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Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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#PresidentRoulette , the new single from #QUALMS , will be available this Friday 9/22. Video to follow the next week.

You can pre-order #QUALMS right now from itunes, bandcamp, brendanhinesmusic.com, etc! Wouldn't it be nice to listen to music without needing to be connected to the internet? I agree it would. Go ahead and listen to some track samples now.



another victim has been claimed

the indie-record-store-clerk-level derision from this one is just really overwhelming right now #QUALMS

The Hotel Cafe

this picture was taken by @janeizjane, to whom i owe a signature #QUALMS

is this how you get people to give a fuck about music @thehotelcafe tomorrow night at 8pm

"Hi. Hello. My name is The Cover Of The New Brendan Hines Album #QUALMS. I was made by @danab2011, using a photograph taken by @valentinasocci. I am glad to be in the world and I hope you will download/stream me and the songs for which I am a thematic representation; this is a thing you can do on 10/13/17. Oh, one more thing: I love you."

thank you for your enthusiasm @scottspeiser. please stop mailing me your underwear. #thetick

i'm making my first @spotify playlist and i went down a bit of a rabbit hole. cc: @johnrossbowie

a firm paws up from this one on his first experience with the glories of sand; less enthusiastic about water.

Baseball facetime with the Hines boys.

Thanks to @sleepinthegardn for capturing this infinite loop of Lynchian colors from last night's show. #Qualms

Last night's set list, with guitar strap redaction. #Qualms

we're getting weird over here.

Go to my youtube channel and check out the brand new video for "Average Is" (directed by @alsgro) featuring me cos-playing as Peter O'Toole from Lawrence of Arabia. #Qualms

The Hotel Cafe

LA: Come out and be among good folk tonight; also, me. I am in a crowd-pleasing mood.

we all know this is literally how the trump presidency ends. (sound is a must on this one)

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