Брендан П. Хайнс


Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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save the date. bring a date. come alone. come en masse.

from now on, i'm gonna try to have at least one barrel next to me at every gig; this performance of the song "Minus The Facts" was shot in the cellar at City Winery, NY. the full video is on facebook and youtube

director's commentary from "Making Yellow Snow" (2017) dir: B. Hines

director's commentary from "Waterearl'd" (2017), an absolute classic (sound on)

tfw i'm eavesdropping on your conversation and have opinions

hello. please now let Raymond Carver end you.

He is risen

more Charles Simic and if you don't like poetry you ain't shit.

do not be fooled: i know there is a camera present; i am merely exercising my actorly right to pretend i have been captured in a moment of transcendent reverie.

I played some new tunes for the rapt barrels of the @citywinerynyc cellar yesterday; the wine did not reciprocate my affections but its indifference was, at least, cordial and silent.

damn Charles Simic

welcome to the epitomization of my rehearsal ambivalence

this is a true story and therefore the names have not been changed: brendan & earl

this will never not make me laugh. @mst3k #mst3k

ok. cool. hole your favorite. you want me to put that on the sign though?

4/7 NYC Ticket link in bio.

Final mix of our new record happened late into last night. That's my hero, engineer and sir-mixes-a-lot @marshallcraigmyle at the helm; he is a gift from the gods of sonic mastery. Not pictured but aurally present, thankfully, are champion guitar stud and producer @davidpoe, bass sexxxer @jonnyflaugher, keyboard enabler @chris__barnett, and producer/drummer/photographer/magician @alsgro. Glorious humans all and i love them.



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