Брэнт Догерти


Американский актер. Известный благодаря роли Ноэля Кана в сериале «Милые Обманщицы».
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Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris


In a fighting mood today 👊🏼💥


I ate a literal pound of bacon before I took this photo (they really like bacon in Michigan) and I tried to enter that into my calorie calculator but I couldn’t deal with the reality of how many calories that actually was so I took a blurry shirtless photo to see how much damage I did. Anyway thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

That writer/producer/actor life. Always hustlin. Can’t wait to share the results with you all.

San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos

Dreaming about island weather on this freezing Michigan day 🥶 What’s the weather like where you are?

In honor of #internationalwomensday I’m posting this about my lovely fiancée @kimhidalgo. We wrote this movie together and we’re also co-producing and starring. It’s been an immense amount of work and she’s been filming 12+ hour days every day while keeping things together offscreen AND making it look effortless. I’m so lucky to have her by my side while we make our dreams come true. I love you babe. Let’s keep doing this together the rest of our lives.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the lovely @erikaljames Thanks for letting me play in your world. Hope to see you again soon!

I blue myself

If only we could have assembled a better looking cast... 😂 Seriously, we’re so lucky to be able to work with such amazing and talented people. Can’t wait to start rolling cameras on the script @kimhidalgo and I wrote! If we survive the cold. Bonus points for the #PLL reunion with @theryanmerriman

Finally saw A Quiet Place last night and 🤔 I feel like I nailed this aesthetic first... I mean we’re literally wearing the same clothes with the same beard and blood stain. Maybe @johnkrasinski was a Freakish fan? 😂🤔

This was from the day Ronda Rousey called me a cocky motherfucker and to be honest I will cherish that moment forever

I wouldn’t say I’m brave for posting this unretouched photo. I’d say I’m downright heroic. A true trailblazer.

It’s weird to say this but today marks 10 years since my dad passed. That’s almost a third of my life that I haven’t been able to share with him. When I was on @dancingabc we put together a contemporary routine in honor of him and it’s one of the things I am most proud of in my life. I wanted to show the rocky relationship we had at times (mostly when I was a shitty teenager) but ultimately the love we had for each other. He took care of me when I was growing up and I tried to help take care of him when he got sick. I moved to LA the year before he died and I’m grateful that he was able to be there to send me off into the world. He formed a lot of who I am today and I see glimpses of him in myself all the time. I wish he could have seen what I’ve accomplished over the last 10 years. I wish he could be at my wedding. But I’m grateful that I got as much time with him as I did. And I want to send my thanks to @petamurgatroyd for putting together this dance to celebrate him.

Magere Brug

Valentines Day 2018. Amsterdam. The day I asked her to marry me. I’ve never been so nervous in my life... and I’ve danced on live television. I kept cracking my knuckles and rambling about nothing to fill the silences on our walk. Risky to ask a girl to marry you in the middle of a vacation. Because like, what if she says no? Do we just keep sightseeing? Lucky for me, she said yes. We’ve been engaged an entire year and it’s been the best year of my life. I love you so much @kimhidalgo

It’s a fugly wall but it was fun for selfies It’s the bathroom equivalent of painting wings on a wall outside a bar... you can’t help but take photos with it

Old Trafford Football Stadium

I was so jet lagged in this photo that I’m not entirely convinced this really happened. Also how was this over a year ago already?? Who came out to Manchester last year to hang out with us?

ROKU Sunset

We take birthday celebrations v seriously around these parts. Thanks for sharing another year with me @kimhidalgo

Los Angeles, California

Taking a cue from @therock and posting my epic cheat meal for the week. Yes I’m eating pizza in bed. But I did my squats this morning! Don’t judge me. #ihearjudgement #pizza

Casual shot of me waiting impatiently for the weekend to start

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