Брендан П. Хайнс


Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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Hair Horns growing in nicely

We are your #thetick (badly missing @yaritafrita & @devinratray & @johnhodgman & @josh_schubart & @alantudyk @susanhurwitzarneson here) @collidervideo

Bakoon is one of the only things i miss about twitter. And he's on the right side of Tickstory. #thetick THROW @theticktv VIEWING PARTIES ALL WEEKEND LONG.


PSA: if you love #thetick and want a 3rd season, NOW would be the time to start rewatching and insisting that your friends watch it and tweeting at @amazonprimevideo about bringing the show back and doing all the other things that show the love for a lovely show. you can join @amazonprimevideo now for free for a month! only takes a mere five hours to binge all of season 2! (knowing what i know about the plan for season 3, you will be VERY BUMMED if the show doesn't continue). 💙 💙💙💙

back on his bullshit

photo of a black hole. courtesy of @nasa / @maxmagpie

#thetick cast is coming to @houstoncomicpalooza 5/10-5/12! We are a delightful bunch. Hope to see you there!

getting horizontal at the right time is crucial on the set of #thetick

Mild spoilers but then again you've already binged all of season 2 of #thetick right???????

Flexon and Superian here to service you in the satisfying superhero way. #thetick

Earl never gets carded.

These are mostly from Season 1. But tomorrow you may watch all of Season 2. It's a comedy. #thetick @amazonprimevideo


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our @wondercon panel/signing for @theticktv! It was delightful seeing so many people and watching the first episode of season 2 in your appreciative presence! See you at the next one! Season 2 of #thetick drops April 5th on @amazonprimevideo

IN ONE WEEK #thetick Season 2 on @amazonprimevideo Sweeter, funnier, crazier, edgier, yet somehow family-friendlier! Comment below where you think i hide my phone when i'm dangling from the wires.

Mood Gorning

i have subpar knife skills; on a related topic, my digits have many scars.

All ten episodes of Season 2 of #TheTick, available April 5th only on @amazonprimevideo. Start spreading the word!

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