Бриджет Риган


Американская актриса кино и театра. В 2008 году Бриджит Риган сыграла главную роль в фэнтезийном сериале «Легенда об Искателе».
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This time, last year. @comic_con @thelastshiptnt @tntdrama #thelastship

Alternate / rejected story line: Sasha and Wolf fight over Azima and Danny’s feelings get hurt. #thelastship @travisvanwinkle @brenfosterreal @jodiesmith @vealpatty @thelastshiptnt @tntdrama

#fbf and Barney says THANKS to Jennie and the #JanetheVirgin crew for shooting around him 💕

@jodiesmith and I... on a staircase... waiting for season 5 of #thelastship to start. 📸@doug_hyun @thelastshiptnt

Feeling antisocial

Happy Day That Luisa Met Rose 💥🌈🌹👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #janethevirgin @yaritafrita @cwjanethevirgin #pride #roisa #ruisa

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and incredible big sister! You want something done? She will get it DONE in half the time, half the cost and ten times more thoughtful and beautiful than you could’ve imagined. She’s great at everything. I’m lucky to get to look up to her. #ErinForPrez 💛

If there’s one thing that I know for sure it’s: #familiesbelongtogether. We were hoping to be marching with you all today but our little baby Barney has been fighting an infection in hospital. He’s on the mend, thanks to all the amazing nurses, doctors and staff that have helped him. There is nothing more precious and perfect as children. This madness needs to STOP and we must #reunitefamilies NOW.

Sister from another mister @abigailspencer 💕💕

I’m tired

52 Senators still do NOT support S.3036, the #KeepFamiliesTogetherAct, to end Trump's immoral #ZeroTolerance policy of taking children from seeking parents asylum. All Democrats have signed. Not ONE Republican. DIAL 202-224- to start, followed by the listed four digits to reach your “Senator.” #FamiliesBelongTogether This is fucking madness. My heart is in pieces for these children and parents.

I know what movie I wanna see this weekend! @heartsbeatloud #HeartsBeatLoud ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Happy #nationaldonutday and 🙏🙏 to .... @bridget_regan_queen who made this! 🍩🍩💕💕@cwjanethevirgin @yaritafrita #janethevirgin

This was on the way out the door to go in for Agent Carter. Dottie 4eva. 💄🕷#waybackwednesday

This guy! Around 10 years ago I (got to) stare at this handsome mug all day erry day. And then go drink and flat white. 💕💫

My boy

Season 5 is the best yet. We go out with a bang. #TheLastShip 💥

Tribeca Film Festival

Mike. You da best. How many years is it now?? Happy day 🍾 @mikegasparro

Happy Birthday Hatt! ‘TAINT FAIR that I’m not singing show tunes with you at this very moment 🍾

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