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I need some friends

Hey guys! Been doing this. Sorry I haven't been on here a while. Just been doing this pretty much.

CHECK OUT a sample of the behind the scenes of @cwjanethevirgin I did 7 2 and a half minute videos exploring people's dressing rooms, sets and EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED TO KNOW IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. They are up on @cwseed or YouTube if you want to watch the full things!!!!!!! Thanks @hboats

I can levitate. Vegeta and Baby spice. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈

my favorite girl in the world and I. Throwback Thursday. )I wasn't ready for the photo( ( )*

Hey guys. Brand new Jane the Virgin airs in 8 minutes in the east!! Check it out! @cwjanethevirgin

Halloween is my favorite Time of year. With my Lu, and this creepy dude with a fan. #creepla (I deleted this photo a week ago by a mistake.) (I just wasted your time reading about my past mistakes) (I'm sorry) (I should stop with captions) (this is my last caption) (hey guys what are you being for Halloween!?) ( if you made it this far in the caption please tell me what you're being)

Behind the scenes of #janethevirgin with old Michael filmed by old Jane with one of those flick phones the kids have now a days. @hereisgina

I HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING/ watching THE SHOW!!! #janethevirgin @hereisgina @justinbaldoni @yaelgrobglas @ivonnecollofficial @haleyluhoo


"Paul" reviews #thewitcher3 video game. @xbox

#ripdorritos #originalart

Doodling critters at midnight 👽

So proud of this beautiful girl @haleyluhoo #edgeofseventeen , ❤️ living her dream!!

Trying to have a body like Justin. Gotta start somewhere...

Go visit savethefood.com for more information and tips on how we can prevent food waste! Food keeps our species alive. Remember that the next time you want to throw something away :) ❤️ @wayfarerent

Love this drawing of Michael and Jane i was tagged in! :-) @hereisgina drawn by @aiyarts

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