Бриана Эвиган


Американская актриса и танцовщица, больше всего известная по главным ролям в фильмах «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы» и «Крик в общаге».
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Miami South Beach, Florida USA

Clearing up phone memory and found this... shark researching in Miami with the incredible @brinkleydavies check her out she's saving the world one day at a time. Huge heart! @oceana & @livelokai what a fun day this was... miss all of you! #notallsharksarescary #savetheoceans ❤️

Home video night... I look a little tense with my dance skills here 🙄

I wanna be right there... right now... ❤️

Never a dull moment with these guys. Thank you for last nights event for voices of tomorrow with @boo2bullying.... USE your voice, stand up, don't take everything so personal. It's rarely about us. Bullies will be everywhere. We are the voices of today, and tomorrow. BUT!!! We really need to set the foundation for the generations to come. #boo2bullying #voicesoftomorrow #voicesoftoday #livebig #bestrong WE GOT THIS. It's our time ❤️( and please be silly and laugh a lot!) thank you!

Marley and max :) #maxthecomebackdog #marleymylove

Did you know I used to think we lived in a world that was black and white? I've always been a literal thinker. Bc of my parents pictures I really thought that's what their world looked like. I also thought they lived with the dinosaurs ;) . If we don't take care of the world now, rhinos an elephants and many more amazing creatures out there will be like the dinosaurs to our children. We can't let that happen. Let the kid in you be present help me figure out more creative ways to help! Any ideas? 🐘💨❤️#africanwildlifefoundation #wildaid #banivorytradeworldwide #stoppoachingnow

If you haven't checked out my new film @toythemovie go get it now on Hulu! (Link in bio) #lgbt #love #kerrynorton

For the last few days it's really been in my mind and has been bothering me how much I see people looking down or into their screens. It saddens me... 1 of the many reasons we're so lucky to be put on this earth is to EXPERIENCE! To connect, and make relationships everywhere we go. I understand social media and think it's wonderful and brilliant and I won't stop using it by any means but, pick and choose your times! Don't miss the moments they are WAY to beautiful. If you're with your friends talk to them share your stories don't show them your friends live feed. I keep asking myself why we're all doing that? All I can come up with is that you can see what you're not doing or where you are not at. That's depressing! Then we start comparing. Comparing is poison. We need to be the strength in each other's lives to bring one another up on a daily basis. Life is insanely wonderful but if you're looking down you really are not in it. Not present. GET IN IT! I hope that once you've read this, it will at least cross your mind next time you're about to record something for everyone to see, that YOU may be missing what's happening that could change or enlighten your life in that very second. We all get caught up in things. I can sure say that about myself too. But I had to say something because it's been killing me! ❤️I love you all and I hope you're having an absolutely amazing Wednesday! #keepspreadinglove

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

3 days later we all found each other. What a crew.



My favorite thing about opening my phone :) #africa

Happppy FRIDAY!!! Hey guys go visit my sisters page @vanessaevigan and check out her #giveaway today! Don't miss it. It's a good one. ❤️❤️❤️have an amazing weekend. #prettiestprego

Last nights amazing play by @lorienhaynes if you're in la don't miss it last 2 nights, tnight and tomorrow at the #electrictheater in Venice. Watch all 3 of the amazing talented actors and my friends @lorienhaynes @brabrabre and @wilburmac totally crush it!!! ❤️❤️❤️#buttersidedown

Hope you're all having an amazing Tuesday! If you missed the last 2 fitness videos check them out on my page and get ready for new content coming soon!!! Im ready for beach time again! #fitnessmotivation #inspiredbyyou #letsdothis #brianatellsall ❤️❤️❤️

Always got an eye on me :) #maxthecomebackdog #mansbestfriend

Happy happy happy birthday to the lovely @rembrandtflores you're just the sweetest. Always love hang time with you. #phillipinosarethebest love you man!!!! 😍

Just boozing after my morning work out 😜Hahahaha @channingtatum I will have to try this when it's not 9 am...

Great little Friday quote! Thank @alyshiaochse :) snagged it... yup it's your world go get deep in it! Plunge face first ;) #happyfriday

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