Брендан П. Хайнс


Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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@kaitjoseph captured me screaming "AFTER HIM, YOU FOOLS!"

i have been trying to perfect my @jaegerthomas impression for 20 years.

toooooootally dude

mary hines and her thug son brendan (1977)


take a look at me now.

thoughts and prayers to this lamppost which is about to be burned for heresy

@pauljames_6 finds his light on Houston St.

...too close, i'd posit!

charles simic

if you have the means, i highly recommend picking one up 📷: @ffaber

I come bearing information: "The Tick" arrives on @amazonvideo 8/25. Gird accordingly! #thetick

save the date. bring a date. come alone. come en masse.

from now on, i'm gonna try to have at least one barrel next to me at every gig; this performance of the song "Minus The Facts" was shot in the cellar at City Winery, NY. the full video is on facebook and youtube

director's commentary from "Making Yellow Snow" (2017) dir: B. Hines

director's commentary from "Waterearl'd" (2017), an absolute classic (sound on)

tfw i'm eavesdropping on your conversation and have opinions

hello. please now let Raymond Carver end you.

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