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Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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A week from today (8/25) on @amazonvideo you can finally watch the first 6 episodes of #thetick All of us are very proud of this lovingly and shamelessly geeky, funny, kind-hearted show and think you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. A kinder, more talented cohort of creators and humans you would be hard-pressed to find. Yes, i made sure i was in each picture at least once. @theticktv

Good day! Let this notice serve to inform you that "Average Is", the first single off of QUALMS, will be available everywhere one week from today (8/25). Recorded in Joshua Tree a couple of days after last year's election, the album's 9 songs are an "unfashionably imperfect, unadvisedly earnest, shockingly catchy encapsulation of anxieties & insults, warnings & suggestions, rages & recoveries." Photo by @dpedde


kid wrote a poem 'bout his dick

the president is a scumbag nazi. i'm smiling because i hate nazis. fuck nazis. if you support the president you can literally walk backwards off a building. hahaha i love instagram. pic by @aaroncsmith seriously, only comment if you hate nazis. condemning nazis should literally be the easiest thing in the world to do. it's easy to grin in bed when you hate nazis. fuck everything about this garbage president and his family. hahahahaah social media is totes cool.

you'll understand soon enough #Qualms

chef @sbez has the best shirt of the year

Earl the Night Dog is on patrol.

I can't go anywhere alone in Los Angeles without some couple turning around and asking me about that one "Without A Trace" episode I did in 2007.

do u even lift bro

@instabenp aspires to power.

The new record, QUALMS, will be available Friday the 13th of October (10/13); in the meantime please watch this space for more videos and info and such, etc. and go get on my mailing list at brendanhinesmusic.com to get to hear it earlier than 10/13.

now hear this

My new record QUALMS will be available in early October; i'll be playing these dates at the lovely, intimate Second Stage @thehotelcafe in the weeks leading up to the release. Buy tickets now at hotelcafe.com/tickets/

i am surrounded by charm and talent #thetick

Fury/Edlund: Purveyors Of Finest Quality Fantastical Humor Content. #thetick

i regret nothing #sdcc #thetick

having fun with fun is fun #sdcc #thetick #holdthepickles

hey it's me and Chopper THE DOG WHO RIDES A MOTORCYCLE at #sdcc dogs>humans

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