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I love these people so much! Check out the finale of season 3 tonight! Michael may or may not make a surprise appearance 🤓🤓🤓 Also so proud of them for a 4th season!!!!!!!!!

Learning to play the case.

No one likes to go on double dates with us anymore cuz all I can talk about is cheese and Haley just kind of sits there like this while I talk about cheese

Feel it ladies and gentleman 🕶🎹

😍😍🐓<--( there's no swan emoji, so a chicken will do) ❤️

Happy #aliens day!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by @keeoone . Happy earth day. Keegan planted a tree today, and I returned my gas guzzling car 6 months early to get a hybrid!!! I LOVE EARTH. (Keegan: look right. Me: like this? Keegan: ya= this photo.)

Haley you look so good in this pic! Thought I'd share it with everyone on here! So beautiful!! ❤️🐸🐜

Doodles on a notepad. (Swipe left to see all 4)

HAPPY WERNEDSDAY I just wana be a really cool guy

@televisionacad feel weird posting this. Changed the caption 3 times cause I don't know what to write. Feel like a dick leaving the photo blank like "look at this, cya". Feel weird saying "hey being considered possibly, maybe for a nomination" cause am I though? I don't know. But either way. I saw this poster tonight, and got super excited about it. And took a photo. Then posted it on Instagram. So I thought I'd write down what I went through mentally in the process of posting this photo. Always been a dream to be nominated. If I do, I'll post nude pics for 8 weeks straight fully clothed. What?

These fleas better flee or I'll be like WEEEEEEEEE (murders entire family). that was really dark. I meant poison them slowly! But they'll be okay though!! All the fleas live in the end! Except the ones in the house... They'll suffocate. But they went with full bellies from my leg blood. Ignore the caption just look at the photo! I Should have put this at the beginning of the caption but I don't think you can copy and paste on Instagram but I don't think you can copy and paste on Instagram , oh I guess you can.

Remember that thing I said 34 hours ago about talking to me on SKYPE like Neptunium A3 (alien in photo)? Well if you missed it you can chat with me on Skype again tomorrow at 12PM PST. Just add BrettDierOnSkype and bring your questions. We'll chat, LIVE, and it'll be epic!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! (Photo by @matthewhelfer #SkypeTogether #ad

PEOPLE OF EARTH. I’ll be in a special SKYPE group chat tomorrow at 12PM PST- and bring your questions! Just add BrettDierOnSkype as a contact on Skype to get involved AND TALK TO ME. This is a photo of me on a Skype call with my brother from another species mother, his name is Neptunium A3. Nice guy. #SkypeTogether #ad

Here's a photo of Tim. A ten year old boy who survived the titanic. THANKS FOR COMING OUT FOR THOSE WHO CAME OUT! And BlackList live for having me! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (I burped on stage and nobody laughed) alright cya!

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