Бриана Эвиган


Американская актриса и танцовщица, больше всего известная по главным ролям в фильмах «Шаг вперёд 2: Улицы» и «Крик в общаге».
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Thanks @xtinameneses for the new color. I’m lovin it girl!!! You rock, can’t wait to see what we do next time ;) and my face says it all about last night, thanks ladies for being a part of the crazy shenanigans making today a complete struggle!!! You know who you are Ha! ❤️💥👊🏼conquered all the things... #cheapwine #nachos #struggles

It’s Friday!!! And just a few days away from my bday! Wanna make my day? Donate $1 to the link in my bio to help protect and supply the rangers of IAPF.org. These beautiful animals are on there way to extinction. Let’s not let them become the dinosaurs of our time. ❤️

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Ahhhh if you're on overload play this.... it just came on and made me feel like i dropped backwards off a cliff into a cold still body of water. If you're not into that maybe you won't understand hahaha but for me that's surrendering and being caught. 🙏🏽thank you for your music #charliecunningham

Signed photo of little piglet for a $100 donation to IAPF.org this is one of my favorites!!! Let's keep piglet around and protected! Half way through the birthday month for the 1$ challenge. Let's take it up a notch! We're almost at a thousand! You guys RULE!!! ❤️thank you so much for supporting something I really believe in.

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Rhino horn being ground up for use in Vietnam. The demand has shifted from medicinal to a status piece, and is even being used as currency. A product that's the exact same material as horse hooves, cockatoo beaks, and even our hair and fingernails. Yes, you can get basically the same thing for free every time you trim your nails or get a hair cut. Join me in my birthday month challenge by donating 1$ today. We can't let these animals become the dinosaurs of our time. (Click link in bio) ❤️I thank you in advance!

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I wasn't going to post over the weekend but bc this is in the same category of what I'm raising funds for for the month, this is the founder of jimmy johns the chain sandwhich spot that I really used to love. I'm so disappointed to see yet another trophy hunter smiling away with his "prize" please don't support this place anymore. This breaks my heart. Click the link in my bio to help out the team I am working with to put this to an end. @int.anti.poaching.foundation

Thank you for this @linkinlenya I can't believe this was my first job. This has been a heavy week for millions of people for a number of reasons. There's so much going on out there in this massive world we live in. My love and prayers go out to all those suffering. I still can't believe Chester is no longer here, it really just all breaks my heart. The only thing we can all do is keep spreading love and not fear. Thank you guys that have been supporting me since the beginning! You rock my world.💙 #linkinpark

Day 5: Today with my October birthday month challenge I dedicate a moment of silence to those with out a voice that have lost their lives. Let's be the change, stand up, speak up, and start fighting for what matters to us. I've made the link in my bio so you can now donate from anywhere in the world. Sorry about the inconvenience! Who's with me today? $1 or more ;) but like I said before, if I could get just $1 dollar from everyone of my followers we'd be protecting the lives of not only the rangers with IAPF but the animals that are helpless when it comes to these cruel acts made by humans. ❤️ (click link in bio) #stoppoaching #endivorytrade #keepspreadinglove

Day 4: unfortunately this is the outcome of what's happening to these animals. I hate to have to show this but if we don't see it we don't feel it the same. This IS what is going on, this IS the torture they go through. They experience pain just like us and for hours when they're poached. This is what we are helping when we donate today to IAPF.org. Please today give $1 (or more) but all I'm asking is 1 for every person that sees this horrific image. We can make a difference. Saving one life is everything. Protecting these rangers and giving them the tools they need to protect these guys is EVERYTHING. Thank you all for participating in my birthday month challenge. (Click link in bio now) #voicesoftoday #voicesoftomorrow we need you more than ever.

Hahaha thank you to whoever made this... I'm starting to feel more and more like jim Carey these days. ❤️

Day 3: Did you know we were down to 70,000 rhinos by 1970? There's a mere 29,000 in the wild today, and more than 6,100 rhinos have been poached in the last decade. There's one male northern white rhino left named Sudan. Three of the five rhinoceros species are listed as being critically endangered - the Black Rhinoceros, Javan Rhinoceros and Sumatran Rhinoceros. This means they have a 50% chance of becoming extinct In less than 20 years. Babies stay with there mothers for 3 years and NEED them, just like humans. They're often killed with out there horns even being developed. These poachers are criminals. IAPF is working each day in Southern Africa to ensure that the Black Rhinoceros are here for generations to come. If we don't help this will be not only a devastating blow to the world as a whole, but also to many national economies. I ASK YOU TODAY, to donate $1 with me to help protect these rangers from risking there lives every day for those with out a voice. WHOS WITH ME?! (Click link in bio to donate)

Day 2: For the month of oct for my birthday my challenge is to get $1 from everyone of my followers to bring protection to these rangers. This photo is @damien_mander in Unarmed combat training in Zimbabwe. Today is a very sad day with what's happened in vegas, there are horrific things happening all over the world every day, it just seems to be getting worse. I've got hope though, we can't let people put fear in us bc of there sick actions. click link in bio to help on the other side of the world today too (Photo cred Brent Stirton) 💙 #stoppoaching #stopivorytrade #protectourrangers

What has happened is horrendous. I can't believe we live in a world like this. I'm so sad and so angry. I just don't understand. My prayers go out to everyone there, those injured and the families that have lost. #stopthehate #guncontrol

Hey guys! Im committing my birthday month to supporting @int.anti.poaching.foundation My friend Damien mander is out there training the rangers and protecting the lives of those with out voice every day. What I'm asking of you? Is a birthday gift of $1. That's it. Can you please join me in supporting this cause? It's something I believe in more than anything and they need us RIGHT NOW (click link in bio) So it begins! I'll post every day for this whole month and begin filling you in on what it really looks like out there. THANK YOU ALL. You are so amazing. I know we can do this together. ❤️ @damien_mander

My first friend and my last... ;) always and forever. And the world spins madly on, but always with you. #girlsnightout👯 #blakesbday round 2

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