Брендан П. Хайнс


Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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Van Gogh Museum

Double-arrested for loving mugshots.

My future ghost is already haunting her

'Qualms' is one year old. Happy Birthday 'Qualms'. Listen to 'Qualms' today.

in case you forgot what perfection sounded like @st_vincent

"i couldn't help but notice that there is something in your lap which is not me. i can fix that for you." -Earl Hines

Thanks to Douglas Mackrell (@douglasmackrell) for these rad homemade Tick & Arthur figures! On a totally unrelated note: were you a 'Lie To Me' or 'The Middleman' fan who was bummed and angry when the network lost interest in promoting those shows due to arcane ratings metrics and a lack of understanding how cult shows can take time to grow audiences and that the fan passion and fervor for those shows must be honored and harnessed in uniquely creative ways? Remember how those shows just seemed to vanish and end unresolved and you wanted to start a campaign to save them but it was too late? The Tick Season 2, coming "sometime" in 2019! Have a great day! #thetick

from @ladyluofthewolves here is an aesthetically pleasing list of the last day to register to vote in every state. make sure you're registered.

...they're not perfect, but at least they're not an undeniably amoral, white supremacist, billionaire, women-hating death cult.

Avra Madison Estiatorio

When you finally get to watch season 2 of @theticktv please remember that The Tick creator Ben Edlund hates seafood. #thetick

Today! Come say hi! #thetick

These fucking monsters. For Halloween this year, why not go as someone who will vote Republicans out of power 6 days later. Make sure your registration is up to date. Don't argue with these pigs. Just kick them the fuck out and make their lives miserable when they have the audacity to ever go out in public again. #vote 11/6/18

I'm not on Twitter (or Facebook) anymore because it's (they're) a foul cesspool(s) of toxic and contagious depression but just fyi this is the time to read the phenomenal "Good And Mad" by Rebecca Traister. #goodandmad #rebeccatraister

KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar


this woman (in addition to fellow bullshitters flake and manchin) is as soulless, empty, and committed to white male supremacy as david duke. there are no moderate republicans.

welcome to your 40's @mvoltaggio


My dog has more of a judicial temperament and is a better liar than entitled manbaby Brett. Fuck that dude forever and all who enable him.

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