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Ready to start my new movie tomorrow

This video was going south from the second I opened my mouth.. trust me I'm well aware

Meeting my best friend @keeoone at the suh dude beach suh dude!!!! I LOVE THIS GUY I TRIED TO KISS HIM HELLO


There is always light. Out and in. PHOTO TAKEN BY @keeoone

This concludes the black and white photo shoot by @keeoone ladies and gentleman.

Here's a video of brett I just took in the car. This is haley and I love brett. Hehehe hi brett's Instagram !!!!


I'd like to have these experiences with you for the rest of my life. I love you Haley. ❤️❤️

Throwback to when they made me old on #janethevirgin. Insane make up. Insane!!! You should have seen the prosthetic balls they had made for me. I requested them because I'm a method actor. Tied them around my ankles. Have a wonderful day

So weird.. I saw this photo of me just hanging above a sink in the middle of nowhere..........

Just met Bane. More like Dane, am I right? Like Great Dane? Tom Hardy more like Tom Softy, he let me pet him on the head. Much nicer than I thought. Until he started barking about the Darkness and how he was molded by it. Dangerous dog, dawg.. I just watched him. What else was I guna do? Then he started growling about holding a dog park hostage in Gotham city. That's when I stood up. Tried to warn the other dogs in the Market. Saw a cat. Thinking it was Cat woman. Not sure though. Could have just been a cat.. There really is an intense underground crime thing in the dog world that I had no idea about. That's when I stumbled upon a member of K-9. Nine super dogs that fight people like Bane-dog... they warned me about stuff like this... Whenever you see dog poop on the side walk, that's not just dog poop on the sidewalk....That's one of Bane-dogs thugs sending out a warning. Just be careful out there dogs. I don't wana see anyone getting hurt. Who let these dogs out anyways? Ha

I am doing research for my next project.... it's true I'm doing a French movie and I'm trying to learn everything about French. Starting with farts. You can't spell fart without ART. (Post was deleted. Reposting)

Got a #fidgetspinner , and also ran into this pink penis today. Thought I'd combine the two. Nice to meet you @dixiedoesitall enjoy the rest of your day! ❤️


Happy national selfie day!! #nationalselfieday

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