Брендан П. Хайнс


Американский актёр, кинопродюсер и певец.
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Amazon Prime members you can stream this show on @amazonvideo 8/25. It is very good. #thetick

His iconic author photo illustrates why Earl is often called the Robert Caro of his generation/species.

Please enjoy #thetick streaming 8/25 on @amazonvideo

the pinktopus is upon us

found a Tick in the woods. happy belated @peterserafinowicz

brooklyn rainbowdome #verymuchfilter

Before you know it, these two heartfelt hilarity heroes and the world they inhabit will be your new favorite thing. i can't wait for you to get hit in the face with all the charm. @theticktv #thetick

@theticktv storyboard panel by Patrick Campbell featuring Superian; i endeavor to live up to these cool-ass drawings. speaking of panels, see you at #sdcc on 7/21!

come to @rockwoodmusichall tonight at 8:30 to see @davidpoe and to get a metaphorical/poetic ass-kicking.

today is the day i have selected to be Earl's birthday. so Earl is 1 yr old today. he remains a very good boy; fond of hugs, sticks, leaves, humans.

headlights caught me dancing with myself 📸: @nurseasindoctor

it has been precisely four months since i last gave you a lovely sunset picture; i hope you can one day find it in your hearts to forgive me.

this is the pose @grifflightning strikes when he knows he's in a tv show @theticktv

ars gratia artis

Tonight at 10pm. Rockwood Music Hall. Stage 3. Enter at 185 Orchard St. (and also at your own risk).

"Average Is": a hot taster from the new Brendan Hines record; featuring Jason Robards on flask; also: @davidpoe @jonnyflaugher @alsgro @chris__barnett

it's alive. hair courtesy of @theticktv

new york. two weeks from tomorrow. i'm returning to stage 3 @rockwoodmusichall i'm entertaining pre-request suggestions now in the comments. please personally thank @aaroncsmith for this photograph.

accurate today. hopefully not forever.

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