose of toughie 💪💪@thelastshiptnt

Sasha's mad. #TheLastShip

Working. #thelastship

Tonight's episode of #TheLastShip: "TEMPEST" by @katieswainmcnally & directed by #PeterWeller, is my favorite of the season. A storm is coming... @tntdrama @thelastshiptnt


It's Friday

🚺🚺🚺 #TheLastShip

All the cool kids are watching @strangers on Facebook! Thanks @airmia22 for having me for a little ditty. 💘🌈💘

Find out why we needed to stretch tomorrow night on @thelastshiptnt 💪@brenfosterreal @mrjonathanhoward #thelastship

Thanks to the BEST CREW everrrr. And thanks to @perksidecoffeetruck for the ☕️☕️☕️AND thanks to Jasmine for making this ARTwork of a sign. #thelastship @thelastshiptnt @travisvanwinkle

Happy Birthday to this magical unicorn of a lady @yaritafrita! 🌸🍩 (pic by @cinefaces who else??)

On your birthday, and every day, we appreciate you, Michael Jackson, from a hot tub. @theemmyharrington @betsyhu @ailishbirnbaum @baymaries (Not pictured: Chicken Wing Girl @lizzybbaum) #welovemichaeljackson #happybirthdaymichaeljackson 👑👑👑

Happy Birthday to this dancing queeeeeen, @fergyevers! 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼

Who's gonna win the big fight tonight?? ALEXANDER HAMILTON!!

Tomorrow! Find out what @mrjonathanhoward and I are staring at! #thelastship

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