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Американская актриса и танцовщица, больше всего известная по главным ролям в фильмах «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы» и «Крик в общаге».
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So glad I get to be with my wifey in Kentucky... not sure there could be a better date to go out with on the town. Thanks Louisville you ben treaten ma kind. ❤️ #ihavearoomie #weareaclassact

Saturday’s are good... especially when you last minuet get the day off! Woot woot!

Set life... #maxthecomebackdog has come a long long way...my heart melts watching people on set with him all day and the way they cater to him. He really is one of the greatest gifts in my life. ❤️

Double trouble sandwich... These boys have won my heart forever. ❤️

I apparently found a spot to nap on set today. Too many people sent me pictures of this. In dream world, holding maxitos tail, gymnasts flipping in the background. success ... ❤️ #wesleephard

Last night was obviously great... #alreadymarried

I’m prayin for rain over here allllll over California 💔

It’s insane what’s going on in Los Angeles right now and heart breaking. Thousands of people and animals being evacuated if you want to help there’s tons of way. Click the link in my bio or check out: The Red Cross, Humane society of Ventura county, Los Angeles animal care foundation, Thomas fire fund, or Salvation Army. A LOT of people need our help. ❤️

I miss you already Bali... but happy to be home. Only in Asia are you walking and a monkey randomly jumps on your back and give you a little neck hump. ;) ❤️

Thanks for MAXS dialogue mama and Daddio :) I can’t wait to all be together! #maxthecomebackdog

Mount Agung

Sunrise before eruption... dang!!!!

Honey @laurensimscreative you make me laugh so hard... glad we got to be partners in crime on this trip. Was epic. One more magical day!!! It’s been so cool to watch you on this trip. You are a beast! And I’m so so proud of you... Put your prayers out for Lauren’s lil tummy to feel better will you all?!? (She’s ok ;) Prayers always work better in the masses! Thank you ❤️

Bali, Indonesia

I’ll always be a jungle girl ❤️

Was thinking a lot this morning about judgment... I’ve been working lately on having the courage to be my authentic self. Always. The most attractive thing I find in others is when they’re free in themselves. You can see some people are not adjusting themselves to make someone else “like” them. And then I thought of this simple quote and wanted to share. So, why do we compare and try to be anything other than ourselves in the first place? It really just ends up breaking us. Judgment and comparison are poison. We are all spectacular individuals. Don’t ever let anyone stick you in a box. I know I won’t ❤️

Bagus Jati Health & Wellbeing Retreat Bali

Not a bad spot to meditate. I had a pretty life changing week being a part in leading @revampretreats with @raffilasvegas @groundedmindmeditations and @herwanderlustsoul our videographer and photographer @superquads caught this radical photo above the jacuzzi at @bagusjati.official more to come and so much to share. Stay tuned for the adventures ❤️

If you venture through the rice fields you never know what you will find... each spot just gets better and better. ❤️

Bawa-Bali Animal Welfare Association

Check out @bawabali_official here and on Facebook. Please DM me if you canhelp me in anyway get them supplies :) if you have a collar or leash company or anything to do with dogs or kitties let me know!!! These dogs are so amazing! Missing #maxthecomebackdog especially today in Bali... #ubud

MERRRRY CHRISTMAS JACOB!!! @jacobthepenguin you rock the socks off my Reebok’s. ❤️ Check out Jacobs story by clicking on his page :) you are so loved!!!

Missin this little man today and my sis and brother in law

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