Бриана Эвиган


Американская актриса и танцовщица, больше всего известная по главным ролям в фильмах «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы» и «Крик в общаге».
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Marley and me... #gnarlymarley happy easter 🙏

This little man... #mav

I can’t believe we ended up room mates... #loveatfirstsight #shmeedlelikesyou 👀 #ilovebeards #alwaysuchalady

Ummmmm..... guys remember this night? We need to go back and Dj there!!! #onsieparty #junglegym #adultplayground

#Repost @beyondthebackpack with @get_repost ・・・ This is likely the best thing you’ll see all day! Thank you @mishajannard for sharing I’m dying... this is THE BEST. 🐘💨❤️ 🎥 @elephantvoices

I apparently pulled myself together... #sororityrow set days #memorylane #chickencuttlets.

Star gazing or yawning? Always such a lady... #sororityrow set days #deepyawn #busted. Thanks for these @joshstolberg

Me on a party bus while everyone’s leisurely sipping drinks... #sororityrow days ➡️ 🤦🏽‍♀️

This wise silent ones give us all the answers... #maxthecomebackdog

Tonight at 7pm EST don’t miss my interview with @thegrindhouseradio! #iheartradio #spotify #itunes #grindhouseradio listen where you wish! thanks for the fun chat! ❤️ (Click link in bio) https://tinyurl.com/y6przzor

The feeling after waking up at 330 am to find out your interview is in the pm... fell back asleep and had a nightmare I’m hoping it was the coffee and not a premonition dream. Wishing I could spend my whole day like this guy 😂 what a Monday already! I feel like I’ve done so much! #activesleeper #dreamer

@vanessaevigan this really does feel like just yesterday. I can’t believe you’re about to have your second child!!! You will always be my big sis. I love you so much it’s insane. You’re an amazing sister, an amazing, brave mama, a wonderful daughter, and a strong beautiful special soul that this world is so lucky to have. ❤️#nothinlikesisters #sisterlove #myhero

Red Studios Hollywood

#repost love you ladies let’s do more!!!

I had no idea walking into @wolfconnection that these animals were one of the greatest teachers I’d ever meet. We are not here to please people we’re here to bond and connect. Think about it... when I compare all the things I learned from the wolves to humans, it’s just completely overwhelming to me what we’re missing as humans and in our world today. It’s actually simple. This experience was similar to the gorillas yet so different and so special in its own way. I can’t explain the whole story of my day but, I’ll say, this story will continue to take a toll on the rest of my life. Wolves don’t control each other. An Alfa doesn’t try to be one, it just is one, with zero ego. Packs don’t create conflict, they don’t disturb the peace, they are peace. They don’t fight within the pack, they give each other space, they trust, they protect, they always have an eye out for each other. “A pack member is someone who helps when they can, and when they can’t they lay beside you and listen.” They are independent and loving. They’re exactly what they were born to be, so are we... Stop and listen in silence. Find out who you are because you are probably way more awesome than you know. Perception is tricky. Get rid of the lies you hold on to, they’re in your head, they’re not real. I will forever be grateful for my time with them. I will forever feel them and see the wisdom behind their eyes. I will continue my life with grace and presence. I will continue to forgive even when those can’t show up to apologize. Ill remember that when there’s death there’s also fullness. I’ll remember to soften because my masculinity and femininity are both equal strengths, and they’re both beautiful sides of me. I remember now once again, my ripple effect just like yours, is contagious. My primal animalistic side is real and so is yours. We should never need but want. LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE WEAPON. My life goal is to be a fountain, so I can have me and my feet on the ground and flow freely to give with out sacrificing myself, yet always be able to show up for others. Connection, relationship, and love is all you leave with. All I ask is that you find yours. ❤️

Miss this little one... my happy place is definitely with animals ❤️


Please do yourself a favor and watch the one hour doc of @hannah_gadsby I’m going to be taking this in for ever. Talk about a courageous human being. I’m in awe. DO NOT MISS THIS. Watch it all the way through, I’d be very surprised if you’re disappointed. Her bravery was beyond inspiring, I’ll leave you with that. I really am speechless. (Hannah Gadsby Nanette - doc) thank you for being you. ❤️

This picture does so many things to me! Some things never change... I feel like I can see us as old ladies in this picture too. Just put two big chairs under our butts and the exact same laughs. I also can’t imagine you wearing a dress like that EVER again, but we still wear onesies, weird hats, and need to get new roller blades and blade the streets again. God I love you and am so glad we’ve had all the years together since we were 3. ❤️ (I cant even handle your cute socks and shoes)

Jasper Randall 🙏

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