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Find out more about THE progressive choice for #PHLMayor --> www.kenney2015.com

Team #182 had a great Saturday morning volunteering with Ready,Willing, & Able - Philadelphia to clean up Ridgeway Park at 13th & Carpenter. Even Captain America showed up!

#imAGAINSTbullying #SpiritDay

It’s hard to believe that thirteen years ago today, our nation was forever changed by the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane taken down in Western Pennsylvania. The devastation and mourning we felt across our country that day lives on in our national memory, and each year, it’s important to reflect on those victims, families, and loved ones impacted the events of September 11th. It is on this day we remember that our lives, our security, and our safety have not come free from sacrifice. It is on this day that the light of liberty burns brighter, and stronger than it ever has before. This nation will always face those who seek to extinguish that light, which serves as a beacon around the world for the ideologies for which we are known: freedom, justice, tolerance and liberty for all. #NeverForget

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Team 182 #Selfie

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Office Trip 😎

Just got my hairs done! Best Barbershop in philly 💈

Join me in just a few minutes for #PrideCast today with Google+, YouTube, Laverne Cox & more. http://t.co/NUKV2Dc8Fz

Senator Anthony H. Williams, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, Rep. James Roebuck, Rep @jordanaharris , and myself with parents, teachers, and students to call on Governor Tom Corbett to fully fund public education.


Not-so Grand Marshall of us #BourbonSt #NewOrleansPride

I'm Bigger Than Bullying... How about you? #NewOrleansPride

#Transformation #Tuesday!

Today, our world lost one of our greatest treasures: Maya Angelou was a symbol of how one person could shape history and help humanity progress toward tolerance and forgiveness. Few people have touched as many lives as Maya Angelou did during her lifetime, and I know countless people will mourn her loss while simultaneously honoring her accomplishments, grace, and compassion

Painting the town Rainbow 🌈 #Rally #Philly #Cityhall #PA #Marriage #Equality #Pride

I join millions of Pennsylvanians today in supporting the federal court’s decision! When Rep. Stephen McCarter, D-Montgomery, and I introduced the Pennsylvania Marriage Equality Act last fall, we recognized that numerous legal challenges throughout the Commonwealth had the potential to bring marriage equality much faster to the state, while our legislators sat on the sidelines. Today, a federal court in Pennsylvania has affirmed what a majority of Pennsylvanians already support: the fundamental right to marry the person they love. I'm thankful for all of the hard work that has gotten us to this point. I'm proud to live in a state where I am one step closer to being an equal citizen. And I am empowered to ensure that we continue the effort to bring equality in the form of an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination law to the Commonwealth. #lgbt #PA #Philly #Equality #Pride

This Award is extra special to me. Not only was it presented by my most favorite organization in the Commonwealth Mazzoni Center but in return I got to honor the late great David Rosenblum. David's immeasurable work has helped many lgbt Pennsylvanians and for that I wanna thank him for his impact and inspiration. #Mazzoni #lgbt #DavidRosenblum #lgbthealth&well-beingaward #BKS #Honor

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